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    I am looking for a used Max SE. Found the following two:

    99 SE,AT, 22K mi, bose, leather, sunroof for $15400
    2000 SE, AT,15K mi, bose, sunroof, for $17800.

    Which one is better? I heard 2k model belong to 5th Gen while 99 model belong to 4th Gen. What is the major different between the 4th and 5th? Thanks for any input!
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    In my humble opinion, I believe that you should go for the 99 model. I think it is a nicer body style than the 2000. I especially like the way Nissan designed the rear-end of the 95-99 Maxima. The fourth generation Max is the best out of all the five generations. Furthermore, the 99 is less expensive than the 2000 model.
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    I found this post on the "" website. I just went out and checked the gas tank on my 1 week old '01 E. Sure nub, sand in the gas cap well. Does anyone else have the same problem ?


    Other posts by RcticMax

    We've had quite a winter up here in the Northeast. Lots of snow and therefore lots of salt and sand. I just turned in my 98 Maxima DE off a lease and decided to buy a 2001 E.

    During my first fill up at the gas station, I noticed an awful lot of sand INSIDE the gas fill compartment and the inside of the door itself. Not wanting to risk getting sand down into the tank, I didn't put the cap in the holder.

    At the time, I just shrugged it off thinking that perhaps some slush got around the door so I cleaned it out. Every time I filled up the car, more sand. What the...? I never had this problem with my 98 so I'm thinking there must be a problem with the manufacturing quality, perhaps a gasket that needs to be around the door.

    I take my car to a dealer near my office, not the one where I purchased it, and the guy tells me he had two other complaints and that there's supposed to be a splash guard covering the gas tube assembly inside the rear-left wheel well. None on mine. He said he couldn't do anything for me since I didn't buy it there. Whatever. I wasn't in the mood for an argument.

    I call my dealer service center and he said he's never heard of that before but would look into it. Right. Never heard back from him. So I go in last week for my first oil change and "remind" him of the problem. He can't recall our first conversation about this but he'll look into it.

    While I'm waiting, I go into the show room and look inside the rear-left wheel well of an DE and sure enough, that car has them. I go back and get the service guy and he says "Hmmph, guess they're supposed to be in there, eh?" We go out and look at my car on the lift. Not only am I missing one on the left, but the mechanic working on the car says I'm supposed to have one on the right as well. Both missing! Somebody at the plant that built my car must have had a bad day. The service manager comes over and says about the same thing the other guy says after looking at the showroom model.

    What was happening was that the sand was splashing up through the vent hole underneath the mouth of the filler tube and sloshing around in there. What a bummer. I'm totally bummed at Nissan for this. I hope I don't hold this grudge when it comes time for my next car. I paid a pretty penny for this car and expected to at least have all the parts!

    I tell ya, if I have one problem with that engine, it's going to point right back to the probability that sand got past my fuel filter.

    Bottom line:

    What you want to look for is a black plastic shield that is contoured to the inside of the wheel well and covers the filler tube. If it's not there, you're probably seeing what I've seen unless you live down south. Whatever the case, you should take your car back to the dealer and have them install the splash guards if you find them missing.

    Good luck. I hope you don't have the same problem.
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    I will go to see 99 SE tomorrow. Any suggestion what I should pay attention to when test the car?

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    You'd be getting a MUCH better deal with the 2000. The newer model is much more rigid structure-wise, has 32 more HP, is larger, more sporty looking, and has many enhancements over the 99 model.

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    I would check to make sure nothing else is missing. There should be a hard plastic filler tube cover, as you mentioned, in the LR wheelwell but, not on the right. I've never heard of anyone complaining of such a problem...although I've never checked so...I'll now keep my eyes open. Did it look as all like it may have been there at one time ? The reason I ask is's quite possible that piece was damaged on the car carrier by being cinched down. And never replaced...I hope that's the case may never know. In any event, that hole is simply an overflow port for spilled fuel, and although you're right....sand should NOT be in there, it would take some doing for it to make it into the tank. Thanks for the heads up.....everyone might want to check their cars for the same missing piece...Thanks !

