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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Has Toyota announced any consumer or dealer incentives on 2001 Sienna? Around here (Boston area), the advertised price of Sienna has dropped by about $700

    Are there any recent value package savings announced?
  • ntbntb Posts: 1
    I just talked with a sales guy that said the 2001
    Sienna's can't be ordered anymore ( I want side
    air bags and don't mind waiting.)
    He said the factory has started changing over
    for the 2002 and aren't still making 2001.
    Also he said he just happens to have almost
    what I want on his lot for a deal.
    Has anyone else been told this.
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    That's not unusual at this time of year.
  • thewolverinethewolverine Posts: 111
    Check out the posts late last summer and early fall on the Torque Converter problem and you'll see most of the Sienna's with that problem were made last summer. Yes, there is some changeover but 2001 to 2002 is not a major change - that's coming for 2003.

    See the posts and the dates made and decide for youself if your being sold a bill of goods. If you're still unsure check with Cliffy - he's a straight arrow.

    Of course just because they're making them doesn't mean they're still taking orders. Good Luck!
  • yufengtsuiyufengtsui Posts: 9
    I am just curious how the sales tax is handled when you buy from dealers outside your home state.
    For example, I live in CT. If I buy a car from NJ,
    do I have to pay NJ tax (6%) or CT tax(6.5%)? Do I write a check for the difference (.5%) to CT? Payable to whom?


  • You pay tax in the state where the vehicle is being registered.
  • rward99rward99 Posts: 185
    You cannot order a 'custom' Sienna through your dealership, but they are still building the 2001 model. Your salesman/dealer should be able to check with other dealerships in their area for a model equipped pretty close to the way you want it.
  • melmoxmelmox Posts: 1
    2001 xle with tow package, bumper guard, and pwr sliding door for 26900 + tax. and 0% financing.
  • spiral1spiral1 Posts: 1
    XLE (hard to find silver with gray cloth) options XE, UF, toyo protection, rear bumber guard, sunroof deflector, cargo net, gold emblems, & 4 michelins for $28,554. + tax and tag. I get the car in 1 or 2 days!
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    Connecticut sales tax is 6%.
  • Richard and Ray,

    Thanks for the reply. Does that mean if I buy from NJ the dealer won't charge me tax and I just need to pay CT tax when I register the car in CT DMV? I will definately get a LE within a week unfortunately I don't have much time to do the shopping (can only do on weekends so that leave me tommorrow). Any good deals in tri-state?

  • The selling dealer should be able to handle the paperwork to register the car in your state...
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    If you have to do it yourself ask him to waive his doc fee.
  • It is my understanding that the time is fast approaching to get the best deals on the year-end models. Does anybody know what incentives Toyota is offering in the North East(Southern New Hampshire/Massachusetts)? I've been following everyone's words of wisdom (thank you, all) for a while and hope that someone might have good information.
  • sbpceapsbpceap Posts: 67
    So far as I've read, Toyota is offering rebates on Corolla & Camry but not yet on Sienna. DC vans have sweetened the pot with, if I remember correctly, a $2000 rebate on top of whatever you can negotiate.
  • Here is what is being offered:

    2001 LE with the following:

    Saifin Blue Metalic

    total 26036 + 175 for plates and 190 for doc fee + 6% CT tax.

    The dealer is hudson toyota in NJ. I hope to pick it up this Friday. I am leaving the country
    on Saturday so I hope they can really deliver me the van as promised.

  • buckyomnbuckyomn Posts: 2
    I have used the internet to get 4 bids on an LE with option package 1(keyless remote,roof rack, etc) My best price was $23,800. Given that 2002 is just around the corner and there are some dealer incentives, any opinions about whether I should expect to do better on a price? Would you wait for 2002? thanks, dp
  • jinsongliujinsongliu Posts: 18
    Is there any consumer or dealer incentives on 2001 Sienna running in Philly. I got a quote, 400 over invoice and 1.9 APR for 60 month. Is it a good price? I have to buy a car this month.


  • robigailrobigail Posts: 2
    Where did you get a 1.9% APR on a Sienna; I can only get 7.5% for 60 months. I'm being offered an XLE with dual power sliding doors, leather, side air bags and traction control (and other less necessary goodies) for $31,300 plus tax & tags. with the 7.5 APR, this is out of my league! Any better deals out there?
  • I'm new to the board, and I'm sure this has been asked already, but what is in store for 2002 model, and does it include a hidden third seat. I'm buying if it is. Thanks
  • rward99rward99 Posts: 185
    No major changes planned for 2002. The next change will be 2003. Production will move to the truck plant in Indiana. The 2003 will start in Georgetown and switch over in January of 2003. An extended version will be offered, and someone else here in the forum has said that there will be the hidden third seat.
  • scsmith38scsmith38 Posts: 5
    When those changes happen then the price will go up and people will want them more and then it will take months to order one and then the price paid will be MSRP or more and you can't find one to test drive. Just like the Honda. Which is why some people bought a Sienna rather than a Honda.

