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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • strstr Posts: 64
    Well the deal has been made. We just bought an 05 LE package #4, night vision mirror upgrade, extra mile A, security system upgrade, carpet mats, leather interior upgrade and whatever I wrote above plus some other small things like mud guards which I could care less about but were already on the van and had wood grain dash and door accents added as well as a rear spoiler and a sunroof.

    The final price after 1,000 rebate (which I did not know we were getting) was 27,749.00. I am interested to know what some of you other guys are paying for the LE or if anyone else has a package similar to this one what you paid. I haven't really seen any posts about LEs that have some of this stuff added but then again I didn't have time to go back through all of the posts so I didn't have anything to compare it to, let me know what you think.
  • rob_nycrob_nyc Posts: 6
    how did it go?
  • We just bought a 2005 Toyota Sienna XLE with a package #8. MSRP is 39,800 We got it for 36,912.05 out the door(including tax & license) my question is: Is that a good price? Did I get a good deal?
  • FYI- $750 rebate now in effect on '05 Siennas in our area (PA).
  • I was offered this deal for the 2005 LE with pkg# 1 (trip computer, homelink, etc). He had 2 cars on the lot.

    base price $23500 (I guess includes dest charge)
    tags,4-yr reg $322 (do we now pay for 4 years registration?)
    tires surcharge $7.50 ($1.50 / tire)
    doc fee $95 (tried to get rid of this, couldn't. Has anyone managed to get this out?)
    NJ tax $1435
    minus $1000 rebate (why do they take this off later. shouldn't this come off the base price?)

    Is this a good deal? I wanted him to
    - start with base 23,000
    - subtract $1000 first before calculating taxes

    He didn't want to do this. So I walked. This was in central NJ.
    Mark Sabatini
  • toyotakentoyotaken Posts: 897
    As far as I am aware, the rebate in all states is taken off after tax. Just like a "mail in rebate" when you buy something in the store, taxes are paid on the amount that you're buying the item for, then the rebate is deducted. They didn't do anything wrong.

    Good luck.

  • I think it is the law that they need to calculate the taxes before subtracting the rebate. This should happen at any dealer with the manufacturers rebate.

    It looks like the Edmunds invoice price is $23,649 including the destination charge. It looks like he was offering you a good deal. The best test of that would be if you can find another dealer willing to give you a better bottom line.

    Good luck!
  • lin5lin5 Posts: 1
    Bought 2005 XLE FWD with pkg#6. got it for 29,792. OTD : 32,390 (after 750 rebate)
    Is it a fair deal or not?
  • mfc3mfc3 Posts: 8
    I tried to buy a Sienna LE8 with Package#5 in Bay Area, california.
    After I put in deposit and later dealer called me the car is not available in the area.
    So I decided to call LA and found many cars with Pakage #5 and Package #6 option. It is 400 Miles away. I also called Toyota USA to see if I can get incentive
    to buy in LA, or I should buy Honda Odyssey instead. The guy, called Marvin (?),
    is so difficut and he said go ahead to buy Honda, So ..... I got the Local Honda dealer quote at $23.2K for Honda Odys LX. I will give it a try.
    The Honda comes with traction control as standard.
    No longer loyal to Toyota any more. I am owner of 2001 Toyota Camry.
  • Funny, I have exactly the opposite experience this evening with them. My person was great. I guess it is just the luck of the draw. Well, good luck. That is the exact vehicle I plan on getting.

