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Honda Civic 2005 and earlier



  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    ...I don't know how anyone drives in our area [Sacto] without AC. I see people running around with windows down, but once it hits 95F, you might as well be camped in front of a hot stove.

    This is one reason why DX Hondas don't sell well around here - by the time you pay the dealer to add on the AC kit, you might as well have moved up to an LX and been done with it.

    Toyota has made AC standard now on the Corolla CE - this will be the trend from now on, even in the entry-level segment. Of course, the '94s were another story...
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,604
    You could be in Redding ! :)

    DX's don't sell well in Seattle either where it rarely hits 80.
  • alyssazmomalyssazmom Posts: 142
    I did not purchase the extended warranty when I bought my Honda Civic. I keep reading about a "Honda care" warranty that can be bought? Is that true? What does it entail? Is it worth the cost and what IS the cost? I plan to keep my Civic well after the 3 year/36,000 mile warranty expires and would like "back up" so to speak :)


  • jjpcatjjpcat Posts: 122
    In my 2k1 Civic manual, Honda says the A/C filters have to be replaced at 30k miles. I took the filters out today and they are very clean. My A/C is still working as new. I am wondering if there are problems if I don't follow this schedule.

    I didn't change the air filter for my 96 Accord at 30k miles as required by Honda. It was still clean when I sold the car at 47k miles and I didn't experience any engine problems. Maybe Honda is trying to be conservative.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    You can buy the extended warranty for any car, as long as the basic warranty has not expired.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    They say you should change them every 30K, but I guess there is no point if the filter is still clean. I guess you don't drive in many dirty areas. Right now on my car (2002 1.8T Jetta, 17K), the air filter needs to be replaced.
  • bjk2001bjk2001 Posts: 358
    Civic has pollen filter which is a set of two of them need to be replaced @ 30 K not air filter for your engine. Pollen filter for Civic lists @ $51.00. Dealer charges ~$75 bucks to replace them.


    Yes you can buy Honda care extended warranty. There are different years/miles and deductible options, it could go up to 7yrs/100kmiles./$0 deductible. Keep in mind Extended Warranty kicks in after Honda basic 3/36,000 warranty expires. For instance, if you bought 7/100,000 actually you buy 4 years and 64,000 miles. You could buy it from Any Honda Dealer in US.

    Here is what I saw for Honda Odyssey on Ody board, just give you some idea:

    7/100,000/0 $865
    6/100,000/0 $735
    5/100,000/0 $635
    7/75,000/0 $645
    6/75,000/0 $605
    5/75,000/0 $545
    5/60,000/0 $459
    4/60,000/0 $399

    I don't think you will need an extended warranty for a Honda Civic. Well I don't think you will need an extended warranty for a Honda period. I didn't buy it for either my Civic or Odyssey. Also, you could wait till 2 years/24,000 miles for your Civic to purchase it, after 2 years/24,000 miles you have to pay a "surcharge" like ~60 bucks.



    ps. I just helped an Internet bulletin board friend to purchase a Rudy Red 02 Civic EX 4 dr Auto without side air bag for $14,995. She also got door edge guard, mudguard and floormats free. These dealer installed options are already on, so dealer didn't take them off.
  • jjpcatjjpcat Posts: 122
    Yes, A/C filter is different from air filter. The later one is used to clean up the air getting into the engine. Honda says both filters have to be replaced at 30k miles.

    The funny thing is that in my 2k1 Civic, the air filter is very dirty while the A/C filters look like new. Could it because I don't use A/C that much? Someone on this board said the air filter has oil on it and that make the filter look really dirty.

    Ben, thanks for the info on the price. Is there a cheaper way to get the A/C filters than going to the dealer?
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    I don't own a Civic but enjoy reading this board since i did consider one about ayear ago. I found the recent discussion regarding the A/C quite amusing. I live in Eastern PA where we have had our share of high 80-low 90 degree weather with extremely high humidity. So A/C has been a must. It seems that some people expect that as soon as you turn your A/C on freezing cold air is suppose to come out and that is simply not the case, esp. if it is hot and humid outside. It takes time for the compressor to cool the air down and yes the compressor does work better when the car is running rather then idling (same as your engine). I wouldn't sweat the A/C. (yes a pun on words) It probably is working fine. Also the new refrigerant, 134c, does not get as cold as the older refrigereant used in pre-1994 cars.

