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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • steverstever Posts: 52,457

    Steve, Host
  • inky4inky4 Posts: 238
    MS, TX, AR, OK and LA dealers get their cars from this distributor. Exclusive franchise. they in turn add a cost to the transportation charge so they can charge you for the intercept and add up to $6,000 in junk to them. I have posted before about lusterizing prot package $300 for wax and scotchguard, $99 pin stripes, VIN window etching, the list goes on and on. Sienna limiteds reach $42,500 with this stuff in 2wd My buddy called me from dealer last week on good price for Highlander limited. List was $37,000. I told him to get the heck out of there and go to Lexus to buy a FWD RX 330 for the same price. In that case MSRP was $31,000 with $6,000 in Gulf States Adds. This highlander was only a 2wd car! Luckily my sienna XLE had only leather and DVD added so not too bad. The limited was $10,000 more with the adds! So I passed.
  • tlk1tlk1 Posts: 1
    This forum helped me so much in purchasing my new Sienna that I thought I'd post my purchase info. for those of you in the Pacific Northwest. On Wednesday, I bought a silver XLE Ltd FWD with pkg HF and CF for $34,500 in McMinnville, OR.
  • chortonchorton Posts: 149
    Useless options? What if a customer wants running boards, leather, dvd player, tow hitch, alloy wheels, carpet mats, perhaps a body kit or tonneau cover but does not have time to wait for a "factory" order with all these options. The distributor can add these things and save ALOT of time. if you don't want these type options just buy one without it.

    As for the extra freight charge. it is usually only $20-40. it is added to the MSRP on the sticker simply b/c toyota charges the same to deliver the cars to the distributor as they do to deliver to a dealership. the distributor must then pay to ship the car to a dealer so they must ad a few $$ to cover that.

    Administrative fees-
    These are used to cover regional advertising of the current incentives ie. rebates, special rates, lease programs and so on. Of coarse there is money made by the distributor on options and such. but no one is forced to buy this stuff. We very seldom bring a car "loaded up with this junk" other than highly requested items like what i listed above. We do bring TOYO GUARD (a package that includes roadside assistance,rental car assistance for warranty claims, a free oil change, vin etching, a polymer exterior sealant and a cleaner for that coating, additional undercoating/sound shield, and an interior fabric sealant) on nearly everything. mainly because it gives us another few hundred in markup. With this area being "FORD COUNTRY" we need it to give away. we all know that fords tend to have more mark-up than toyota's. but to your average joe around here it's all the same.
  • danogdanog Posts: 318
    By this I mean having the patience to wait for "your price" and not rush into any purchase. When we first started pricing the 04 Sienna and checked lots, not one dealer was willing to come off the going price. But as availability grows you'll find that patience is about the only thing you are going to get that saves you big $$.

    For us, it meant roughly $4000 and we upgraded to a limited.

    So that could be one negative about the SET group if they decide to hold off before giving any breaks.
  • dhg3dhg3 Posts: 2
    Thanks for clarifying the TDA issue. We just made a deal with Tuscaloosa Toyota for an XLE LTD with mats and pkg 6 (navigation pk) for 37,611 out the door. No other Birmingham area dealer came within $1700 of this price, IF they could locate one to sell us. This particular set up seems to be in short supply, and we found wide variations in dealers' willingness to negotiate.
  • ctsangctsang Posts: 237
    the 2005 honda odyssey is again way better and cheaper than the sienna. if one still wants to buy a seinna, wait till odyssey comes out which will be soon.
  • heywood1heywood1 Posts: 850
    2005 Odyssey is 'again way better' than the Sienna? So how do you know this? Have you sat in a 2005 Odyssey? Have you driven one? As far as the current Ody is concerned, it may be cheaper than a Sienna (due to incentives), but it's not better. And the '05 Ody will not be cheaper, either, if past dealer gouging is any indicator...
  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    Please take the comparison talk to the Honda Odyssey vs Toyota Sienna discussion.

    Steve, Host
  • inky4inky4 Posts: 238
    Look--Toyotas should arrive with factory equipement and dealers traditionally and most logically can apply the bandit packages as desired. What really happens is adds are used to mask what is really an adjusted market price. I bought my 98 Sienna XLE in MO to avoid this stuff. It was on average $2000 less than the OK siennas with stuff. I sold privately after one year and was able to command quite a good price since I had less in my van and buyers got quite a break on the price compared to OK dealers new. My 01 Sienna had $6000 in gulf states adds and I lost more than expected when I sold it 18 months later. No one really cared about the vin etching, the paint sealant, scotchguard, running boards, tow hitch, pin stripe, painted splash guards (rear), wheel locks, sunroof wind deflector.... Still got a good price on private sale compared to other makes but why not let buyers decide. I guess buyers do decide. Go out of state or not.

