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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • spencer30spencer30 Posts: 4
    I bought my Sienna XLE from Toyota of Nashua, in NH. I noticed that people have suggested Autofair in NH. I didn't care for the people at Autofair, so I "used" thier pricing, and went to Toyota of Nashua. They matched the price, gave me $2500 more for my trade then Autofair, and gave me a better discount on the extended warrenty. They were plesant to deal with. I didn't haggle at all. I told them what color, model, and package, what I wanted to pay, and said if they give me what I was looking for on my trade, I'd order it on the spot. It did take me 5 months to get (salsa red, tan leather, XLE). But I didn't care, it arrived the weekend before the second baby arrived.
  • vitkvitk Posts: 6
    Hello from a new Ltd FWD owner here.

    First of all, let me thank all people who were kind to provide indispensable information on this forum, as well as and web sites for the rest of the useful information.

    I'd been following a number forums on this site, since we decided that we want a Toyota van, so by the time we were ready I knew what to expect. After looking locally (Chicago suburbs) for about a week or so at the end of April and not finding good price (best offer was $1700 off with GW package), I was convinced to try few "long distance" dealerships which included KC Summers Toyota in Mattoon, IL. This is the dealership that offered best price overall for the van and ext. warranty and we ordered from them on 5/12 and picked up the van on 6/25. It was an excellent negotiating and buying experience (all communication over the e-mail with just 1 phone call). For the following configuration (Ltd FWD, CF, HF, WL and MG in silver pearl) we paid $34161 + tax and new license plates + Ext. warranty price was $775 for 7/100/0 plan. The silver pearl color was specified in the paper work as "lunar mist" which in my opinion describes it much better.

    In addition, I'd like to touch on a topic of ext. warranty.
    My other car - Mitsubishi Diamante '98 with > 87K miles has been very good so far and I hope will serve me well in the future. About a month ago I had an unexpected problem with its ABS system. After letting local dealer to see what the problem was all about, I was informed that based on the computer code, a number of different devices could be at fault without disassembling the system. Bottom line is that the worst-case scenario could cost me ~$1400 parts & labor. Eventually the system restored on its own, and all is well, but it can come back. Something like that can happen on any modern car/van/truck and this is my reasoning to go with the longest plan possible since we hope to keep the van at least 7 years and travel far and often.

    In conclusion I'd like to say that as it was stated a number of times before using the Internet has changed car-buying experience, but it is still necessary to do your homework up front and hold your ground.

    Hope this helps.
  • momstruck1momstruck1 Posts: 206
    as i just got within the last two months a XLE LTD in NYC for 34,400 which I hear out here is unheard of . Our friend bought from the same dealer and paid 35,000 for and XLE with them adding the DVD player as mine was factory installed . The better way to go as the one installed after at the dealership is giving them a hard time playing .
  • I am having a heck of a time trying to find anyone who can get me an XLE with package 10 (FC). I was going to get a package with a DVD but have decided to get one after I purchase it. Is that a good or bad idea? Why does it seem so hard for Toyota to find one? It seems all the ones they get have package 17. Anyone have any suggestion in the san diego area?
  • car4youcar4you Posts: 36
    I test drove the Sienna last summer but there was no way I would purchase at MSRP. I really wanted to like the Quest S but could not get over the dash, no split seat and the complaints.

    Sienna Silver LE with package 7, floor mat, wheel lock and auto dimming mirror. Invoice was 25,471 and I paid 25,971. Title and tags where 292. I think the fees are to high. I got 1800 for my trade on 1996 Pontiac Sunfire, i feel ok about that. Keep in mind that I do live in Northern NJ where nothing comes cheap. The dealers was easy to work with and its only 5 minutes from my house. The first oil change is free and they will loan you a car if needed. If anyone wants the dealership name let me know.

    Thanks for everyone help.
  • camriccamric Posts: 1
    So I've been reading the forums and see many discussions about getting the Sienna for $500 over invoice. Does this apply for cash only deals ( meaning no trade-in )?

