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Nissan Maxima



  • umpopaumpopa Posts: 37
    Hey, Whacko...
    I haven't addressed you before, but find your posts entertaining.

    Happy New Year to you and yours!
    ....and to everyone else, too!

  • ... to all friends and owners of Maximas, even those who do not like their rear ends...
  • I haven't been following this chat since I bought my 2k GEL in March 2000. Has there been any discussion about any performance chip available for the Maxima? I'm not knowledgeable, just heard that such things were available. Do they work? Is it worth the effort/expense? Car runs great, no problem. BMW, I am wary of increasing performance by going to a less restrictive air filter, and have read a lot of posts on that subject, on various sites.

    My 2k GEL now has 20k hi and no complaints. Other than oil changes, all I've done is rotate/balance tires at about 18k. Smoothed the ride, but I do notice slight vibration in front brakes, and have read recent posts re this problem. Not severe in my car, and doesn't always do it. Assume re surfacing front rotors at about 30k will take care of this.

    Look forward to hearing some feedback. Thanks
  • Hola amigos. It has been a LONG time since I last posted, but I've tried to catch up, so hopefully this post isn't redundant...

    I have a 2K Max SE 5sp, now 24K miles on it. I am currently fostering a love/hate relationship with this car. Here's why:

    Love: nearly everything about the car.

    Hate: A while back (~17K miles) I had to accelerate hard onto a busy road. In second gear the engine made a rather loud knocking/pinging sound that I had never heard before. This was disturbing, to say the least. Over the next 3K miles the same noise would happen occasionally on hard acceleration. I brought the car into the dealership twice during this period, but as you might imagine they could not duplicate the problem. Nor could I. It would never happen when I wanted it to (i.e. when the mechanic was in the back seat), and always when I didn't want it to. Very frustrating. Between 20K-23K miles the problem got steadily worse. I would hear the engine knock/ping even on moderate/light acceleration. The car felt sluggish, and occasionally the acceleration would be choppy. The car, in my opinion, was running like crap. Not the silky-smooth "best V6 ever made" that I had loved for the first 17K miles. Anyway, at 23K the Check Engine Soon light came on, so I brought the car into the dealership the next day (visit #3). A few hours later they told me that there was a programming error in the car's computer (I think someone mentioned this before). They reprogrammed the computer, told me the car was fixed, away I drove. Indeed, the car ran great...for about a week. This morning I brought the car in again (visit #4) because it is up to its same games again. Lack of power, engine knock, choppy acceleration, etc. If anyone has any input on this problem I would GREATLY apperciate it. I have never put anything but 93/94 octane fuel in the car (I understand that 222 hp = high compression engine, 11:1, I think). I'm beginning to lose faith in the car and its mechanics...
  • lsflsf Posts: 98
    So the fix lasted 1000 miles or less? Sounds like the same thing you had b4. What are your rpms? What gear are you in? Could it be that you're running on 5 cyliders, which should be easy to figure out (for your mechanic)?

    Joe or George should be most helpful on this one.

    Good luck.
  • I wonder if you tried out what I posted in #680 and if it reduced your number of clicks. My bookmark, now in Favorites on my IE5.5, always brings me to the latest messages in this forum.

    BTW, happy to see you back in the New Year. I hope Joe makes it back soon. It appears that I became the favorite target of both the funny and the other on-subject messages in this forum. That should deflect some of their unjust criticism formerly addressed toward Joe's person.

    Joe, this forum needs you, indeed. Your help has always been appreciated by us Maxima owners...
  • lsflsf Posts: 98
    Well, I have bookmarked the Sedan page. When I went there two minutes ago, I found that not everything had been updated so I had to go back and hit the refresh button. I've cut the number of clicks down, but I think I'd rather start out there anyway.
  • borsystborsyst Posts: 30
    The vibration you feel in the front brakes will likely be fixed with resurfacing, but why wait until you get to 30,000 miles and you pay for it. There is a Nissan technical service bulletin on the brakes TSB00016, where Nissan will resurface the brakes under warranty, that means for free. If you wait until 30k, your argument may be lost to normal wear and tear. Just tell them you have been experiencing what feels like warped rotors, as well as a creeking sound (even if you're not) and then refer them to the TSB. You will get what is essentially a free brake job.
  • borsystborsyst Posts: 30

