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Lexus ES 300/ES 330



  • Find out what the key "code" is and order a set from the dealer. That's all I can think of. Maybe others know another solution to it.
  • vernlewvernlew Posts: 87
    You are right, I don't know what made me think that they had put the in-dash CD Changer in the ES, maybe because I was thinking of my test ride in the IS?
    I had to replace the battery in my wife's 98 GS keyfob last year, so it lasted bout 2 years...don't know if this is normal or not. The Lexus part representative replaced it for me, I just paid for the battery...which I don't think was very much.
    When I had my Bimmer, the BMW parts rep replaced my keyfob battery at no charge...BUT, I sure paid him alot of $$$ for Bimmer parts prior to this!
  • ved3ved3 Posts: 43
    thanks for responding. lexus doesn't know about
    it. I think I will try to get it repaired by
    a local auto glass center. I just emailed to
    a site that offers info on auto glass repairs.
    your info provides a starting point for me. now
    I can try to get it done at around $50.

    the 98 and 99 prices seem about average. if
    they're "loaded" too, maybe you should consider
    them also. I would test drive all 3 cars. can't
    hurt. your wife should test drive also. if the
    99 has all available option and still in mint
    condition and low milage, it's probably better
    to save $5000. you can also wait for the 2002 ES.

    that's disappointing about your 95 ES. most ES
    owners, including myself, set really high standards on the ES to perform without problems.
    mine have been very minor. it basically earned
    my respect. Peter is right. go to other dealers.
    some Lexus dealers are better than others.
    Lexus headquarter sets excellent customer service
    guidelines. some dealers don't follow them. I hope
    you will get a fair price somewhere.
  • Lexus service is spectacular. They may rip you off with the costs of the parts and repairs, but at least they provide cushy leather sofas and very warm, and personable (and RESPECTFUL) serviceman to assist you. We also have an E320 4-matic, and the service is lousy, and they are too arrogant to give a d---. While I waited for my car once in the service center, I perused the vehicles in the showroom and I was never approached once! I need some wood trim ordered for my car and they ordered the part, but they never called to let me know the part had come in or when I could come in. I also had to call them after I had dropped it off -- they didn't tell me it was ready. When I got there, the trim hadn't been replaced, nor had my name been placed on the ordered piece of trim --- and finally, there were GREASE fingerprints (from where the service bum put his grimy hands) on the beige velour molding in the back of the car... Ugh. If status has anything to do with service... then I say that Lexus is the highest status symbol you can drive. It screams luxury if luxury has anything to do with the way the dealership treats you AFTER you purchase your vehicle. Amen.
  • ugmd20ugmd20 Posts: 11
    dcman2, $1,000 over invoice is going to include all options. In other words, I pay $31,500 (approx.) for the car, options included. Seems like a good deal. So, Edmunds TMV is the BASE invoice + invoice options?? I don't mean to beat this into the ground.......I just want to make sure that my deal is a good one. Thanks.
  • hunter001hunter001 Posts: 851
    Edmunds TMV is the typical price (without including options??) for which the car is ultimately sold, excluding State Taxes, Destination and DMV that should be the maximum price, which you should be shooting for (since the TMV is an average selling price)....if you get it for lower, then all the better.

    For example, the Acura 3.2TL comes in 2 distinct models - one with the Navigation system (whose dash design and climate controls are different from the non-NAV model) and one without the Navigation system. Edmunds has two different TMVs for the cars that are sold with the Navigation and for the ones that are sold without one.

    TMV for Acura 3.2TL without Navigation: 27,197
    TMV for Acura 3.2TL with Navigation: 29,064
    TMV for Lexus ES300 : 28,300

  • remus26remus26 Posts: 34

    I guess this is for a newer ES300 with the immobilizer system & keyless entry included in the key?? IF that is so, that price is about right. And I doubt you will find a lower price.
  • rickc5rickc5 Posts: 378
    Go back about a year on this topic and you'll find my experiences with key purchases. We bought a '97 ES a year ago, and it came with only one key and one alarm fob (they were separate then).

