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Lexus ES 300/ES 330



  • hunter001hunter001 Posts: 851
    The 99 TL came with a 4-speed (with sportshift) and the EPA rated it at 19/27 city/hwy. The 2000 TL onwards, it has been a 5-speed Automatic with sportshift and is EPA rated at 19/29 city/hwy. The more powerful TL-s (which shares the same 5-speed transmission)is also rated at the same mileage by the EPA.

    In the regular 40%city/60%hwy commute of mine, my 2000 TL returns 22-25mpg depending on how aggressive I was with the throttle. In all-highway trips with speeds ranging from 65-90mph, the car nets around 32mpg. On a certain all-highway trip with the speed kept at a steady 70mph (which I rarely do), the car returned 36mpg,which is phenomenal for such a large car with a powerful V6 engine.

  • jmw4jmw4 Posts: 67
    My 2001 ES gets about 19 in suburban driving and 27 on the highway with regular gas. I used to put premium in the TL and got about the same combo of mileage. The 2002 ES will be considerably more expensive than a TL. I also know that the new ES is overall an upgraded version than my 2001 ES. Having owned both cars, I would save the money and buy the TL. Acura gives all the service perks of Lexus and for my experience charges Honda service prices. The new Lexus is quieter and a little more luxurious than the TL but the TL is not bad either in this area and faster and more fun to drive. I have yet to have a mechanical problem with either vehicle in 4 years of driving. I wish the same could be said for my trailblazer but thats a subject for another site.
  • gambiamangambiaman Posts: 132
    I have a 00 ES300 and a 01 RX300 and I have Toyota do the oil changes at 5K intervals. I did have the 15K done at Lexus for both and each cost about $200 and were mainly inspections (did replace wiper blades-about $20 worth). The only maintenance from now on that I plan to have done at Lexus is the 30K intervals. Maybe 45K or 50K since that is getting near end of warranty. Toyota said they could not do 30K for RX. Don't know about ES since I did not ask but may get same answer. Something about using different fluids. Toyota also said they did not recommend brake fluid replacement which is a specific requirement on the RX at 30K and I think the ES at 30K. ES has only 15k so haven't really starting reading requirements for the 30K service.
  • micalenemicalene Posts: 7
    Tuesday we picked up the new ES at JM Lexus in Margate Fl. near Fort Lauderdale. It is black with a black pearl trim kit (actually dark graphite grey) and it looks great. (Am looking into having the door handles and license plate holder also done in black pearl if I can find out where).Got a great deal on this car with the premium pkg. and trim kit. I can't say how much, but they were totally competitive with the Dallas area dealer, and the only one that I found in the deep southeast to do so. Contact Sydney Culver at She is a gem to work with and the dealership is probably the best Lexus dealer that I have experienced. The new ES is really a fantastic car.
  • tk_dettk_det Posts: 21
    02ES300 with about 2500 miles. I get about 22 mph which includes city and xway commuting. Yesterday I filled the tank up, reset the info settings and the first driving I did was a 30 mile freeway drive at about 75 mph. Avg mpg was 26 and rising when I finished my trip. Hope this helps
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    Congrats on the car. I've never been to JM Lexus, but I've heard their dealership is incredible. They are the largest volume Lexus dealer in the country.
  • sliangsliang Posts: 50
    My ES now has 3K miles, the average mileage is around 23.5 mpg, and I have been doing 50/50 city and freeway driving. The car is just running smoother each day.
  • lexus_onelexus_one Posts: 22
    My driving consists of 70% hwy 30% city mileage averaging 27mpg. Service costs 55.00 including complete cleaning, pickup and delivery. They leave a loaner that I am allowed to use if required.
  • jmw4jmw4 Posts: 67
    gambiaman: $200 for a 15,000 inspection sounds good in comparison to my dealer's $300. I have found that some Toyota dealers will do all the Lexus maintenance and some will only take on oil changes and other similar maintenance. I will also try do have as much done at Toyota as possible since the cost averages about 35% less.
  • gdb55gdb55 Posts: 14
    I've seen several posts refer to a "processing" or "documentary" fee ranging from $189 to $489 when purchasing a new ES300. What is this fee supposed to represent? Is it negotiable as being just an item of extra profit, or is this an actual expense incurred by the dealer?
  • kreativkreativ Posts: 299
    Maybe it varies by state. The document fee for purchase of a new Lexus was $45 for my friend and I (from different dealers in soCal).
  • gambiamangambiaman Posts: 132
    Both the dealers in my area charge a "processing fee", one $399 and the other $499. I think it is just additional profit. One dealer wants to add it on the top and the other included it in the out the door price. With all the profit they are already making I think it is ridiculous to add on another 400 or 500 hundred dollars.
  • kreativkreativ Posts: 299
    Here were the charges outside of the price of the car and sales tax:

    Document Preparation Fee (not a governmental fee): $45
    State fees (In Cali, the dealer takes care of registering the car. Plates are sent by mail to the car owner.) -
    License Fees: $260
    California Tire Fee: $5

    My window sticker shows a "Delivery, Processing, and Handling fee" of $575, but that is almost always assumed to be included in the negotiated price of the vehicle (since it's part of the "sticker price"). If you settle on a price and then they tack on a "processing fee", that's just their way of getting some more money out of you.
  • rtorrecartorreca Posts: 74
    i took delivery of my blue onyx es300 (with prem pkg, hid, wood steering wheel, vsc ) yesterday.

    All my friends love it. Wife is very happy, but me - not so much. I wish I could return the damn thing.

    Not as quiet as I originally thought when I test drove it 3 times 3 weeks ago. The tires on my car is Michelin xv4 - same as the accord coupe I traded in. These tires are noisy!

    Also noticed some rattles on the passenger side on some roads - roads that aren't even that rough. Sort of disappointed to hear 1 hour after picking up vehicle.

    I am not happy at all with the transmission. Acceleration is weak and the shifting is not smooth. Even though this car has 10 more horses than my previous accord, it does not have the same passing power as the accord - takes too long to downshift and can feel it shifting. Not quick off the line either.

    Another thing - steering wheel. The reset and mode buttons are useless. Why couldn't they just make it a skip and volume buttons for the cd?

    In retrospect, I decided to buy this car because IMHO, it is the best in the entry-level luxury class. Acura TL: rattles; Infiniti: feels cheap; Benz and BMW: overpriced. I settled for the es300 because I can't afford a BMW 330xi (325xi is underpowered).

