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Mazda MPV



  • subearusubearu Posts: 3,613
    You aren't kidding. I've searched for an MPV ES with 4 seasons, roof rack, moonroof, and fogs and can't find one with a moonroof in our area. Wait, I did find one, but it didn't have the fogs or was it the rack?

    So, what brand is your moonroof? Do you have the roof rack also?

  • sd1228sd1228 Posts: 46
    Dealers (and hence car companies) prefer that
    consumers have as less information as
    possible about cash rebates so that it works in
    dealers' advantage while negotiating.
    (They rather advertize low APR deals for which
    not everybody qualifies)
    Thats the reason they don't have it up on mazda
    usa website.
    But if you call their 800 number, they will give
    you all the information about it.
    (I talked to them last week )
    Also check They list this rebate
    when they quote their price.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Sounds like an insidious conspiracy. Holy Cow! ;-)

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  • vvgvvg Posts: 10
    The dealer here in MA told me the customer cash incentive was $1,500. They have been very square in all dealings, so perhaps it is $2,000 in some regions and $1,500 in others.

    I am still hoping someone can give me some feedback on when 2003 MPV's will start hitting the lots.
  • joeyi_sysjoeyi_sys Posts: 3
    I just picked up my '02 Sunlight Silver ES w/moonroof and every possible option...couldn't find a silver one with foglights so the dealer installed them...they look and feel factory installed. The DVD was installed by a 3rd party...the same set up as dave234...player under the passenger seat. The moonroof does not pose a problem in terms of crowding the roof since the MPV has such headroom. In fact, through the autodimming mirror (dealer installed), you can't even see the miniconsole housing the screen...only when the screen is active (obviously)...I am still waiting for my rear spoiler and bug deflector...supposedly on a national backorder.
  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    Hot enough for you? 109 in the shade today?!? My sister called to say that her car overheated. I told her it's b/c she has a Saturn, lol! Ahhh, and I'm enjoying 60s/70s, sipping a Corona..., I mean, working, I mean, toiling on the lawn. I wonder how well the a/c on the MPV would handle temps above 100F. :)
  • joeyi_sysjoeyi_sys Posts: 3
    The incentive was quite deal was around a couple hundred over invoice and 0% APR for 48 months w/deferred payment option until 2003. Take advantage of the $500 college graduate and haggle out of the document prep fees and such...
    Good Luck!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Yeah, but the humidity is only 8% :-) And the paint dries fast (I have about 3 years worth of painting left to do around here, then I'll get to start over -- kind of like the Golden Gate Bridge).

    Just think, if you lived in "America" you could drive that MPV to the state capital. (I know - really stretching for content). Is Tony coming to town for the Governor's Conference btw? They're giving them all free SUVs to drive all week.

    How about a troubleshooting link for your sister? Air Conditioning

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  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    I wonder how well the a/c on the MPV would handle temps above 100F.

    As tested in the CA and NV deserts, just fine as long as you have rear air.
  • bjohnson71bjohnson71 Posts: 33
    Where are you seeing the 60 months 0% interest on
  • smarssmars Posts: 32
    My LX with 4 seasons is in (ordered from the port in Jacksonville), and I went to pick it up today. I test drove it first, and there are a couple of problems. There's a definate vibration on braking, not just hard braking, but any braking. It even causes the steering wheel to shake. There's also a shimmy at around 60 - 70 mph. This could easily be a tire out of balance or round, but I'm more concerned with the brake problem. Could the rotors be warped new from the factory? They said they would check it out, fix the problems, and call me back Monday.
  • subearusubearu Posts: 3,613
    man, I swear I saw 0% for 60months last night on mazda's site. In fact, that page looks a bit different now, like they reworded it. SHould have printed it, darn it!

    went looking anyway tonight - ES with 4 seasons, cd changer, moonroof, and roofrack for $27,400. the 60 months is at 4.9% and you get $1000 rebate. so, after all that, our out the door price would be $25,900 with our Saturn and $1725 (loan payoff). (we left w/o the van)

    Only got that price after haggling for 1.5 hours. Boy is that frustrating!

