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    If you're going to sell the car at 60k...don't bother. Save the $$$, and use it as part of a down payment on the new

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    My '01 GLE came with a slight mettalic rattle or ringing that occurs primarily when the car is cold and I hit a bump. It sounds as if it comes from below and behind the heating and AC control panel. Reluctant to ask dealer to remove front panel. Anyone have similar problem?
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    Had the strangest thing happen lat night. Driving home on the at about 55 mph, in 5th (have a 5spd), want to overtake someone, so I change lanes and mash the gas pedal, rpms shoot up by about 300-400 rpms but the car doesn't accelerate then suddenly rpms come back down 300 rpms and car starts acclerating hard. I didn't touch the clutch. Just to check if it was me tried this in 4th and same thing happened. Happened a total of four different occassions. Never happenend until last night. What is going on??? Is it the TPS??? The clutch??? Happen to anyone else in their 5spds???
    Want to be armed when I go see the dealer.
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    I currently own a 2000 Maxima GXE with 28,000 miles. It is currently in service because the brakes are grinding and squeaking in the front of the car. The dealership claims that this is normal and I have to just live with it!

    Anyone else out there have this problem?
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    I would say your clutch is starting to slip a bit. A clutch test is usually performed by trying to accelerate in high gear/low rpm, exactly the situation you were in. If the dealer replaces the clutch, ask them to use high quality replacement parts (not the Nissan Key Value line).
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    Assuming, by your name, that you have a 2001 Maxima, there's no way you should be experiencing that much clutch wear so soon. That's not to say that that isn't the problem...because that's what it sounds like. How many miles are on the car ? If it's found to be the clutch, you shouldn't have to pay for the fix. We don't offer anything but OEM replacement parts for clutches stated by 96i30, you may want to ask.

    Path....Some minor squealing can be normal but, not grinding. If you also find that they are warped, demand replacement rotors. There have been some trouble with improperly torqued lugnuts that can cause the rotors to warp. You'd know this by a pulsation in the brake pedal when you apply the brakes.

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    I have a 2000 SE. My first brake issue came at 8k miles. I was getting a grinding noise at moderate braking (front). My dealer said it was some kind of foreign matter on the pads and cleaned everything up at no charge. Around 10k miles the problem came back, more foreign matter---not.

    They said to be 100% sure, I should cut the rotors and eliminate the roughness or any unevenness and I agreed. They grinding that was originally coming from the front had disappeared, however I felt that the braking power was significantly reduced. I now have 36K miles and need brakes (front). If you cut the rotors you may as well do pads at the same time. My dealer gets 179.00 for this. With 28k miles your at least due for pads.

    I very happy with this car, but every car foreign or domestic can have brakes that squeak and its a common problem.
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    Thanks for the responses. And yes Joe I have a 2001 SE, with only 4600 miles. So, I am concerned about the problem considering I drive mostly highway miles, with little or no bumper to bumper traffic. I'll let you guys know what the dealer says.

    Thanks, again
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    I found a 99 Maxima SE, 22000mi, AT, only ask 15K. I think it is a great deal. But feel too good to be true. I will meet the seller ( private) this afternoon. Any suggestion what I should pay attention to when checking the car? Somebody suggest me to check it with Pep Boys, is that worth? I think it is still under warentty, should be no problem, right? Do not know much about car, really need your help! Thanks.
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    I wish I'd asked the question before I bought my 00 GLE last August. I was coming off bad experience (from a maintenance perspective) with a Ford so I bought the warranty. At today's shop rates, if one thing goes wrong, the expense should cover the cost. However, I know I got the warranty for a good price, but I still think I'd rather have a new set of Titleist irons (lol). : )
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    Don't forget that some insurance companies, like GEICO, offer 'mechanical breakdown' coverage as an additional coverage on their policies.

    GEICO calls their 'multi-risk' and lumps collision, mechanical breakdown, and comprehensive coverages together. I purchased it. It has the same deductible as my collision coverage ($250), but sure is a lot cheaper than an extended warranty (only added about $25/6 months to my policy costs). Good for 100k miles, or as long as I'm insured with GEICO. Note that you can only purchase it for new cars in the 1st year of ownership.