    If you are looking at Ody vs Sienna 8, and you have young kids and plan to put 3 in row 2, you better make sure you can fit all 3 in the 2nd row on that pretend 8th seat the Ody has. The jury is out on how safe that seat is for a child seat. Good luck either way, I figured I'd bring this to your attention just in case.
  • hi str, where did you purchase your LE? i'm interested in similar, an LE with sunroof and leather (which it sounds like you got). did the dealer add those in, or was it part of the package? also, was the 27.7 price you mentioned before or after tax and destination charge? thanks!
  • hi str, me again. i'd love to know where you got your dealer quotes from for these vehicles, so i can contact them! thanks.
  • strstr Posts: 64
    Hey cashopper,
    This price includes everything but taxes. I am still working on the dealer about including the ttl (van hasn't come in yet), he is great, the whole group of guys we worked with are wonderful and extremely accommodating. The dealership is located in Altus Oklahoma the name is Putnam Toyota. Also, these guys are very patient, I've been working with them on and off about the XLE thing since June and they have done everything I have asked them to do research wise and they explored every option during my van search in order to get me the best package with the lowest price. I know for a fact they quoted me some really fair prices because I was also receiving email quotes from 6 other dealers at the same time and they were the best.

    The sunroof and wood dash are being added after they get the van but they send it to a professional to get this done so it takes a little longer to get the vehicle.

    You cannot order an LE from the factory with wood or sunroof, and I am pretty sure leather either but you might want to check on that one to make sure.

    I told the dealer the features I was looking for and the price range I wanted to stay within and he found the right one within one day. We had only considered the XLE because of leather, wood and sunroof but with all of the features we wanted the package was 36,000. One dealer quoted me 30,900 with the July rebate but it was still 3,000 more than the LE Putnam found for me.

    If you contact Putnam tell them Summer sent you. They may run screaming since I have been hounding them for the past three months, you never know! :P
    Just kidding we have actually had a very pleasurable experience with these guys.

    Let me know what you find, good luck,
  • OK, I got a call from the dealer. This is the final price. Does it look good?

    LE7 + pkg#1 $23405
    nj tax $1404.30
    lic+reg $322
    nj tire fee $7.50
    doc fee $95 <<< he actually removed this from base price, orig was $23500
    total $25233.80
    minus rebate $1000
    out the door price $24233.80

    He wants me to pick it up today. Should I go for it?
    Also, how much can I put on a credit card?
    Mark Sabatini
  • I think this price is hot. What is the millege on the car? I perfer to get an exact same model with less than 10 miles. What color? I think silver and desert sand gold go fast. What is the store's name?
  • bergenbergen Posts: 7
    last month I bought a LE7+package#7 for about 26012+tax-rebate in NJ. Was 200$ below invoice after rebate. My 4 year registration+title was 340. It seems like you got a better deal.

    they also told me to pick up that day, but I went there next week. It was all waiting for me. this is just a cheap trick I guess.
  • Got LE 7 Option #4 with floor mats and door sills for $22,711. Very happy.
  • thanks, summer. i looked back in your posting, and am now a little confused about the actual pricing, given your "corrections" post, so could you please give me a quick reminder for both the ody xle and sienna le with leather/sunroof aftermarket. thanks!!
  • $22711 with Package #4?? Are you kidding? details please.......
  • Bought it on Aug-07 from Claremont Toyota, SoCal. The salesman was excellent and no nonsense. I can provide his name off-line.

    Nobody in NoCal can match it. Ron Goode in Alameda was the worst dealership - no honesty nor integrity at all. Beware.
  • strstr Posts: 64
    I know, this whole process was very confusing to me. I had emailed lots of dealers both Honda and Sienna and they bombarded me with price quotes and the problem was some of the Honda quotes were not actually for the van I had requested. That is what I think you are reading about. The 25,500 ended up not being an EX-L but an EX without leather or the extras which they just threw in in case I was interested. However, I received a quote on a pre-owned EX-L with 19,000 miles on it from the Hudiburg dealership in Oklahoma City and the price was 26,000.00. I have lots of other quotes from Honda dealers, which quote were you interested in? What post was it from?

    The Sienna LE 7 I just bought ended up being 27,749.00 I may be off a few dollars there but not by much and that is before taxes and after rebate and includes all other charges.

    I deleted all of my email quotes from other dealers when we bought this van so I am just trying to do this from memory. Let me look back at my posts and see what you are reading.
  • By the way, it was silver w/ just 2 miles on it.
  • strstr Posts: 64
    Ok, the post #5820 is the van we bought that's before we made the deal, we ended up getting it for 27,749 (close to, don't have the paper in front of me, whatever I told Ian or irg on post #5828) after rebate, before taxes (they were around 1,045.00.) Putnam Toyota Altus.