    If the market will continue to bear--good luck.
  • Today, I bought an LE with the pkg #1 at $24091.55. The OTD was around $25311. I thought the price was close to the invoice (including the problematic TDA). Actually, the sales person told me that the real invoice is about $24006. But the doc fee. was $399. Fortunately, NC is taxing just 3%.

    Though he admitted that TDA sounds weird to him too, he informed me that the southeastern distributor just charges it. I heard even service items like wax and sponge are charged.

    If you live near triangle area, stay far away from Cox Toyota at Burlington. I suspect that they played a trick on me, bait and switch!, though they denied. They have the most primitive internet sales part that I've ever seen. I had an impression that it exists only to attract people to dealership. They emailed me that they can match the price, around the invoice, that I got from other dealers and also that they have the van I need, an LE with the pkg #4. But when I arrived there at 5:30 PM, they said they sold it at 3:00. Who's gonna believe this? What made me more frustrated was that they instead presented 14 hundreds above the invoice for an alternative option pkg. I really hate those old sly sales people there.

    Fortunately, the buying experience with the internet sales manager at Fred Anderson of Raleigh, who is reliable, responsive, and straighfoward, was very pleasant. If you contact him, you'll get a suprisingly low quote for the first one. But he never goes down from it. Overall, I recommend him.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    Bait and switch is illegal in most places in the States. You probably have a Consumer Affairs office in your state, and they would act on complaints like this. So maybe you should call them :-)

    And congrats on the new Sienna!

    Steve, Host
  • car4youcar4you Posts: 36
    I orderd my Sienna from dealer allocation. Build date of July 8th. I called on July 16th and spoke to someone who was not my sales person. He looked it up and gave me a delivery date of July 17-20 but they were running behind due to the holiday. He said it had a VIN. I did not get the number. I called and spoke to my salesman on July 20th and he said it should be here before the end of the month and had no vin? Should I be worried? How long does it take to get a car once you have a build date?
  • chortonchorton Posts: 149
    read my message again. I said it saves time when the customer wants some accessories. They are usually cheaper when port installed rather than dealer adds. Port makes $$ on the parts then we mark them up and then we have to charge labor to pay the tech. I'm sure you lost money on 6k in port equip. usually we will only bring 700-2000 in port equip. usually on trucks and suv's. cars get leather,wheels maybe a spoiler. Many dealers do abuse the options b/c these options add a little markup. just be sensible. I agree gulf states and southeast dealers are at a price disadvantage. I guess it just depends on if you care who you buy from. Loyalty is pretty good around here.
  • gsdavisgsdavis Posts: 4
    I talked with a dealer yesterday on a 2004 Sienna XLE with package 12 and added DVD system for OTD price of $36663. Seems to pricey but wanted see what you thought.
  • ross1ross1 Posts: 2
    In the St.Louis, MO region and really wanted XLE package. Inventory is tight and dealers were not willing to budge, especially for cars still to be delivered. Would only come down $1k from MSRP and only if in stock. I went out of town to Bloomington , IL and got an XLE package 16 for 33524, about 2200 discount and a few hundred less than edmunds TMV. Local dealers would not budge even after I had the quotes from out of town. Recommend shopping at dealer in Washington MO (Straatman Toyota), a short drive West of town if looking for a Sienna in the St.Louis area. They were very flexible and were willing to match the discount. However, they didn't have the color we wanted.
  • famof3kidsfamof3kids Posts: 160
    We are in the market for a van. We are looking at the Quest and Sienna. The Sienna seems more luxurious, but, we can't even find one to drive. I'm in western VA and the dealers sell them within hours of their arrival. One dealer got in three, called me that morning, and by the time I got there at 4pm, they had 'sold' hang tags in them. I have questioned them as to 'why' they can't get enough to stock and I get a puzzled look from them. All three of the dealers want us to buy sight unseen/driven, etc. That is just too weird. Any other areas have this problem, or, confined to the western VA dealers? If we can't find/see one, guess Nissan will get our business. Ideas?
  • raydahsraydahs Posts: 449
    Did you ever consider renting one in your area?

    Another option, with high demand Vans, some local dealers here buy one to use as a service shuttle during business hours, then use it as a demo vehicle after hours.
  • vanquestvanquest Posts: 14
    I'm not quite sure if you bought one or not from your message. If not, consider KC Summers in Mattoon, Illinois since you've already gone to Bloomington. Seems that many folks on this forum are doing well with them. I've ordered one myself but won't be getting it for another two weeks or so, but so far the experience has been good. Will report back after pickup.
    I'm also in the STL area and found the dealers there next to impossible.
  • ducphanducphan Posts: 8
    Anyone from Houston, Texas or surrounding cities got deals on their Sienna? I have read on this site as well as other that Gulf State is a bear to deal with. Where did Houston Sienna customer/owner go to get their great van? I thank you in advance for your informative feedback.

