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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • tamu2002tamu2002 Posts: 758
    Siennas are built in Indiana but that doesn't seem to aleviate the supply/demand problem here. The dealer we visited said they were going for pretty much MSRP. He said he thought the supply here would be a lot better by year end.
  • tells me that the invoice price for an LE with pkg #7 is $24934. (zip 27707) On the other hand, the's price of the same car and options is $25606 which is the exact price that I was offered from a local dealer. When I contacted local dealers, they even said that $25606 is much lower than their invoices. Given that I choose the same car and options (and of course the same region), how can I determine the real invoice price?
  • wildredwildred Posts: 43
    The "real" one is the one on CarsDirect. The key is the TDA (Toyota Dealer Advertising) which Edmunds or Kelly Blue Book doesn't include. However, even if the dealer sells to you at the invoice, they still make money, such as Toyota's 2% dealer hold back.
  • chevanchevan Posts: 10
    Pardon me San Diego Ltd, but why are you being charged for dealer holdback? That is an amount of money paid to the dealer by the manufacturer after the sale of a car.
     Wholesale financial reserve and TDA. I've never heard of either of them. Are they new fancy terms to take your hard earned money or are they standard sticker items on cars that are in great demand? Good luck on your purchase but buyer beware. pbl
  • chevanchevan Posts: 10
    An edit to last night's post: So, TDA is dealer advertising. How much advertising is needed on a Sienna? Up here in the Boston area, the Toyota ads in the local papers don't even mention Siennas. Don't need to. TDA = Rip Off. pbl
  • curt92057curt92057 Posts: 6
    We ready to buy but now the question is from whom. I'm in San Diego and am willing to travel to the other end of Los Angeles to get the best deal. I've already contacted Costco, Autobytel,, Autoland, and others. Waiting to hear from them. Can anyone tell me of a dealer in S.California that will give me a good price? Wish me luck.
  • buckeye1buckeye1 Posts: 41
    I've bought two Toyotas from Longo in past years. They have extreme high volume. You may just email their Lexus dealership's Internet Sales & go from there. I have no specific contact at LLexus, but they may give good price you seek.
  • curt92057curt92057 Posts: 6
    Thanks buckeye, I've sent them an email.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Still enjoying the new van? (You did pick it up I guess?). Wanna talk about it? Any other recent buyers in Michigan feel free to reply too:

    A newspaper reporter would like to talk with recent minivan buyers who live in Michigan. Please respond to [email protected] or [email protected] with your daytime phone number by Thursday, June 17, 2004. Thanks,

    Jeannine Fallon, PR Director

    Steve, Host
  • I suggest trying the fleet Dept. at Poway Toyota. They have been very helpful. I was quoted $500 over invoice for a Limited. The Costco price was $1,500 over invoice. Good luck!
  • weedshastaweedshasta Posts: 85
    If you go to the cardirect price and click on the underlined words next to the invoice price, it should break it down for you. The difference in carsdirect and other sites should be the TDA. And I agree this is a ripoff. Since I got my Sienna I have been following all the newspaper adds. Siennas are never listed by the dealer. They don't have to.
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 6,023
    I've read several entries in this forum where deposits were put down on a Sienna,then the dealership calls and says something happened in the purchase order and their van won't be available. This has recently happened to me. It was extremly frustrating and upsetting when this happened. Do these "errors" actually happen...or is it more likely someone came in with a higher offer? Do you pretty much have to buy the van before it comes in to assure yourself you will actually get it? Are there any dealerships out there that operate in an ethical manner?( I think I know the answer). The way they are deceptive(putting it nicely) in there advertising... they tell you they have the car you want on the lot. Then you go in and SURPRISE...someone just bought it.Oh, but heres something better over here. These salesman are still playing these stupid games they played in the 60's. Have they evolved as a species...or regressed.Wheres Ralph Nader when you need him. I'm thinking about buying a 10 speed and saying to hell with all of them. Anybody with me? You can probably tell this is my first "new car" purchase. I never really believed all the horror stories I heard, until it happened to me.But, no..I haven't given up. I will take a brief time to regroup, stratergerize and prioritize...then go back into battle.For I have seen the enemy...and he is called... car salesman.
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  • ppnffppnff Posts: 65
    Your assessment is entirely correct. I agree completely with your last sentence. I have spent the last two months enduring a difficult dealer experience. The same thing occurred to me with the exception that the specific vehicle was one that I had ordered and the dealership sold to another individual at a higher price. Be extremely wary of any car salesman.
  • wildredwildred Posts: 43
    What you stated are all true. However, you can't change them. Therefore, you will have to do better. Basically, the salesman will give different prices to different people on the same car. It depends on your knowledge, your wisdom, and your demeanor.

