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    I get alot of wind noise from one of the rear door also which I failed to mention on the previous posting. Everything appears to be normal in terms of door flushness with body panel surroundings. I am considering taking it to the dealer to have it looked at. I never knew my 2000 camry could have as much noise as my '93 Honda Accord. I wonder if other camry owners have encountered such noise from a near like lexus quite ride?

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    I think it is very appropriate to mention a dealer by name. This industry has a well deserved bad reputation and any time you can help a dealer who did thing right, you should do it.
  • sinjin_dogsinjin_dog Member Posts: 84
    I also consider taking it to a dealer but I am not sure if they can figure out what the cause is. Believe it or not, this Camry is the first car with this type of problem which was not expected it from Toyota.
    (my resume includes, '78 Datsun B210, 83 Civic, 87 Prelude, 89 Nissan Maxima, 92 Toyota Tercel and 96 Accord(for my wife).

    Well, nothing is perfect, I guess.
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    I'm thinking of buying a 1997 Camry LE. On a few consumer review sites I've noticed a few common problems with the brakes. I've been told that in this re-design year, they sacrificed quality and the brake system has suffered. Can anyone tell me if this is true and should this make me shy away from this model? Thanks for the help.
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    I heared that in when Toyota redesigned Camry for MY97, there was a HUGE demand. That coupled with the first year of the model which tends to have a few quirks which are solved by the next year or two.
    Many of my friends have 97-98 camrys & they don't have any such problem. Only problem is the oil cap doesn't open on the first time(not good in winter)
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    A woman I used to work with bought a 1998 camry and had a lot of wind noise coming from the drivers side door/window, according to her the wind noise was unbearable at high speeds. I know she brought the car to the dealer to have it repaired 3 times and the dealer could not fix the problem, so, under massachusetts lemon law she was given the choice of either another new camry or her money back, she chose to get her money back and bought another kind of car.

    I don't care what kind of new car a person buys a new car should never have wind noise and if I were you, I would bring the car back to the dealer and have it looked at.

    Good Luck
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    To "Black Tulip":
    Since 1998, Toyota Camry don't have a timing belt, instead they start using timing chain. I have a Camry 95 with 128k and is runing strong. the maintenance in this vehicle are cv boots, 2 timing belts,oil changes and tranny filter change. I think I invested in a great automobile.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Member Posts: 3,581
    The Camry still has a timing belt. Our Corolla got a chain in '98 but the Camry 4 and 6 cylinder have timing belts.
  • elgritonelgriton Member Posts: 67
    Thanks for your input! I took a long trip today, and the wind noises is just getting unbearable for a supposed quiet ride of a Camry! The odd thing was, I bought my XLE towards the end of September of this yr. and no dealer within my region had any XLE left let alone one with a popular color as the Beige Cashmier. So, I was so perplexed as to why this dealer had such a XLE left on there lot, and they also posted that they had ONE more also in Beige of the XLE flavor.
    Right now, I'm contemplating on taking a test drive on another new camry out on the highway to see if it produces any where near such excessive noises as mine...b4 I can reasonably tell Toyota that it isn't my perception or keen hearing! If anyone else has anything else to offer or suggested course of action...I'd certainly would be very appreciative. I have a feeling this is going to be lengthy process.

    '00 XLE V6 ~2800 very noisey highway miles
  • kevin7bkevin7b Member Posts: 1
    My wife and I are looking at a 2001 Camry CE to replace her Saturn. At our home dealership we have been quoted $16990. I have some apprehension about the 4 cylinder engine and long term performance. Any help appreciated.
  • canccanc Member Posts: 715
    Why do you have apprehensions regarding the 4-cylinder engine? 80% of Camrys sold have the 4-cylinder.
  • bett124bett124 Member Posts: 1
    Looking at difference between 4 & 6 cylinder performance, as first-time Toyota buyer. Have owned Mercury & now Chrysler Concorde v-6's. Looking at Toyota for better long-term reliability re maintenance.
    Concerned about extra passenger and/or vacation weight in pick-up performance on 4 cyl. Price difference seems to be around $1100. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • soberssobers Member Posts: 496
    of the Camrys sold are 4Cyl. Except the performance, 4 Cyl has advantages over 6Cyl: Big Initial Savings, Economic mpg.