    PS. I have family in California and Georgia. If you got deals in these state please also respond. Thanks.
  • autoguy1autoguy1 Posts: 87

    I'm planning to order a Sienna XLE LTD FWD w/ Pkg #5. Anybody know how much I can get over invoice right now since the '05 Siennas are coming out and the '04s are bound to drop in price.

    I live in Northeastern New Jersey and I would like to know anybody in the New Jersey area got a great deal.

  • car4youcar4you Posts: 36
    I purchased an LE at Crestmont Toyota. They have a web site and have about a dozen cars listed. They are in Pompton Plains NJ off of RT 23. If you want the salesmans name you can email me.
  • autoguy1autoguy1 Posts: 87
    How much did you pay at Cresmont Toyota?
  • briancrnabriancrna Posts: 5
    I live in SW Minnesota. After emailing offers to/from Minneapolis and local dealers the best offer was Rudy Luther Toyota at $900 over invoice and a wait of 2 months. So I bought the only Sienna in stock in Sioux Falls, SD (Billion Toyota)- they only get 4-5 in per month, usually XLE and LTD.

    I bought LE 7 pass, BV (pkg6), DV (DPS hitch system), and HP (hood protector)(+ Sienna rubber mats free)
    MSRP $28,189
    Discount price $26,800 (invoice $25,087)
    2000 Sienna LE trade $12,200actual tradein value
    Price paid $14,600 + $49 doc fee
    Now gotta pay terrible MN 6.5% tax $14,600.
  • steve8steve8 Posts: 4
    we also live in MN and are considering a sienna. we plan to wait until the end of the year. I'd like to compare the 05 Odyssey vs Sienna before purchasing, however I'm leary about Honda's variable cylinders - e.g. is it a proven technology? how was your experience in SD vs dealers in MN?
  • sfuadsfuad Posts: 15
    I bought a xle with package 5 in march this year. The MSRP was $31600 and I got it for $28100. I live in memphis, tn but as the local dealers were not negotiating more than 1k, i bought this from sandy springs toyota in atlanta. As 05 models are coming soon, it assume you might end up better deal than mine
  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    That's funny - I've seen some Atlantans go to Chattanooga to avoid the SouthEast Toyota distributor fees.

    Congrats on the new ride - almost August in Memphis; I guess the A/C is getting a workout :-)

    Steve, Host
    (I lived there a few decades ago)
  • sfuadsfuad Posts: 15
    Yeah, its hot but not bad this year as it rains every other day.

    Thats probably the case of supply and demand as they have many dealerships over there and also the region inventory is available online. So before approaching a certain dealership you know exactly which cars / vans are available with him on that day.Infact, I checked with capital toyota in TN as well and they were not coming down on the price. The dealership at atlanta also tried to charge me with with weird sort of charges, but i told him up front give me a drive out price without taxes. If i like it , i take it or leave it. It took me 15 min to deal with him and to date i assume i got a better deal. I had no vehicle to trade in and had preapproved my self at 4.49% for the loan
  • littlemanlittleman Posts: 4
    Sharing your buying experience is appreciated. I am trying to get one (CE) and would like to know any one out there having experience in shopping a Sienna.
  • littlemanlittleman Posts: 4
    Hi, Sfuad,
      You said region /dealership inventory is available online. Could you let us know how to check that online?
  • sfuadsfuad Posts: 15
    You can go to any dealers website (south eastern toyota)and click on the new inventory link. Once you choose what vehicle are you looking for, you have two options to click. One link takes you to the vehicles available with the dealership and other(in which you choose the color and trim level and option package) gives you the no of vans available or would be available in next 30-45 days in the region along with the price and last few digits of VIn no. In this way, you can easily find out that how many vehicles of your choice are available or would be available
  • rhopfrhopf Posts: 29
    I have not bought one yet but am planning on it. I also want a CE, I have been trying for the last 2-months. They are hard to find in the seattle area. When dealerships do have them they want a premium. I have been to Magic Toyota, Rodland Toyota and delt on the phone with Kirkland Toyota. I would not recommend any of them. Rodland gave me a great price but low-balled me $800 on my trade in. Magic and Kirkland wanted way to much. The lowest I could get Magic was 500 off MSRP and they made it sound like they were doing me a favor at that price. I'm dealing with another dealership right now and will tell you how it goes afterwards. They tell me they can get me a CE with package 2 an auto-dimming mirror and the premium acc package for 23,198 sounds great but we will see if they can produce it. They also say they can give me bluebook on my trade in. Anyhow good luck and let me know what you come up with.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    Just make sure the dealer uses the right book - they'll have several version in the desks depending on whether they are trying to buy your car or sell you one on their used lot!

