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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • rhopfrhopf Posts: 29
    Don't wait tell you get to Seattle to get your van. I have been trying to buy one for a month now. The dealers don't have them and when they do the best price I have found is $1200 over invoice for a CE $1500 over invoice for a LE. Anybody that say's they can get one for $100 over or at invoice has not gone out and tried yet. At least not in the seattle area.
  • tamu2002tamu2002 Posts: 758
    Unfortunately I'm afrad we'll have to wait till we get to Seattle due to my job situation. We simply won't be able to get a good rate based on my current income. Looks like paying a premium for a Sienna is almost inevitable in your neck of the woods. My guess is imports prolly rule in that area, hence the seller's market. I doubt the general market (in the northwest) will change much regardless Honda has a new model out or not. Oh well, what can you do.
  • rhopfrhopf Posts: 29
    Don't wait tell you get to Seattle to get your van. I have been trying to buy one for a month now. The dealers don't have them and when they do the best price I have found is $1200 over invoice for a CE $1500 over invoice for a LE. Anybody that say's they can get one for $100 over or at invoice has not gone out and tried yet. At least not in the seattle area.
  • car4youcar4you Posts: 36
    Thanks, MWOODFAM,

    Hudson Toyota was on my list. I was told that they are the larger dealer in the area. They also move alot of the CE for cabs in NYC. Toyota probably keeps them happy because they move so many vehicles. I spoke to a dealer in Northern NJ and asked him to check incoming inventory. I asked him several questions and not sure I believe him.

    I asked if the option packages would change. He said no. I saw on another board that some packages on the XLE are changing.

    He told me the prices are going up on the 2005 model year. 500 on the LE and 700 on the XLE. I find that hard to believe with the Odessy due out. Unless the are making VSC and side airbags standard.
  • car4youcar4you Posts: 36

    One more quesiton? Can you provide the price you paid for the Vechicle, destination and title. (exclude sun roof and taxes).
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 38,126
    as of the last time I checked, Toyota wasn't making anything other than LEs with package 1 or 7 for the NE region. It's not your dealer not wanting to stock (or sell you) one, they just don't exist around here.

    2019 Acura TLX A-spec 4 cyl. (mine), and 2020 Acura RDX tech SH-AWD (wife's)

  • babuibabui Posts: 4
    We spent the month of May searching Toyota dealers in Long Island/Greater New York area for a XLE Limited with navigation option. We searched on the internet for current stock for NJ/CT dealers and visited 7-8 dealers in Long Island/NYC. Nobody had the car we wanted with the color we wanted at the price we wanted. We wanted to pay as close to dealer price as shown on Edmunds and KBB. None of the dealers wanted to budge. At most, we were offered $500 off MSRP if we took an XLE off their lot. If we ordered from the factory, they wanted full MSRP. Quite frustrated, we decided to go with our AAA car buying service (we are AAA members). You can go to any AAA mentioned (also Costco) dealer and get a car for $1k-$2k above invoice. $1k above invoice is for lower models (LE); $1.5K for higher models and $2k for XLE models. They have to show you their invoice price and then charge $1k-$2k over that. We went to Smithtown Toyota in Suffolk County and ordered our car from there. Their invoice price matched Edmunds and they asked for $2k over that. Still, cheaper than what other dealers were asking. The best financing rate we had before walking into Smithtown was 4% from our credit union (we have excellent credit) but Smithtown beat that to give us 3.65% (we ordered our car on Jun 6th).
    The only thing that shocked us was taxes ($3,300+) and the fact that it will take approx 8 wks for delivery.
  • tamu2002tamu2002 Posts: 758
    Congrats on your purchase. How could the tax be so ridiculously much?
  • babuibabui Posts: 4
    If I remember correctly - tax in NY is 8.75% of sale price.
  • rangnearangnea Posts: 1
    First of all thanks to everyone who shared their experience and prices on this forum. This forum was the biggest help in my decision to purchase the Sienna.

    I live in Indianapolis. I stared by sending emails regarding pkg#7 + floor mats to all the dealers in midwest (Cincinnati, Louisville & Indianapolis). Got Quotes in range from $26184 - $26775.