    I bought my LTD w/HO for $35,592 in the end of March. I had never set a foot in the dealership until the day I went to pick up the Sienna. All done through 3 e-mail correspondences. The finance guy is a totally different story. He wanted $1,200 for 7yr/75k/0ded extended service contract. I end up buying it from KC Summers for $500. BTW, another member bought a XLE for $328 over the invoice from the same salesman.

    The buying experience was so good that when my co-worker wanted to buy a Highlander, I just called the same salesman. In 5 minutes, we nailed a deal at $212 below the invoice before the incentives. My co-worker never had to suffer the emotional torture. She is so happy!

    Anyway, I am very happy with my Sienna. It's the best vehicle I have ever owned. The 2004 Sienna has been out for over a year, the ones wanted to buy had bought, the 2004 car year is coming to the end soon, the production has been steadily increasing... Everyone should be able to get a good deal now.
  • kksdadkksdad Posts: 28
    As usual, well said, "Wildred"!

    The thing I would like to emphasize is, this "negative experience" of purchasing a car can only be as negative as YOU let it get. If you take the time and do your homework to get educated on the vehicle you are interested in buying, YOU then take control of the transaction, not the salesman, this does not have to be an unpleasant experience, like let's say "oral surgery". And always remember, the option "to walk" is always available. Bottomline, next to your home, this will likely be one of the most expensive purchase you'll ever be making, you need to feel good about it and when it's over, ENJOY it, not sit at home second-guessing what you just did and regret the purchase. If that's the case, you might as well not even make the move to buy!
  • curt92057curt92057 Posts: 6
    Thats sounds great! Do you happen to have the fleet salesman's name? Right now I have a standing offer of $799 over invoice, but $500 is a lot better. Maybe with the savings I could buy me a new driver (golf club).
  • curt92057curt92057 Posts: 6
  • barabasbarabas Posts: 1
    We are about to buy (probably) an XLE. Anyone recommend a dealer in the Kansas City area? Has anyone had to pay a premium to get the color they wanted? How is the selection in the midwest?
  • tamu2002tamu2002 Posts: 758
    My heart goes out to you man! We've been looking at domestic vans untill lately. They do treat you A LOT better, especially Ford. If I had to give away my dignity for them to take MY money, heck, I'd take my business elsewhere. I don't care how good the Sienna is, ain't worth it! See this is what I was afraid might happen if we go check out the import vans. You can do all the homework you want, but at the end of the day if the salesman has people lining up begging them to take their money, it's not gonna matter. I'm more convinced now that we should wait till the end of the year when supply gets better. It's only a van, geez!
  • curt92057curt92057 Posts: 6
    Sounds like a great deal. What was the salesman's name?
  • mkchanmkchan Posts: 2
    I would like to hear any buying experience in California Bay Area. Thanks
  • aparaapara Posts: 2
    We are looking to buy XLE/Limited in the Los Angeles area as soon as we get a decent price. Can anyone recommend a dealer/salesperson that I could contact. I don't want to go much more than $500 over invoice.

  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 6,023
    Thanks tamu and others for your comments. looks like I may have spoken to soon. Less than 24 hours after having our hearts ripped out, the dealer called and said he found another Sienna like the one I wanted, being built in Indiana. It is to be delivered in 6 days. I have spent nearly 3 months researching every make and model known to man.I know invoice and retail numbers by heart. Though I would prefer waiting till the end of the year when supplies are wife would kill me. We ordered the Sienna LE with Package #7 for $500 over invoice(Edmunds)Well, stay tuned folks. I'll update you later to let you know how this soap opera played out.
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  • aparaapara Posts: 2
    I noticed that the invoice price on XLE/Limited for cars direct is $31,810 while the invoice price from Edmunds is $30,883. Could someone comment on the discrepancy? Which is considered the "invoice" price? What other charges am I expected to pay when I buy a this car?