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    If anyone is interested in seeing Edmunds review of the Maxima SE 20th AE, check out the link below under road tests.

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    From Nissan...this is the 2002 Altima.

  • ek01ek01 Member Posts: 37
    I have a 2000 SE and my power seat on the driver's seat does not go back and forth. However, it goes up and down and tilts. I'm taking it into the dealer tomorrow but does anyone have any idea what happened.

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    Just bought GLE yesterday.....very nice (95) today i went down to, forgot what i was doing there, anyway...i sat down at the back of the seat and looked down, at that moment i hert a continiously ringing sound in the area around the middle back seat, as soon as my head came up, that sound was gone, but when i went down again, the sound was there, any idea what that sound might be, and by the way, the car wasn't even on. Thanks
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    You should first find out why the light is on. Your dealer will hook up the consult to it and tell you...takes 5 minutes. Other than that....if the problem is gone, it will shut off on it's own after a certain number of starts. The dealers consult, after checking the code, will reset the light.

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    Has anyone replaced the shifter with an after market shifter? After 2000 miles I thought I'd get used to it, but I haven't yet. Can anyone share their experience with after market shifters.

    Also I'm still getting about 17.5 mpg. It's proabaly not my driving, My wife get's the same results when she drives it... and we get about 28 mpg in mixed highway and suburban in our 5 speed (4 cyl) Passat. Any adjustments that could be made? Or should I wait till my first oil change to see if mpg improves? BTW this car has a big time fuel cut problem.
  • someyaksomeyak Member Posts: 19
    I did not purchase a 99 SE because it did not have ABS nor a fold down back seat. On the other hand I thought the 99 ride was less harsh than the 2K and the 99 is a little easier to park, because it's a little smaller. BTW does the 2K have 16 or 17 inch wheels?

    If ABS matters, you may want to look for a '99 I30. My brother just bought one in the price range you're in..
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    What's wrong with your shifter ? As for mileage, 17 sounds way too low. Even before break-in, you should be getting in the low 20's...and mid to upper 20's as the car breaks in...moreso with the 5 spd. Make sure your calculations are correct, judging it on an 18.5 gal tank. And ABS is standard on 2k+ Maximas. 15" wheels are standard on the GXE, 16's are standard on the SE and GLE, and 16's are optional on the GXE. 17" Tires are optional on the SE.

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    To the host: Sorry, this is completely off topic, but I'm sure you'll get over it just this once! It may be a Maxima!

    Everyone, I need some help. I have to put one of my favorite cars in storage and need advise from my beloved Maxima friends.

    Please send advice for long term storage to include engine and chassis preservation. I will be storing my car for a little over three years and need to know the latest techniques on how to keep it in the best condition, inside and out.

    I have heard of a foam preservative to spray down into the cylinders through the plug holes and valves. Once the foam is in place the procedure is to turn the engine over to coat the inside of the cylinders.

    When the car is brought out of storage, the foam will burn out and the internal engine components, to include rings, gaskets, and seals are still good.

    I need the product name, as well as help from experienced people on any other storage tips.

    All help is appreciated. Thanks.
  • camydogcamydog Member Posts: 64
    I am not affiliated with this dealer, but have received good service from them. They will beat Courtesy Nissan on prices. I saved 22%, to include shipping, over my dealer price on spark plug wires for our Maxima, and other parts from them. I found them on-line.

    The web address is They are located in Bethany, Oklahoma and the phone number is (800)725-7911. Although Courtesy Nissan has all of your parts needs, they will not go as low as this dealer. They are Northwest Nissan. Play the two dealers against each other for the best price.
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    Hello all...long time no post for me. I'm looking for a good rim cleaner for my 00 SE w/17" wheels. I've used a couple differnent cleaners readily available from the auto stores, but still have not found anything to get the difficult dirt off. They all do fine with brake dust etc., but there is some stuff on the rims I cannot remove.



