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Toyota Camry 2006 and earlier



  • There are always those sleazebags everywhere....but then there are really good ones too who know what they are doing. Mackabee is one of those great salespersons.
  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286
    New car sales, especially if the dealers are noticing that they're very in demand, will always include distasteful salesmen. Even the Hyundai people do this. I think they've forgotten about a few years ago when they were scouring the lot for potential customer like hungry vultures.
  • canccanc Posts: 715
    "Some of you guys saying the Altima will not be able to steal sales on the high end are talking crazy."

    Unless the buyer prioritizes the engine over anything else, I don't think the new Altima has what it takes to steal substantial sales from the Camry. It could take some of the Camry's LE potential buyers, but that remains to be seen.

    I know you don't agree with me, but I still think that Nissan isn't as reliable as a Toyota or Honda. Nissans just don't appeal to me as well-rounded cars in every category (engine, interior design and trim, exterior design, etc.).
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    P51 Please let me apologize for the poor treatment you received at that dealership. Obviously the guy you dealt with didn't know what he was talking about. From what you've described he showed you an Se 4cyl with a sunroof and the jbl sound, alloys and spoiler. Those sticker for around 25k. The Jbl is NOT standard, is part of an option(s) package. A v6 LE will be hard to find right now because they are still in production. A memo we received from our district rep stated that initial production would be 35% Le 4cyl, 35% Se 4 and 6 cyl, and the rest V6 XLE's. That came out to 100% right. I might be off a few percentage points but the point is that V6 Le's are not out there yet. I got on the locate computer and in our region there is about 20 or so V6 Le's on allocation, which means they are slated for production. The best way to find out what cars will be in your area is to go to and go to the vehicle section. Click on Camry and on the build your vehicle section enter your zip code and it will show you which option packages are being offered in your area. Print this out after you have configured your car and take it to your favorite dealer and they will get the car for you.

    coolguyky7, thank you for the compliment.

    : )


    p.s. the ad blitz begins after labor day!
  • canccanc Posts: 715
    After initially criticizing the new Camry interior, I was fortunate enough to stop by a high-volume Canadian Toyota dealership today. They had 4 Camrys in stock (2 XLE V6s, 1 LE 5-speed manual, and 1 SE V6). The interior does bear a small resemblance to the current Accord design, but I think the pictures don't do the interior justice. The nicest design is (of course) the XLE, with the auto climate controls. I liked everything about the car, except the rear, which seems a bit bloated because of the car's width. While I was there, I overheard two men talking about the Camry and one said, "There's almost no difference with the Avalon and this car. The rear end looks like an Avalon, but I think I like the Camry's better."
  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286
    I personally can't understand how anyone can confuse the looks of an Avalon with that of the new Camry. Besides the basic silhouette of the cars, there really isn't anything else to confuse the two cars.

    Nissan- The new Altima will steal sales from the Camry, but of course it won't really affect sales of the Toyota. Reliability, resale value, refinement and brand name loyalty plays a major role in car buying.

    I read somewhere that Toyota had the highest rating in customer loyalty- meaning that more buyers trade in a used Toyota for a new Toyota more than any other brand. Unless the redesigned Accord is very good, Toyota's Camry will most likely still remain #1 in midsize sedan sales.
  • Yesterday when I was test driving a Camry, I made note of the fact the the LE had rear drum brakes. Well the salesman started to tell me that Toyota did this because "people were not stepping on the brake pedal correctly". At that point I was ready to call EMS to revive me. What an idiot. He was confusing that with Brake Force Distribution, or whatever it's called. And this is the second Toyota dealer he worked for.
    I buy a lot of cars and therefore shop even more. I'm amazed at how little these people know about the cars they sell. Only Infiniti, Mercedes,Lexus, and the other high end brands have well trained employees. Almost never do I find knowledgable people at Nissan, Toyota or Honda.
    Yesterday the salesman wasn't ashamed to tell me he really knew nothing about the Camry. "They only had them for a few days". I hear that all the time. If I were a salesman, I would be ashamed to admitt that to the customer. They should at least know as much as I.
    Then I asked for information regarding the packages that were available on the Camry. Well I struck out again.
    They seem to be there only to smile

    NO knowledge ....& NO shame of that fact.

    I can't believe I know this, yet the owners of these dealerships don't.When you own a business, aren't you supposed to know what your people are doing?

    I almost forgot......
    The first time I drove an 02Camry (last week), I was mentioning the Strut Tower Brace in the SE. The salesman thought that was the "Stabilizer Bar". I had to explain the difference. I was embarrassed for him.
  • armtdmarmtdm Posts: 2,057
    I cocnur, most salemen don't know theri a from the e about the cars thye sell, especially the maintenance requirements. No knowledge whether it has a timing belt or change, oil wieght, change intervals, fluid requirement etc. I have found this ture of all dealerships basically.