    A second key from the Lexus dealer (only place you can get one) took 3-4 days and cost $300. The second alarm fob was $200. That's $500 worth of stuuf in your pocket or purse. YIKES!

    Our dealer told us key for newer ESs (single alarm/key unit) were about $300.

    Don't lose your keys!
  • Did you ask your dealer why 2 sets of keys/remotes weren't given to you? Even used vehicles we bought in the past (from dealers) always came with 2 sets of keys and/or remotes. I just thought that you should be given 2 sets.
  • rickc5rickc5 Posts: 378
    I bought our Lexus from an Infiniti dealer, saving about $5000 compared to what the local Lexus dealers were asking for similar cars. There were lots of '97 lease returns a year ago and there were about 15 to choose from here in Denver.

    According to the Infiniti Used Car Sales Manager, they were giving me such a smokin' deal (true) that they wouldn't pay for both the key AND the fob. So, they offered to buy the second key and I bought the alarm fob. Saved me $100. What the heck??? They were mortified when they found out the key was going to cost them $300. LOL! Lexus wouldn't give them a discount.

    I guess if you can afford a Lexus, you can afford to pay through the nose if you lose your keys.
  • jsa_sfcajsa_sfca Posts: 3
    The ES300 DOES have an optional in-dash 6-CD changer.

    Vatgrown & PeterUbers:
    Your experiences with Lexus service hardly sounds like the Lexus service I know. No other marque's service and repair shop has ever replaced every piece of window glass on the car, after telling the Service Manager there was only ONE "swoosh" of wind noise on a cross-country trip. I couldn't imagine another marque's service department replacing all 4 tires, make that five, after telling them there was a thump-bump noise from one of the tires. It hardly seems like were talking about service for the same.

    On the other hand, I have never had a problem of a magnitude such as yours'. But if my tire and glass issues were defined by my dealer as "major", I would not want to see their reaction to your A/C problems, as I imagine it may be close to Hari-Kari. My ES300, just like my ES250 before it, is virtually problem fee. I have never considered the service pricing to be excessive, either; definitely less than what I donated to the Germans, especially VW!

    If I were you, I would talk to the Service Manager. If you get no satisfaction there, go to the Sales Manager. He knows that it is all about loyalty at Lexus. Barring that, call Lexus HQ, and I guarantee you will get a response.

    Finally, I may not understand you totally PeterUbers, but re-filling the system with freon is a rather pricy job. And I am sure you will understand and pardon my skepticism when I say that a car requiring new struts, bearings, and a new transmission, is generally not a car one expects to hear described as "baby driven".

  • Nope, it was baby-driven, truth-be-told.

    I don't care anymore, I'm glad it's gone, and I'm looking forward to driving a new car soon!

    Thanks for asking though.

  • tclemonstclemons Posts: 31
    I purchased a Certified Pre-Owned 98 ES300 in Dec 98 and received 2 fobs, but only 1 key. Talked the salesman into paying for the key, but later found out that I did not have the "valet" key. Paid 45.00 for that one. Salesman told me at the time of purchase that if for some unknown reason I lost ALL of my keys, it would be over $2,000 (!!!) to replace them because the computer module that controls the remote function would have to be replaced. I told him that I found that hard to believe and he said he did also until the dealership had to replace one for a customer because they (the service department) lost the customer's keys. The customer had BOTH keys on the same key fob!
  • Did I miss something? What do you mean rolling back the odometer? I didn't see any post regarding this.

  • r3ficor3fico Posts: 11
    As a soon-to-be buyer of a used ES 300 I sometimes wonder whether the digital reading on the odometer should be taken at face value or not. How easy (or difficult) is it to roll back one of these digital odometers?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    you did miss something - but it's not a problem, don't worry about it stevejjtc
  • r3ficor3fico Posts: 11
    For those of you who have had a chance to drive both the '97 and '99 (or newer) models, is there a noticeable difference between the two in terms of power, handling and ride? Any major changes other than the the revamped engine & transmission? Has the suspension been improved? Any feedback would be appreciated.
  • tlswhiztlswhiz Posts: 19
    During services for my '94 ES300 (God rest its soul)...