    I had the computer reprogrammed when the Service Engine Soon light came on, but I didn't have the acceleration problems you are experiencing, nor have I had any problems since. I still haven't gotten a good explanation from the dealer why it had to be reprogrammed in the first place.
  • The problem (knocking, choppy acceleration) occurs through a range of rpm's. I usually take my foot off the gas a little because it really doesn't sound too good, so I don't know if the knocking would persist over, say, 4K rpm's. Generally happens in 2-5th gear. Haven't heard it in 1st. It feels just like I'm running on 5 cylinders, or like one of the cylinders is firing off-time. In fact, that's just what I told the mechanic this morning. I think it is exactly the same problem that I had before. Either the computer program was not the problem, or the update still does not work properly. Going to call them right now to see if they have any news.
  • jwisajwisa Posts: 6
    I am looking at buying a new Manxima SE in January and I would like to know how long is the lead time to order one.
  • lsflsf Posts: 98
    Technically, you cannot order a new Maxima. (or so we've been lead to believe by people in the know in this forum in the past) However, 90 days will be the lead time you're given. In 90 days the dealer ought to be able to locate one like what you want and trade for it with another dealer. How long you'll have to wait really depends on how "conventional" the options you want are. Of course, you may find what you want on the dealer's lot. Good luck
  • I ran my previous message (#700) through a spell-checker. It changed my BTW to BMW, which I later corrected back. I did not dare to re-run the spell-checker. It changed my "non-subject" in the second paragraph to "on-subject". I missed fixing it back. I really meant "off-subject". *&+=***!!!

    A dead give-away of messages all fuddled up is if you see "GEL" in the message. That is what the spell-checker will do to your "GLE" if you let it. LOL ROTF!! Chances are, the rest of the message has been "reworked" to hilariousness by this new system. Whacko, admit you had the site redesigners over for a beer... ;-)
  • I have a 2K SE with 17 inch tires and 4500 miles. Right before I stop the car I hear a thump coming from the left front brake. It doesn't do it all the time and it will do it when the brake are cold and hot. It is difficult to reproduce the sound. My question is do you know if the TSB00016 will cover this problem. Thanks.
  • True there was a lot of controversey about ordering a new Max, well I for one did it and it is in my garage right now. Notice I said ORDER not SPECIAL ORDER... ie the Max model you want with the approved color and interior, and approved option packs or lack there of. Figure about 90 to 100 days and the order window is at the beginning of the month. Ordered mine July 6th and picked it up Oct. 15th. The other option is to have the dealer search for what you want, and he most likely will find it, especially if you are in a large metro. area. This ought to bring Joe back if anything can, lol!!! Come on back pal, the storm is over!!!

  • lsflsf Posts: 98
    It wasn't too long ago that you were complaining about another participant here being "the" authority. The implication was that you wanted the opportunity to address questions that came up. Now that he is gone, no one has stepped up to answer any of the issues that have been presented. Brian has an engine problem and someone else had/has a stall problem.

    You've had your chance to fill the void after Joe left and you either aren't capable or you're unwilling to do so. If you have an interest in maintaining the value of this foum for it's participants than please step up. Otherwise, let's get Joe back in here.

    It seems to me that having a Nissan tech particpate in here was a rare benefit that few other forums have. It's a shame that a few participants ruined this for the rest of us.

    Anyone still have Joe's email address?
  • borsystborsyst Posts: 30
    I never had any kind of thumping. The noise I got from my brakes can be best described as a creeking or groaning noise. I think one other owner in the board said it was like a halloween creepy/creeking door. I think though that when explaining it to your Nissan tech to mention that you are aware of a TSB on the front brakes, and could your problem be related to it. Its amazing that many of these techs aren't even aware of some of these TSB's. When I brought mine in for the brakes TSB, I also brought it in for TCM TSB, and the climate control fan noise TSB, the lead tech I was speaking to hadn't heard of any of them. So it worth bringing up.
  • berbelberbel Posts: 167
    That so many previous posters have left this board
    in light of the constant wrangling over personality
    issues that continues to go on here. I have to wonder how many of us can consider ourselves mature
    adults when we continue to bicker with eachother
    like children. Come on people, knock it off and let's get back to the reason we come here to begin discuss our cars. P L E A S E!!!!!
  • others who addressed my query about an owner's comparison of the Max v. Accord/Camry. I'll continue to check this discussion and other resources in making this decision.
  • I just bought my '01 max with barely 1K on it. About 2 days ago I started to hear rattling sound from the left front speakers. Does anyone know if Nissan will cover this under warranty. I dont listen to music all that loud and this doesnt speak well for Nissan's quality.
  • max2001max2001 Posts: 63
    They should, just make sure that you demonstrate the problem to a technician before you leave the dealership and he agrees there is a problem. or you might get the "could not duplicate" response from nissan.
  • shermaxshermax Posts: 31
    Okay, anyone out there use dry gas? Is it good or bad for the Max?