    As to Nissans, well I own a 92 Camry, great car but have also driven two Maxima over this sam etime period, a 95 and 98. Sorry, never saw a dealership as I never had reason to. Built like a rock, unbelievable V6 engine, handle well and hold their values like Corvettes. Toyota buyers are, I feel, to a large degree going on reputation of past performance, the years 92-96 but current Toyotas are no better then a lot of brands out there. Dealers, well, unfortunately, have become more arrogant due to popularity. What goes around comes around.
  • Does anyone of any other wheels (17") that will fit on the 2002 SE Camry? Also, since not much changed with the engine :( will the TRD supercharger still work on the 2002?

    Thanks for your help, Michael
  • Vmaturo...
    Maybe it was not a salesman that you were talking to. The salesmen all seem to be here in Edmund's...touting the cars they sell.
  • Yesterday, along with the salesman I test drove a 2002 Camry home, and tried to park in our garage alongside our Odyssey minivan.

    Bottom line: Unless I want to risk my cars getting dinged everyday, I'm not getting the Camry. Incidentally, we have a 19 feet wide garage, probably a standard size in Silicon Valley, but perhaps not as wide as garages on the East Coast?

    With these so called mid size cars getting so huge, why don't they sell them with folding mirrors? Or do they figure everyone parks on the street?
  • I like the 2002 Camry exterior, but the interior styling is so mundane, I couldn't live with it. Now if the 2002 Camry had the sport look interior design of the current Maxima, I'd consider buying it...but then all the old folks would say, where is my Buick!
  • HI, I'm looking to buy Toyota Camry XLE I-4 or V6 1996 - 2001, (still can't decide). I hear sories that at times 4 cylinder quiter than 6 in Camry and also 4 cylinder is way too slow. Buttom line totally confused. Also if there genuine Camry expert out there whats the difference between 1996 XLE V6, 1999 XLE V6, 2000 XLE V6 and 2001 XLE V6.

    Als,o as I'll get it eventually I'm curious if light steering can be CORRECTED by low profiles let say, (225/50/15 VR) Summho or Continetal tires.(Z - rated)
  • ghuletghulet Posts: 2,628
    The 96 has the older body that began in 92, completely different than the 97-01. I think the older one is better looking, but of course your 96 is gonna look a lot like a 92, so if that concerns you, skip the 96 altogether. As far as I know, just trim (the newer ones are a bit chromier than the 97-98s), taillights (in 00, I think) and option packages were changed from 97-01, it's pretty tough to tell, at least for me. I'd say decide what your price range is and look at the warranties, this will eliminate some from your list and reduce confusion. I bet right now you could get an excellent deal on remaining 2001s if there are any at your dealer, as the new body 2002 is already in the showroom.
    As far as choosing between the 4 and V6, drive them and price them both and I think your decision will be a lot easier. The V6 is gonna be quicker of course, but then again it's gonna cost more and use more gas. It's all a matter of preference and priorities.

    Oh yeah, I just saw my first 02 the other day, I thought the wheel wells looked a bit smallish, which is kind of odd considering everyone is going to the 'big wheel' look now.
  • were especially noted during test drive today at Alamo Toyota, San Antonio. Seemed as if there was 'axle hopping' during two consecutive left turns at less than 25 mph when returning to the dealer. Salesman said it was not normal, but had no explanation. The XLE also didn't absorb the speed bumps on my route as well as my Maxima. It jounced us up and down as well as sideways. Could have been the way I braked, but don't think so. Anyway, I like the exterior and the interior, so I'll try again another day. It's a major benefit to be able to get nav without having to order leather seats and a sunroof. Don't know any other manufacturer that allows this.
    Liked the rear sunshade, even though it's manual. Covers more of the rear window than expected, and I would probably leave it up all summer. Wonder if it can be left up at night without affecting visibility.
    Didn't have enough time to take full advantage of the nav because we both were using it for the first time. Entering address is manual, but no need to type complete name; the computer offered two options after typing the first 6 (of 10) letters. Female alto voice pointing out cross streets and distances was pleasant and businesslike. Neat how nav screen quietly moves and lies flat to reveal the CD/tape player when you push a button.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    what on earth is "axle hopping"? And one more observation, sales man and women are sales folks, not mechanics.

    : )

  • c0kec0ke Posts: 44
    But thanks for the "build your own" tip. Also noted that if you select SE V6 you MUST take the moonroof option for now. The boss would never go for that!

    Any rumors as to when we might expect the LE V6's?

    I'm thinking that to get this in Super White w/cloth and GI option it will be only by placing an order when they become available.
  • why are people complaining about this car's size?! It's barely bigger on the exterior than the last Camry... Remember, it's not the equipment, its the player!
  • diploiddiploid Posts: 2,286
    Nope, they're not any bigger than the ones on the west coast. The Accords come with folding mirrors if you want to park it in the garage.

    LOL@azstan about the car salesmen comment.
  • My favorite story comes from an experience several years ago when I was shopping for my Sienna.

