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Lexus ES 300/ES 330



  • alexbay0alexbay0 Posts: 1
    Do you still remember the name of the sale's person.
  • sddlwsddlw Posts: 361
    Outstanding price for your Platinum edition! People on this forum back in August were commenting on my price for the VP w/HID. I think you beat me. I'm jealous. ... :-)

    With the new model coming out, anyone shopping this spring and summer should be shooting for deals like this.
  • lievliev Posts: 93
    you should have posted this info a long time ago.
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 857
    Terrific price on the ES300. Could you give us the name of the dealership and the salesman that you dealt with? Was this purchase handled in person at the dealership or did you do this over the internet also?
  • Thanks to everyone for their responses to my pricing question. I really appreciate it!

    dcman2, I'm pretty sure the $2000 off promotion is strictly for the ES300, and it's a discount off the MSRP. As to whether it's national or regional, I don't know. The dealer I visited was Sam Swope in Louisville, KY, which you can access at

    It sounds like everyone's chimed in on what the Coach edition includes, but this page on the lexus site sums everything up:

    rob175, would love to hear more details on how you got your deal, as that price sounds fantastic.

    Again, thanks to everyone for their very helpful insights.

  • rob175rob175 Posts: 19
    To sddlw: I purchased my 2000 ES from Arlington Lexus in Palatine, Illinois last August. I walked in with a copy of a quote from the internet and used that as my "starting point" we went back and forth (very politly).....It might have helped that I was willing to write a check in full at that moment, and that they had exactly the car I fact they had 4 of them...(all the same color/edition/options...everything) It was the last day of August and the new ones were comming out very soon.

    To Leiv: I did post some notes on my purchase back in August 2000.

    The Extended Warranty was purchased from a Lexus Dearlership in Baton Rouge, LA....I'll see if they are listed on the policy...if so I'll follow this note up with the name. But as I said, I just e-mailed a bunch of dealership and made a point to stay away from locations that were in the more expensive parts of the country such as NY & CA.
  • sddlwsddlw Posts: 361
    Nice going rob175.
    I too used several internet price quotes, a pre-negotieated price through my local credit union and one through Costco to help with my negotiations. It was well worth the effort. Especially the Costco quote.
  • ltgheeltghee Posts: 3
    Would appreciate it if someone can tell where I can buy a reasonably priced Lexus ES 300 replacement car key in the Wash D.C./Virginia area? The quotations I have got so far are quite unbelievable!

  • afinegoldafinegold Posts: 57
    Sorry for the delay in responding to your post #616, fredvh. I've been off the boards for a few days.

    Re the familycar website, I think I got that by searching in Google for "Lexus ES300 Review" or "Lexus 2001" or something similar. Hadn't heard of them before, but I thought the writeup was well done and reasonable. I also looked at their writeup on the new Lexus LS430 and, while it was a review of a pre-production model last fall, they did a terrific job of describing the operations of the many bells and whistles on that car. Read that one and you'll say WOW!!! real loud!

    My 2000 ES300 will be one year old next week, and I have to say that it seems to be getting better all the time. It seems a little quieter than when I first got it, the gas mileage is okay (I use regular grade gas), and it's such a pleasure to get into and drive it every time I need to. I had no qualms about the frameless windows and I have no perceptable wind noise of any sort, although I understand that some have had a problem. The only noise that seems to intrude is road noise on concrete highways, which almost disappears on blacktop stretches. I have the Michelin XV4 Plus tires that came with the car.

    I also have had no engine noise, a problem apparently plaguing a couple of owners on this board. According to several recent posts, the 2002s will have framed windows, so hopefully that problem will disappear or lessen considerably. The engine problems seem to be isolated anomalies with different causes from car to car, and appear to affect only only a couple of the participants.

