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Nissan Maxima



  • This occurs in both 2000 and 2001 Maximas of all types. Mine is noticeable above about 55 mph. I can't tell exactly where it's coming from - the seals on the door, the window, or the quarter-window.

    I found a post by jamber around Nov. 30 (thanks, brianuhl) saying his servicemen thought it was the quarter-window seal, and they ordered new seals, gasket, and glass. Said it was backordered, suggesting many others were having this problem.

    But Joenissan says they're mistaken (or lying), since the quarter-window's a unitary part and unlikely to spring a leak. Those of us with the mysterious noise are anxious to know if anyone got this fixed. Was the quarter-window a fix or a feint?

    Joenissan: Any follow-up comments?
  • I ordered a very unusual combination for my 2000 SE: C&C, heated cloth seats and TCS, with the Satin Blue Pearl/Frost. At first the salesman insisted that you couldn't get heated cloth seats. But after paying $500 deposit, helping the dealer figure out the order form, and waiting 3-1/2 months, my car arrived exactly as I ordered. I had called dealers in other parts of the country to have them do computer checks to confirm there wasn't a single car like the one I wanted (in ANY color).

    Joenissan (and one of the dealers I talked to) insists that Nissan doesn't factory order any vehicles from Japan, they simply locate one already built. I think he is mistaken or out-of-date on this one. Even if it's just a monthly order-entry system, and you have to order one of the allowable combos (per the sales brochure), you CAN factory-order your car if you can persuade the dealer to do it for you and if you can wait 3-4 months. I am enjoying my heated cloth seats.
  • iluvmaxiluvmax Posts: 33
    Oops sorry Norbert444 I meant I have had my Max for 1 1/2 years. But if I could drive it a 1000 miles per day I would!!.
  • lsflsf Posts: 98
    Please don't take my post on door shutting as a complaint...I like it!....and you're right, it provides a very solid feel to the car. The reason I posted it was to point out that if the doors don't close like that, then that might indicate a problem. For example, if it is the air tightness that causes the door to shut firmly on mine and yours, then those that don't have that are likely to have air escaping somewhere and hence a potential wind noise issue.

    I applaud anyone who has the patience to wait for three or more months for a car. Once I know what I want, I am usually willing to make some compromises to get it sooner.
  • iluvmax - Happy to see you do not take offence at my facetious remarks. It's all in the family... :)

    I know what you mean about the joy to drive this machine. It's been raining cats here - but my morning commute with the CD playing was a pleasure!!

    lsf - If it were just air escaping, then a simple bubble test should uncover the problem spot(s). But the "problem" might be more than that. Such as misalignment of parts...
  • wg45678wg45678 Posts: 55
    OEM glass vs non OEM. I vote for OEM glass. I have had 4 windshield or rear window replacements over the last twenty years. The only one that fit right and was relatively distortion free was the OEM windshield. The non-OEM windshields, on different cars, from different vendors, didn't fit right (too thick or weren't curved correctly) or had terrible optical distortion.

    One windshield leaked and the glass company tried to tell me the leak was due to rust in the window frame when it was obvious that the glass didn't fit. On another car, it took 3 non-OEM windshields before I had one that didn't have easily visible distortion in the part of the glass I look through while driving (this is straight ahead, not at an angle). Really annoying when you hit a bump, the car moves relative to you and phone poles/light poles waiver.

    If you go none OEM, make sure to take a good look through the glass first before they install -- it will save you time.

    ANd if you have any problems, call your insurer to stop payment to the vendor until you get it resolved.
  • umpopaumpopa Posts: 37
    Hi, everyone.
    Responding to the post in the last couple of days about finding the site where you can view TSB's by yearly subscription:
    I haven't even gone to the site, so can't verify anything about it, but the latest post with their web address was on the I30 board, post #414
  • lsflsf Posts: 98
    I just set up an appointment this morning with Executive Glass here in Boston. They'll come to my office here downtown and do the work in the garage under the building. The guy said they buy their glass from the same companies that supply the OEMs "It just won't have the Nissan stamp on it." I'll guess I'll know for sure tomorrow. Executive Auto Glass advertises that they use OEM glass!

    BTW, a pebble hit it back in November. It was fine (a pretty good sized pit) until Jan 1st when ice fell off a tree. The ice landed no where near the pitted spot, but the jolt must have produced enough stress (I was going about 40 MPH) to cause the pit to become a crack. Since then 2" has turned into 18". Every little bump in addition to the cold weather has contributed.
  • jbadamsjbadams Posts: 63
    I had to have my windshield replaced because I bumped my rear view mirror and it broke off and took with it a chunk out of the inside lamination of the glass. First I excepted the cheaper glass made by a company I had never heard of. After driving for several days, I could tell that the view through the glass was distorted, and I was getting headaches looking though it. I told the shop about it, and they agreed to replace it. PG glass is what Nissan uses EM, so I had them put PG glass on. It was more expensive, but no distortion.
  • jbadamsjbadams Posts: 63
    What is the spell checker doing?! That should be PPG and OEM instead of PG and EM.
  • Please excuse my ignorance. What is OEM? I have to get a windshield replaced in my 1995 Max & want to be sure I get the best glass.
  • OEM stands for "Original Equipment Manufacturer." In this case, it would be Nissan glass.