    0-60 for Camry 4 CYl is 10.5 which is same as the grand caravan & 6Cyl is 7.9-8.0. So the performance difference is big one as such.

    Camry will be redesigned in coming 10 months I suppose & rumoured to have 155-160 on the base model.
  • canccanc Member Posts: 715
    Other than here, is there a place I can find unofficial information about the Camry?
  • black_tulipblack_tulip Member Posts: 435
    I don't know if they have rumours about Camry,
    but a place to try is:
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    I am thinking to buy a 2001 Camry CE with VP package. I prefer 5 speed transmission but don't
    want to spend extra money for a LE V6. One thing
    I am satisfied is that CE doesn't have front
    reading light (map light) unless with a power
    sunroof option which is not available for CE.
    Is that possible for me to get a 5 speed CE with
    front reading light? Thanks.

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    In Auto world weekly there was a spy photo of the 2002 Camry. The article said that it looked like it was going to carry a mercedes like apperance. I saw the picture and the only thing that resembled a mercedes was the door handles. The car did look longer, but it had all that black rapping on it, so it was hard to see the sheet metal, and or the exterior.
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    We have a 2000 LE Camry and hear absolutely no wind noise going 75mph on the interstate. The car is as quiet as anything I've riden in.

    I can only guess that maybe one of your rear windows is not closing correctly and is leaving a small gap for the wind/air to come in. But in any case, something needs to be fixed as there should NOT be that kind of wind noise coming in....
  • dcat1dcat1 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Camry LE also and there is no wind noise in my car either. I suggest you take it to the dealer and get it checked.
  • pacific1pacific1 Member Posts: 2
    I just purchased the 2001 LE V6 and have discovered a vibrating noise that comes as I apply the brakes. The car only has 400 miles on it and I already took it back to the dealer who said that the brakes were a little dirty and needed cleaning, the service manager also said to drive the car for 1000 miles in order for them to break in. I am concerned and would appreciate any advice, thanks
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    I have a 2000 Camry LE V6 with manual transmission. The steering has play making the car tiring to drive on the highway and a handful in windy conditions. Dealer says it is normal. Had front end aligned, no improvement. I see 1/2 inch of steering wheel movement before the front wheel moves. This is within spec of 1.18"....any ideas? Dealer let me drive a 2001 with 300 miles - it was tight - no slop at all.
    I also get a swamp smell from A/C upon start up. If A/C is used the smell goes aways in a few minutes. If I don't use A/C swamp smell stays much longer. Dealer sprayed something in which did nothing. I am waiting for the do nothing zone rep to see the car. This same car took 6 trips to dealer who couldn't fix shimmy in front end. Independent garage balanced wheels on Hunter road force machine.
    Its a nice car but should be better than this.
  • rdavid222rdavid222 Member Posts: 9
    I can't remember the specifics .... but months ago several folk indicated some wind noise was caused by something missing in the mounting of the side view mirrors .... like insulation or a vinyl piece.
  • sinjin_dogsinjin_dog Member Posts: 84
    Elgriton-Wind Noise
    I finally took my 2000 LE Camry to the dealer last Friday. Yep, the dealer heard the noise as well(rear door, right hand side).
    They replaced the outer window rubber seal thinking that was the cause. Well, we (the mechanic and I) test drove Camry with new rubber seal, the wind noise was still there. The whole
    Saturday they have not call me, I do not what there going to do next. The car is still in the shop. Now, this is like owning non Toyota Cars.
    By the way, this Camry is built in Japan.
    Will post more stories later.
  • wenyuewenyue Member Posts: 558
    I have heard the same rumor about possible spring/summer release of the 2002 Camry, (instead of the expected fall season).

    Another guy said the his dealership's 2001 Camry's order limit has been drastically reduced for the new year (from the usual 60 for January, Feb, March sales to something like 10-20). There is a rumor that the 2002 Camry might be released in late spring or summer.