    Enjoy your Civics.
  • bjk2001bjk2001 Posts: 358

    There are a few Internet dealers selling them at a better discount than your local dealer (typical local dealer gives u 15% part coupon in the mail), just name a few:


    H and A is the only one has price listed on its website $39.30. H and A and Partcheap are in Northern Calif which are closer to you but you have to pay Ca sales Tax of course shipping and handling.

    hondaprts4u and Hondacuraworld are out of Ca so no sales tax. also hondaacuraworld charges $2.00 handling per order only. You may have to call them and find out which one gives best deal.


  • gasguzzgasguzz Posts: 214
    I don't think that the expectation is that you get cold air as soon as you turn on the AC, that simply defies common sense. What is being pointed out here is that the compressor cycles too often, an effect caused by small engine displacement/ecu and thank you EPA.
    With the family minivan, I can reset the fan down to its lowest speed in some 5 minutes. How... First, the v6/ecu allows the compressor to cycle longer. Also, the AC has front/rear evaporators (which is the sub-system that actually cools the vehicle).
    In short, it's the nature of the beast.
  • mtyfmtyf Posts: 19
    I was just wondering about how it affects the warranty when you install things yourself (or have it done at e.g. an electronics store), such as a CD player or keyless entry? does it nullify anything?

    also, does anyone have a recommendation for a dealer/salesperson in the LA area, I might be looking to do some wheeling and dealing soon. why would you recommend them?

  • bjk2001bjk2001 Posts: 358
    DIY! If you do it right it will not affect your warranty, if you messed things up you are on you own.

    Check weekend LA times.
  • bigkahunaflbigkahunafl Posts: 128
    Has anyone bought a trunk tray for a 2001/2 EX? Was wondering how you liked it.
  • alyssazmomalyssazmom Posts: 142
    I haven't read a single post since Jan. 2002 that stated that the poster expected instant cold air. I have read and posted myself that the a/c NEVER gets cold as was confirmed last week by my service dept. I have a leak in my coolant system and was told that the Civic's are coming off the Ohio production line with a lot less coolant than normal. So if your a/c is not getting cold, add freon and that should fix it. I will be taking my car back next Tuesday to have the leak located and sealed.

  • bjk2001bjk2001 Posts: 358

    We bought one from hondaparts4u. Love it, keep the trunk clean when you transport stuffs. Highly recommend to get one.


    My daughter's EX A/C is not cold as our Ody EX or Toyota Avalon, I drove it a few times and tried to check out her A/C but my trip was too short to really let it cool down. It works so so. Car gets cool but not cold cold. Since ours is made in Japan hope we don't have a leak in the system. I am curious what kind of improvement will you get after they fix your A/C system. Let me know, thanks! BTW it's not Freon 12 (CFC) any more due to O zone problem it's HCFC 134A I think.
    [non-permissible content removed] luck,

  • gasguzzgasguzz Posts: 214
    The Ody and Avalon are v6s with higher capacity compressors. The Ody also has dual evaporators.
  • gasguzzgasguzz Posts: 214
    Yes, it will affect SPECIFIC warranties.
    On CD... if you touch a single speaker wire - your system is warranty voided due to out-of-spec.
    If you do it RIGHT, then you don't need the warranty - catch 22.
    If you use the oem keyless and install per instructions, your warr is good. If you install aftermarket keyless, then that could void your power locks (specific warranty).
  • mtyfmtyf Posts: 19
    thank you for the info on DIYs...
    i just looked up a 2002 LX auto on carsdirect and they give a price of $13,898...that seems pretty good to me. has anyone worked with carsdirect before? what other fees get added on? what is the buying process like?

    thanks in advance!
  • mtyfmtyf Posts: 19
    i lied - it's $14628 for an auto LX. this still sounds good, i think?
  • jjpcatjjpcat Posts: 122
    $14628 for auto LX is too expensive, unless it has options. In my area (San Francisco bay area), I have seen price at $13988 recently.
  • bigkahunaflbigkahunafl Posts: 128
    Is the tray more of a mat or a tray? The picture is not very revealing.
  • bjk2001bjk2001 Posts: 358

    It's a Tray. Thick plastic fits inside the trunk with a few inch lid all four sides to prevent any spill or dirt. You could just take it out and rinse it off.