    I've driven '97, '98, and 2000 ES300's...

    I've also driven the 2001. There isn't a difference in my opinion -- going from the 200 hp to the 210 hp. Honestly... going from my 188hp 1994 ES, I couldn't tell the quickness difference between the newer models because they seemed to be geared differently. The post-'96 models don't nearly have the same off-the-line grunt that the pre-'96 models had -- just my opinion though. Plus, you should know that i punish those loaners to test the performance -- that's why i'll never buy a used ES300 that was a test-drive vehicle or a loaner -- 'cuz of people like myself!
  • r3ficor3fico Posts: 11
    Thanks for the input tlswhiz.

    I plan to purchase a used ES very soon and am in the process of deciding between a 97 and a 99. I can't help wondering whether the extra $5000+ for a 99 is worth it or not. I've test driven a 99 and the ride was very smooth, maybe too smooth when compared to the tighter ride of the German luxury cars. Personally, I quite like the smooth ride of the Lexus. Upon casual inspection both model years appear to be identical, except perhaps for the wheels and the dual controls on the seat heaters.

    Will probably make a decision by the weekend.
  • utkinpolutkinpol Posts: 2
    Hi everyone.
    3 weeks ago I bought a `98 ES300. Good car, almost no problems, but one problem still persist - a light constant noise from all speakers. When you turn ignition key and turn on the radio - you can hear it, it seems like it comes from everywhere, if you stop the engine, I still comes, then you move and press brakes, it changes slightly - so, it seems like we need to install additional power filter somewhere. But where?
    So long, so far - I forced my dealer to replace the radio itself - but still have the same problem with new one. I checked one of those replacement' vehicles they have in dealership - the same problem there! Then, I checked one of year 2001 es300 in show room - no noise at all! Silence! So, the question is - what can I do about it? Did anybody solve that problem?
    Please, help me, I like to play the classical music CDs and that noise is just killing me...
  • donald15donald15 Posts: 8
    I was thinking of getting gold emblems from Lexus for my 2000 ES. Lexus wants 395.00 to do this. I was wondering If anyone knows a cheaper way to do this and if so what is it any good? I live on LI and was wondering if anyone knew of a better way to do thi? Thanks in advance.
  • jjachujjachu Posts: 2

    I bought a 2000 ES300 few months ago. We are experiencing excessive wind noise when passing through crossing winds. Does any other ES300 has this problem, or is it just my ES300?

    The Lexus technician said it is normal in ES300 since the door windows have no frame. Is it true?
    I used to have an Oldsmobile back in the 80s, it didn't have frames around door windows either, but it didn't make such noise.
  • ved3ved3 Posts: 43
    Hey everybody,
    don't know about you guys but I wouldn't trade
    in my lexus experience for any other luxury car
    brand. I may own cars from many manufacturers
    but lexus will always be #1 to me. every day,
    it's such a pleasure to drive and own it. I
    like the quietness and feeling of being surrounded
    and pampered with pure luxury. on top of that,
    we rarely need to take our cars to the shop
    except for regular maintenance. and if you do
    need to go in, lexus dealers are usually the
    best in the industry. few exceptions of course
    like everything else in life.
    so with that said, as long as lexus maintains their current philosophy, I think they will always
    be the pace setter. I don't care what
    problems people may claim to have with lexus cars.
    I'm living the lexus experience every day. I know
    what it's like and why it's the best.
    what about you guys?

    good point John!!

    anybody test drive the new IS300 yet? I think
    I will try to get it as a loaner the next time
    I take my car in for service. I wanna know what
    the "hype" is all about. My sister took her
    LX450 in and they loan her the IS300. she claimed
    it was exhilarating and the car was very
    energetic, almost like a teenager. I probably
    wouldn't like the noise and stiffness though.

    maybe the problem is with the speakers. did lexus
    replaced them with new ones?
    I never had a noise problem with mine so I couldn't tell you. it's just typical lexus which
    is best in class.

