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    All Toyota rebates are regional. I don't know what they have in other parts of the country but in the Central Atlantic Region, we have $1000 rebates on all Camrys until December 11th. After that, there will be no rebates but we will have 0.9% financing for 24 months or 6.9% for 60 months.

    I hope this helps.
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    Back in Nov 96 we purchased a 1989 Camry DX with 72,000 miles on it for $6300 which was at the high end of book.It was to be my wifes go to work car.I was sold on Toyotas because my work car was a 77 Celica GT with nearly 200,000 miles with no major problems.Well,60 days after we got it the Camry started blowing tail light fuses.We always carried a box of fuses with us and averaged a fuse per week.About (6) months after purchasing it a deer ran across the road and hit the left rear quarter doing about $500 damage and causing us to loose all rear lights.I pushed the quarter out myself and bought a used tail light assembly but could never get the rear lights to work so took it to the closest Toyota dealer 30 miles away.They started to work on it and it was a nightmare for them and us.They would fix one electrical problem and another would show up.They kept ordering parts and finally after 40+ days and $1200 they got all rear lights working again.My ins company paid all the additional costs.Everything was OK for about a year and then it started blowing tail light fuses again.It has a short somewhere no one can find.We fought it for about (4) months and because of the tail lights and several other minor problems we decided to trade off the 89 Camry in Nov 98 to the same dealer (Not Toyota) we got it from for a 93 Buick Regal Limited with 50,000 miles.It was like new and they wanted $8990 which was $1990 over book.Our Camry had 102,000 miles on it and they offered me $1990 for it which equaled $0 trade in for it since their Regal was $1990 over book.I about went over the salesmans desk as he was real smart mouthed.I think they knew the car had problems and didnt want it back.Well we ended up trading it to the Toyota,GM,Ford,Chrysler dealer(only one in U.S.with all thoes lines) that worked on it for a nice 91 Buick Regal Limited(90,000 miles) priced $400 under book and got an honest $2500 trade in for the Camry with them knowing it needed some work.The Camry had a good drive train but the electrical problems soured me on Camry's.Were electrical problems common on 87-91 Camry's?I've heard they were.If we were to buy a 93 or later Camry would we like it?In 2001 our 91 Regal will hit 140,000 miles so we will sell it and are considering a 98 Dodge Intepid ES,97-98 LS-GS Buick Regal,or maybe a 93 or newer Camry.We currently have (4) liscensed Buick Regals 98 GS,91 Limited,86 T-Type,and 85 T-Type and all are good dependable cars.Camry owners you are going to have to prove to me that the newer Camrys are more dependable than the 89 DX we had before I will even consider one.My wife had a 77 Corolla when we got married and likes Toyotas so would consider a Camry but doesnt want to go thru another experience like we had with our 89 DX.
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    I just bought a 2000 Camry LE program vehicle. Is it possible to get the leather package for the steering wheel, shifter and hand brake? My next purchase will be to get a factory alarm installed.
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    Would anyone know if the rubber that is butted against the piller that holds the windshield but tightly sealed or glued right on to the windshield itself? I was just checkin around that area to see where possible wind leaks are coming thru the pillar, and I noticed that that rubber can be lifted up which might let outside wind/air seep in? I'm still getting quite a fair amount of wind noise that appears to eminate from thhose pillars, but I haven't had the chance to go back and test drive other camry's. The saga again, any input would be appreciative.
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    I have a 2000 Camry and I also experience wind noise. I thought maybe it was normal. Is it or should I go back to the dealer? I purchased my car in July 2000.
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    Do either of you have the moonroof on your Camry? If so, I can cure your wind noise problem.
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    I do not have a sunroof. I think it comes from the rear left window.
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    I have a 95 Camry that was hit in the rear quarter a few months from new. Apparently, the collision damaged something electrical. The collision damage was repaired and the car was returned to us. Shortly, thereafter the radio stopped working and was replaced. I guess collisions can sometimes mangle the wiring harness and cause electrical gremlins. After that, the only problem we've had in over 5 years is a failure of one of the power lock switches.
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    Yes, I do have the moonroof.
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    Toyota Camrys are nice, but the best-looking comparable car in the market is the new Pontiac Grand Am!
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    I know this will sound stupid, but your moonroof is open. I can almost guarantee this. When you close the roof, you MUST hold the button down until the roof stops moving. I know it looks like it has tilted up but it hasn't. Many people just hold the button down until it looks like it is closed on the inside. Because the roof line is sloped, the roof has not moved up into its recess and this causes wind noises and leaking.