    Today's LA Times 2002 Civic LX Coupe AT $13,598.- 2002 EX AT Sedan $14,888.

  • mtyfmtyf Posts: 19
    jjpcat: maybe that was for a manual? that's what they go for on carsdirect, and then you add 730 or something for auto.

    bjk: i'm always a bit wary of the paper ads - usually it's the "one at this price" thing or i wonder what options are included, etc.? i figure when i actually go to the dealer that price will never hold...
  • bjk2001bjk2001 Posts: 358

    Well what I saw on the paper is more than 1, 6 or 8 or more to choose. We bought out 02 EX in April. First, I emailed the internet sales asking for quotes. It was too high, so I questioned him and mentioned newspaper ad price is way low. He emailed back and said he will match any ad price for any car in their stock. So I went to see him and showed the newspaper ad to the internet sales. He took the newspaper ad and verified date was not expired, without any question he sold me the car at newspaper ad price. It took us 2 hours from step in the dealership to drive off the lot. (we waited for him back from lunch for ~ 10 minutes), test drove, also they had to get the car from their inventory lot then stripped the protection tape, clean off the car, while we were signing paper work.
    Two weeks ago, I gave the dealer newspaper ad price from another dealer to a girl from reading my posts, she showed the price to her local dealer, they couldn't match the price. So she called the ad dealer to verify color is available and she got Ruby Red 02 EX AT Sdn at the ad price. She even got floormats, door edge guard, mudguard those extra dealer installed options free. Dealer had them installed already, and they didn't take them off when they sold her the car at the ad price.

    So it is not a fiction! LOL!

    Good luck your shopping.

  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363 big markets on the West Coast, or at least in CA, the prices mentioned in the posts above are very common. Automatic EXs are selling for what would have been a good LX price a year ago...
  • mtyfmtyf Posts: 19
    that's good to hear, i am in San Francisco on a trip right now but I will be looking to buy (in LA) when I get back next week so hopefully all will go well.

    bjk: when you say "internet sales" who do you mean? (sorry if that's a dumb question)
  • bjk2001bjk2001 Posts: 358

    Most of dealers have internet sales department. You could ask quote thru their website. They could email or call you to quote you price. Price in LA is cheaper than bay area. You could get a copy of weekend LA Times and typical price is cheaper toward the end of the Month.
    Good Luck,

  • deluxcardeluxcar Posts: 47
    A funny thing happened this week. In going over his punch list at delivery the salesman explained that the tires were Firestone.

    Naturally, we were apprehensive about Firestone and the tire separation problems. However, to our surprise, when we got home, they were Dunlops; but the spare and warranty materials were Firestone.

    I must say we are happy they are not Firestones but how do the Dunlops compare? It may be my imagination but I think the Dunlops produced higher road noise than the Firestones?
    I know manufacturers use different brands, but what is the standard tire brand for the Civic LX 4-door sedan? And are the Dunlops rated as better tires?
  • cannell3cannell3 Posts: 43
    You are lucky about the Dunlops; our new '02 Civic came with Firestones, and from what I read, we won't be keeping them long. I have had several sets of 'lops, and was very pleased. Also, Consumers Reports liked them as well. Consider yourself fortunate!

    As far as prices for new Civics go, the Western market must be much more exciting. We gave 17k for ours (automatic, same as carsdirect quote); but that included the infamous EPP package, and the window etch program as well. This 'deal' was from a friend of mine, to boot! Oh well, now my daughter understands why I don't enjoy dealing with dealers! At least the ordeal is over, for now!
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