    I plan to trade in a 2002 Buick LeSabre, how will this effect my price?
  • momstruck1momstruck1 Posts: 206
    tell you we too were looking at the XLE before going with the XLE LTD only for the factory installed DVD. A friend has the XLE with a dealer installed DVD aftermarket type and they are having problems getting the sound to come through the FM modulator. Something about it being set to a certain radio station to play through the speakers and not getting the station to come in . On long trips this seems to be a problem if you drive from NY to FL and can't get the station with 4 little ones in the car the trip can not go to well . As anyone with kids can a teat to this. just something to think about . By the way I love the van and am thrilled to be out of an SUV.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    First, several of the XLE packages have factory installed DVD. I believe you can also get factory DVD on at least 1 of the LE packages.

    Second, your friend probably needs to have the dealer re-check the install. You may have a problem with the modulator or your friend is tuning to the wrong frequency to pick up the modulator. I've also heard that the sound volume is pretty low through some units; you may just need to turn up the volume.
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    A newspaper reporter is interested in interviewing shoppers and recent buyers who are interested in side-curtain airbags. It doesn’t matter whether you bought a vehicle with them or not. If you were interested and at least searched for a vehicle with them, she’d like to talk to you.
    Please respond to [email protected] with your daytime contact information no later than Wednesday, July 7, 2004.

    Thanks for your consideration!
    Jeannine Fallon
    PR Director
  • inky4inky4 Posts: 238
    Do not know where they are but they are flying off OK dealers lots. I have been to three in the past 5 days and zero for one. Usually one in waiting delivery mode, but none in stock. This does not make for good deals here. They had five when I bought mine a week ago and that was huge inventory. Mine was 177,000th built in one year--so Toyota is having a field day with these.
  • vanquestvanquest Posts: 14
    after dancing through the pages of these forums for the past year, i've finally ordered a sienna le with package 7 from that now familiar dealer to us all, kc summers in mattoon, illinois.

    paid $500 over invoice including tda and destination for a total $25,884. they have no processing fee.

    so far so good, it should arrive in 30 or so days. the negotiation was painless with e-mail and phone calls. no pressure and the pricing was what i was searching for. the dealer even offered to deliver it to my home in st. louis.

    thanks to all the regulars for your insight.
  • j - eyesj - eyes Posts: 2
    FYI-For anyone interested in waiting for the 2005 (as I am) I just spoke with a dealer who will be requesting a 2005 sienna from Toyota for me next week.
  • First, does anyone else seem to have a poor FM reception? If so, other than buying a new system, how can it be fixed?

    Second, I couldn't find in the manual how to program the seat memory. Does the LTD have this feature?

  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    Unfortunately, I think the Sienna is infamous for the poor FM reception. I believe the Edmunds long-term test vehicle was noted for this as well. Not sure what the fix would be.

    Sienna does not have memory power seats, on any trim level.
  • lena132lena132 Posts: 56
    2005 Siennas are not released to the dealers until September. forums stated that 2005 production starts on September 7 with delivery a few weeks later. Any earlier would be a 2004 model.
  • car4youcar4you Posts: 36
    Seems to me that Toyota would launch as late as possible to configure the option packages to best compete with the new oddessy.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    I think info on the new Ody is scheduled to be officially released to the press later this month. I don't know if this would include info regarding the various Ody standard/packaged equipment or not but that should give Toyota adequate lead time to re-configure packages.

    Or they might, just might, listen to customer/dealer feedback regarding current package configurations and base '05 equipment levels on that. Who knows.
  • lee_wlee_w Posts: 239
    Millersmail, I am sure people in Owners club or Maintenance could help you. Good Luck
  • crzyaimcrzyaim Posts: 58
    I am new to the boards and was wondering what you thought of this deal that is presented to me. It is for a XLE Limited w/HF Package#5 & CF Floor mats. We were quoted $34747+ tax/lic in No. California. MSRP on this is $37386. Also does anyone know if you can get an XLE AWD w/HI #21. I am being told there are none in CA. Also we can't seem to find an XLE AWD with a Sunroof. Anyreason for this or just not my luck or being sent to CA. This is too crazy with the lack of vans and the pricing is very difficult to figure out. Any feedback I would greatly appreciate.
  • wildredwildred Posts: 43
    The invoice for a Limited with HF, CF is $33,729 in northern Cal. So the offer you've got is $1,018 over the invoice.