    My leather seats are not slippery at all, but then I don't drive the car real hard (I have a Corvette that I use if I want to do some thrill driving). You'd probably have about as much trouble finding a Lexus with cloth seats as you would a Rolls Royce, even though cloth is standard. I suggest going into a Toyota dealer, where they will undoubtedly have Camrays in both cloth and leather seating. Try sitting in a couple of each to get a feel for the difference. Cloth (usually velour) is very comfortable, not nearly as subject to feeling cold or warm as is leather, but isn't as "luxurious" or as easy to clean if it gets dirty. My leather seats have seat warmers (two-stage heaters) which helps a lot on a cold morning.

    Again, everything on my car seems to be working literally perfectly. I did get mine with the Platinum II option, including the Nakamichi (probably the best option of all), HIDs, VSC, seat heaters, and all of the other options except for the Adaptive Suspension, which I had read in a number of reviews is unnecessary because most drivers with it keep the suspension setting on standard anyway. And I use my car as a boulevard cruiser, so I want a ride as quiet, lush, and comfortable as possible.

    Finally, you asked if I'd do it over again if I had a chance. In a second would be my response, although I'd sure look hard at the Lexus LS 430 first and see if I could afford that honey.

    Hope this helps.

    Al Finegold
  • hhjrhhjr Posts: 5
    Thank you soooooooo much for responding to my e-mail on whether to purchase the '92 ES300. Liev, still haven't purchased it yet. However, liev and ved3, you've convinced me to go and get it!! Ved3, I did test drive it. It runs fairly well. I believe with a tune up, it will give me the power I sooo desire. Tomorrow (3/9) will be the day I will look to make a deal with the dealer.
    Hopefully, we will all have something in common: happy ES300 owners loving life and the road!!! You two will be the first ones to know whether I purchased the vehicle or not. In any regards, I believe choosing a Lexus is the best decision that I could possibly make at this time. Again, thank you both for sending me a reply. This is a great service, having Town Hall meetings. Sorry for the long delay; this is my first day back to the computer. Will talk again soon.....
  • ugmd20ugmd20 Posts: 11
    I'm sort of torn between purchasing a 98/99 C.P.O ES300 or leasing a 2001. The person I'm working with is an acquaintance of my wife's and she offered to sell us a "loaded" 2001 for $1,000 over invoice (approx. $31,500 according to sales person). If leasing, I think she wanted $2,000 down to walk out the door. We would be trading up from a Honda Accord EX. Any opinions of leasing vs. purchasing this car would be appreciated. Also, opinions as to whether this is a good deal.
  • vernlewvernlew Posts: 87
    As Rob175 pointed out above, I also casually compared the features of my 00 Platinum Edition vs the new 01 Coach Edition and found that they are very similar. The leather surfacing and the fact that you get a Coach cabin bag sent to you are the biggest differences. The special edition wheels are the same as those on the Platinum Edition with a different finish. The only other significant difference I could detect, the 01 models have an in-dash CD changer vs the 00 models, which have a 6 disc CD magazine changer mounted in the glove box.
  • ved3ved3 Posts: 43
    you're welcome. not many people responded but
    I'm sure others here share my views about the
    92 ES you're considering. did the test drive
    convince you it was the car you wanted? it
    was like that for me when I had no intention of
    buying it before the test drive. I think these
    cars sell themselves. that's how good they are.
    but hey don't buy it because of me or liev,
    it's your investment so consider everything.

    that seems like an excellent deal for a brand
    new 2001 ES "loaded" for about $31K. I would
    buy it. some advantage to leasing too but I would
    pay to own for a deal like that. when you said
    "loaded", I take it that you mean it has all the
    available options right?
    what about the 98/99 ES prices and options?
  • ved3ved3 Posts: 43
    Hey can anybody tell me whether or not Lexus
    can repair a small crack on the front windshield?
    I just noticed it today. and don't know how it
    happen. could be a rock while driven, ice scraper
    while removing ice after a snow storm, or just
    a jealous individual. anything is possible.