    one more thing, all lexus cars were produced the
    exact same way so if I don't have some of the
    major problems with mine like what others have
    claimed to have, I don't see why other lexus
    cars wouldn't be as reliable as mine, unless
    these cars were abused or frequently driven in
    bad road situations and not properly maintained.
  • tlswhiztlswhiz Posts: 19
    I'd make my decision based on the price and the mileage; if you're paying 5000 more for about 10K less miles on the '99 -- go with the '97 and reserve that money for something else that's important in your life. Cosmetically, they are the same -- minus the wheels and perhaps the added "blemishes" that a couple more years adds to a vehicle. However, if 5000 is buying your over 25K miles ... well, that's something to consider -- however .. I'd still go with the '97. If it's lexus certified, it should be certified up to 100K miles and .. is it 6 years from the date of orig. purchase.. giving you about .. 2.0 to 2.5 years and another .. well, what's left on the mileage?

    Just a thought --

    Wind noise -- you wanna know what else stinks about the frameless windows that not many people talk about??

    Well, when I used to take my '94 to the self-power wash, and if I directly sprayed water at the windows, I'd notice water dripping on the INSIDE of the windows and seaping into the leather wall of the door. As the rubber seals wear, so too does the pressure against that window. Thw wind noise, however, was worst from the left driver side mirror. There was always this high pitched, winy noise at highway speeds -- with or without crosswinds.

    pure luxury?
    many people who own and drive olds auroras and buicks say the same about their cars. I dunno if I can construe a "near luxury" to be "pure" luxury. But i respect it, and it is a smooth ride -- my '94 purred like a kitten at full throttle till the day we got rid of it.
  • tlswhiztlswhiz Posts: 19
    If I've experienced problems with my Lexus, it means (according to your wisdom) that:

    I've driven it regularly on poorly kept streets,
    I've abused it,
    And I've avoided routine maintenance...

  • you said:

    one more thing, all lexus cars were produced the
    exact same way so if I don't have some of the
    major problems with mine like what others have
    claimed to have, I don't see why other lexus
    cars wouldn't be as reliable as mine, unless
    these cars were abused or frequently driven in
    bad road situations and not properly maintained.

    Well, just like so many people claimed to have defective transmissions in Chrysler minivan and mine is at 103k miles and stills run like new. Just because the same cars are built at the same factory by the same robots does not mean that if one car go 80k miles before alternator goes that the same goes for other cars. There are always a few bad apples in every basket. maybe not the way of saying it but you get the point.
  • lievliev Posts: 93
    I had windnoise problem with my car. It's OK now. But I actually have wind coming in from outside, so I hear whistling as the wind comes in when I drive in windy weather. Is this the windnoise you're talking about or is it just the wind you hear when your car cut through the wind when it is moving forward?
  • tlswhiztlswhiz Posts: 19
    Ved's dealer has COMPLETELY brainwashed him...

    Uh oh, he's about to take out a second mortgage on the LS430!
  • jjachujjachu Posts: 2
    > I had windnoise problem with my car. It's OK now.
    > But I actually have wind coming in from outside, so I hear whistling as the wind
    > comes in when I drive in windy weather. Is this the windnoise you're talking about or is
    > it just the wind you hear when your car cut through the wind when it is moving forward?

    The noise happens when my ES300 move through cross winds. It is very quiet on normal drivings when there is no cross wind. The dealer refuse to do anything saying it is normal for ES300 for that door window design.

    I think that if it is normal, then it is a design flaw of ES300. If it is not normal, they should be able fix it. I just like to know if other ES300 owners have the same experiences.

    BTW, originally, around 1 months after we got the car, we went to a car wash and we did have some water leaked in. We took the car back to the dealer and they said they adjusted it. We have not gone through another car wash to see if it was fixed , though.
  • Hi folks,

    My 2000 Solara (which I think is as quiet as an ES300, and 10K cheaper) has frameless windows. On calm days it's just fine. A good cross wind and I get the same wind noise. The wind noise is the only real quibble that I have with the Solara. I was going to buy a Mercedes C320 but I am strongly leaning towards the new ES300. With the new ES300 having window frames I think it will be a perfect, comfortable, reliable, wind and rain free car. I just wish we could find out what it will look like.
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