    Sorry for the long post... I had to vent.
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 854
    Did any of you ES300 owners consider the Mazda Millenia when you were looking for your automobile? Supposedly they are selling for about $7000 under MSRP which puts it around 22K. The base model includes all the goodies. They seem to be well-built according to reliability studies. I have not really seen one as of yet and have not driven one either. The engine(2.5L) might be a little small but that does not really bother me. Any comments?
  • parnolaparnola Posts: 140
    I believe this is the last year for the Millenia. I drove one a couple years ago and felt it was a bit unrefined. Nice car, just not in the class of the ES 300. If they are available at the price you mention (~$22k) then it may be a tempting alternative to a Camry or Accord.
  • jmainesjmaines Posts: 2
    I do not live in N.Carolina but purcrchase my cars there. I pay only my home state sales-title-tag cost, never any N.C. State fees, just the dealers own paperwork add-on fee.
  • sage5891sage5891 Posts: 9
    Have a '98 ES300 with 98,150 miles. Purchased as a CPO in Feb.'99. My right front wheel bearing was replaced a little over a year ago at 70,591 miles.
    Today, at an independent garage, while in for my NY state inspection, I'm told the same wheel bearing is 'shot'. There was some noticeable 'left to right wiggle' or play in the wheel.
    I called the local Lexus dealer and have an appointment @ 11 A.M. tomorrow (Tuesday). I told the service manager about the recent repair and felt that a bearing should last longer then 17,500 miles and some 13 months. Normal warranty on this part, I'm told, is 12 months/12,000 miles. As an added twist, my 3 yr/100,000 mile warranty expired about a month ago. Talk about timing. Assuming the bearing needs replacing, I was told by the service manager that they would 'work out a deal'. To you Lexus experts out there, what do you think an equitable deal should be? A no charge replacement, which is what I'm obviously hoping for; or,some sort of shared cost responsibility?
    Finally, what would would cause 2 bearings on the same wheel to go bad? I'm told that this is very unusual.
  • bexleybexley Posts: 10
    Okay, I finally did it, I made the purchase of a 2002 Lexus ES300 in Garnet (looks black in the dark, purplish in the light...nice color), w/ all options (except for the power sunshade). Got it for around $37k out the door. Originally, I hadn't planned on getting the Navigation system or the Mark Levinson, but one listen to the ML system and I was hooked. So far, I'm more than impressed with the car. I picked up the car (Good!) Friday evening, and I've really had the chance to drive it through the weekend. I already have taken several family members and friends out in vehicle, and they are absolutely impressed as well. My inlaws thought that the car must sell in the $50k range, and now everybody wants one. (they're thinking about trading in their Infiniti QX4 already), and I took some family friends out who are going for the ES300 after the lease ends on their Avalon.
    My wife and I really struggled between the Acura TL (which is a very fine car), the Mercedes C320 (which is also a fine car, but pricer). In the end the Lexus won us over, and we just couldn't justify picking the two other cars over it. Here are my impressions:
    Ride: Smooth as my other car the LS400. I went for the AVS suspension, and that's a real treat. Dial in sport, and it handles equal to the Acura TL, set to comfort, and its got the ride of the LS400. So smooth, you almost seeks out bumps to drive over just to feel the car soak them up. The handling is there, especially in sport mode, but this is no sport sedan and does not like to be rushed.
    Acceleration: Average, I guess I'm use to the power surge in my LS400, but this is no V8. After driving the car for awhile, I realize that it has plenty of power, it just doesn't seem to go very fast because its so smooth. Mash the gas pedal, and you're at 40 so smoothly. I only wish the car had alittle more power for highspeed highway passing.
    Transmission: A slight disappointment. The 5-speed is great to have for a smooth quiet ride with very good fuel economy (I've gotten average 25mpg in a mixed city/highway travel). Upshifts are smooth and go unnoticed. Come out of a turn, and accelerate and the car hestitates before downshifting. You really need to dip into the pedal to create a downshift. It's nothing major, and really my only quibble with the car.
    Interior: Creamy, buttery leather (I've only felt leather better in the highest end Jaguars). Beautiful wood finish throughout the interior and steering wheel. I really like the combination of the dark exterior with the ivory interior. Also, I've noticed that Lexus has included leather on all door panels and door handles (a nice touch not seen in competition). The navigation system is a real toy, and seems to draw the most attention from guests. The 3D instrument gauges are a Lexus trademark, and serve the car well, however they slightly wash out with polarized sunglasses.
    Stereo: If you are considering purchasing this vehicle, the Mark Levinson system is a must! It beats out the Nakamichi in the previous LS400. I honestly, am whipping out old CD's to listen to in the system, just to hear new instruments and vocal quality that have not been heard (not even in my Bose Acoutimass home unit!). ML is the best audio system on the market, period.
    Dealership: The nicest and most professional sales staff. Lexus goes above and beyond the call of duty. My wife received a bouquet of flowers today thanking us for the purchase, you just can't beat Lexus customer service.

    Overall, I love the car if you haven't already figured out. The funny thing is that the car is for my wife! That means I won't be driving it much :( Maybe she'll let me drive it, and she can have my LS400. I know I'm praising the Lexus, but I'm now the converted, do yourself a favor if considering this market, and test drive the car for yourself, if you're like'll be very satisfied.