    I don't want to replace the whole windshield.

    thanks in advance.
  • afinegoldafinegold Posts: 57
    vernlew, if you'll check your brochure and other sales info on your 2000 Platinum (the same car as mine), you'll note that it too has what Lexus calls an "in-dash CD changer" (billed as a "6-disc in-dash CD auto-changer"). The 2001 is the same--the unit is in the glove compartment, which Lexus refers to as part of the dash. So the 2000 Platinum and 2001 Coach are the same in that respect.

    To me the biggest difference is the perforated, pin hole leather in the 2001, which I think looks pretty awful, and doesn't look like what I think leather seating should look like, so I'm glad not to have to make that choice this year (VP vs. Coach). But it'll be a tough choice if I can afford to move up to a Lexus LS430 someday and want the Ultra Luxury Package or any other edition with heated and cooled seats, because it's the perforation thats necessary for the cooling to work. That may not be a problem, though, because I live in the Seattle area, and cooling is not our greatest need around here (but the rain-sensing windshield wipers on the LS430 would sure be nice!)

  • lievliev Posts: 93
    I'm glad you were able to decide whether you want that car or not. Be very careful paying attention to everything when you test drive it. Remember to turn off your CD player or radio when you drive the car to pay attention to any noise, but, of course test the CD and the radio too. good luck.
  • remus26remus26 Posts: 34

    What are the quotes you have gotten?? The keys are very expensive to begin with. And only Lexus dealers sell the keys.
  • dcman2dcman2 Posts: 24
    Hey ugmd20, looks like you have a little bit more room to negotiate. $1000 over invoice seems a tad higher than Edmond's TMV unless you are getting some freebies with it.
    In general though, how do you all feel about TMV? Is this the ultimate bargain or can you do better than that?
  • About the only part of a car where I reach anything close to expert status, having worked in the autoglass industry ( albeit not hands on ) up until a couple of years ago.

    Small cracks can be sealed. Depending on the shape and depth of the crack or star you may still be able to see it afterwards but it should stop spreading. Such a service is readily available at any autoglass shop and should run you under $50. Most insurance companies wave the dedcutible on the repair too as it stops them from having to pay on the much more expensive windshield replacement.

    The only time you can't repair these small cracks is when they are either bigger than a quarter or so, or directly in the driver's line of sight. If this is the case a replacement is neeeded. I'm spoiled being in MN with full glass coverage on our insurance policies but if you're not covered for glass replacement look for about $400. It's not a cheap thing.

    You MAY be able to get Lexus to look at this but I don't think it is technically covered under a waaranty as it's not a defect ( unless the windshield has a "stress crack" but it doesn't sound like it ). Is uppose if they really wanted to keep you happy they may try and seal it for you or pay a glass shop to do it. Most dealers don't do their own glass work but farm it out to autoglass shops anyway.

    Hope this helps.
  • ltgheeltghee Posts: 3
    Hi remus,

    I was quoted $400 for one key and $500 for a pair!
  • afinegoldafinegold Posts: 57
    Speaking of replacement keys and such, my 2000 ES300 will be a year old next week. Does anyone have any idea of:
    -- how long the battery(s) in the main and spare key should last?
    --how much they cost to replace?
    --whether they can be replaced by the owner?
    --and do they have to be purchased thru the Lexus dealer vs. Radio Shack or other electronics store?

