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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Just purchased the same vehicle (2006 LE package #2 and carpet mats) in metro Atlanta for $24,370 plus tax and $21 title. The $24,370 includes dealer doc fee.

    Was also looking at Odyssey LX -- the Sienne LE was the same price and a much nicer vehicle imho.
  • Can you tell us the dealers name and address-email etc?
    Congrats on a great deal.
  • We purchased today.

    Includes: Limited Option Package #2 (DVD, navigation, etc), Rear Spoiler, Preferred Premium Accessory Package (Includes Cargo Net, F&R Floor Mats, Cargo Mat, Door Sill Protectors, First Aid Kit & Emergency Assistance Kit), and Alloy Wheel Locks.

    Paid $35,940 plus fees of $195 and $65 and tax of $1225 for a total of $37425.

    I am happy with the deal and hope it was a good one - it took a lot of haggling on my part. any opinions??
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,344
    Dealership names, city and state are okay... anything else is verboten..

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  • 2006 Le +PKG one
    price 23419

    out the door price is

    is that a better deal ?
  • bham2bham2 Posts: 4
    I bought mine in Birmingham, AL at Serra Toyota. I got a slightly better price at Cherokee County Toyota in Atlanta area. Also got a good price at Milton Martin Toyota in Atlanta area.
  • Excellent deal!
    How many miles on the car?
    In what state/city?
  • Purchased my Sienna at stated price above from Cobb County Toyota in Kennesaw, GA. Worked everything out through internet department by e-mail. All I had to do was test drive the car and full out the paperwork. They had about 8-10 LE's w/package #2 to choose from at this price.
  • Is doc fee included in this? If so that works out to an 8% sales tax -- is that correct for you?

    If so, the price pre-tax is about $950 less than what I paid for Pack 2, which just adds the drivers side power seat (which is nice to have).

    But, your price for option package 1 seems real good if the numbers are correct above.
  • Hayward Toyota is advertising 4000 off MSRP on all 06 Sienna LEs this weekend. Sound like this is a great deal!
  • kj2005kj2005 Posts: 17
    I was offered to buy at the dealer's "invoice price" of $38,185 on an MSRP of $42,225 for a 2006 Sienna XLE Limited AWD with the HO package which is the Navigation and Rear Entertainment System. Another dealer said $500 over invoice and another said somewhere in between.

    Two separate dealers gave me this as the invoice for a fully loaded Sienna yet the Edmunds site shows it as a $37,409 invoice including the $565 destination charge.

    The dealers north of Boston MA all charge about $200 for doc fees and the RMV charges $65 to xfer plates.

    Does anyone have a 06 XLE Limited w/HO price comparison to share?

    Does anyone have any experiences at IRA Toyota in Danvers, Boch Toyota in Norwood, or any of the other Boston area dealers?

  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    Edmunds' invoice pricing does not (indeed, cannot) include Toyota's TDA fee (Toyota Dealer Advertising) which varies by region. That's why you're seeing a discrepancy in the numbers.

    For a good comparision, check the websites of the big Toyota stores in the DC area (Darcars, Fitzgerald) as they seem to have the best prices in the country. Again, though, the TDA numbers might be different from Boston.
  • purchased the last week of Nov.

    with 33 miles on the car.
    Dealer quote : $23826
    End of Month rebate: -$500
    Recent college graduate: -$700
    Lic & Reg fee: $262
    Doc fee: $100
    Sale Tax: $1267
    + 6 year 7,5000 mile bumper to bumper at $759
    Drive off price: $25014

    We bought in a great hurry and didn’t do much homework. But the posts on this board helped a lot. Thank you.

  • We just looked at a 2006 XLE Limited AWD w/ the HO package (DVD and Navigation. This vehicle is a dealer demo with almost 4,000 miles. It has a crack in the windshield and is somewhat dirty inside. How much should we expect the dealer to drop below invoice and is it unreasonable to demand a replacement windshield? Also, they've included the Toyota protection package for $699. This is basically dealer profit (IMO). Any views?
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    My two cents is that demos are not worth their relatively small savings. It is unlikely they will discount it much (say $1000 under invoice) and for that you are getting a used vehicle that likely has been flogged. For very little more, you can get a new one and break it in properly.

    I would be very surprised that they would even sell it with a cracked windshield.
  • Just today in NC bought a 2006 LE 7 pass. w/ pkg 2 & fl. mats. Price paid before TTL was aprx $24,307. This price includes dest. and doc. fee. (They had listed doc. fee as $399). When I went in to talk price, I told them I'd buy it today if they sold it for $25,100 (out the door price including TTL). Did not confuse the issue with talk of trade-in or financing. Their initial price was around $28,200. After aprox. 30 minutes of trying to talk me up they finally agreed to $25,100, out the door.
  • Fitzmall , MD Its new I do not know the miles
    Thanks :)
  • Could someone post a sample email request to a dealer for a quote?

    I am interested in the OTD price price for a 2006 XLE, but would like to know their invoice price, TDA (not sure if already included), Toyoguard fee (which is required in the Southeast), doc. fee and taxes. Also would like to know what colors they have available.

    Any help with wording (feel free to suggest additional info I should ask for) greatly appreciated!

    Also, any wording how to follow up with negotiating, once a few quotes come in would be helpful.

  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    Some websites only allow you to initially request a quote and there is no allowance for posing questions. In such cases you'll do so after you get a reply.