  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 854
    Congratulations on the new car. I too am considering between the TL and the ES300 but there is a 6K difference here. Do you feel it is justified? How does the TL compare to the ES300? What was MSRP on your vehicle? It sounds like you got a good deal but I do not know the details such as sales tax, MSRP, etc.
    Please keep us informed as to mpg, problems, etc. as the miles roll on. Where do you live? Thanks again for sharing your buying experience.
  • cwdavis1cwdavis1 Posts: 31
    Thanks for that fine writeup. It is what I needed to hear to make my final decision. I have been vacillating between the Infiniti G-35 (which is loaded with power but less refined) and the ES 300 which I have been very impressed with but it is more expensive. I can get a loaded G-35 with Nav. for about 34K and it sounds like a similarly equipped ES 300 would run $37K.
  • kreativkreativ Posts: 299
    Have you driven both the G35 and ES300 already? The rides are quite different between these two cars. The G35 has more of an IS-like feel to it (in quality of ride and interior appointments), which is what most ES buyers don't want.
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    kreativ makes an excellent point about the G35 vs. ES 300.

    One reason I'd take the ES 300 over the G35 is the interior. I'm in no way knocking the G35 as it seems like a great car for those who want a sportier ride.

    But most of my driving is done around town, not the race track. And the ES 300 interior is simply a treat to be in. The G35's interior, on the other hand, seems no different than many other cars.

    The May Car & Driver tests the G35, and they question the interior also. They say "the whole interior is odd" with some cheap parts. They finish by saying the interior "takes not one styling cue from the accepted Euro-conservative idea of a sport-luxury interior."

    Again, I don't want to take anything away from the G35 because it has a different mission than the ES 300. But the G35 interior reminds me of my old Honda Prelude with leather added, whereas the ES 300 makes me feel like I'm in an LS 430.
  • Hi I'm in the market for an ES300 within the next few weeks. What kind of deals are people getting in Houston? They don't seem to be willing to budge past the MSRP.
    I even emailed Park Plaza Lexus in Dallas and may have to resort to that...

  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    While sales numbers do not mean much to a person buying a car, and many factors affect sales (such as production rates), it is interesting to note how well the new ES 300 is selling. The numbers for March, along with some other similarly-priced cars:

    6440 - Lexus ES 300
    5918 - Acura TL
    5831 - Mercedes C-Class (includes wagons and coupes)
    5460 - BMW 3-Series (sedans only; 325i/325xi/330i/330xi)
    4037 - Audi A4
    2730 - Infiniti I35
    2147 - Infiniti G35 (on sale as of 3/11)
    2003 - Audi A6

    The buying public seems to really like the ES 300.
  • cwdavis1cwdavis1 Posts: 31
    First, thanks lenscap and kreativ for your comments. I have test driven both the G-35 and Lexus extensively and every time I come out enjoying the Lexus. So today I went to my local dealer to "deal" and I wanted to order the Blue Onyx Pearl with light charcoal interior. They said they can get black or ivory leather but they still have someone waiting over 6 months for a blue with the light charcoal. What gives here? Has anyone received a blue onyx with light charcoal? I do want one loaded with Nav and ML sound and they did offer to give me $3K off sticker but they said they just are not getting any in stock with the light charcoal and blue ext. Your thoughts please. Thanks.
  • modvptnlmodvptnl Posts: 1,352
    Your post sounds exactly like my experience....even the same color!!! I did get the rear shade, though.

    Unlike some people that have sought out units without the NAV, I insisted on it. Not only is it a cool conversation piece but it has actually found destinations for us that we may still be looking for..j/k!!!

    Except for a few minor annoyances, the wife and I still enjoy the ES.

    Glad you like yours.
  • kreativkreativ Posts: 299
    Is the ABS "clunk" still getting on your nerves?
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    The reason the dealer is telling you a six month wait is that is based on the cars he expects to be in his allocation.

    If the blue/grey combo is rare, what you need to do is special order your car. The order is customized the way you want and sent to the zone manager and then on to Japan. The car is made specifically for you and put into your dealer's allocation. The dealer will ask for either a $500 or $1000 deposit.

    I did this with my car because I wanted the AVS and they do not make that option available in my area. The process takes anywhere from 90-120 days. I got my car in about 100 days.

    Hope this helps. Good luck.
  • taralctaralc Posts: 1
    Hi, I have a 2001 Lexus ES300 and I noticed that when I drive for long periods of time and then I brake there is somewhat of a grinding sound, my friend has a 2001 GS 300 and his brakes are the same way....they said that it was "normal" ....anyone else experience this??
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