    Best prices were offered from Cincinnati and Indy. Most of the dealers in Louisville did not respond.

    Performance Toyota (cinci), Beechmont Toyota(cinci), Butler Toyota(Indy), Ed Martin (indy) offered comparable rates ($50-$100 variations).

    I negotiated over email & never talked to anyone, some laughed and mocked at my offer and some responded. Beechmont gave me the best offer of $25679. I took the offer to butler and asked him to match it. Without any hassle they (Internet sales guy) matched it. That saved me the trip to Cinci.

    2004 LE Sienna Blue Mirage
    Options:BW + mats
    Base price: $25,679
    Tax: $1540.74
    Tire Tax: $1.25
    Doc Fees: $98.20
    OTD: $27319.19

    I was interested in 7yr/100,000/$0 Ded extended warranty. Told the finance guy don't want any other stuff (he tried to sell me lots of other things like ziebart protection, insurance protection and many more). He did not even quote me the price, printed a document and asked me to sign it. I was about to sign it, but decided to read it the warranty price he was charging me was $1795. What a rip off! Said No to him and Got 4.24 APR, the best rate outside I got was (4.4) bought the car with 4.24 and walked out.

    That is my story & I hope it helps you negotiate even better price.

  • alex800alex800 Posts: 7
    I ordered Limited with HO for $36,000 in Staten Island. I was told 4-6 week.
  • tamu2002tamu2002 Posts: 758
    It just occured to me. Have you tried any on-line car buying sites? I wonder if you'd have better luck with them as far as vehecle availability goes at least. Maybe they'll offer better prices too.
  • tamu2002tamu2002 Posts: 758
    Has anyone used Costco's car buying service in the Seattle area? Thanks.
  • EverclearEverclear Posts: 7
    I tried to get a Costco price in Seattle (from the Costco website) and received a message that Toyota was not offering 'Costco pricing' on the Sienna in the Seattle area.
  • tamu2002tamu2002 Posts: 758
    Thanks for the information! I'm trying to think of all of my options after we move to that area.
  • rhopfrhopf Posts: 29
    I tried a few sites that got you quotes from dealers in your area but nothing else. Any ideas?
  • rhopfrhopf Posts: 29
    I got a costco quote from rodland toyota in Everett for $1200 over invoice on a CE. He said the Costco price on a LE was $1500 over invoice so I'm sure it is even higher for a XLE.
  • tamu2002tamu2002 Posts: 758 I just priced a LE with package 7. Here's what I came up with. Well, seems like Costco is the way to go.

    CarsDirect Price:$27,815
    MSRP Price: $27,915
    Invoice Price : $25,454
  • The first offer I got from Fred Anderson in Raleigh was $25606 for an LE (FWD, 7 pass, and clothes) with pkg #7. I thought that it's not bad, and that I could save several hundreds more by contancting other local dealers.

    But all of the others said that that's way below invoice. ( says '$24934' in our area.)

    The guy at Fred Anderson insists that $25606 be his best price. I might accept this offer, but he never discounts $399 doc. fee. So, I'm a little frustrated. Would you guys accept this offer?
  • byupiratebyupirate Posts: 6
    FYI: LE-8 seater pkg #7 in Oregon

    Thanks I have been reading you guys for months, so far the NW is not cheap. I have sent out for qoutes from 17 dealers and they are not very good. Ranging from $28050 - $26,477 mostly in $27500 range. I am going to counter offer soon.The best purachase price I have seen on the message boards were

    $25,696 package #7 LE (8) with BW (VSC/Trac, curtain airbags, rear audio, etc), Z1 (carpet, sill, first aid, cargo net), and WH (wireless headphones)for including everything, except NYS sales tax
    $25,519 package #7 FE BW (safety) CF (Floor Mats) GN (Cargo Net) HP (Hood Protector)

    I'm little dissapointed with the qoutes hopefully its just tough salesmen up here, that need a lot of pushing to break the 26000$ barrier with fees. No tax here ; )
  • mwoodfammwoodfam Posts: 5

    I may have spoken too soon regarding Hudson Toyata. I still may buy from them but am very frustrated. Got a call from the guy yesterday saying the Stratoshpere Mica LE w/7 he promised us (and we put a deposit on) was tagged as a 'fleet' car when in came in to the dealer and, therefore, wasn't his to sell (apparently it designated as a rental). I'm not sure I buy the story. Perhaps I need to be more flexible on color but right now am unwilling to budge.