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    Thank you all!

    Back in message # 700 or so I was asking advice about pricing, options and things to look for. I want to thank everyone for helping me out. This page really made my decision easier and armed me for the dealership.

    I have to say the buying the 01'Maxima was a good experience. After negotiations, I was pleased with my purchase and the dealer itself. I even got the nickle and dime tour of the service department in snowy/icey weather. "Plug" - Kline Nissan in MN.

    Now to boast - I picked up a Black on Black SE Z-Series with the Meridian Package, Leather Package, Comfort and Convinience Package, Z-Traction Auto Trans, Bose 200w, Sunroof Spoiler - The only thing I forgot were the mud guards - I'll pick those up in a couple weeks.

    This car is an absolute blast to drive and really gets up and "Boogies". I can't wait to burn in my first 1K so I can rev up past 4k rpms more often.

    Thanks Again!

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    I'm back after a long vacation from Edmund's. Any new word on the 2002 MaXIMA? I'm wondering if it will get a new engine. Any help?
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    almost all sources say that it will
    for this fall.

    the engine would be 3.5VQ like the one in the
    new Z. pathy and QX4 has it also...tuned differently i assume.

    output estimated atleast 260....which is the theoratial number you would get if you calculate the HP per liter for current max and multiply by 3.5L

    and judging by the history of the car, a total redesign will be at 2005 intoduced in summer 04.
    rumers say it shoudl move up a size category since the new altima (coming april 11..check nissan official site) will be larger in size than current maxima with an optional 240HP VQ(rumour).

    all rumours though, but most should be right judging by history trends.
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    I have looked high-and-low through my owner's manual, and cannot find the Nissan part number for the oil filter. I have the 2001 SE AE, which probably means nothing as far as the oil filter is concerned.
    Does anyone (Joe) know what the Nissan part number is, or the Purolator equivalent? Purolator has a cross referencing function on their web site, and also a lookup by vehicle.
    The reason I am wanting verification, is that my local Advance Auto parts book lists one filter, and the Purolator site gives me another number.
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    Just registered and already posted a query on the SE vs EX v6 board. Hope you dont mind seeing the same questions here.

    I admit Im lazy and the answers are probably somewhere on this board already, but jeez, 1267 posts to go through ...

    Anyway, Im trying to decide between a 2001 SE or GLE, similarly equipped. Have priced a GLE with roof, microfilter, floormats, and splash guards. Best dealer price is $25531. I would imagine the SE would be in the same range.

    Questions: Will the SE with 17 inch tires give a ride similar to GLE? Im 60 and appreciate handling and gittin down the road, but dont want a harsh ride. Does the price above sound in the ballpark? I have not tried hard negotiations yet. This price was the dealers first offer, and was supposed to be invoice plus $100. A second dealer closer to home agreed to at least meet this price.

    Any input will be appreciated.
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    In terms of price, check out and they'll give you better pricing.

    As for the ride, I have an 01 SE and yes the ride can be a little harsh on some surfaces, but generally I don't have a problem. The 17 inch tires are a little rougher but it's the noise on some roads that I really notice, GLE is quieter. Also consider this, the SE has a firmer, sportier suspension (hence SE = sport edition) so it will be harsher than a GLE which is tuned softer. Overall you will not get the same ride in a GLE as in a SE. Best bet is to test drive an SE and see what you think.
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    Also remember that the SE has 17" wheels and the GLE 16", so the GLE has a shorter turning radius, making parking easier. I have a GLE with all the goodies and like it a lot, would not have wanted the SE. Personal taste, drive each one and remember to try to parallel park each one if they'll let you, see if the spoiler gets in the way of your rear view.

    Re the upcoming change - does anyone else think this is a big mistake? Part of the charm of the Maxima is its manueverable size. I personally was debating between the Max and the Chyrsler 300 M. While the Max came out ahead for more than one reason, the size of the Chrysler finally just seemed too much for me when I thought about city driving and city parking. Since the Max trunk is already pretty big (would be nice if it had gas struts, though), I just couldn't see the advantage to a larger car.