  • confuzedconfuzed Posts: 5
    Drove a gorgeous Artic Frost Limited last night in Houston. Dealer informed me that Ltds are in short supply, so NO negotiating on Ltd. Can this be true? Say it ain't so! Edmunds says otherwise. (he did say he could deal on XLE, LE, etc.) Advice/suggestions, other than shopping around via internet salespeople? Thanks for all help!
  • weedshastaweedshasta Posts: 85
    The difference is the TDA (Toyota Dealer Advertising) which is a non-negotiable addition to the invoice price but not listed on some sites. At the top of the page where it says "go to Msg # " type in 4244, 4245, 4255 for more information.
  • tamu2002tamu2002 Posts: 758
    smooth sailing from now on. Gotta make the wife happy :) Keep us posted. We're interested in the same configuration (LE, #7).
  • dverespeydverespey Posts: 56
    I posted this up thread awhile back.

    We didn't end up purchasing but had offers of $500 over invoice on a LTD AWD with HO package from three diffrent dealers. (Marin, Dublin, Hayward)

    We did the test drive at the Dublin dealership and all things equal would have bought from them.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    Well, it depends on the salesman's definition of 'short supply'. I've no idea which Houston area dealership you were in, but I checked the web site for Sterling McCall which indicates there are 12 Ltd's available in the Houson area and a total of 65 XLE/LE7's available.

    For grins I compared this to the Dallas area (via the Toyota of Dallas webpage) which shows 15 Ltd's and 83 XLE/LE7's; and the Austin/San Antonio region (where I am) which shows 14 Ltd's and 42 XLE/LE7's.

    I'll let you make up your own mind if this qualifies as 'short supply'. You may want to find another Ltd. shown as 'in stock' at a competing dealership, call your salesman back, inform him you found another vehicle, tell him where you found it (he can check this so he'll know you're not yanking his chain) and whether or not he would like you to go to his competitor to make a deal?

    He may change his tune.
  • confuzedconfuzed Posts: 5
    for your suggestion. I plan to follow this advice this weekend!
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 6,023
    The saga continues. O.K, I thought I was paying $500 over invoice for the Toyota Sienna LE with package #7.I have the Edmunds and Consumer Guide invoice at $24,934(including destination charge) Today I talked to the salesperson and he says the invoice is $25,575..a difference of $641. Which would be $1,140 over Edmunds invoice I would be paying.The dealership says the internet prices aren't correct.And I've read previous entries about how they tack on Toyota advertising fees to the invoice price.Is this a true cost? Their charge on dealer and doc fees is almost $500.I had this van ordered and it is due in 4 days.I was set to I am having doubts. Any insight or advice would be appreciated.
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  • wildredwildred Posts: 43
    Okay, jipster, take a deep breath and calm down......

    For LE with package #7, plus Carpet Floor Mats w/Door Sill Enhancements (always come with the new vehicle), the invoice is $25,548. You can verify it with CarsDirect. This is $27 lower than your salesman's $25,575. I don't know what that could be. If you want, just ask your salesman to show you the real invoice.

    The important thing is that you are getting the hot selling Sienna--the best minivan on the market. On top of that, you are getting one of the most popular LE with package #7 with only $500 over the invoice. The other popular combos are XLE w/pkg #19 and LTD w/pkg #6.

    It's a huge investment. I understand the jittery. However, you must liked it and decided to buy it. I can tell you that your price is excelent. So just relax and enjoy your new Sienna. You will LOVE it if you are like most new Sienna owners!
  • car4youcar4you Posts: 36
    Mwoodfam, did you ever purchase the van from Hudson Toyota? I am going to send emails out shortly.
  • curt92057curt92057 Posts: 6
    Some of these postings are starting to worry me. Besides the dest fee and tax, what other fees could I see. I'm in San Diego County and would like to know from someone who had bought in this area.
  • We're not supposed to refer to sales people by name. If you give me your email address, I'd be happy to give you her name. I've heard that sales people are more motivated to deal during the last week of the month. I've been driving my new XLE Limited for a week now and absolutely love it! Good luck.
  • I found a Toyota dealership in Wooster willing to go $500 over invoice. I am looking for a XLE with package GJ. He said he would beat any deal that I brought to him. Good Luck!
  • gtahobegtahobe Posts: 42
    I'm in NE Ohio looking for an XLE. Could you please send me an e-mail or make yours public?
  • jgrayjgray Posts: 1
    Could you send me who and what dealer you are talking about in wooster? Columbus dealers are trying to sell for retail.
  • vitkvitk Posts: 6
    I'm sure the list of covered items is quite long, but can anyone come up with a list of items that is not covered by the extended warranty?