    Can any Toyota dealers here shed some light or confirm the rumor?
  • elgritonelgriton Member Posts: 67
    I'm taking my Camry in to have them look at the wind noise today. I'm not all that optimistic though. One question for other camry owners...are my expectations too high in terms of very minimal noise for a camry? I am mistaking the nearly pin drop quite cabin for the Lexus instead? I have no complaints with around town driving...only when I get up to 50+mph, the wind noise becomes annoying. Anyhow, I'll post the outcome of the dealer trip soon.

    rdavid222: Is there any way to go back and parse thru the old postings for topics that pertains to "noise" or "wind noise" rather than look thru every post?

    2000 XLE V6 ~3000
  • sinjin_dogsinjin_dog Member Posts: 84
    I got my LE back last night.
    Here is what happened.

    1. The dealer offer me to test drive a brand new 2001 Camry (no more 2000). After the mechanic and I drove it, we found no same noise. Meaning no noise on this particular Camry.

    2.The dealer test drove my Camry with new rubber window seal(post #180) and heard noise still.
    (We drove the identical course).

    3. The dealer and I drove another (randomly selected)2001 Camry, and no wind noise.

    After steps 1, 2 and 3, the dealer thinks the wind noise comes from the mismatch of the doors(??). The front door and the rear door have a gap in vertical direction on the right side of the car.

    Now here is the kicker, with no guaranty, the dealer wants to addust the door (either front or rear door)and play around.
    To me, this is like having a medical surgery without knowing what will happend to my body.

    I told the dealer that I will think about it and also dealer to slow down on trial on this error methods.

    What do you think?, have an operation on my brand new Camry.
    It sure is pain ....
    This is not what I expected from Toyota.
    I must admit that the dealer is really trying hard to get this thing resolved, but this is not the dealers fault. It is THE QUALITY PROBLEM.

    2000 LE, 4 cyl, Japanese built
  • elgritonelgriton Member Posts: 67

    Ok, I took my Camry in today. The service manager went on a test drive with me and he heard the obvious wind noise @50+mph, and we just drove around the block. I told him that it was much worse on the highway, and he told me he should've taken it out on the highway. After we came back into the service area, he gave me this BS about how every Camry has such inherited noise. He then proffer me to take a test drive on any vehicle on the lot; however, I did not have the time so I will have to come back and do that.
    Also, I have a feeling this service manager is telling me the standard explanation so as avoid further costly investigations unless I start to gripe more vigorously from this point on.

    Questions: Does the wind noise emmanate thru the front pillars in your camry or just b/w the seams around the doors?

    Lastly, if you decide to go through with such "exploratory surgery" on your camry...I suggest that you get a written guarantee from the dealer/Toyota. I'm also curious if they'll lend you an equivalent loaner while such actions take place?

    Hope things go well if you decide to go ahead with it and keep us posted.
  • rdavid222rdavid222 Member Posts: 9
    I found some info by searching "Toyota Camry Wind Noise" on another URL. The solution for their problems were:

    A gromet in a hole for the wires to pass thru to the mirror control motor had been pushed out towards the mirror.Another had a door missing on the backside of the speaker that mounts in the door. Another pushed some weather seal in the window seal.

    Also found a lot of frustrated souls!

    Given (somehow) your E-Mail address I could attempt to forward the search results to you, but the above summarizes my search results to date.

  • sinjin_dogsinjin_dog Member Posts: 84
    Elgriton and other wind noise victims

    Well, my wife and I are thinking about leaving it alone as is. We do not feel it is good idea to have a surgery (major) on this Camry, specially there are no gurantees. Too bad.
    In my case, the dealer did not give me any misleading BS, they really tried HARD to make this go away. Yesterday, I went to the dealer and talk to the sales manager and complained to him.
    The manager told me that his leased Avalon have same sort of wind noise. Pretty funny. He admitted that it is manufacturing problem. Oh, he tried to fix this wind stuff with new rubber seals (twice)but wind noise is still there. He did not try any more fix on it. Since he works there, a bad idea to push his luck by asking for more trys. Besides, it is leased.
    The mechanic told me that these later Toyotas exhibit far more problems than older models.