    I can't tell you how many leaky roofs I have fixed like this. Every time, the customer looks embarrassed but I tell them they are far from the first to do this. I hope that is the cause of your wind noise. Let me know.
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    You have posted similiar messages in multiple forums (Honda, Toyota, ect), I'm happy for you that you got a Pontiac, but I would never buy a pontiac, not when there are high quality and reliable Toyotas around.
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    I have a 2001 Camry LE v4 purchased last week. I live in Minnesota. I noticed it takes at least five minutes before it can blow some hot air. Is it common in all the cars. And today when the temperature was below Zero degrees F
    the engine was squeaky at least for the first 3 minutes. after wards it was just as smooth as it should be.
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    depends on engine heat. When the engine is not warm yet, there's no point of turning on your fans because it will just blow cold air and the more it will feel colder (wind chill).

    What I did is just turn the fan off until the engine temp raises above zero.
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    Hey "wenyue", Camry drivers tell the world: "I'm conservative, lack creativity and originality, don't take many chances, like to feel safe and secure, just want to be like the rest of the crowd, and I watch sitcoms after work..." But on the other hand, Grand Am drivers tell the world: "I,m a jet-setter. I don't wait for life to happen. I make it happen! I'm a risk-taker, ready to jump on the next big opportunity. I've got big things happening, and life to me is pure excitement! And after work, I don't watch TV 'cause I'm too busy playing on the internet telling the whole world how cool I am..."
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    Hey "wenyue", as they say in Family Feud: Good Answer! It was just as creative and original as the Toyota Camry. More proof that my last entry is true!
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    No, I simply have better things to do than wasting time arguing back and forth with you as you are doing with the Accord owners in their forum.

    Have you considered the possibility that perhaps Camry owners are the real contributors to the world. If my fellow colleagues waste our time waiting for our cars to be fixed, or argue with you instead of doing medicinal research, you would still be eating grass roots for a cure.

    Have fun with the Accord owners.
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    You just did an interesting thing in your description of Camry versus Ponitac buyers. When I was reading it, I started to get insulted for my customers until I really thought about it. You missed one analogy though. Try this on for size, Camry buyers are the long term investors of this country. They are in it for the long haul and will put their money into companies with a good history and better long term prospects. It is a safe and effective investment strategy.

    The Pontiac buyer can be compared to the day trader. Yes, they may stumble into a fortune, but they are so busy hopping from one thing to the next, that they frequently end up broke. The dream of the "new economy" is proving elusive to this kind of investor. Most of these people look back on their many decisions with regret and now realize that they should have stuck with something a bit more conservative.
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    In true reality, I know, and you know, and everyone knows that the Camry is a much more reliable and better overall vehicle than the Grand Am. I guess I'm just trying to stir things up to see how other forums respond to the GA. However, even though the GA is a lesser of a car, I bought it because I have faith in GM and that I truly love the design of the new Grand Am. It's different, it's unique, it's daring, and an absolutely fun car to drive.

    And as for you wenwue, keep up the good work in what you do. The world needs people like you who drive Camrys and benefit humanity.
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    Neither one of us drives a Camry. If I remember correctly, Wenyue owns a Corolla and I drive a Tundra, but I get the comment. Thanks... I think.
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    I got a corolla. My old man has a Camry, and it hasn't failed him. I work as a medicinal chemist for the largest pharmaceutical company in the U.S. And where I work, Camrys are probably the most numerous cars in the parking lot. (We scientists are typically a conservative bunch).