  • wildredwildred Posts: 43
    The Extended warranty IS exclusionary -- anything not listed is covered.

    Here's the list:

    Accessory Drive Belts
    Brake Linings, Pads and Shoes
    Clutch Friction Disk and Pressure Plate
    Dash Cover and Pad
    Door Trim, Handles and Fabric
    Glass (including Windshield)
    Heating Hoses, Lines and Tubes
    Interior and Exterior Trim Moldings, including but not limited to, Cup Holders, Ashtrays, Covers, and Vents
    Light Bulbs
    Nuts, Bolts, Clips, Retainers and Fasteners
    Rust and Corrosion Damage
    Seat Covers
    Shiny Metals
    Spark Plugs
    Vacuum Hoses, Lines and Tubes
    Weather Stripping
    Windshield Wiper Blades (Rubber Component)
  • vitkvitk Posts: 6

    Thank you very much. It confirmed my desire to get the extended warranty when I'll be picking up my van soon.
  • tamu2002tamu2002 Posts: 758
    I'm curious as to why you folks want to get it on a Sienna which is known for its good reliability. No pun intended. Thanks.
  • inky4inky4 Posts: 238
    All of you TX, OK, AR LA and whatever people listen up. The Gulf States distributor continues to rip Toyota buyers off. For newbies they have right to distribute the cars and they add up to $7,000 in extra junk to the cars. This is pure junk. Often way overpriced. for instance the Limited I wanted with NAV and DVD listed for $43,000. Running boards , pin stripe upgraded turn signals, paint and fabric guard, window etching, front tint, first aid kit, 100k mile tire warranty, cargo net, sunroof wind deflector, trailer hitch and on and on.

    I was going to go to MO or KS to avoid this but found and XLE in Salsa with only Leather and DVD as adds. So price was workable and make offer and got the van. In Tulsa these are flying off the lots. I saw the two limiteds sold in one day after delivery. List was $32,500 and I paid $30,750 with little trouble. Yes I could have done better but who cares. Color my wife wanted and just the right options. Bought accessories on line for cheap at Toyota of Dallas. Gas mileage is great and got 3.9% for 60 months. Rates are poised to climb fast so the days of these low rates are coming to an end.
  • davenowdavenow Posts: 171
    For around $800 bucks for 7 year and 100K miles and zero deductable with all the electronics on this vehicle a piece of mind sometimes it's well worth it!... even though i don't expect to use it... :)
  • wildredwildred Posts: 43
    You're welcome!

    Be sure to check out the posts in this forum about the pricing. Many people got good price on the vehicle but paid too much for the extended warranty!

    So far, KC Summers has the best price for the platinum zero deductible. $795 for 7/100, or $500 for 7/75. Ask your dealer to match or beat that, if not, get it somewhere else. Do a search here, you shall find all the info you need.
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 6,023
    I'm still waiting for the delivery of my Sienna LE. The dealership in Louisville, Ky is taxing the sticker price(at 5.4%) and not the purchase price(6% in Ky). They said it was cheaper for me the way they are doing it. It's actually $12 more for me(basing on a $25,000 purchase price and a $28,000 sticker price)I'm assuming this is more benefical to the dealer. Does anyone have any ideas on why they would do this&if this is legal? I've never heard of this practice before. Thanks.
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  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630

    Kentucky has different sales tax rates depending on MSRP vs. actual purchase price? Wha????

    Setting that aside, I assume you have an agreed upon price of $25000 for the vehicle (figured at 6% tax rate that is $1500 tax for a total of $26500 not including various doc/license fees).

    As opposed to a sticker of $28000 with 5.4% tax ($1512) for a total of $29512, not including doc/license fees.

    Are they maybe writing it up so the 'sticker' is actually the purchase price of $25000 so your tax is $25k x 5.4% = $1350?
  • JGRay - You need to make your email accesible to me so I can send you an email. I was at all the dealers in Columbus and the best I found was $1000 off MSRP.
  • lee_wlee_w Posts: 239
    making your email public, rather than listing here would help you avoid spam.

  • $34,800. Is this a solid deal or could I get it down more?
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