    Jack Frost...........ARe you having problems with the Bose or the Nissan speakers? Either way Nissan should take care of it. Good Luck!
  • kkeighkkeigh Posts: 3
    I have a 00 GEL with 20000 miles. When I get on it from a stop It will not upshift from 1 to 2 unless I release the gas pedel. The engine just seam to race with my more accelation. Anyone out their have this kind of problem. I had the transmision EMC replace and the survive manager says he can't find this problem
  • L8_ApexL8_Apex Posts: 187
    Can we please talk about the car? I'm removing a number of posts that seem to concentrate on more on the mysteries of identities than they do the Maxima. Of course, plain old goofy posts are being removed as well... Jeez...


    Sedans Message Board
  • Is there a way to determine the factory installed options by decoding the VIN?
  • bksobkso Posts: 5
    I have a 1996 maxima and been really happy with it until yesterday. It hasn't been really given me any major problems. I have 63000 miles on it and have been serviced at the dealer regularly. Two days ago I have a hard time starting my car. Finally I started it after 5 minutes, but the "CHECK" light stayed on. I took it in to the dealer and the service manager told me that since I did not purchase the extended warranty, I would have to pay for the whole thing---which is some type of emission control/electrical module which will cost me $2500+ parts and labor. Needless to say, I am in shock. He proceeded to tell me that it seems like lately he has seen a lot of 95-97 models which have the same type of problems. But Nissan realized the problem but has not done a massive recall. He said that if I don't fix the problem, my car will be eventually stalled completely when stopping...I wonder if anyone out there had experiemced the same problem I have. I really don't know what to proceed. I think it is terrible to hit with a $2500 bill unexpectedly. THNAKS>
  • canadianclcanadiancl Posts: 1,078
    The service manager told you all that BEFORE he even plugged the computer in to do a diagnostic?
    I would go elsewhere to get a second opinion.
  • As a current owner of a Y2K Max SE and several previous year Maxs, I may be able to shed some light on your problem.

    I had a 95 Max that experienced poor or no starting occasionally. One day, the car didn't start at all and I had to have it towed to a Nissan dealer. When attempting to start it, I could hear the starter trying to do its thing, but it just wouldn't fire up. I thought the problem was related to engine flooding or fuel cut off. Anyway, the dealer had a TSB on the problem and it recommended several possible remmedies. Only one of them was covered under Nissan's standard warranty - the computer control module - which I had replaced. My Max had about 42K miles on it when this was done. Also, there is a starter replacement that apparently has more teeth and gives better performance than original factory issue (although they may have started to put this replacement starter on the 96s). There was one other thing they could try to resolve the problem, but I forget what it was and didn't have it done anyway.

    Typically, I encountered the problem when my Max was started after having been previously started and run for only a short time (say less than a minute). Example: washing a cold Max in the driveway, then strating it up to put it in the garage. Next start, might have the problem. One thing I remember that the TSB stated was to try holding the gas pedal to the floor and attempt to start it, which is not the normal method of starting. Basically, this method of starting is used for flooded engines. Anyway, the engine control module replacement did in fact solve the problem except for one other instance afterwards, which I resolved by using the flooded engine starting procedure.

    Check with your dealer or zone rep concerning this TSB and whether you could be covered or serviced in some way without cost to you. Also, if your situation is similar to mine, maybe try the flooded engine procedure (at home, or have AAA on standby) and see if that helps. Good luck.

  • bksobkso Posts: 5
    Thanks, HOOKEDONCARS & CANADIANCL for the info.
  • jay_75jay_75 Posts: 10
    I am having the exact same problem bkso described in post #720, except mine is a 1997 (although I don't think that matters)

    Thanks for the posts in response... went to 2 dealers 3 months ago and neither one helped or said they knew anything about this problem showing up in other Maxis. I'm taking it back as soon as I can and I'm going to see what they can/will do.

    Thanks again, and I will try to post if my problem is resolved.

    (bkso, I would greatly appreciate it if you would also post another message if your situation is resolved.)
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