    My wife's graduating with her Masters in May, so we plan to have kids in the next 2 years. Therefore I'm shopping for a 2002 Camry, since it will be a total designed. I can't wait.
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    I would like to know that how much over dealer invoice price would be considered good deal for new Camry LE 2001 ?
    Can one negotiate with car dealer on options(like ABS and security system) and gold warranty ?
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    FYI... I live in North west(washington state)..
    Also would like to know if there are any rebate program offered by Toyota right now for new 2001 camry LE ?
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    I live in Huntsville, Alabama. Could you please tell me about any deals for 2001 Camry LE. I am buying the car for the first time, So please help me out in this regard. How much more over invoice price would be a good deal. Where can I get finance with lower APR?
    Thanks a lot.
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    I recently (about 2 weeks ago) bought a 1998 Toyota Camry XLE Sedan 4D V6 3.0L with 34,000 miles on it. I am very happy with the car s acceleration, smooth quiet ride and gas mileage (22mpg city with mid grade gas). However, I hear a thumping noise coming from the passenger side front as I go over bumps. I suspect that the car has the front strut plate problem. I bought the car from a small non Toyota dealer. The dealer I got the car from said the car was off a 3 yr lease which he bought at the auction. The car now has 35,436 miles and is very close to the 36,000 limit. Should Toyota have to fix my car if I bring it in tomorrow? Or should I contact Toyota? Can anyone recommend the best course of action to handle this problem in hopes of Toyota fixing what they have acknowledged as a flaw?
    In Toyota s Technical Service Bulletins (TSB) for 1998 Toyota Camry XLE Sedan V6-2995cc 3.0L DOHC MFI; ( found this at ) 59. SU001-00 JAN 00 Front Suspension Support Noise - Change Made , and, 28. SU003-98 AUG 98 Front Suspension Groan Noise.
    Thanks all
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    Well, if there is a Toyota Service Bulletin out, then that means Toyota has found, diagnosed and actknowledged the problem. I would bring the car in ASAP to have the car fixed before the expiration of the warranty. Why wait?

    Cliffy1, the resident Toyota dealer might have more insight.
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    Camry is a mass marketed car. There is no shortage. I would say $300-$500 over invoice sounds like a reasonably good deal. Of course, keep eyes open for any regional or national incentives, but it is kind of early in the model year yet for incentives on a 2001 model.
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    I live in Raleigh North carolina, Can any one of you please tell me about any deals for 2001 Camry LE. I am buying the car for the first time, So please help me.

    If any one of you have purchased a Camry LE recently, please let me know the details of the dealer and the price.


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    If I remember correctly, there is a TB on the suspension but I don't work in service and can't really look it up. There is another possibility. If your car was built in Japan, it is possible that there is a rubber spring block in it. I know it would be stupid for a person to have owned this car for 3 years and never done anything about it, but I have heard stranger things. What this is, is a block to keep the front springs from being damaged while on the boat from Japan. They are supposed to be removed by the dealer prior to sale. If they aren't, you will hear a squeak from the strut over small bumps. Check it out before anything else.
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    Where can I find this Toyota Service Bulletin url?
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    I have a new 2000 Carmy 4 cyl with about 4,500 miles on it. I'm a little disappointed with the gas mileage so far. The best I've gotten on a full highway trip was 26 mpg, had one tank full of around town driving that only yielded about 18 mpg. Is that about right or should I notify my dealer?
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    I have a 97 camry LE and found the same Technical Service Bulletins. about a year ago I found this noise from the front suspension. it was minor and didn't much of it. about 2 months ago it got annoying so I contacted my local toyota dealership to look at it. they said I had a broken strut and it would cost over $350 to fix it. they said it wasn't a safety issue so I let it go. today I found your problem in edmunds and looked at for my 97 camry and i found the SU001 and SU003 for my car also. i called toyota customer service (1-800-331-4331 #3) and they said their customer rep from my local dealership will contact me. what is the status of toyota fixing your strut problem?

    what bugs me is that this strut issue was around since AUG 98 and the dealer did nothing about it while my car was still in the 3 years/36k mile warenty. my dealer claimes that when a recall comes in to them, they will fix it without me asking for it. does anyone else have experiance with this situation?