    I am deciding now if I want to wait 4-6 weeks for the dark blue (and maybe risk the same or similar scenario) or settle on another color. I wonder what else this guy will throw at me when and if the car comes in. I suspect the deal we made with him was quite good ($25,848 - not including tax or fees which would equal a total of $27,834. We also plan to add a moonroof for $1,500 which takes is to $29,333) and he may have been able to sell the car for a better price. For now I'm reserving my recomendation of Hudson - we'll have to see how this turns out.
  • mwoodfammwoodfam Posts: 5
    Has anyone ever had add a moonroof through the dealer? We want to add a moonroof to the LE (not available on the LE as an option through the factory). I am starting to have second thoughts - it will cost us about $1,100 and is covered under the standrd 3year warranty but I wonder if the quality will be crummy? Will it look like it was added afterwards? Will it leak? Or break?

    Anyone have some words or reassurance or experience they can pass along?

  • tamu2002tamu2002 Posts: 758
    Man, you guys don't have sales tax in Oregon? Then where would you get the money to support Oregon's universal health care :)? Seriously, let us know how it goes. It might be worth the drive from Seattle to get a better deal.
  • byupiratebyupirate Posts: 6
    Yes Oregon does not have sales tax, but the tax people are smart so if your out of state you have to pay your state tax. If I go out of state I don't have to pay sales tax as long as I'm a resident here.

    But don't worry about us oregonians we pay #3 in the nation taxes and fees vs our income. We have our own bum camps(dignity village), free food, electrity, clothes,land we are the wellfare state of the nation. Our property tax and income tax is high.
  • pennypenny Posts: 5

    Sure. It is Toyota of Northampton, MA. You can find their exact address and phone number from the dealer locator on Toyota's website. I recommend them. No hassle, no haggling, no problem. The order took from start to finish about 7 weeks. Car had 9 miles on the odometer when I got it.

    I live in NYC and couldn't reach an agreement with dealers in the area. The thing what turned me off most was the offer in the hushed voice: "For you, only $2000 above sticker ....". That came after waiting 2 hours in the show room waiting for a test drive with a non-existent car. They simply didn't have a Sienna despite me calling ahead to confirm the test drive !

    So, I decided to take my business elsewhere. After reading and pondering this forum and lots of emails to dealers all over the country I took the offer from Northampton Toyota. Hopped on the Greyhound for ~$40 to Northampton, MA and drove home having a blast trying out the laser cruise control.

    I would like to thank all the people in this forum for their insights and contributions. It really helped me a lot buying my first new car. Thanks, guys !
  • Raydahs,
    What is the name of the dealer that is North of you in San Diego/LA that you purchased your sienna from? Thanks
  • sirtaxsirtax Posts: 2
    I have a deposit on an LE (quoted $24,344) with package 1 (AM) {trip computer, auto sliding door on passenge side, and rear audio}-$500, and free floor mats, for a total before tax of $24888 (is this a good deal?). Should I go for it or hold out until 2005 when the hybrid (hopefully) comes out? And when will it come out? Could it be later this year?? I am toying with the tax credit for qualified electric vehicles as this moment? Need feedback. (in South Florida)
  • rhopfrhopf Posts: 29
    Rodland told me they just started to offer the costco pricing in the last 45 days so you may want to try again.
  • raydahsraydahs Posts: 449
    Longo Toyota. If you need a contact name, make your E-Mail visible in your Town Hall profile for a while and I'll get the name to you.
  • rhopfrhopf Posts: 29
    Rodland told me they just started to offer the costco pricing in the last 45 days so you may want to try again.
  • lesles Posts: 1
    Yesterday I picked up Sienna LE AWD with package 4 (BI) and floor mats/sill protector. I paid 27278 (edmunds invoice price) + 331(TDA) + 600 = 28209 plus tax and 90 for registration.