    What is the "Kelley Blue Book" Price?

    Steve, Host
  • car4youcar4you Posts: 36

    I paid 500 over invoice. For an LE 7 passenger with option 7. Watch out for the fees they are too high. I wish I had negotiated them lower.
  • Any word on KC area dealers?
  • tccc3tccc3 Posts: 3
    If you're willing to travel a little, some dealers in E.Tenn/W.NC/N.GA area have Siennas on their lots to test drive. Some also have rental units available by the day or week. Also, use the "dealer locator" link on Toyota web site-- type in a zip code for Toyota's southeast US region: NC,SC,GA,FL-- choose an individual dealer's site and you'll be able to search all of the Toyota inventory for the entire region. Sienna's are selling less than MSRP in the southeast region. I negotiated over the phone & picking mine up this weekend.
  • 2kidz2kidz Posts: 5
    Seattle folks! ME TOO. Looking for a CE. I want it with pkg #3 and would be okay with c7 PPO's, though don't need them.

    I put in a counter offer to a dlr who has now blown me off as best I can tell, I thought it was because my counter was too low, but maybe he sold it to someone (argh, was it you!?!?!) Who did not haggle.

    That's fine, cause I'm not paying 12% over invoice....

    Here's the thing. I'm almost positive there is price fixing in our region. They are all admitting to swapping vehicles around between dealers, so they are very tight. And, I received several email qoutes for higher end Sienna's and also for Oddy's that were exactly the same. At least some of these interenet sales people are coluding on price. It's not legal. I do plan to complain to authorities.

    So, my thought, how about we 3 (and any others) who are buyers colude a little ourselves and decide that we are not paying - say 7% - over invoice?

    We are not looking for the same cars, since we want differnt packages, though we are looking for a model that is harder to find.... Would it help us? I don't know....Maybe it's not a good idea....Just a thought....
  • kgnw1kgnw1 Posts: 94
    Deals are out there, but the market sets the price in the Seattle area (or any other area). What I've noticed around here is that people have no patience and will anything to have it now.

    If you search this forum, you'll find my buying experience in the Seattle area from last year. I was able to get 2% over invoice on my XLE Limited. But I had a couple things going for me...

    1) The Honda Odyssey was selling at $2000 over MSRP at the time.
    2) Toyota dealers didn't know that the demand for the '04 Sienna would be so great and people would be willing to pay more to get one.
    3) I contacted 25 Toyota dealers and was willing to drive 5 hours away to get one.
  • lao1lao1 Posts: 5
    Is $24,600 for Toyota Sienna LE 8 Passengers, Fwd, and package #1 reasonable (not too far from Philly)?
  • rhopfrhopf Posts: 29
    Appleway Toyota in Spokane offered me a great deal on a CE but in the end I just decided I didn't want to risk driving 5 hours and having the deal change when I get there. If you are willing to go that far then E-mail them. They offered me a CE with package 2, auto-dimming mirror, rear spoiler and the premium acc. package for 23,198 and said they would give me what I wanted on my trade. That was what made me nervous, they had not even seen my trade and they said they would give me $10,000. It sounded to good to be true, as for me paying 12% over invoice it will not happen. Thats why I don't have one yet. I'll wait for the right deal. I hope when the new Odyssey's come out the Sienna's will become easier to get. The dealers around here have the take it or leave it attitude that honda is known for. I'm trying to get a deal done right now with Lakecity Toyota so far so good. The salesman just has to find me the van I want. I'll keep you posted. Let me know how it goes on your end. Good luck
  • briancrnabriancrna Posts: 5
    You are probably smart to wait for the new Odyssey to compare.. and hopefully prices will continue to come down for both vans. The SD dealer would not negotiate much at all. We walked away from their first offer. The next day they called us and we split the difference. They were nice salespeople- they just don't budge much on Siennas. We could have ordered one (2 month wait)from Rudy Luther Toyota in MN and saved $600. Their internet sales guy was nice also.
  • littlemanlittleman Posts: 4
    I went to Michael and Kirkland. Michael is asking for MSRP and Kirkland want to sell me a package that I do not want for about $500. Its offering is around MSRP as well.
    Please keep me posted.
  • rhopfrhopf Posts: 29
    Are you willing to drive 5 hours? If so appleway Toyota in spokane is worth a try.
  • fdogs1fdogs1 Posts: 6
    has anyone used either costco, carsdirect or any of the internet purchasing services. I am interested in xle with #12, dealer in gilroy was playing games, didn't sound like he would budge from msrp. I am in the sf bay area, so if anyone has had a good deal let me know.
  • Paid just $500 over edmunds dlr invoice for a 2004 Sienna (That's $2200 less than MSRP 26.0K vs 23.8K), less an additional $350 (TOYOTA REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT?) which is their advertizing or so they say. NOTE: TOYOTA has taken to 'adding' this to the factory invoice per our dealer (car had not been delviered so I didn't actually 'see' their invoice). THis means you might not see the advertizing fee if you dicker from THEIR invoice unless you compare to YOUR invoice from Edmunds. Look for it, compare w/ Edmunds, then OPT OUT of it. I said that's your problem, walked out. Then the dickering got hot.