    thank you
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    26 on the highway isn't too terribly bad if you live in a part of the country with oxygenated gas. It will improve after Feb 20th when they switch back to "real" gas.
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    The '97 and '98 Camrys had a front strut problem which causes the noise. The Avalons had the same problem. Atlanta Toyota eventually replaced both front struts on my '98 Camry under warranty, but I had to take it back a few times until a mechanic could hear and diagnose the problem.
    I also had a rattle in the right rear suspension. Apparently the rear strut was "out of position" due to an assembly problem and it was repositioned by Atlanta Toyota.
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    I have a 98 Camry XLE which I purchased new. This is the first car I have purchased new since the mid '70s. (I'm old !) It has been just short of spectacular and probably the best car I have ever owned... performance, dependability comfort are all A+ range. I even got 60,000 from the original tires.
    This is the type of car that can go 200K + easily as long as I continue to baby it, which I will.
    My question is value. The car just turned 70,000 miles. My gut tells me I should stick with my original plan - drive it forever. However, is there any logic of moving to a 2001? There is really no reason as far as the condition of the car to trade it in. Maybe if I had only 36,000 miles ? Am I answering my own question ?
    If someone has some ideas I would appreciate it.
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    Buy a 2001 only is you want a new car. The '01 is an excellent car and the XLE is nicely upgraded from your '97. It has side air bags, climate control, 6 disc CD, 16" wheels, engine immobilizer and a few other nifty things. It isn't that completely different though.

    If you are a "run it into the ground" kind of person, but you are thinking about upgrading anyway, maybe you should wait until this time next year when we have the new model out. It will be significantly different.
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    I'm a first time buyer, slightly anxious to know whether following are good deals . Any further scope of bringing it down? Anything (asp. hidden cost, fine print) that I should be aware of?Any clarification that I should sought:

    Quote 1:
    Carry EL 4 Cyl. with

    The invoice is 19398.00 ... Your special Interned pricing is $19498.00 + tax, license and documentation fees... You will receive a $500.00 rebate after fees..Tax and License and documentation fees are equal to approximately 10%.

    Quote 2:
    2001 Camry LE

    The window sticker price on this vehicle is $21,489.00 and the invoice price is $19,177.00. We are authorized to offer you this vehicle for $300.00 below invoice plus tax, license and documentation fees, less a $500.00 manufacturers rebate

    Thanx. Happy Holidays:-)

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    I just bought a new Camry LE and drove it at night. Problem is on low beams I can't see very far ahead. Hight beams are OK. In Florida roads are straight and it is necessary to dim lights early on. Not being able to see far enough ahead I have to slow down which irritates the guy behind me. I called service manager and he said that is the way they are designed and there is no adjustment possible. Is this true? Seems very dangerous!!!
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    I know this will sound remedial, but, are you sure you have the actual low beams on? I know of people who drive with the daytime running lights on, thinking that is the regular mode. The DRLs are only 60% of normal low beam power. If this isn't your problem, I can only suggest learning more about the PIAA lights. I don't know enough about these to be of any help.
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    If you like what you have, I'd certainly keep it. You know it's trouble free and has no annoyances. I've had three Camrys, the first being a 92 V6 I still own with over 170K miles. Still an excellent runner, and I've spent about $200 in repairs. I've tried to convince my wife to get a newer car, just because I'd feel better if she had something newer. However, every time she drives something new she nit-picks it to death. You may find out you like the one you have better than anything else. My wife doesn't like my 97 V6, and frankly, with 100K miles it's not as tight as the older one.
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    I was just browsing through and saw the price quotes on the Camry 4...Why on earth would you every pay that kind of money for a bland looking, slow 4 cylinder if you could get a car like the Alero (with a standard 60k warranty), a big V6 and much, much better looks for a few thousand less? I know the Camry has a good reputation for reliability, but really....what a rip off!
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    is going to be discontinued, along with the entire Oldmobile line up. Others may disagree, but I don't think it's a good idea to buy a discontinued product.

    Toyota cars are build cars with high quality. It cost extra, but many people are willing to pay for the extra security. With the economy starting to going south, I think caution is probably a good virtue to have right now.
  • mfletoumfletou Member Posts: 22
    Well, I really don't have anything against the Camry, I drove one and liked it, but the PRICE! As for the Alero, the Oldsmobile division is being phased out around 2004, however the individul CARS will likely live on, just with a different badge. So the car is not being discontinued (although it will be redesigned in 2003)and will deft. be made until at least 2003. Plus, the car is covered by GM anyway on an extended 5 year/60000 mile warranty...
    As for quality, all I can say is that Consumer Reports rates the Alero as "recommended" for reliabilty...but forget just the Alero, I guess I just don't get why you would pay such a high premium for a less substantial (albeit high quality) product?
  • sebring95sebring95 Member Posts: 3,241
    Well, the Alero is a smaller car than the camry for starters. I drove my 92 Camry V6 (it's a tad smaller than my 97) to the airport for a long vacation in HI. Arriving in HI I got a really nice Alero (leather, V6, loaded) however I couldn't get all of my luggage in the trunk. I easily threw it all into my Camry, but not so with the Alero. It was a very nice driving car, however it had really bad torque steer, rather loud engine, good bit or road noise. I'll give it that the roads in HI are a bit grooved, so the road noise might have been because of that.

