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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hello, toyotabuyer2,

    I am in oc, if you don't mind, what was the best price that you shop?
    you can e-mail me if you want [email protected]
    thanks much.
  • on 11/1/09, i bought a 2010 sienna, LE 8 pass. w/ evp #2, tow, mats... msrp 28k, sales price 25.5k, 28.2k OTD. south coast toyota in Orange County Ca.
  • hi every one
    i want to buy toyota sienna ce with option 1 package in florida
    dealer gave price for ce
    Estimated Pricing*
    Base $24,690.00
    Options $1,233.00
    Manuf. Delv, Proc, & Hndlg $795.00

    Total $26,718.00
    plus tax & title
    so please any one can tell me howmuch i should pay for this van
  • cowxl4cowxl4 Posts: 12
    Did you get one?
  • thanks for your reply.
    I was looking to buy one this month, and waiting for some incentive or rebate, do you think there will be anything soon? or any other recent bought pricing in OC or so cal?
  • They are out. Check the Toyota site - enter your zip code.

    However, I noticed that they are only through the 16th

    Does anyone know if there will be a large national incentive around Thanksgiving?
  • dsmguydsmguy Posts: 23
    not sure what the Thanksgiving incentives will be. Anyone know what they were last year?
  • dgrodgro Posts: 6
    Looks like the 2011 Sienna will debut in December. I bet the 2010 will come down in price. o-show/
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 91,875
    I'll just say this.... the 2011 model can't come out in 2009...

    January 1st, 2010 -- December 31st, 2011


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • nobonobo Posts: 305
    So, you are saying the 2011 Sienna won't be at the 2009 LA Auto Show?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 91,875
    I'm saying it won't be available for sale at Toyota dealers in 2009...


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • dgrodgro Posts: 6
    Thought I read the 2011 will be available in Jan 2010..
  • nobonobo Posts: 305
    Since production of the 2011 Sienna doesn't start till January 2010, I would say you were correct. The December 2009 auto show will introduce the new Sienna to the public, and actual production is scheduled to start January 2010.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Usually they build a few test mules (for EPA fuel economy and testing), one of those makes it to the auto show circuit.
  • sir can u tell me from where u bought le 25400 otd please
  • Hi - I'm pretty new at this. I've researched new cars looking at the websites Kelley Blue Book, TrueCar, and this one. Very helpful. But I'm a little confused and hoping someone can help me out. A few questions:

    1) KBB and Edmunds tell me that the Invoice for a 2010 LE 7 Passenger with EVP#2 is $25,285. TrueCar tells me that it's $25,713. The quote the dealer gave me said the invoice was $25,795. The dealer invoice price included $521 for dealer holdback, $500 for TDA, $260 for Whsl. Financial Reserve, $10 for gas, $800 for destination charge. The fact that the invoice price was just over $400 means they all can't be BS, but are any of them? From what I read the dealer holdback might not be legit. What is the real invoice price of this car?

    2) So the dealer above (going to go to some more in the next few days for more quotes) quoted me at $26200, and even said we can work with that number by hundreds, not thousands. In the quote, the only fees on top of that would be tax and total fees line item of $147. Truecar says average price is just under $26K, while Edmunds is saying the TMV is $26,125. Based on the invoice prices listed above, and the other information here, what is a good price to shoot for? Should I go for $25500 I saw someone pay? It almost seems like his initial offer isn't that bad, especially when he tells me we can work on it.

    Thoughts? Thanks...the help is much appreciated.
  • I am in bay area and the quote I got for LE 8 Passenger with Package #2 was
    $25720 from Sunnyvale Toyota and $25728 from Walnut Creek Toyota. Fremont toyota manager was not giving the quote in email so I didn't follow up.
    In fitzmall the price was 24666 it had Alloy Wheels too. In bay area I was told they do not come with Alloy Wheels. Sunnyvale toyota suggested me to buy the van from fitzmall when I emailed him the price from fitzmall!
    Fitzmall sales person said there may be new incentives on 11/17 but WC toyota said they do not expect any incentives on 11/17 as the current incentives are valid until 11/30. Anyway I have decided to wait until Thanks Giving holidays to see for any incentives.
  • s2kmr2s2kmr2 Posts: 28
    To further add to the confusion, there's the matter of the rebate/cash incentives, which is a regional thing. In my case, all the local Toyota dealers in the NYC area has the 1.9% financing for the Sienna but NO cash rebate. If I go outside to PA/MD there's a 1.9% OR $750 cash back.