    If the new Altimas are the same size or slightly larger than the current Maxima, I bet they'll take sales away from the Max from people like me who don't need a huge cruiser-mobile.
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    The above posts point out that the SE is indeed "sportier" than the GLE. I had an SHO before my Max and after 7 years of feeling every bump in the road ('tis pothole season now here in Mass.) I wanted something that is a little more forgiving. The SE will corner better than the GLE, however, off the line with AT the SE and the GLE will have similar performance. IMO, the GLE handles very well, but it does have more body roll than the tighter SE. However, I'm willing to live with it.

    If you drive twisties in rural settings, you will have more fun with the SE. If you drive in suburbs and cities, freeways and stop lights, the GLE will suit you fine. Comparably equipped the GLE should be slightly cheaper than the SE simply because it doesn't have the tighter suspension and the rear spoiler. Your price looks ok to me. You might be able to lop off an addition $200-$500.

    Good Luck, either way, you'll enjoy this car!
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    Haven't seen cncman for the longest time, does he still frequent this board?

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    hey dude, i really appreciate your expertise regarding technical issues. i just got the part for the fan on the 1998 maxima to match the TSB#. the question is, do i replace the current cover or place this one on top? any help is greatly appreciated. thanks.
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    I just purchased this past Wednesday a great !! automobile, the 2001 Maxima GLE. I have been doing homework and looked at several options...narrowed it down to the Acura 3.2TL and the GLE Maxima. I must say that the 3.2TL was tempting but for the money(value), the Maxima is perfectly acceptable. It took me (2) dealerships to strike my deal, Here it is: GLE loaded; leather, sunroof, microfilter, wind deflector, floor mats, splash guards, 6-disc cd changer.....MSRP was $ 28,613.00...was able to close deal at $ 3,797.00 off MSRP...that is $ 1,119.00 below dealer's invoice(this includes $300 local advertising fee). My final purchase price was $ 24,816.00 + TTL. The fact that is was pooring rain all that day and the last day of month did help a great deal, I don't think too many cars were moving off the lot that day...these guys have quotas to meet, it's almost like they had to sell it to me that day. The sales person and her sales manager were very professional as was I...needless to say I am one very happy purchaser. Purchased at Bankston Nissan in Irving, Texas. Contact sales person was Victoria and her sales manager was Brandon.
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    What else did you do to get such a deal?! I live in the DFW area also and was planning on buying a new 2002 Altima. I think I will be visiting Bankston when I am ready, and contacting Victoria, any advice on how to make a deal like that? Thanks.
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    Just purchased 2001 Maxima GLE, finance guy quoted me $1,195 for 72 mth/100,000 miles & $1,295 for 84 mth/100,000 miles...the gold pretty much covers question is how much negociation room do I have? I am thinking I want to offer @ 700.00 for one or the other...would they balk at that, I think that would be a good deal for me. Afterall, these plans are for the most part are almost entirely pure profit for the dealership, but there is always a chance that something could go wrong...I just want to be covered. Any comments would be helpful.
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    Good Luck with the max. Sounds like you got a great deal.


    I think Nissan is making a good business decision taking the future max to full-size. Nissan really needs to expand their line. It seems that everyone else has a: full sized car, full sized pick-up truck, full sized SUV (based on a full-sized PU truck). Nissan needs to capture more market share with these types of vehicles.

    Its probably cheaper for Nissan to lengthen the max and altima to full size and mid size respectively, than the build an all-new full sized car and give it a new name (i.e. the Toyota Avalon).

    I agree with you that its risky turning the max into a grand-daddy mobile. But we'll see. I should be ready for a new car about the time this all-new max comes out.


