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Mazda MPV



  • evaddaveevaddave Posts: 156
    While I browse the Edmunds sits for just about everything automotive, for some reason the incentives section doesn't seem to get a lot of attention. I've had good luck finding info on incentives at I haven't followed up with a dealer to see if they are more accurate, but they seem to update more frequently (and the numbers are biggger, too!).
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Hi Javadoc - went camping in the "Sawteeth" last night so no idea if TH hiccupped. Apologies.

    Evaddave, thanks for the plug (I think, LOL). Here's the link:

    Incentives and Rebates If something looks "dated" or missing, please send a note to the data guys via the Feedback Form.

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  • calden3calden3 Posts: 11
    Hi group:

    I went a-vanning today, looking for a new car, focused on the Odyssey and a VW Passat. Of course the dealer pointed us towards an MPV and we really like it. What are people's experiences with snow driving? We have moderately snowy winters, about 55 inches a year, and have loved our dying 85 Toyota Tercel 4WD. I am apprehensive about getting a FWD car. Does the MPV handle as well in snow as the dealer claimed?

    Thanks in advance.

    Carlos Alden, June 30
  • once_for_allonce_for_all Posts: 1,640
    Have had our 02 MPV LX with security, luxury, rear ac, 4 seasons, roof rack, and step bumper for 3 weeks now ($23,665). Been waiting for something bad to report so I didn't sound like a Mazda salesman, but can't find any...

    This machine is awesome. We took it for a spin 6000 feet up the hill on a 105 degree day full ac, never budged the temp gauge nor did anyone push me into the turnout (first time ever).

    The MPV handles and drives like a dream. The 16" Dunlops stick on curves like the dw on a cold winter night. I finally had to let up when my 9-year old said he was getting a little sick. Awww.... The tranny and engine are dialed in, I love the way the computer matches the engine torque and holds the tranny in one gear without the back and forth shifting...Engine has no dead spots, just revs smooth, quiet, and powerful to 4000 rpm (nothing more yet, still breaking it in) Nice touch with the front drink holder having a neat little cell phone compartment...

    Sorry, no problems to report :). No stinky exhaust, no rack noise at 80 mph, very little road noise. I do have the "wedge" as some have put it. Wiper control still confusing, I bumped it one time and managed to activate everything before I could shut it off. TCS worked great, I thought I would spin tires going uphill in soft dirt.. but nothing, just like a good dream...
  • canielcaniel Posts: 28
    I can't find any incentive/rebate sites that confirm what I've read here among my fellow MPV friends. We have a 2000lx and would love to go for a 2002 lx, but I've got to get the skinny on the rebates/incentives. Edmunds site is not helpful, unfortunately. Any information anyone?
  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    The MPV handles like any other fwd vehicle in the snow.... as in very nicely. The decent ground clearance of the van is great when you have a heavy snowfall. With 55" a year of snow, I'd be suggesting dedicated winter (studded or studless) tires, b/c all-seasons just don't cut the mustard in serious winter conditions (imho).

  • beachnutbeachnut Posts: 291
    ... since he lives in Alaska. Hey doc, I didn't know that the other 8 people up there drove MPV's too! Did they show up for the BBQ? =)

    Once_for_all: Glad to hear you're enjoying your new MPV! I would certainly hope that you'd have no problems in 3 weeks ;-), but it's good to hear someone say they don't have the Stinky!
  • sd1228sd1228 Posts: 46
    Ignore my earlier question about incentives.
    I called mazda and this is the info I got :

    2000$ cash back with no financing or
    1000$ cash back with mazda credit financing
    Just found this out from mazda toll free number
    for cust service.
    The rep mentioned that this is for ALL regions.
    Valid from 6/28 to 9/3 (though he said that it
    could change without notice)
  • bean3422bean3422 Posts: 183
    The person that told you that putting 225/60 R16 tires on instead of 215/60 R 16 tires voiding your warranty has fed you a load of *&$*#. If you really want to be safe, you can contact Mazda and ask that question, but I have change tire sizes on all of my vehicles and never had a warranty issue. The only thing to watch is a more than 3% diameter difference, because that can affect ABS, and other sensors. But all modern manufacturers build a certain amount of tire size tolerance in their vehicles. Personally, I would go with the RE950 in the 225/60 size. Just remember, it will be about .5-1% bigger, so the speedometer will register 1 mph or so faster than it actually says. (Which will probably not be a problem, since most cars register higher than the actual speed anyway. Their little way of helping us avoid tickets!!)
  • owr084owr084 Posts: 46
    I just received an e-mail from K&N today. They now stock a filter for the 2002 MPV. From their web page:

    Search Results: You Searched For:

    1 Matches Found (displaying 1 to 1)
    Model Engine Product Part No Comments
    MPV 3.0L V6 F/I K&N Air Filter 33-2177-1 All

  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    See, same filter as for the 2.5L. :-)

  • tbcreativetbcreative Posts: 357
    Tires aren't covered under the manufacturer warranty, anyway, right? So, I agree with Bean3422, go with the bigger tires! You probably won't notice any difference in your speedometer with that little of a change in diameter anyway. I went from 235/75R15 tires to 30" x 9.50" BFG All-Terrains on my Jimmy and when I've passed by the free-standing radar displays they put up as a deterrent, my speedo was still exactly matched, as it was before I changed tires. And that was a difference of about 1.5" of additional diameter.