  • once_for_allonce_for_all Posts: 1,640
    Hey all,

    Anybody else overwhelmed by the prospect of searching this board for that info that didn't seem important 6 months ago but now is on the front burner? I guess I should have bookmarked it... oh well..

    Steve, how about it? I suspect a monumental task, but it would be nice to have a table of contents or a search specific to the MPV board...with 3,700 ++ postings, we end up reposting because it takes too long to skim through the last 1,000 postings.

    I will be needing to find the scoop on changing the cabin air filter (wasn't it behind the glove box?) and the k&n filter didn't it improve mileage?

    Just glad we have a forum,

  • basurfbasurf Posts: 42
    real hot and real humid here...all of the time...the van is still very new but so far so good...I will say that after running for a while the AC makes a real loud noise when the compressor turns on (low or something maybe don't know really).

    The one complaint about the van so far is the cruise control is terrible. Our highway has a strip then an overpass a strip then an overpass and so on and so forth. The van will go into high gear right at the top of the overpass then ont he way down at the bottom let off of the gas too much and then at the top again go into high gear so on and so forth...its timing is just terrible. I imagine it would work ok on flat highway.

    Otherwise, great so far!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    I'm not supposed to say anything, so keep it to yourself, but there is a beta test going on of an improved search engine. Roll out will depend on the tech people deciding whether the searches will take the whole site down or not. So keep your fingers crossed.

    Meanwhile, I can do a specific search for you if need be, but no guarantees, and if word gets out and I get swamped with requests, I'm deleting this entire thread :-)

    Usual disclaimers too!

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  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    Steve, I believe Uncle Tony is going to the conference. Did you hear Senator Frank is running for Gov and Stevens is retiring? There dries up our well.

    Malt, Thx, I was stretching for content. Might just be in your 'hood in November delivering Mochavan to the s.i.l. (Impending '03 purchase...).
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Didn't know Uncle Ted was quitting - gonna get lean up there:-)

    We still show no incentives for my zip code on the MPV.

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  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    We have seen a few MPV's with the vibration, which is part of the braking issue you mentioned...

    For some reason the new tires on the MPV get flat spots during the long ride from japan and sitting at the port. So far, after driving the car for a hundred miles or so works the problem out itself. Also, check tire pressure in all tires.

    Only a few have come in actually out of balance. FYI:...The MPV requires a special balancing machine that most independant repair shops can not afford.

    Don't sweat the problem it's not a real problem...enjoy your van.
  • danandkatdanandkat Posts: 67
    If I am not mistaken, Mitsubishi is offering 0% for 60 months with no payments for the first year. Could that be where the confusion comes from??? Though if Mits does this, others may do similar. We can only hope. danandkat
  • tboner1965tboner1965 Posts: 647
    Or just the 17" wheels. Many shops cannot handle large wheels on the balance machine.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    The Return of 0 Percent

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  • owr084owr084 Posts: 46
    Audia8q -

    You wrote "Only a few have come in actually out of balance. FYI:...The MPV requires a special balancing machine that most independant repair shops can not afford."

    Just what kind of tool is that? Aren't rims all the same or did Mazda do something special? I have the 17" rims. Can they be handled at the local NTB/NTW?

  • evaddaveevaddave Posts: 156
    Is 0% financing really equal to zero? At first glance, you'd think yes, but here's some fine print that I lifted from Chrysler's 0% deal:
    *On select vehicles. Financing for qualified buyers. 0% APR/60 month financing = $17.05 per month per $1,000 financed for qualified buyers with 10% down.

    So, what's that? 0% = $17.05/month/$1000??????
    Okay $17.05 * 12 = $204.60 per year, which is just over 2%!

    How can they call this 0% financing? Is there a $1000 loan application fee? (5 years * $205.60 ~= $1000)

    Other companies seem to be similar, too. What's the deal with these offers? Can anyone out there lend some help?