    The points I try to make are:

    A) I am ready to buy;

    B) What is their BEST price for a specified vehicle, including any dealer document or processing fee; and

    C) If I'm requesting a quote about a specific in-stock vehicle, I ask whether it is new or a demo and mileage on it.

    The fact of the matter is that in any given market TDA is the same from store to store as well as certain "mandatory options," such as Toyoguard in the SE. Taxes are also a given so I don't much care to get into any of that stuff because it makes absolutely no difference.

    I generally don't send inquiries unless a dealer has their inventory listed on their website. That way I can make a request about a known vehicle and avoid requesting a price for a particular color. Bear in mind that dealers know that some customers will pay more for a preferred color and some will use that knowledge to their advantage. It's far better to get a price and only then discuss color by having the dealer offer a number of colors from which you can pick. The same goes for options or packages - it's better to have some flexibility.

    Once you get a number of quotes you'll have any idea as to who you might do business with. You can then, if necessary, play them off against each other.
  • Very good job ... you beat me by $64.50 :P

    Just goes to show that the dealers want to move their inventory. People just need to shop around among dealers to get a satisfactory price. Mine wound up being from the dealer closest to my house.
  • Thanks,
    I told the manager if he didn't accept my offer, I was ready to go buy an Odyessey LX and save some money.
    He said his "invoice" numbers didn't match mine. I tried not to dispute his numbers- just said this is all I can afford to spend on the sienna- otherwise its odyssey time. :)
  • I'm looking to buy a used Sienna...a dealer in the vicinity is selling an '04 sienna LE...with 71k highway miles (PA car) and it has a clean interior/exterior and checked out well with mechanic (besides a few minor thing)---i'm wondering
    A. would it be a mistake to get this car with so much mileage?
    B. what would be a fair price?

    If you can help me i'd really appreciate it...
    we told the dealer we'll give him an answer ASAP...

    thanx :)
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    Miles (especially of the highway variety) rarely hurt a Toyota except (like every other make) when it comes to price.

    Just run the numbers on it here but bear a couple of things in mind. The amount deducted from its value for the excessive mileage is probably low so bump it up a bit.
    Also, you have to assume you're getting "married" to it and will probably be unable to later sell it except at a give-away price.

    One way I look at a late model high mileage car is to see if the price is about the same for as an older model with average mileage. If so, it's an acceptable buy. Example:
    compare the price of this '04 with an '00 or '01 Sienna with 70K on it.

    Don't forget to factor in optional equipment (which can vary quite a bit on an LE) as it definitely affects the value of any late model vehicle.
  • I started looking for 2005/6 sienna LE w/ package #8 this week. very nice. what i'm finding is L.A. times(So Cal edition Dec 9 & 10) full page ads for the 2005's are as low as $23988. the dealers msrp is $31321. that is nearly $7400 in savings. do you think that there might be a little more wiggle room on the price since it is the week before christmas and the dealers are having a drastic reduction in buyers?

    Dealers with advertised prices:

    Power Toyota of Cerritos.
    2005 Sienna LE pkg #8 $23988 white only. (loss leader)
    Puente Hills Toyota
    Wondries Toyota
  • I just bought a new 06 XLE Limited FWD HO Pkg, CF. List $40,477 paid $36,581. Carmax also sells new Toyota's. They have good prices in some cases.

  • zebra5zebra5 Posts: 45
    What dealership did you buy from?

    Also, how does the dealer-installed leather look on the LE8? I've never seen one like that, but have been interested.
  • zebra5zebra5 Posts: 45
    Can someone tell me how the dealerships are handling the $1500 on '05 Siennas? Do they quote the buyer a price inclusive of the rebate, and then the buyer signs over the rebate to the dealership? Or does the buyer pay "gross" and wait for a check from Toyota Motors? I'm wondering about various advertised prices on '05 Siennas I'm seeing in the newspaper - they aren't clear about how the rebate factors in.
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    Typically, newspaper prices (at least here in Ohio) will have a small disclaimer that says something like "all rebates to dealer."

    Every time I've bought a vehicle with a rebate, I've signed it over to the dealer as that is the only way that makes sense (otherwise you would have to pay the amount of the rebate upfront and wait to recover it - just like the electronics stores do!).

    Bear in mind though that you will still have to pay sales tax on the amount of the rebate (not bad on $1500 but it cost me $300 plus dollars on a $5000 GM rebate in '04).
  • White 2005 LE Package #8 $31,590 MSRP minus $6,500 dealer discount - $1,500 rebate = $23,590 Then add tax & lic for a grand total of $25,800 Out-The-Door so I save $8,949 from MSRP.

    This is a brand new car. Package #8 includes trip computer, external temperature gauge, compass, Homelink universal transmitter, power right-hand sliding door, rear seat audio, front side airbags, front, rear, and third row curtain airbags, stability control, traction control, brake assist, rear disc brakes, windshield wiper de-icer, daytime running lamps, alloy wheels, JBL Synthesis AM/FM stereo, CD player, cassette player, 10 speakers, 2 wireless headphones, DVD rear entertainment system, 8-way power driver's seat and two 115V outlets. NOT AVAILABLE with BY, BZ.
  • jfeixjfeix Posts: 2
    WHAT REBATE??? We just bought an '05 XLE AWD and asked about any rebates and were specifically told none were being offered except $1,000 dealer cashback. Could not find info on a rebate anywhere on edmunds or Toyota website so any info would be appreciated as I plan to go back to the dealer tomorrow!
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