    You definitely could do much better than that. Try $500 over the invoice. E-mail me for more info.

    I wouldn't want the AWD for the following reasons.
    1. almost $2,500 more than the FWD;
    2. lower mileage;
    3. rough ride;
    4. no spare;
    5. >$200 per tire to replace the run-flats;

    So you pay more initially. Pay more as you go on gas and tires. All the while getting less comfortable ride. For the rare chance that you go to the snow country, just use the chains.
  • byupiratebyupirate Posts: 6
    Is there a list anywhere of what I should check out on the van before I leave the lot. I ordered 1 month ago and it arrived 2 days ago. I'm picking it up tommorrow as long as the price don't change or anything goofy. Also other than proof of insurance anything else I should bring?

    Thanks again
  • babuibabui Posts: 4
    Just a follow-up. Our XLE Ltd with nav system came in 4 wks (instead of 8 wks as told). We've driven it around for the last 2-3 days and just absolutely love it. The nav system is awesome. It even tells you what restaurants are nearby (French, CHinese, Mexican etc etc)!!! We've been getting lost purposely just to hear the 'voice' tell us how to get back. The XLE Ltd is power everything. Its great. We just press buttons to open adn close including the back. No need to manually push down. Room inside is too much. I'm 6'2" and kinda broad...but had no problem sitting and crossing my legs in front and second row seats. Very cushiony seats. Last row is a little cramped for me. Surround system JBL speakers is superb. Still need to fix-up the wireless headphones to the DVD system. Very thoughful of Toyota to already include batteries in the remote and for the headphones. Overall ride is very, very comfortable.
    Only thing is - final loan int rate came to 3.85% as opposed to 3.65% that we were told was ours. Adds a couple of dollars a mth more. Can live with it.
  • byupiratebyupirate Posts: 6
    Thanks again for the last 4 months. I have the sienna LE 8 seater package #7 for $26400 with a 3.75% interest rate, plus $218 for registation fees in Oregon. We wife loves the color, mirage blue. It came with 3 miles on it and the car dealer(internet fleet salesman) was easy,everything went like clock work in Portland Oregon. I was emailing 18 car dealerships to get my price to drop work with ease. The best part is no regreats, sure some people get better prices but I still got a great price for what I wanted. So if you want any more info from me if your in the northwest you can email me at [email protected] (my email only for cars,I would suggest you get a new email for cars purchaces so you can ignore the spam from car dealers later) Also I have the "sienna delivery clecklist" If you want it. Thanks now I moving on to the owners message boards.
    Larry "The byupirate"
  • srp1srp1 Posts: 9
    I am interested in buying an XLE Limited with option package #5 and the preferred accessory package. Invoice price is $33,799.00 I am not having much success with the major dealers that I have contacted. They will go $1500-2000 off MSRP ($37,464.00) at most, which places this van at over $1800-2300 over the invoice.

    Has anyone had any better success with a particular dealer or sales person in the Wash DC area. I am willing to travel for a deal. Has anyone obtained a $500 over invoice price.

    Thanks for your assistance.
  • jb_shinjb_shin Posts: 357
    I was looking for XLE LTD (HO) in DC area as well, and most of the dealers were NOT willing to budge on the price on the LTD model. XLE, no problem, but LTD, no can do. I am ordered one at 1000 under MSRP, but also working with another dealer to see if he will go lower.
  • crzyaimcrzyaim Posts: 58
    I don't know if you have Costco in your area, but the Sienna's are now under their Auto Buying program. I was able to get a local dealer in CA to go $1000 over invoice. That is still lower than Coscto pricing, but the Costco program is what I started with. This was on a XLE Limited AWD as well as a Limited XLE.
  • resque84resque84 Posts: 21
    I'm looking to get an 8 seater LE Package # 7, how easy is it for the kids to get into the rear seat ?does the middle row seat slide forward or fold forward ??
  • momof3momof3 Posts: 9
    In the N.Va area, there is only one dealer that deals with the program. The best deal there are willing to do is 2000 off MSRP. That was about 2 months ago.
  • weili327weili327 Posts: 4
    We want to buy a LE7 with package #7 or #4 in Memphis or nearby dealers. What would be a good price for it? Is $500 over invoice considered a fairly good deal on a '04 now? When the '05 is out, will that likely to be sticker price for a while? Thanks for any advice in advance.
  • rayt2rayt2 Posts: 1,208
    She finally listened and negotiated. Got a 2004 CE for $2600 off sticker, salesman said he never let one go for that low a price before, but hey it was the last day of the month and he was hungry obviously. She did well since Toyota is offering no price breaks on this van at time of purchase.