    Thanks for the advise on my 92's auto tranny. The delay when attempting to put it into gear was caused by a worn bushing in the shifter box. It took the dealer about 15 mins to replace and cost only $65. I'm glad that it wasn't anything major (like a new tranny). 172,000 + miles and still rolling!
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    I have a question, is the 3.5L maxima se going to be out this summer? I just totaled my 2001 SEAE, and I'm thinking of waiting until the larger version comes out. Any commets would be greatly apperciated! Thanks
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    If the 3.5 version is going to be available this summer or fall, would sure like to know as much as possible before I spend a bundle and have buyers remorse. Does anyone have a URL that has latest info?
  • kcallkcall Member Posts: 6
    Thanks for the input folks. I have been leaning towards the GLE, just have not gotten around to driving both cars. Have pretty much decided on Nissan based on specs of cars in the same price range (Acura TL, Accord V6, Toyota Avalon, etc). The TL and Avalon just dont appeal to me based on looks, and I sure dont want to drive a car that I dont like the looks of. Accord EX V6 acts like its running on Prozac or something. Very bland! After driving both versions, will make the choice and report back which Nissan I like best.
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    Nice job on getting (and negotiating) your new GLE. I don't think you have as easy a time negotiating the extended warranty. If you read up 40 or so posts, you'll see there was a discussion here recently about these. Having paid $700 for 5/72, I don't know if i'd do it again. If you read the fine print there seems to be a lot of stuff not covered (electrical for example). Plus, I think these are reliable autos. However, one repair will typically pay for the initial cost (if it's covered).
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    Just registered, but frequented the Nissan Town Hall and others on Edmunds related to different makes/models while trying to decide on what car to purchase. First, I want to say how much I appreciate the useful discussions that are usually posted here, some other boards were just awful. I am now the the happy owner of a 01, Max-GLE...even my dog smiles on trips now!

    Secondly, I did several test drives with the GLE w/o traction control (were not available with) and while I found there was a good amount of road feel the ride was enjoyable (Yes, I know one of the 'Cons' in Edmund's review of this car is the rough ride) My GLE has the traction control (with all season tires) and I must say that I hate the ride on anything but a smooth road. I feel every little bump, very jarring on big bumps, and quite a bit of vibration in the steering wheel. Is this normal? Before I run to the dealer, I wanted to see if anyone else has this problem and a solution. Thank you
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    tboz, check the air pressure in your tires. Even if you just bought the car, it could be wrong. Some dealers don't prep cars as thoroughly as they should. You should be getting a very smooth ride. I have the traction control. It makes not a bit of difference in the ride compared to non-tc equipped cars, it only kicks in on icy roads - when I was very glad to have it!
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    Sorry I touched off a forest fire with my question about the new Max. As I have stated awhile back, I will be buying a sedan in Germany when I get there and a 2002 SE would sure be nice on the Autobahn. My other choices include the Volvo S60 T5 and the 3.2TL. Any would be fun in Germany.

    I just hope I am able to get a great deal like DRGBC did on his car. Good going.
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    Many rumors have come down the pike about the new Maxima. I've been told probably as many different things as you folks have. The one that makes the most sense to me is, the possibility of introducing the 3.5 VQ the last year of the current platform (2003 should be the last year going by Nissans past changes) in an SE-R version...then extending the 3.5 to all of the 6th generation Maximas....sort of like what they did with the 99.5 SE Limited versions. BUT....again, Nissan is very tight lipped on future cars...maybe because even they're not sure yet.

    Camy....Be sure to purchase your Maxima here, (if that's what you end up buying). Our version isn't available in Germany.

    Tboz.... GNL is right! Check the tire pressure, have your dealer do an alignment, and properly balance the tires. You would not believe what they do to these cars during shipping. They're cinched down so tight to those trucks. I always suggest that people do those three things before delivery.

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    I do not appear to be getting any sympathy or responses concerning the metallic ring (01-GLE) that my car seems to generate at the center console. It comes from the area immediately below the heating/ac system. When I clamp down (by Hand) along the face panels the rattle is somewhat diminished. I may be able to get at the noise source if I could remove the simulated ash tray. Does this darn thing come out? Help!!