    The way I have been shopping is using prices as a base line. list their final price, invoice price and the MSRP. I use the MSRP to compare between dealers to make sure I am comparing apples to apples. The price includes the $750 rebate which is why it may be lower than your local Toyota dealer's price if your local dealers are not eligible for the cash rebates. I was close to jumping on deal of a LE 7 pass FWD with EVP 2 for around 24,600. But now I am looking at XLEs with either EVP1 or 2.

    Shopping for Toyotas can be a real pain with all the different packages and different incentives programs.
  • annaiannai Posts: 4
    Could you tell me which dealership it was? My husband was shopping over the phone today and was given a price a few hundred dollars higher.
  • I plan on purchasing the above vehicle; A 2009 or 2010 Sienna XLE 7 passenger with All Wheel Drive and the QN package # 4.
    Would appreciate some advice as to what price I should expect to get this vehicle for, not counting Tax and Tags.
    Any help is appreciated. gandb7777
  • sipaksipak Posts: 8
    Hi guys, need your opinion.

    I think new model years will be bringing average millage lot higher than current offered on Honda/Siena.

    Should one wait for next year to purchase or lease or it shouldn't be a concern. Also I'm concerned that resale value may get dropped, once new models with higher millage come out.

    What's your opinion?

  • No way it will be "a lot" higher with the existing 3.5 L. They can put a dual VVT-i like in Lexus cars but that won't improve mileage more than 1 MPG. A six-speed tranny may up the hwy mileage to 25 MPG. They'll most likely offer the hybrid version in 2011 and definitely in 2012 which is an entirely different story.

    I'd wait for the new model but guess what will happen to it when 2012s and 2013s come out :)

    2013 is the one to get since, according to the Mayans, no one will offer model year 2014.
  • Hi there,

    Just got my new 2010 XLE with package 4 and owner reward package with tint last week for $33,000 before tax. There's not much offering in my region, northwest MS. I know I can get a bit better price if I try harder but I don't mind to spend a little more to support my local auto business. I know there will be a new model come out next year but I need a van for my family now. So far, we like the van a lot especially my wife. Good luck to y'all in searching a new van.


  • nobonobo Posts: 305
    Congrats on your new Sienna. What MPG are you getting?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    5th gear is already extremely tall. I'm not sure they can gear it any taller without stalling the engine. At 55mph mine's idling along at 1500 or so rpm.

    I guess they could have a taller gear but it would only get used at 65+.
  • I really don't keep up on the MPG, my bad. I will check it later. But one thing I have to agree on is the tachometer doesn't want to creep up. When we first drove the car, I was thinking there must be a problem with tachometer because it doesn't want to go pass 2000 rpm. I tried at 80mph and it's just a little over 2000 rpm. Cheers,
  • Hi,

    I looked at various dealers in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area and the best deal I found for the 8 seater LE with the VP2 is $26,100 plus tax, license and fees. With the tax and fees, it would probably come to $28,500 approx. There is only the 2.9% for 60 months financing option. Not rebates.

    Does anyone know if there is going to be any new deals coming out for 11/17?

  • I think that's probably the best deal you can get for 60 months. Toyota may extend this promo but I doubt if you can get better than that. I may be wrong though. Bests,
  • I just bought a 2010 Sienna LE-8seat model.
    16-In 6-Spoke Aluminum Alloy: $410
    Le Evp #2:: $425
    Windshield Wiper De-Icer: $70
    Leather Interior Upgrade: $2,299 (Liquicell-Distibuter installed option)
    Carpet Mat Set: $270
    Security System Upgrade: $249
    Vehicle Shield Package: $349
    OTD-$30112. @ 0% APR.
    MSRP is $31142. Houston area. Is this an OK deal?
  • nobonobo Posts: 305
    Since you already bought your Sienna, a little late to worry if price was good or not. Just enjoy your new Toyota.
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