    Although those improvements will be nice to a lot of people. I like it the way it is (especially the size). We plan on buying one this year before the changes are made.
  • jelhz43njelhz43n Posts: 44
    Sienna LE with otions ( FE, TO, BE, VD, UN, UR, EF, GN, N1, SK) with on board video system from Audiovox, reverse sensing from Echo Master Total MSRP $31,597 got it for $28,200 from Brunswick Toyota, Route 1 , New Jersey. Hope it helps you in reaching at a number while negotiating.
    The salesperson (Ronny Saleh) while negotiation showed me the invoice price, msrp price and TMV at !! (I had done my research at this site !) And they have a 5% (negotiable) + invoice price. May be after July you may get a better deal for MY2001.
  • rudeboyrudeboy Posts: 1
    Just ordered a 2001 XLE Stratosphere Mica LL,UF,ES in Austin, TX for $31,150.00+TTL

    One thing I noticed on all of the lots here in Austin was that every Sienna on the lot came with Extra Mile Package Option C. DON'T FALL FOR THIS!!! There is a 35% markup and it's just a way for the dealer to stick you with pin striping, glass etching and roadside, hazard warranties. The other thing I noticed is that the Video Entertainment system has changed, The one I got has MSRP = $1399 and I was told that the other version (MSRP = $1795) was able to pick up TV reception. I really didn't care for the Towing package but as others have posted, I too was told that it comes with the Luxury package. There was a discrepancy between my calculated invoice price ($29,598) and what the dealer claimed was the actual invoice price ($30,298). I think I could have walked when they questioned the accuracy of my research, but as is the case of many, I was pretty wore down and though I've seen others that have gotten better deals, I could live with the price I got knowing that there were no other Admin fees, Ad fees or other hidden charges. I would recommend anyone that can wait 4-6 week to order from the factory. You get exactly what you want and don't have to settle for the package that is on the lot.
  • buckyomnbuckyomn Posts: 2
    Sienna LE with Extra Value Package #1 (keyless remote, carpet floor mats, etc). I also took the towing pakage. My cost, $23,960 plus tax, license documentation and title. I felt pretty good about it after using the various internet buying sites to line me up with 5 twin cities' based dealers who competed for the business. Good luck to all. dp
  • greg121greg121 Posts: 6
    Re a few of the above...I've never had such a hard time trying to give someone $24K plus.....local dealer tried to push loaded packages (see above re Extra Mile package)...all I want is an LE, Extra Value and Tow (by the by found out tow is common as its the only way you get rear AC), don't want an Upgrade, don't want Extra Mile, don't want running boards, don't want aluminum wheels etc etc......"build a Toyota" web site shows they're out can't find them...they'll build me one but if I want to wait 6-8 weeks I might as well get a Honda....think I've found a responsive dealer who has located what I want but gee whiz it shouldn't be this tough.....from where I sit Gulf States distributors is really hurting Toyota / dealers....misleading web site info, high invoice prices........
  • inkyinky Posts: 370
    I also live in Gulf States region. I have 01 XLE with everything possible except the stab control.
    We are satisfied. I would mention towing package does give a tranny cooler--this may have dividends down the road. I did buy the rip off extra mile package at cost but even then the trinkets are way overpriced. Pin stripe , wheel locks, paint sealant, vin etching, sunroof wind deflector, rear bumper protector, running boards (which I like for style--otherwise useless). Lets see what else-tire road hazard warranty crap. Our entertainment system was a toyota system for $1,100 cost. The higher cost unit you mention is a factory installed one between the front seats (VCR). OUr VCR is located under driver side passenger seat. For real young kids the center console one is better. Ours are 9 and can change the videos themselves while driving.
    I admit this thing really pacifies them. Both my kids have trouble with the wireless ear phones in that they have a battery saver mechanism that turns off unit when supposedly not on the ears with a little click switch. Switch is sentive and my wife is constantly fiddling with them to allow kids to hear. We have gone as far as putting rubber bands on them to hold them on the ON postition.
  • catcher09catcher09 Posts: 7
    Purchased a 2001 Sienna LE for $25,000 (excluding tax, license and registration fee) in New York City area with the following options:
    UN-Extra Value Pkg.,
    TO-Towing Pkg.,
    BE-Front Side Impact Air bag,
    EF-Bumper Protector,
    GN-Cargo Net and
    Checkmate Model 100SPC Remote Control Passive Alarm System (Dealer installed).

    Do you think I got a good price for this Sienna?

    Does anyone know about the Checkmate Alarm System? and How good are they? and Where I can get more information on it?
    Thanks for your reply.
  • katcrkatcr Posts: 1
    I paid 22,437.00 for a LE with the following options, FE, TO, BE UN,UR,EF,SK. MSRP was 29,437.00. Invoice is around 26,000.00.

    Tow package
    dual AC
    Side air bags
    Key less entry
    Roof rack
    Pwr outside heated mirrors
    cloth captain chairs
    floor and cargo mats
    JBL 3 in 1 stereo w/8 speakers
    diversity antenna
    Power passenger slide door
    P215/65R15 Alloy wheels
    Full size spare
    Rear bumper protector
    Center console box

    They had two more at the dealership at these low prices. They each were about 2k more or 24.4k but also included rear spoiler and entertainment system. This deal was in a mailer that showed 7k off MSRP. There were 4 with 7k off MSRP. I called figureing these would be stripped down models. Could not believe my eyes to see the offering price over 3k under invoice. I guess these cars are called "loss leaders".
  • sbpceapsbpceap Posts: 67
    Katcr, post 633, nice going! Sounds like a great deal! Catcher09, post 632, I guess that answers your question. A fair deal, but certainly not a great one. My impression from all the very helpful posts here is that invoice, or a couple of hundred above, is the going rate. I notice that few posts mention getting the Vehicle Skid Control. I think that would be an important option. Is that very hard to find?
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