    I believe there are several "grades" of glass. OEM (Nissan) stamped windshields would conform to Nissan specifications (opaqueness, tint, optical distortion, lunkers, scratches, curvature tolerances, hardness, etc). I would be suspicious if someone tells you "We are OEM suppliers to Nissan and therefore we give you the OEM windshield, it would just not be stamped with Nissan logo". Which could mean that they'll give you the windshield which did not pass the optical distortion part of the specification or whatever -therefore no stamp!

    Just my 2c.
  • lsflsf Posts: 98
    Well the guy just showed up 10 minutes ago. I met him at street level to make sure he had the right garage. The odor in the van was unmistakeable. He'd been tokin' a little reefer. I hope the things goes okay. He did mention the two year warranty! guess is it'll be PPG.
  • ludacrisludacris Posts: 185
    this seems like a pretty dumb question, my dad has been wondering what grade engine oil our 2000 maxima GLE is supposed to use. thanks
  • There is a section in your owner's manual which has recommendations for you depending on your local winter/summer temperatures etc.

    There are people who will tell you one brand is better than another. In reality, it turns out that oil specifications for the same grade are the same for all brands. And your oil has to have that "starburst" symbol for gasoline engines.

    A lot of folks here have recommended and are using synthetic oil such as Mobil 1.

    My personal preference is for "real oil" but that might have something to do with my profession. I believe the most important thing is to change oil when it's due and not worry about brands...
  • greforgrefor Posts: 34
    See my response to your verbatim post on the Maxima VS Passat thread. Why do you stalk me?
  • klinklin Posts: 54

    I have a 2000 Max GLE.

    Recently, there is a loud squeaking noise from the center arm-rest area.

    I notice that the squeaky noise is there only when the seat belt is latched. If I un-latch the seat belt (driver side), the squeak disappears.

    I can also work-around the squeak by re-stretching and re-latching the seat belt. But this only works occasionally.

    I am checking if owner has similar problem and how it is fixed.

  • ludacrisludacris Posts: 185
    i have the same car but no problem, have you tried adjusting the seat height to see if it only happens when the seats a certain height? or is it there at any adjustment?
  • joenissanjoenissan Posts: 313
    Kin.....seeing as one has nothing to do with the other, try spraying the armrest hinges with a DRY silicne spray...any brand will do. be sure you also spray the parts of the armrest pivots that allow it to be raised and lowered...your noise will be gone !

  • ck2401ck2401 Posts: 1
    I'm currently looking at a '01 Max SE in Southeast Virginia. The dealer keeps wanting to charge me $470 for a "marketing assessment" he says Nissan charges him. He showed me the "invoice" for what that was worth. Anybody else know about Nissan charging their dealers this?

  • shermaxshermax Posts: 31
    There may be an advertising fee but it should be closer to $200. There may is also a destination charge of $520. If you having trouble, go online and get a cyber bid and take that back to your dealer and have him match it. I have found very helpful.

    Joe, welcome back. Why don't you stick around. Most of the lunacy has gone away.
  • joenissanjoenissan Posts: 313
    I see the childish "lunacy" continues. There's no need for those kinds of posts...please stick to the proper forum...for the sake of those of us here to talk Maximas.....Thanks

  • You come into the new Z car forum, you drop an bomb and leave!. Are you trying to say you got a peek at the production version of the Z and your holding out on us??. Come on buddy!...we are all dying with a sport and spill the beans.

  • umpopaumpopa Posts: 37
    Hi, everyone.
    When I started reading this board some months ago, I was impressed with the knowledge of Maximas and cheerful, cooperative, and supportive approach brought to this board by the most valuable person whose contributions I have read. In my opinion, it was a great loss when Joenissan took a sabbatical; I am VERY happy he is back.

    Should anyone be a distractor, I would respectfully urge you to take the advice of the host, who has asked us to restrict comments to Maxima issues, not petty ones.

    Welcome back, Joe.

  • Has anyone else had the idle speed drop to near zero after a cold start as you shift into D or R?

    I have since the weather turned cold and noticed that a TSB is listed on the NHTSA site.

    What is the "fix" and is it worth the time to take it to the dealer?

  • L8_ApexL8_Apex Posts: 187
    Thank you. I also (again) urge everybody to take the advice I have offered in the past. A number of inappropriate posts have been removed.


    Sedans Message Board
  • joenissanjoenissan Posts: 313
    YES ! It's well worth the trip to the dealer. The TSB pertains to an "irregular" ECU mapping problem that is usually fixed by a reprogramming or ECU replacement depending on the build date of your car. The TSB will rid your car of any further low RPM problems.

    Umpopa...Very nice words, I thank you.

  • I will take it in and then give an update for others.

  • joenissan welcome back to the forum. it's looks like you, sounds like you, it must be you.
    Semper Fi
  • joenissanjoenissan Posts: 313
    LOL...Thanks...I think.

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