  • canielcaniel Posts: 28
    Finally took the plunge and traded our 2000 LX in for a 2002 LX. (I called the Mazda 800 number and they said there is $2000 CUSTOMER cash on all MPV's in ALL regions of the country - so don't let any dealers tell you otherwise!) We got a Coastal Blue LX with Security, 4 seasons, step plate, roof rack, and floor mats for the following:

    22609 Invoice
    + 300 (profit)
    -2500 (rebates, 2000 cash and 500 in grad school)
    -13,813 for trade-in (2000lx w/security, rear air, step plate, roof rack and 39,650 miles)

    We financed through (highly recommended - it's frightening how simple it was! for 6.25%!)

    With no cash out of pocket, we walked away with payments of only $5.00 a month difference.

    The power of the new engine is astonishing in comparison to the 2.5litre. We are very happy!

    Zoom! Zoom!

    Oh, one final thing. The dealerships still haven't figured out that they ship the MPV's with about 50psi's in the tires. I drove the vehicle home and let the air out down to 35 psi! We had the same problem with our 2000. You'd think they could get that right two years later!

    Bought the vehicle at Dean Patterson Mazda in Altoona Pennsylvania. Jim Sherry was the salesman. Very professional and not pushy.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Sounds like a question to pose on the Finance/Warranty/Insurance Board. Anyone?

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  • subearusubearu Posts: 3,613
    on that Midnight Blue ES this afternoon. Should pick it up Wednesday (soonest we can arrange our schedules to get down there).

    Took the 4.9%/60 months and the $1000 rebate. Checking Edmunds TMV and Cardirect show $27,255 and $28,435 respectively, so I think we did alright.

  • traubejotraubejo Posts: 5
    Question from minivan shopper wanting to do some beach camping en route to the in-laws without having to pitch a tent (checked out a VW Eurovan MV the other day. Not so practical for everyday, but loved the interior space and 3rd row that converts to a bed) Have any of you tried camping (sleeping comfortably) in your MPVs? Were you able to find spots for 2 adults and 2 wee, little children without having to throw all your gear on the roof?

    I assume the easiest way would be to leave the two second-row seats at home, strap the kids in the back; then fold down the third seat and inflate an air mattress to cover the tracks. But then when you get to Grandma and Grandpa's there's not enough room for everyone.

    Or, could you keep all seats in, fold them all forward and span them with an air mattress? That should leave you with the rear luggage well and usable floor space.

    I know somebody out there has to have tried this. Thanks.
  • evaddaveevaddave Posts: 156
    Thanks for the pointer, Steve. I created a new topic over in Finance/Warranty/Insurance. Here's a link to the first message, which will look very familiar to those people who read it here first. :)

    evaddave "0% Financing Not Really Zero?" Jul 14, 2002 12:23am
  • once_for_allonce_for_all Posts: 1,640
    Thanks Steve for your offer to do a search. Will let you know when I need the info.

    After 1,100 miles on my fourth tank of gas: 20.9 mpg combined, 8 hours at 79 mph with ac full time, 6 passengers most of time. Rest of mileage country driving with a stop every 2-3 miles.

    Still driving like a dream. Cruise control worked fine accept for annoying downshift last 3-4 mph when resume is engaged with 10 mph or more left. Annoying downshift kicks rpms up to 5,000. Seems useless. Now I do resume only when about 3-4 mph left to make up and no downshift occurs.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    My SO and I lived out of our '99 Quest for 10 months. We threw away one bench seat and stashed the other bench in a storage closet. Even so, it would have been a huge hassle trying to make room among the stuff we were hauling to sleep inside it. Granted we carried 2 bikes inside plus canoeing gear in addition to the more usual tent stuff, cooler, etc.

    In your scenario, you'll going to be awfully tight on room for gear, luggage, diaper bags or whatever, whether you get an MPV or a big ol' Odyssey (or even a SUV). Unless you are a way more efficient packer that me :-)

    Have you considered pulling a pop-up trailer? That's the route my brother took with his minivan.

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