    After driving the Alero (I was impressed, especially because they are cheaper) I looked at the Intrigue, because they are similar in size to the Camry. However they also are not as smooth driving and then the resale value scared the crap out of me. Local Toyota dealer has a 98 on their lot window priced $11,400. Been there for about 4 months now.

    The olds is definetely a nice vehicle, but I'll pay a bit more for the refinement. I don't know how the Camry V6 compares to the Intrigue in actual selling price, I'm sure they are heavily discounting the olds. Definetely an excellent choice for someone more concerned with cost.

    All toyotas come with a 3/36 bumper-to-bumper and 5/60 powertrain. I've never used the warranty on any of mine, and my 92 had a 120K bumper-to-bumper extended. Worst $700 I've ever spent!
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    Does anybody (dealers?) know when is a better time to buy a Camry? Toyota has a $500 rebate until 1/2/01 on them (according
    Do dealers get to know about promotions beforehand?

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    I just bought a Camry LE 2000 for $15780 from a Toyota dealer . there is 12000 miles on the car and i think it worth $4000 savings not including the tax. There is no difference betwwon 00 and 01 so why not considering a 00 used??

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    The quality (or lack there of) issue in the Toyota is significant. Toyota's hallmark has been long-term reliability. I believe this is NOT the case now. It may well be a myth perpetuated by Toyota. Owners are likely to have false hope based on this myth.

    Did you know that some owners are experiencing sludge in the engine and being denied warranty claims? Did you know that these same owners are paying $5,000-8,000 for new engines? Did you know that some 2000 Sienna owners are having torque converter replacements within the first few hundred miles of driving? Did you know that others have had total transmission failures after after a few thousand miles? Did you know that there are other problems common to this vehicle? Have you had:

    1) Persistent drifting/pulling to the left or the right
    2) Uneven wear of tires with need for early replacement
    3) Premature brake component wear, including rear brake drums
    4) Power steering problems, including inner tie rod or total rack and pinion replacement
    5) Vibrations, esp. at speeds above 50 MPH
    6) Premature transmission problems or failure
    7) Torque converter replacement, sometimes just after delivery
    8) Sliding door latch problems with sticking and difficulty opening
    9) Oil sludge in the engine related to a contaminated system

    IF you have experienced these problems, please write to the following agencies and file a report detailing your case. THEN, network with others by visiting sites where owners post experiences.

    U.S. Department of Transportation
    National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
    Office of Defects Investigations
    400 7th Street, NW
    Washington, D.C. 20590


    Center for Auto Safety
    1825 Connecticut Ave., NW
    Suite 330
    Washington, D.C. 20009-5708

    The Complaint Station--click "T", then "Toyota"

    Car Trackers Discussion Forum

    Phil Edmonston's Lemon-Aid Car Guides

    Also, use the USENET groups:

    Charlene Blake
    [email protected]
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    there are 2 Technical Service Bulletins:
    SU001 and SU003 for 97 and 98 camries.
    these 2 issues deal with a defect in the front strut. i found 2 postings here that show other customers found these same problems and luckely they were found while their camry was under warenty.
    my car is a 97 with 50k miles (out of warenty). i contacted toyota customer service and they said that if the car was under warenty they would have fixed it, but in my sutuation they can't help (i will need to pay).
    can anyone recommend what i should so for my local toyota dealer will repair the defective strut thats been know defective since aug 98.

    thank you
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    I'm looking at a 2000 Camry on various dealer lots. I've noticed that almost all of them have the 4 cylinder engines. Would anyone share their experiences of driving the 4 cylinder vs. the 6 cylinder?
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