    Just about all the tires they put on our stock vehicles are usually smaller than the vehicle's maximum capacity, mainly for EPA efficiency rating reasons, but it's also due to contracts manufacturers have with tire companies. They tend to get by with the minimum on the base models and offer upgrades for the more up-scale models, but still may not be the biggest or best tire you can get. If you get a good quality tire, made of good materials, with a good tread life, you should be able to get whatever size you want up to the maximum allowed by your wheel well, and sacrifice nothing, except maybe a little in fuel economy if you go with a really wide tire (more friction).
  • danandkatdanandkat Posts: 67
    But wouldn't a wider tire be more likely to hydroplane?

    Sorry, everybody--I couldn't resist! ;<)

  • dave234dave234 Posts: 7
    Won't pick it up until Friday, but just bought a 2002 LX with security, luxury, 4 seasons, rear A/C, rear spoiler, roof rack, rear bumper step and dealer installed moonroof and dvd (Audiovox) for $24,500, before taxes/license.

    Odometer has 2 miles on it! Am looking forward to putting on many more.

    Thanks everyone, for all your posts; the information was most helpful in the research and purchase process.

    Only downside was that general manager expected me to drive off the lot with it tonight and and come back to get the dvd and moonroof installed. Also wanted more than the $1000 deposit I offered. Started to get up and walk out and he relented.
  • basurfbasurf Posts: 42
    So is this if the dealer doesn't finance it or what?

    My credit union is cutting me a check and I am writing the dealer a check out of my bank account.

    That is if this dealer cares enough to even call me back.

    An update to my little issue...I called the dealer and told them I would go for the deal but nix the gap insurance and I am financing through my credit union. They still haven't figured out if they can cancel the previous paperwork. They never called me back today either. I told them I have a check coming for X and call me to let me know where we are on this deal. I suppose I will drive by there in the morning and see where we are on it. Sounds like everyone is getting a better deal than I did. Though I guess I have no deal at all until they actually sell me the car.

    I got LX, security, 4 seasons, luxury, rear ac and I tacked on rear bumper step plate and temp/comp mirror. $24,285.00

    There was a $1500 rebate on the previous deal as well.

    We shall see...I will keep everyone updated.

    One thing that worried me...they said they had to get this from another dealer and he estimated the mileage at 870 miles...that seems nuts to me for a new vehicle!
  • buyersoonbuyersoon Posts: 7
    I offered 13300$ for a 2000 MPV DX with 25K miles from a private seller- they agreed to the price. I was told it still has 1 yr or 11K miles left on the manufacturer's warranty (3yrs/36K). It has a clean title according to Carfax.

    However, warranties are tricky. Will Mazda dealers honor the warranty - I have no service records, I don't know if the previous owner used Mazda parts????

    Also, the people are not very nice! And, no rear air, no cruise. Any advice. I am really interested what will become of the warranty once I buy it? Plus, any 2000 DX owners out there with problems?

    Thanks alot.
  • basurfbasurf Posts: 42
    I started looking around at some other threads and 800 miles is truly insane...hopefully that guys estimate was just way high. I am thinking there is no way I would take this thing with 800 miles unless they did some serious discount on the price. Any thoughts?
  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    I'm confused. You said the dealer was installing the moonroof in your van? I wasn't aware that this was a dealer-installed item. I thought that moonroofs were built into the van on the assembly line, but I could be wrong.

  • subearusubearu Posts: 3,613
    Java: I think Dave is getting an aftermarket roof installed rather than the Mazda roof. And a DVD system too!

    re: 3653: if you're not satisfied with the condition (mileage included) of the vehicle BEFORE signing the final papers and handing over the cash/checks, DON'T! I personally wouldn't take a new vehicle with 800+ miles on it, unless that was disclosed up front (in this case it really wasn't) and then priced accordingly. You can take it for a test drive before signing - give it a good look over if you still want it. Are there any other dealers in the area? Maybe it's time to move onto a different dealer?