    Anyway, most likely, I am not getting any operations done on my Camry. I may put some tape over the mismatched area and drive it around this Thanksgving Weekend and see what happens.

    Oh, I want to say that I am not a difficult consumer. I rather spend my time away from car dealer (or auto shops)and enjoy my life.

    Be back with more sagas.
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    If you are feeling vibrations from the brakes, you probably have warped rotors. This isn't a safety hazard but an annoyance. The brake rotors are covered for 3 years so putting another 1000 miles isn't going to hurt. Your service manager may be correct and the 1000 miles will tell you. If the problem persists they will replace the rotors under warranty.
  • bmsorybmsory Member Posts: 17
    I really like this camry it looks handsome to me and it offers me almost every thing I need.
    But too bad this camry is over price and less power only 136HP.If you like more horse you gotta go for the Nissen sentra SE it has 145HP and you
    save some couple thousands dollars.
  • wenyuewenyue Member Posts: 558
    Camry is getting a total redesign, it's coming in 10 months. The car will have a VVt-i, timing chain, and probably direct ignition. The 4-cylinder is likely to making about 155-165 hp (the answer will be more definit when the Camry based Toyota Highlander arrive late spring next year).

    The V6 will likely use a derivative of the Lexus 3.0L engine currently used in RX300, making 210-220 hp, (Highlander V6 will use the 220 hp RX300 V6).
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Member Posts: 3,581
    We already have direct ignition.
  • wenyuewenyue Member Posts: 558
    Thanks for the correction. ;) Have a nice holidays.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Member Posts: 3,581
    Two stoke engines have this now. Why the difference?
  • L8_ApexL8_Apex Member Posts: 187
    You were referring to direct injection, right? Until the engineers (and Mitsubishi's in the lead on this) can make direct injection work on our gas ...or... our gas is changed to have a lower sulfur content, we won't see direct injection here. I seriously doubt that the second will occur since it would raise the price of gas in this country where cheap gas is taken for granted. So... until the refining process can be performed more cost effectively or the engineering can be modified, don't expect to see direct injection.
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    In October of 1998, I bought a used 1998 Camry from a dealer in my area. The dealer said that it was a "Toyota Owned" vehicle and that it was driven by a Toyota employee. After I purchased the vehicle, the insurance company inspected it and said there was no EPA sticker in the inside of the door. It also appeared as though it was never there. I was suspicious that it was a new door that was replaced due to an accident. I asked the dealer if the car had been in an accident they they said "no". The dealer called the coRporate office at Toyota and they sent a new EPA sticker.

    Recently, my brother-in-law (an autobody specialist) noticed a yellow marking on the inside of the door near the hinges. He said that was something used by auto body shops. Also, we found some auto body sand paper behind a panel in the trunk. Next, I checked with and they revealed that the car was owned by a rental company before I purchased it....not by the Toyota Company.

    It is obvious that the dealer lied to me. What recourse do I have ? Is there a state or government penalty that can be assessed against the dealer ? Can anyone help me ?
  • aimanaiman Member Posts: 61
    Buyers MUST check carfax before even *considering* a particular used car. For a measly 20 bucks you get unlimited reports for 60 days. tylrman, I'm really sorry for your experience. Even if you can't get anything from the dealer I hope your Camry won't give you any problem throughout the your ownership.
  • L8_ApexL8_Apex Member Posts: 187
  • mhammy84mhammy84 Member Posts: 167
    I own a 2000 Camry, and took the car for an 8 hour drive across the state. I was using the CD player the entire way, and noticed that after about an hour of usage, the CD player began to skip VERY badly. It wasnt like what previous posters have reported (a few skips on a short trip). Mine skips after it has been running for about an hour, and it is VERY annoying once it starts since it skips VERY frequently. Havent taken it back to the dealer yet, but does anybody have any input on this situation?