    Last Friday, I sent out emails to seven dealers around Wisconsin asking for availability of LE or LE AWD. (got email addresses from Only two responded, both had some LEs and 1 LE AWD each. Called dealer on Monday with my offer of 600 over invoice. He mentioned the 331 TDA which I agreed to. They did not initially accept my offer, made a few counter offers but I didn't budge - I had other dealers I could contact. Finally got a call that they would accept my price.

    Picked up car on Tuesday, it went smooth, very nice people, very cool experience, no processing fee, no high pressure on extra warranty etc. We had very thorough walk-through of vehicle features.
  • momstruck1momstruck1 Posts: 206
    If I could get your e-mail I would send you all the information . I looked on your profile and it is private .
  • sonicboomsonicboom Posts: 5
    Thank you very much. I will contact them. I appreciate the help as we had the same problems with the NY area dealers. They are all out to make as much $$ as possible. I just hope it is going to be a fast process. I am looking for a similar vehicle you except with package #4. Could you please advise if the navigation was worth the $$ as I might reconsider and get package 6. Again Thanks.
  • Raydahs,
    My e-mail in now open - if you could e-mail me a POC at Longo Toyota I would REALLY appreciate it.
  • pennypenny Posts: 5
    I would get the navigation. Easy to use. Avoids a lot of stress between between my wife and myself ... 8-)
  • drush1drush1 Posts: 2
    Sorry, momstruck1. My email address is now open. Thanks!
  • momstruck1momstruck1 Posts: 206
    you get a good deal . it took a long time but shop on-line that is where the best deal is and the first price I gave you of 34,400 is only $800 over his invoice in SI that is a great deal.
  • A local dealer has given me the following offer ($500 over invoice) on an XLE Limited with HF and assorted accessories, none of which I really want..but can live. The invoice provided to me includes the following:

    whsl. financial reserve----------347
    dealer holdback------------------694

    Package #5 HF------------------1560
    Mats/door sill protector--------196
    Cargo net------------------------34
    Running Board-------------------399
    Glass Breakage Sensor-----------109
    Wireless headphone---------------66

    Destination 540
    TDA 597
    Gas 6
    $ amt. over invoice quote 500
    Total (w/o dmv, tax & lic.) $34,818

    I immediately noticed that the first three numbers are the starting point for many of the car pricing websites. Does this mean the Whsl. Financial Reserve and dealer holdback are not negotiable. How negotiable is the dealer TDA? Do they get paid any of these fees from Toyota? I'm wondering if this is a good deal? The dealer is trying to trade (with a dealer in another city) a car from their stock for a similar car in the colors I want.

  • car4youcar4you Posts: 36

    That is dissapointing. The price they quoted is pretty good. If it is a rental for Hudson Toyota, I wonder why they need blue. You would think for a rental they could use any color. Is the moonroof that important? You could take the car and then get different opinions on adding at a later date.
  • momstruck1momstruck1 Posts: 206
    package 5 with the rear spoiler and dvd player?? there are a few questions i would ask if it is the rear dvd player comes with 2 wireless head phones so $88.00 Is coming from where? Are you getting 4 head phones? i got a little less then you did her in NY for 34,400 i didn't get the glass breakage sensor , running boards (here going for 4-5 hundred dollars ) or the cargo net so i think that it is a steal for you and you should go for it.
  • ram52ram52 Posts: 5
    My sales rep at Autofair called me to let me know that my Sienna LTD with HO+CF in Salsa Red/ Fawn will be built on 6/28 and the price would be $35533 including all doc fees etc. I will pay taxes and title it in NJ. I got a price of $350 over invoice (well, including TDA of $617!)! I thought it was reasonable and did not haggle to go lower. However, even at this price, he actually makes a profit of about $1400!!