    Also, when I got the car the tires were pumped up to about 43 psi. Took me a week to realize this was contributing to my rough ride.
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    I just test drove a maxima and think I want to buy it. I'm new at this and need some help. The car I looked at was 2001 SE with SE Comfort and Convenience Package, Body-Colored Splash Guards, In-Cabin Microfilter, and Sunroof Wind Deflector. Edmunds calculated the TMV at $24,073. The dealer price was $23,895 not including destination, etc. I told him I would research and get back to him. Now what do I do? I could use help - Vanessa
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    Body colored splash guards, what color is this car. There was a big debate over splash guards in the forums awhile back. You have a pretty good price; in the Atlanta area, they are always offering the Maxima for about $5,000 off MSRP.
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    Is it possible to put the new I30 rear-end on the new Maxima? What I mean is, can a body shop shave the rear-end of the Maxima so that the I30's can fit on it. You see, I found this totaled I30 at a wrecking yard with the rear-end untouched. Only the front end was wasted. So, is it possible to do this switch since I can't stand the look of the new Maxima's rear-end (but love the I30's design).
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    At $23.8 ? BUY IT ! that car should sticker for about least here in NY.

    Whacko...Better yet....why not try the rear end of a Modena. That'll certainly turn heards for ya.

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    The Maximas fuel filter is a non-servicable, in-tank filter, and doesn't need changing for 100k miles.
    The reason I posted this is due to MANY people at 30k, requesting it be replaced because it's mentioned in the general 30k mile service.

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    The 2002 Maxima will be getting the 3.5L engine. The URL's you are looking for are listed below.

    I hope this helps with your decision to wait for the 2002 Maxima.


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    Hey, Joe - could you take a look at posting #1267, please. I (like many of us here) need your help and expertise!

    Thanks for any input!
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    Other than the tire pressure (the correct pressures are shown under your center console cover), you may also check the overtorquing of wheel lugs. That could result in warped rotors. And that would create steering wheel shaking/vibration particularly when breaking at speeds of about 50 mph.

    Just my 2c.
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    I am curious, what was is the differnce in the 99Se and the 99.5 Se Limited? What did they add or take away to make it a limited? Any commets would be apperciated! Thanks
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    The L14620, shown the Purolator site is what my local parts shop shows and what I use on my Max. It's identical in form factor to the factory Nissan filter. Sure you're looking at a current catalog/right engine?
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    I'm not sure you have a problem, each oil filter vendor will have their own numbers for thier own filters to the Max engine. You can buy one and see if it looks like the one on the car.

    RE: ride quality of SE / GLE - we have a SE with 17" rims, and it rides firm and controlled but adsorbes the harshness from the road. The GLE is flabbier feeling. I was ok with both cars, but we figured the whole reason for getting a sporty car like the max over other models was the sport factor, so we decided on the SE. Yea, the spoiler isn't for everyone, and it doesn't turn on a dime, but unless you're in and out of tight spaces all the time its managable.

    The GLE is usually a bit cheaper similarly equipped due to the package discounts.

    Good luck -

    Slope, '00 SE 5 speed
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    The purolator is part # L14620. The Nissan oil filter is garbage, and I will not use it on my car. Unfortunately, I have to use them on customers cars.

    99 SE vs 99.5 SEL....underspinning-wise...nothing's different. The SEL comes in a few different colors, ha different floor mats, Limited badging inside and out, perforated leather seat option, titanium tinted alloy wheels. Other than that...they are the same.

  • joenissanjoenissan Member Posts: 313
    Sorry...the Nissan filter is part # 152089E000.

    As for comments on the SE Limited, The only thing I personaly like about it is the availability of a real RED paint, titanium guages (which are now standard in the 2000+ SE's).

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    Can anyone advise if the SE's are pre-wired for a cd changer, if so where are the wires??
    Also, will any brand player work or does it need to be a clarion made for nissan(I don't have the Bose system)?Thanks Joe
  • ny972213ny972213 Member Posts: 7
    Has anyone added a powered sub to the stock radio in a 2001 se?
    Any ideas if this is possible(I guess anything is possible, but my warranty will be void is something goes wrong with the radio) Thanks Joe
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    Hello All,
    Can anyone tell me if they test drove the lexus prior to buying the maxima. Also do you agree that the lexus is overpriced, just for its name.

    I am looking for a car, and i am leaning very hard toward a maxima.

    please advise
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