    Also, my sunglasses holder never worked correctly. One of the tabs keeps coming loose when you open/close the holder door. A friend who owns a 2000 Toyota Tundra Pickup has the same assembly in his car, and he has the same problem. The dealer tried a few different doors, and has ordered an entire replacement assembly.

    The car is very nice, very quiet. My ears pop when the door shuts...which is pretty cool. Its quieter than my Infiniti I30t. I should have opted for the 6 cylinder engine however, even though the 4 cylinder is adequate. Overall, the car is great, except for the minor problems.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Member Posts: 3,581
    You have a difficult case. A dealer can't lie about known body work but it is sometimes difficult to prove they knew about it. If you can show that the condition was misrepresented, you have a "full recourse" deal which means the dealer must refund 100% of your original purchase price with no deductions for depreciation. Proving this is a trick. Find a good lawyer and see if you have anything in writing from them about the condition or its origin.
  • jabbathehutjabbathehut Member Posts: 1
    Sorry about beating a dead horse ...

    Occasionally on business trips, the rental I get would be a Camry (98 or 99). I never noticed any wind noise.

    I bought a 99 Camry last year (v4) and noticed wind noise at 55+ mph. About 6 months later, I got broadsided and this totaled the car. :+( However my 5 year old daughter and I walked away with just a few bruises. :+)

    I went back to the same dealership and got another Camry (2000, v6). I expected to get the same wind noise, but to my very pleasant surprise there was none!

    I figured it was the LoJack dude that introduced whatever caused that noise to happen. The second Camry already had the VIP system installed, so I opted out of the LoJack.
  • mhammy84mhammy84 Member Posts: 167
    I was looking at the Toyota Japan page, and found the Camry they have over there. It looks exactly the same as the one here, but unfortunately, only their Camry's come with fog lights, available HID lights, and Navigation system. Also, there is an available wood steering wheel unlike here. They do also have the Lexus ES300 there too (called Windam), but that is similar to ours (HIDs etc). I am pretty sure that a Camry with HIDs and Navigation would be similar to a fully loaded XLE here! Also, the fog lights are not the ones they offer here (the circular units that are slightly closer together in the bumper) fact, theirs are mounted on the sides of the bumper so as to give an original look, as opposed to the units here which look like aftermarket stuff.
  • glorytttgloryttt Member Posts: 2
    Could some shed some light on this issue.

    I have a 2000 Camry (4 Cylinder). It has about 14,000 miles on it. A couple of days ago while I was on the way home. The engine light suddenly went off. After I had read the owner's manual I thought it was the gas cap loose. I had tried to tighten it up and the light still stay on.

    I had read the Jrct9454's remark, it may be the O2 censor? could anyone help on this?
  • wenyuewenyue Member Posts: 558
    by tighten the gas cap, the light won't go off immediatly. It will stay on for "a while". From what I hear, it could be several days.

    Some also say that it won't go away at all, and that you need to have the light reset by the dealer.

    Well, you could try to get your dealer to reset the light. If it's indeed the gas cap, it should not come back on after the reset (you did tighten the cap right?). But if it comes back on, then you will probably need a engine diagnostic.

    Good luck.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Member Posts: 3,581
    That will set off that light are overfilling the tank and running the engine while fueling. Have a dealer check the code to make sure this is why it came on.
  • glorytttgloryttt Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for all the help

    I am going to the dealer to have it check sometime this week.
  • mhammy84mhammy84 Member Posts: 167
    a friend of mine took their 00 maxima on a long, two day drive to Atlanta from Buffalo. About 20 mins from reaching Atlanta, the "check engine" light went off. They went to the dealer to have it checked, and nothing was wrong. The dealer recommended that they tighten their gas cap 3 clicks to make sure the light doesnt go on. he also said that the light woudl go off after a few days, exactly what wenyue said in the above post. My Camry and two acruas all note on the gas cap to tighten it, preferably to 3 clicks.
  • tiantltiantl Member Posts: 2
    Hi guys,

    I was wondering, is there going to be another promotion from Toyota soon, like, in a couple of months? They used to have $750 rebate running for a long time. But I forgot what months were those.


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