    Post # 5794 Sienna XLE pkg #6 MSRP 34,795 price quote 30,954 was from Northcutt Toyota in Enid Oklahoma.

    Post # 5798 2005 Honda Odyssey EX-L 27,232 was from Steve Baily Honda in Oklahoma City. They also quoted the EX for 25,500.

    Pre-owned Honda Odyssey EX-L 19,000 miles silver with grey leather 26,000.00 was Hudiburg Midwest city Ok, or may be under Oklahoma City.

    Any others that you want to know about just let me know, I'll do my best to get you the info!

    By the way, I have some other LE with leather and XLE quotes if you are interested, some are pretty good. I actually printed a few off of my email to take with me to the dealer in case I needed them. I'll look them up if you want me to, the rest have been deleted.
  • Went there last night. The guy added CF (floor mats, door sills).
    Drove it home for $24233.80. Blue with grey int, 18 miles.
    This is Freehold Toyota, Route 9, NJ.
  • Glad that I could help.
  • Congrats on your purchase. I lived in So. Cal too and would like more info on your deal.
  • I have spoken to four different dealerships in my state of Illinois. I have talk to them about a Sienna CE and LE.

    The lowest price quoted to me is 23, 900 including taxes and title transfer for the CE with package 1, and 24500 for LE with basic package and including taxes and title transfer.
  • thanks, str, you are very helpful. yes, i would be interested in hearing more info about your le w/leather and xle quote details. also, do any of them include awd?
  • strstr Posts: 64
    Hi cashopper,
    I'm glad I can help, without this forum (and Ian) I would have been in big trouble when I went to buy my van. I just hope I can help you and others find a really good deal or at least a good deal with everything you are looking for included!

    No, none of my quotes include awd I was just looking for the fwd.
    Here are a few of the quotes I had saved.
    By the way, I was just wondering, where you are located?

    Riverside Toyota in Tulsa Oklahoma
    2005 XLE Arctic frost pearl, taupe interior
    package #3
    Extra mile package
    Park pilot
    Vehicle shield package
    MSRP 33,189
    Internet quote 30,059.75

    Doenges Toyota I can't remember their exact location in Oklahoma but you can look them up on the internet.

    05 LE MSRP 30,941 internet quote 28,587.75
    DVD pre-wire
    50 state emissions
    side signal mirror upgrade
    night vision outside mirrors
    extra mile aluminum wheel upgrade
    road hazard tire warranty
    night vision mirror upgrade
    LE package #3
    Vehicle Shield Package
    Leather interior upgrade
    Wood trim

    Fiesta Toyota
    Don't remember their location in Oklahoma either.

    LE MSRP 32,849.00
    internet quote 29,745.75
    White, taupe interior
    DVD pre-wire
    50 state emissions
    window tint running boards
    rear mudguards
    wood dash and door trim
    LE package #4
    Extra mile package B
    Vehicle shield package
    Leather interior upgrade

    same place

    XLE MSRP 36,563.00
    internet quote 32,931.75
    arctic frost pearl, taupe interior
    50 state emissions
    emergency assistance kit
    sunroof wind deflector
    rear spoiler
    night vision mirror upgrade
    package #4
    extra mile package A
    vehicle shield package
    leather interior upgrade

    I'll keep looking through my papers for some of the other quotes, I just hope I still have them. What exactly, in detail, are you looking for? I can ask the dealer I am currently working with for a quote for you. Let me know.

  • strstr Posts: 64
    I think you may have wanted to know about the prices of some things I had added to my LE so I have listed them below.

    Leather interior upgrade: was already installed, 1,936.00

    Rear spoiler 295.00 having added
    Wood dash / door 260.00 having added
    Sunroof 1,100 having added

    Hopes this gives you an idea.
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