    Thanks for any info on this. Al--
  • ugmd20ugmd20 Posts: 11
    dcman2, I thought that the Edmunds TMV was the base without all of the options added. Is this the case??
  • lievliev Posts: 93
    that's rediculous. what a rip-off !!! for which year model, Itghee?
  • ugmd20ugmd20 Posts: 11
    ved3, I think we could get the 98 for 24-25000 and the 99 for 25-26000. They didn't have one we liked on the lot, so we didn't start negotiating. Re: the 2001........the salesperson said that it was "loaded" so I'm assuming that it had just about everything.
  • dcman2dcman2 Posts: 24
    ugmd20, when you said $1000 over invoice, my interpretation was base invoice + 1000 + options at invoice. Is this what you were trying to convey? My understanding of Edmond's TMV is base invioce+ average markup paid by the buyers per Edmund's survey.
  • vatgrownvatgrown Posts: 1
    I've got a 1995 ES with an A/C problem that has not been properly diagnosed by the local Lexus dealer. When operating the climate control system, the A/C will function properly in all modes (cooling, defrost, etc.) for a short time ranging from 3-20 minutes. After this random length time period ends, the A/C no longer works and won't work again until I turn the car off and back on again. It seems to me that the compressor just stops working, though I don't hear any difference in the system to know for certain. I had the A/C checked by the Lexus dealer and they replaced the refrigerant and did whatever they call normal' A/C maintenance with no improvement in performance. (The bill was over $300). They believed the system to be functioning properly. I showed them that it only worked for a few minutes and they immediately shrugged their collective shoulders and said the compressor and a few other items needed to be replaced. This would cost at least $1500.

    Has anyone had a similar problem? Carpoint says that "An occasional problem on this vehicle is failure of the Air Conditioning (A/C) Compressor Revolution Sensor. The cost to repair the A/C Compressor Revolution Sensor is estimated at $144.76 for parts and $117.00 for labor." What are the symptoms of this disorder? I'm not interested in taking it back to this place without some informational ammunition.
  • I recently replaced a battery for my brother's 97 ES300. I assume the remote is similar to yours. We went to Radio Shack and the battery was $10. my brother opted for the Duracell brand instead at Walmart for similar price. His kids often play with his remote which is why the battery died after 3 or 4 years but yours should last longer than that. I don't remember the battery part number though. We took the battery and went to radio Shack and the guy cross-referenced it for us.


    Anyone can recommend what is a better winter tire? Blizzaks or Arctic Alpin? I am looking or longer tread life and/or less road noise. And of course excellent handling in snow and ice.
  • I had very very similar A/C probs on my '94 that I just recently got rid of (thank god!)

    They charged me 900.00 for the following:

    A/C System
    Customer states A/C inoperative 89.97

    System completely empty of freon, dealer added to run system and perform leak test. Noted that the A/C condenser is leaking freon and in need of replacement ... 775.00

    With receiver/dryer unit ... goes up to 880.00 plus tax

    Compressor not noisy at this time but may have problems in system if system continues to run on empty.

    I can give you a further breakdown if ya need, but this seems to be a legit. prob. with the '92 through '96 ES300 series. Later on, my struts went out (2200 in costs to repair) and then my antenna (300.00) and then the axle bearings and hubs (400.00).

    Ugh. This car had 108K miles on it -- had the tranny replaced ONCE and still presented with some "kick" around 3rd to 4th gear. I've only heard that ES300's run well past 100K miles, but I guess I was wrong -- not to mention the vehicle was baby-driven.

    Hope this helps

  • That 880.00 figure included a new compressor and all the bogus diagnostics they "have to do to insure proper efficiency" on it.

    Whatever. I took this to my local Lexus dealership -- I trusted them because they gave me a brand new (actually probably refurbished ) tranny under the 6 yr./70K drivetrain warranty. Therefore, since they pretty much hooked me up with 3000.00 of parts and labor under a warrantly, I seemed to think they might have wanted to get me back, so to speak, by overcharged me for this A/C. But the figure they stated for you, 1500.00!!! Holy ... what a bunch of bologna! You should consult another Lexus dealer, or a reputable Lexus service provider -- try Toyota in your area and have them fix it... It's just a camry after all and they have access to many lexus parts since they are the same in the camry!
  • stevenr4stevenr4 Posts: 1
    I bought a 1999 Lexus ES 300 from a dealer (not Lexus). Great car. I love it. The car came with only one key. Now I find that this is not a "master key". Does anyone know how I can get a new key made without replacing everything?
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