    Ray T.
  • milind90milind90 Posts: 1
    Any idea how much I should expect to pay for Sienna XLE LTD around Seattle, WA? 1000 over Edmunds invoice seem reasonable? I don't want to wait either. Also, some dealers seem to add on about $600 worth of rust-proof etc. which I don't think I need. Is this a standard practice?

    Also, I should be able to trade in my Volvo V70 XC AWD with low mileage & excellent condition for around what Edmunds says is the dealer trade-in price. Right? The dealer claims that I should accept 3K less because of market conditions. But, I don't buy that argument.
  • rhopfrhopf Posts: 29
    Good luck. Dealers in the seattle area are very proud of the sienna's. I have been trying for about 2 months now to buy a CE in silver and can not find a dealer willing to get me one at a reasonable price. The one's that quoted a good price give me a crappy trade-in value. Let em know if you find a good dealer.
  • car4youcar4you Posts: 36
    I put a deposit down on an LE with package 7. The vechicle was coming from his allocation. The build date was July 8th but did not have a vin. These cars all come from Indiana? When should I call the dealer about a delivery date? Should I have any concerns? What should I check for when I pick up the car?
  • resque84resque84 Posts: 21
    I got a price from a independentleasing company in NY for the 8 seater LE #7 with carpet mats and sill protectors.Cars is coming in in a week, is $26400 a good price or can I do better ??? Seems like all the dealers I called want MSRP, and this car is the exact inside an d outside colors we wanted.
  • njgalnjgal Posts: 1
    Hubby an I just bought our first Sienna yesterday. It's a CE model with package #2.
    Got it for 1,000 over invoice. Is this good enough of a deal??
    I am in northen NJ and we looked all over for weeks and no one seemed to have a CE in stock. Then finally I got on the phone and started calling everyone until I found one and went for it.
    This was our first time buying a new car and I hope we didn't do to bad. Initially the sales person kept telling us they don't discount the sienna's and specially the CE because their markup is not so high and they sell so well. But I bargain my way down from $24,255 to $23,000.

    Anyways, my kids love their new car and we are very happy with it.
  • vanquestvanquest Posts: 14
    just ordered an le7 with pkg 7 a few days ago and i'm in the st. louis area. was shopping the region and did check in with some memphis dealers as i used to live there few years back. didn't seem to have any more luck with them than i did with the st. louis guys. ended up purchasing in illinois at $500 over invoice but won't have it for another few weeks as it was ordered. the packages you are looking for, the same ones i was looking for, don't seem to be shipped to our region so they are order only, which naturally affects negotiating power.
    don't know how willing you are to drive a bit, but if you are i can let you know how things work when i get the van on this end.

    good luck!
  • car4youcar4you Posts: 36
    If anyone has a copy for the buyers checklist that has been mentioned on this forum could you please email me a copy. [email protected] Thanks
  • dhg3dhg3 Posts: 2
    We got a quote on an XLE LTD and had the dealer fax us a copy of the vehicle detail display so that we could assess the quote against online invoice listings. It had the invoice price listed, but it was ~$600 more than the online invoice price for this vehicle from 3 different online sources. Does anyone know a reason for the discrepancy, and which is the "real" invoice that we should be able to use as a basis for "over invoice" negotiation? Anyone know the going over invoice rate in the SE (AL) lately?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    My guess is that the ad fees are different (they vary by region).

    Try a Search This Discussion in here for TDA.

    And to repeat myself yet again <g>, it's usually better to focus on the out-the-door price more than dickering over the line items.

    Steve, Host
  • vballdadvballdad Posts: 1
    We got a pretty reasonable price for our area on a Sienna XLE (Package #16, with Arctic Frost upcharge for paint) at Fitzgerald Auto Mall in Gaithersburg. The Fitz Mall price was $600 over invoice, although I understand they are now charging $900 over b/c supply has gotten very tight again.