    Since the V6 engine is mounted sideways, only three of the spark plugs are easily accessible. I asked the sales guy how hard it was to get to the other three. He explained that there were only three spark plugs. I asked how a six-cylinder engine could run on only three plugs, and he confidently explained that each spark plug was shared by two cylinders.

    Thinking he was joking, I placed my tongue firmly in my cheek and asked if the plugs wouldn't wear out twice as fast that way.

    With a completely straight face he assured me that Toyota made them "twice as strong" as normal plugs so they lasted just as long. About that time I determined that he wasn't joking at all!

    Got to give him credit for fast thinking on his feet... after all, his math did add up! But I sure didn't buy a car from him.
  • tcpip1tcpip1 Posts: 121
    You folks got to give the sales people a break. They are not trained as a mechanic. I agree that they should know the features of the cars they sale. But to expect them to know the mechanical details of the car they sale is probably unrealistic.
  • canccanc Posts: 715
    LOL! I can't imagine that! Of course salesmen don't have to be mechanics, but they should at least know the basics of an engine, and if not, should contact someone who does when making a sale.
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    I believe a car salesman owes it to himself, as well as the customer to know his product. A $30000 car is a large purchase, and being misinformed about it could be a major problem. I have recently had a salesman tell me a supercharged car was not, and that it had a timing chain, so there would never be a need for a belt replacement. He was wrong on both counts. The first mistake leads to purchasing a more complicated drive train with higher maintenance costs. And the second could lead to disaster for the engine, and major expense for the owner. If he is not interested enough to become acquainted with the cars he sells, IMO he should start selling boxes of rocks, or something else that requires no knowledge, and can not lead to problems for his customers.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    The examples cited so far are so egregious, I have to weigh in here; no, a car salesman does not have to be a mechanic...but no one should be selling cars who doesn't know the equipment mix, driving characteristics, model differences, and how the competition shapes up in these areas. And anyone who doesn't know how many spark plugs there are should be selling toasters, or some other device that doesn't cost the equivalent of half a year's salary for most people.

    I too have been bemused and amused over the decades by some of the ding-dongs I've met in this business - fortunately, never ran across one yet who couldn't pass a quiz on how many plugs the engine required.

    I go to the internet or group sales guy [whoever handles AAA or AARP or credit union sales], tell him/her they are dealing with a car enthusiast, and ask to be hooked up with someone on the sales force who can find their backside with both hands. 90% of the time, I get a mature, knowledgeable sales person and we go from there. The other 10% of the time, it just means you find another reason to waste either your time or theirs.
  • If I'm buying a hamburger, I would expect that the cashier or the salesperson would know the contents of the burger and whether or not it is meat... not have them make up stuff and say the milk shake has meat patties built into it because Americans love meat or they have to charge extra for the buns on a hamburger.

    For the last few years, the debate of whether or not people should be allowed to buy cars directly from factories went on. The dealers' main argument is that people NEED the services of a dealer because they are the ones who can relay important imformation about the cars. I thought that that arguement was a bunch of BS and dealers are needless in buying a car... well, all this talk about dumb salepeople really back up my thoughts.
  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    If I were going to buy a Camry, I would want and SE V6 with auto climate control and no rear trunk-mounted spoiler. Too bad no such configuration exists.
    I was really surprised that climate control is not an option for the SE V6 model.
  • Looks are VERY subjective, so I won't deny anyone's view of the look of the car. But here is my personal view of what I think.

    As we all know, Toyota's Camry and Honda's Accord is head to head competitors. By the physical looks of the two cars, the Camry I feel ALWAYS nearly comes out last due to their middle age man design. Unlike the Accords which target a broader age range, Camrys seem to me is mostly driven by 30-35+ year old drivers. Not to include that Carmy never has a two door version drives the younger drivers out to buy Accords or Civics, etc. I feel it was a smart move Camry finally made a SE version, but being associated with a " old man's " car for such a long period of time, I feel Toyota has a lot of work ahead of them.

    Bottom line is, the last generation Carmys were ugly enough, but when they made a small modification of the taillights, i felt a bit better. BUT still ugly. As for the new '02 design, the front facia looks great ( copied off the Solora ), but the rear, STILL ugly, looks like a Nissan Sentra. I had so much hope they make the rear lights pretty. I am very disappointed with the exterior.

    Again, it's just my opinion.
  • The Camry does have a two-door coupe model, the (Camry) Solara.

  • Word.

    That's right. The 2 door Camry is a called a Solara, and it's one sweet ride.
  • In my opinion, the Camry looks best in silver with black pearl emblems and smoked (tinted) windows. I can't wait to see what Toyota Racing Development has in store!

    However, it would have to be an LE or XLE model because of the SE's gaudy spoiler, which looks more fitting of a Civic or any Hyundai, not a Camry. The only way to change that is to offer a "spoiler delete" type option.

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