  • basurfbasurf Posts: 42
    no other mazda dealers in the area...however, doesn't mean I can't call or travel

    I am giving them one more chance today...going to go by the dealer. They still have not called me on it...very strange. It may only have 50 miles on it...who knows...this guy told me he was just estimating. If I get this one I am still very disapointed in this dealer and how the process went. Will find out for sure today. These guys are AutoNation too.
  • sd1228sd1228 Posts: 46
    From what I understood from mazda cust. service,
    2000 $ rebate in ONLY when there is NO dealer
    financing (mazda usa credit ?) involved.
    If you go for dealer finance option, rebate is
    Hope this clears your question.
  • sillyappasillyappa Posts: 9
    How soon after you bought the MPV did everyone change their engine oil for the first time? Did you take it to the dealer? I have close to 4000 miles and was wondering if it's time. Also, I have been reading posts about the rear view mirror with the temp. gauge and compass. How much does it cost for the dealer to install?
  • basurfbasurf Posts: 42
    ok thanks

    My sales guy just called finally and said the mpv would be ready at 16:00 today minus the accessories I wanted put on (the rear bumper step plate and the temp/comp mirror). He said they will put that on next week because of the holiday and they will give me a car while they work on it. I asked him how many miles it had on it and he said 380 miles. I asked him why it had so many miles and he says it was the drive from the other dealer to here (apparently they didn't put it on a truck...someone drove it least that is what they are saying).

    The funny thing is they initially told me they had to get the vehicle from Arizona. That is 1200 miles from here. After telling him that he said oh we found one at another city (which is about 280 miles from here). I don't understand all the lying going on.
  • subearusubearu Posts: 3,613
    No AutoNation's here in SE WI, but I guess that's a good thing.

    If they won't let you look over the vehicle and test drive it before handing over the cash, RUN from that dealer. If you're able to do that AND you're comfortable with the condition of the vehicle and mileage, then go for it.

    I probably would not have gone through on the deal. Do they still not have anything in stock that matches what you're looking for?

  • basurfbasurf Posts: 42
    nope nothing in stock...if I looked around I am sure I could find one (not here)...we are going to look the vehicle over very good before we take it...going by there around 1600 today...they should adjust the 50,000 mile warranty to the mileage right?

    thanks for all the feedback...I have to say last time around when I bought through the internet (carsdirect) it was much better than this experience...I will post how this all comes out as well
  • subearusubearu Posts: 3,613
    ...if it has 800+ miles like they originally said. The papers documenting the vehicle type and all should have the mileage indicated, also on the vehicle registration too.

  • gene888gene888 Posts: 1
    I think I may have waited too long to discover this great vehicle to get what I want this year. It's just my wife and I with occasional hauling of cargo and people, so we don't want or need rear A/C or automatic doors or other special packages. We just want an LX with floor mats, luggage rack, and a cassette added to the radio/CD. According to Edmunds TMV, we should be able to get that for $21,800 before taxes.

    We're flexible on colors but it looks like none of the dealers here in Virginia can get their hands on a model that doesn't have a lot of extras. Our 1993 Dodge Caravan can hang in there a few more months - but I hate to pass up the 0% financing deal being offered.

    So, two questions - 1) when can I get an '03 with the configuration I want? and 2) what are the odds of good dealer incentive packages from Mazda at the start of a model year?
  • sd1228sd1228 Posts: 46
    Does anybody have positive/negative comments
    about Austin/San Antonio area mazda dealers ?
    I am thinking of buying an MPV within a month or so.
    Also, I am debating if I should go for leather seats (i.e ES model)
    Does infant/toddler car-seat damage leather in any
    way ? Any experiences ?
  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    I usually put a thick bath towel down b/w the child seat and the leather, just as an extra layer. I've done this for years and my leather seats pop right back up... after a bit, w/o any tears and such. ymmv.

  • tbcreativetbcreative Posts: 357
    Gene888, I'm also anxiously awaiting the 2003s, but because my wife and I are hoping they'll add a nice red color to the lineup, and I'm curious about some things that may arrive for the next model year. But I've been battling the urge to take advantage of the 0% as well.

    I'm wondering if you've inquired about ordering what you want from the factory. If so, the fleet manager (the only person I deal with) should have some feedback on when the '03s will be kicking into production. Usually July is the month for changing model year production over at the factories, but since the 2002 MPV was a spring introduction, I'm wondering what Mazda's schedule is. The fleet manager may also have an feeling about whether or not the 0% will continue long enough for an ordered MPV to arrive.

    That can be a bit of a risk, though, and it may be too late to order a 2002. If that's true, then you should be able to get an order in for a 2003, but you run the risk of Mazda discontinuing the 0%.

    Does anyone have any idea about Mazda's financing and incentives beyond July 7th?

    A Mazda dealer here in Phoenix has about 3 or 4 stripped-down models that have the things you're looking for, if you want to take a little trip to the West! ;o)

    Good luck finding what you want!
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