    I hope to have it in 4 weeks!
  • I got a quote for Sienna XLE AWD with option 17 - GK and CF for 33,300. MSRP is 35,291 and invoice is 31,200. The TMV in edmunds though is 33,590. Any ideas ? This is the best i got so far
  • drah311drah311 Posts: 8
    Thank you SO much. Being the consummate wimp, non-haggler in the world, I would ask if you would consider emailing the internet managers rather than confronting them on the phone (O.K., I'll admit it-I am a coward). If so would you use your real name there? At what point would you give them a phone call? Would you use an email address with your name or other info on it or an alias? i.e. how secretive ARE you? I have several email addresses including a hotmail one. Being in Chicago I found email addresses for internet managers on for all the dealers in Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana. Thanks again for your tips and hopefully your answer.
  • jack1619jack1619 Posts: 6
    I bought and received my Sienna this week. They are tough to find and too many confusing packages. I tried to find the XLE w #14 but no one had anyone in my area. It seemed that most of the XLE came with package #17 and all of the XLE Limited came with package #4 (DVD which I didn’t want). I visited (in person or via the web) and called over 10 dealers in my area and found this to be the case.

    The dealer I bought my van from only had two Siennas on the lot. I test drove and negotiated on both of them and this is what I came up with. The one I bought- the XLE with #12, floor mats and wireless headphones for $31,329 versus the XLE Limited with #4 and floor mats for $35,846. Both of these prices included destination/prep fees of $540. I didn’t see much of a difference seeing #12 comes with the larger tires, leather, side airbags, traction control and a few other items similar to the Limited. I wanted the sunroof but couldn’t pull the trigger on the Limited for an additional $4517.

    Again I paid $31,329; this is more than I wanted to pay, but similar to the Edmunds TMV value of $31,536. I needed a car fast (see my other posts for why) and I bought this Monday night at 9:00 pm and it was delivered to my house at 3:00 on Tuesday afternoon. I can’t believe a car dealer would deliver a car, great customer service.
  • j - eyesj - eyes Posts: 2
    Has anyone heard when the 2005's are coming out or anything about them? Why buy a 2004 if the 2005's are coming soon?
  • rcegglrceggl Posts: 31
    Can you give IL dealer who sold the warranty to you? What was the deductible?
  • danbevjdanbevj Posts: 5
    I received a quote for 2004 XLE AWD, Option 17 with Floor mats and sill protector for $33143.

    Anyone got any better deal in Colorado? or anywhere nearby?
  • snuffysnuffy Posts: 2
    We are looking at a white Sienna in ND/MN market and are told they are selling as fast as they hit the lot. We'd like to see if the price they are quoting us is still inflated? How are you getting a price quote from Edmunds or the Blue book to list the invoice? When I hit price quote it says there is nothing within 50 miles of the zip code. We were quoted $34,400 for XLE AWD and about $30,600 for XLW without AWD.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    There may not be a participating dealer in your area. You can change the zip code to a nearby town and try for more dealers that way (I didn't find anything using a 58367 zip, fwiw).

    The web site should also list dealers in your area.

    For pricing, go to New Cars, drill down to the Sienna and follow the pricing links to the True Market Value (TMV) for your area. MSRP and invoice pricing will be there too.

    It seems like the average going rate for that zip is about $2,000 off MSRP. You should try to beat TMV - certainly start less than TMV.

    Steve, Host
  • byupiratebyupirate Posts: 6
    LE-8seater pkg #7 in Oregon $26380 with a $28,261 msrp

    I talked with 18 dealers and after counter offering my lowest price with all this is what I got.
    I am finalizing everything monday night.

    I got offers initially from $26600 to $32000.
    I told the $32000 that made no sense but she says she says them $3000 over msrp. Most of them would go as low as $28500 to $ 27000. I have seen a few on here get $25500 but out here in the NW its a supply and demand is just bad they can't get enough of them on a lot. I would wait a few months but we have a 3rd child coming soon but just thought I'd let you know if your looking out here. I'm sold on the van but wish the market was not so harsh right now.
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