  • ojc1ojc1 Member Posts: 4

    I just broke in my 1k miles on my 01 SE/Z and I'm starting to see what 224horses will do for me. One thing I've notice is that when I approach speeds up to 70mph the hood shakes. Is this normal? I don't hear anything when it does it but I wonder in the back of my head, "is the hoods going to fly up"? - it's distracting as well.

    I've used "Mothers" rim polish on my old aluminum rimmed Firebird. It seemed to work pretty well.
    Almost any auto parts store carries that product.
    Due to the bad weather in MN this winter - and today - I haven't had a chance to detail anything on the Maxima yet. Good Luck!

  • gerapaugerapau Member Posts: 211
    I had the same problem on my 2000SE. They had to replace the power drivers switch. It was a long drawn out process since the seat had to be removed to replace the switch but the seat was stuck too far forwards to easilly get at the anchor bolts.
  • eclipsegseclipsegs Member Posts: 66
    After reading an in depth article in Sport Compact Car about the new Z, I was amazed to hear about the new engine. A 260HP V6! SCC mentioned that this will be used in a "high performance Maxima". When? I'd love to see it. Maybe for 2002 model.
  • qx4qx4 Member Posts: 99
    the 260HP engine (i've heard upto 275) will go in the maxima this fall according to many sources.

    the Z will get about 280HP if not 300HP
    the number 260 was obtained by multiplying the HP per liter for the current maxima engine (VQ) by 3.5L. so its a theoratical figure and many believe it can be tuned for way more than that.

    you wanna hear something interesting the SE-R sentra has a 400Watt optioal sound system (check out so i wouldn't doubt if it becomes an option of other nissan cars sometime soon.
  • joenissanjoenissan Member Posts: 313
    I can offer you the best price on spark plug wires for your Maxima...FREE !!! Why you ask ?....because there aren't any on the really...thank for the site...I'll have to check it out.

  • ek01ek01 Member Posts: 37
    Thanks Gerapau. That's exactly what my dealer told me today. I continuously find this forum useful and interesting.
  • launcherlauncher Member Posts: 4
    I love my Maxima.

    I think anyone who owns one understands me. I own a 1996 GXE and I recently started reading tuning magazines. A few days ago, I read about a 240SX that had swapped its engine with the Nissan Silvia. That's incredible. So, with that in mind, I was wondering if it is possible for a Nissan Skyline engine to fit into my hood because I really desire Nizmo power. Thanks.
  • joenissanjoenissan Member Posts: 313
    No....the Maxima is FWD, and not enough room for an I6 in the engine bay. Want more power ?....Try the supercharger or Turbo set-up.

  • camydogcamydog Member Posts: 64
    The Maxima I have (old and dilapidated) does have plug wires. I replaced them at 107K miles. I do realize the new ones have more of a pick-up wire than spark plug wires. Why was that change made, do you think?
  • eclipsegseclipsegs Member Posts: 66
    Hey qx4, that rocks! Not to mention the supplier of that power...Rockford Fosgate.

    On another note, I'm waiting to see the new Altima and figure out expenses. From all of the data I've gathered, the new Altima almost looks like it could be developed from the Infiniti XVL concept model.
  • joenissanjoenissan Member Posts: 313
    They've used direct coil ignition since the 95's. It's more reliable...nothing to change, and you get a hotter spark.

  • mikeg12mikeg12 Member Posts: 4
    I am having a problem with my gas milage as well.
    I am averaging 17-19 miles per gallon. My dealer and their regonal manager are looking into this problem. Now I know that I am not alone with this problem. Please let me know if anyone knows a solution to this problem, and it is not bad calculating either.
  • joenissanjoenissan Member Posts: 313
    In this forum, I'm hearing that complaint alot. What year is your Max, what model (SE etc.), 15, 16, or 17" wheels, how many miles are on it, auto or 5 spd, Have you made any chnges to the car, and are you using premium fuel ?
    Anyone else with the same problem...please give me the same info...I want to check with our rep to see if there has been similar complaints....Thanks in advance.