    We paid $32,591 for a loaded van. We live in Virginia, but drove the extra distance because their price was so much better and they are more straightforward. Also got great financing. With good credit, we got 3.8%, which even beat my credit union, a feat I didn't think was going to be possible going in.

    One nice thing at FitzMall, you don't have to haggle about your trade in or financing. You negotiate the price of the car separately. If you want to trade in the car, you do that separately. Same thing with financing. None of that shell game moving the prices around between the categories.

     The Internet team was great to work with. They ordered the car and it came in about four weeks later.

    As someone else pointed out, the invoice on Edmunds doesn't match up with reality. The difference is the advertising charge that Toyota charges the dealers and gets passed on.

    Overall experience at Fitz Mall was excellent. While other dealers are working down from MSRP, these guys are working off invoice as their base.
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    I am looking at a 2004 Sienna LE 8 Passenger with option package #11 (dvd, stability, doors etc.) The full list price for a new vehicle is about $30,000. I have seen them going for $28k or even less. This one is used (by the dealer as a loaner/rental) and has 13,000 miles on it.

    None of the car pricing indexes have 04 Sienna prices yet for used vehicles. Anybody have any idea what a fair price might be for this vehicle.
  • raydahsraydahs Posts: 449
    I think the KBB is updated quarterly, I noticed on July 1st more vehicles were added to the 2004 search list. So using that theory, the next update would be September 1st.

    At this point in time, the only data for measurement would be checking out the classified ads looking to see what certified vehicles would be going for. The dealer has determined roughly what book would be. It also depends on the region. For example, judging by the posts here regarding the Seattle areas lack of dealing, they might be a little higher than other areas willing to deal. Your bio says "SD" location, assuming that's South Dakota, you could use the surrounding states as a guide in the link.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    You could also ask Terry and the gang over in Real-World Trade-In Values what they think it's worth.

    Steve, Host
  • pixelmindpixelmind Posts: 5
    I too had been looking for many months around the greater Seattle area for a Sienna LE. We talked to nearly every dealer either by email or in person. We tried using the Costco program as well as going in with edmunds information and we could not find a dealer that was willing to negotiate. The biggest problem was that not a single dealer would offer to get us the exact car that we wanted. One dealer even tried to talk us into a "great deal on a Camry"!? They all wanted to sell us extra options that we were not willing to pay for. I even talked to a dealer down in California based on posts in this forum and was considering flying down there. Finally Toyota of Olympia came through as long as we were willing to wait for one to come from the factory, about 6 weeks, which was okay with us. They not only the got us the exact model/features that we wanted but at a price of $25,300 which was about $1000 over invoice. We ordered a white LE, package #4, 8 passenger, floor mats and VIP security system. We took delivery last night and I must say the buying experience was very pleasant and light years above our experience with other dealers in the area.
  • danbevjdanbevj Posts: 5
    We just purchased an XLE AWD w/ Pkg 17 and Mats in Denver for $32587 + $375 to the fleet broker.
  • I live in Denver and plan to buy a new XLE AWD Sienna in August or September. Mind sharing who you purchased through?
  • chortonchorton Posts: 149
    In the southeast ALL yes ALL toyota dealers have to pay a 565 Administrative fee to Southeast Toyota, the people that sell the new cars to the dealers. There is usually an option for this when you assess the options in the calculators of most 3rd party sites. Let me know if I can help.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    What's the Gulf State's distributor fee, if you know?

    Steve, Host
  • resque84resque84 Posts: 21
    Just ordered an LE 8 seater package 7 with the mats and sill protectors for $26,200, is this a good price for NY/NJ ? All the dealers near me wanted MSRP, and I went to an independent leasing company who has this one coming o=in in 2 weeks , in trhe exact color exterior and interior we wanted , financing for 63 months comes out to $495
  • chortonchorton Posts: 149
    Its about the same,between $550-$600 normally there are only 20-30 dollars difference in most the "port" options from S.E.T. and Gulf States. Where there is usually confusion is the they get the vehicles with different "factory" option configurations. It's hard to shop between MS and AL b/c the cars usually are totally different.
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