     Wanna do the same on your car? Here's how:

    -visit the last day or so of the month. They're on quota and they want your biz more then
    -visit when the place is slow - early fri morning or sat morning before 10 or 1 hr before closing so there's more focus (read hunger) on you.
    -Be prepared to deal - don't engage guys around if you're just shopping.
    -Know what your price is. Decide before you get there what you'll pay so you don't get weak knees or don't know.
    -ask to use a computer at the dealership if you change your mind on a package or base model & want to look to confirm. Yes, they do have computers - don't take no for an answer here either.
    -Don't let them close the negotiation early - expect you'll take 2 hours. if its late in the evening, tell them you'll be back in the morning. Tell them you're shopping the number around at A and B which are dealers near the one you're at.
    -DOn't pay the advertising. Just say no - just like Nancy Reagan
    -Get fidgety like you're going to leave later in the negotiation. I had my brother call me mid way on the cell to 'give' me more info which was my exit strategy to walk out and lever them down more.
    -Don't take the bait when they make offers. Know what you're offering them.
    -Leave the trade in out of the pricing deal until its done.
    -remember one thing - its a commodity product you can get anywhere. Don't be afraid to say no, and walk out if you really want to. Find another dealer. They don't owe you anything.

    Good Luck.
  • Use the internet to get your costing/ pricing. It won't do your shopping for your lowest price - most dealers detest it and don't play. Its near the 2004 -2005 transition, so offer the dealer $300 over invoice (which you know from Edmunds on the INternet). THen walk out. You'll get your price and you'll get your car quicker than using the Net for ordering.
  • wildredwildred Posts: 43
    Hello fdogs1, Gilroy is not far from here, I just visited the Bonfante Garden on Monday. The temperature differed big time though. When I left at 3, it was 100 exactly there. By the time I got in the city, it was only 67!

    I bought a limited from City Toyota in March. I paid $750 over the invoice (about three thousand dollars below the MSRP). Another member from this board from south bay bought from this same salesman a XLE w/pkg #12 for $328 over the invoice!

    I used Costco's contact first (Putnam Toyota in Burlingame) but they wanted at least $1,200 over the invoice then. Through mass e-mailing to all bay area dealers, I was able to get mine at a fair price.

    If you like to give him a try, I could provide you with details. You can then e-mail him for a deal. If you didn't like it, you have nothing to lose. If you were able to reach a good deal (I'm sure you will), then it's only a short drive.

    Good luck!
  • Hanlee Toyota in Davis, CA is both the CarsDirect and the Costco dealer for the north part of the state. They told me the Costco price is always better than the CarsDirect Price (same guy handles both). I paid about $3000 below MSRP for my XLE AWD [package 18 + mats). See my post on this forum #3604 for details. I first made the application on the net, then everything else was taken care of over the phone. The 240 mile drive from Weed to Davis was no problem as most of my family lives in Sacramento.
  • crzyaimcrzyaim Posts: 58
    We have been toying with replacing our current Sienna with a new Sienna. I got this quote today and was wondering what you thought. It is for an XLE Limited AWD w/package #4 (HE) & CF floor mats. The MSRP is $39386 & I was quoted $36166 + TTL. Yes they have added the advertising fee of $639 & $6 ???. So they are calculating this into their invoice price. In a nut shell it comes out to be $600 over their invoice. Is this a good deal or can it be bought for less? We would really prefer package #6 (HO) and don't really like the color this one is in, but finding the closer the model year comes to a close, the fewer cars available.
  • fdogs1fdogs1 Posts: 6
    thanks for your help on the sienna,I will take your advice and let you guys know what happens. I normally buy used, but after driving the sienna, especially after the competition, there is no comparison.
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