  • mikeg12mikeg12 Member Posts: 4
    My max is 2k se 17" wheels and it is an automatic. I use 93 octane gas. It has 6,700 miles.
  • sgrd0qsgrd0q Member Posts: 398
    I am currently getting 17-18 mpg mixed city/highway. I made a long trip once with the cruise control set at 75mph throughout the whole trip and I got just over 21 mpg. My Maxima is 2001 GLE with 3500 miles on it. Joe is that normal? Thanks.
  • joenissanjoenissan Member Posts: 313
    Although I have heard people complaining about bad mileage, with the 5 spd...I'm getting anywhere from 20 to 27 MPG on the highway so...I'd have to say least not with a car that's fully broken in. I'm sure Mikes will get better since his car has such low mileage.
    The way I figure my mileage is....I zero out the trip meter at exactly 3/4 tank. Then take the mileage at exactly 1/2 tank. I'm getting anywhere from 100 miles to 130 miles on a 1/4 tank. That's about as scientific as I can get. maybe someone knows a better way of measuring their MPG...and mine is off a bit...I'm still going to check with my rep.

  • someyaksomeyak Member Posts: 19
    Joe. Y2K SE 5sp 17inch wheels 1800 miles. 93 Octane Amoco. Last fill up 146 miles 8.2 gallons (usually I wait till I'm down 3/4 of a tank but I passed an Amoco with 93 with a $1.60 price and couldn't pass it up :)).

    There's nothing wrong with the shifter per se. The throws are longer than I would like and the action is not all that smooth. I test drove several SEs (and a GXE) and they all felt about the same. So I knew what I was getting. I prefer somewhat the shifter on our Passat, and I really liked the shifter on my (now departed) 86 Accord.

    I can also feel a fair amount of engine vibration through the shifter..but I don't expect an aftermarket shifter to change that.

  • dhoffdhoff Member Posts: 282
    To get a very accurate gas mileage measurement, don't rely on your gas gauge. They just aren't that accurate. When you fill up next time, fill the tank completely until the pump shuts off. Then zero your trip meter.

    When you get near empty, fill the tank completely again until the pump stops. On the gas pump it will say exactly (to the 100th of a gallon) how much gas you used. Write this down, or keep your reciept.

    When you get back into your car, pull out your calculator. Divide the miles on your trip meter by how many gallons you put in. For instance, say your trip meter reads 305 miles, and you put in 16.678 gallons. That would be 305 divided by 16.678 = 18.287 MPG.

  • joenissanjoenissan Member Posts: 313
    Thanks...I'll try that.

  • launcherlauncher Member Posts: 4
    Yeah, I was thinking of getting a Turbo Charger, however there are few companies that provide them for Maximas. Have any in mind?
  • joenissanjoenissan Member Posts: 313
    Stillen makes a supercharger for the 2k+ maximas, ans I believe Jim Wolf Tech may make a Turbo.'t know the JWT site though...sorry.

  • yenneryenner Member Posts: 6
    Hi all,

    I have a 2K SE and just hit 3K miles. I just noticed that the hood is starting to rattle, especially on local roads. Is there an easy adjustment I can make or should I take it to the dealer? Help!
  • edwardsa1edwardsa1 Member Posts: 34
    I have a 2001 Max SE with 5-speed and about 2200 miles. I have found my mileage improving somewhat, and I just got 22.78 MPG on a tank of 91 octane with mixed, mostly highway driving.
  • gerapaugerapau Member Posts: 211
    Joe, try out what dhoff said and I am almost sure that your MPG will be lower then you have been getting using you method. The problems with you method are numerous and can lead to very inacurate values. The main problem is that the gas guage in most cars is very inacurate. On my 2000 SE the guage drops fairly quickly from full to 3/4 full and then drops slowly from 3/4 to 1/4 and then drops like a rock from 1/4 down. On my car the so called 1/4 tank between 3/4 and 1/2 is probably closer to 1/3 of a tank.
  • mikeg12mikeg12 Member Posts: 4
    I do the same, I fill up and top off the tank. Run the tank down to about a 1/4 tank and then fill up again. Then I take those figures and divide the milage into the gallons, ehich gives me my figure. Joe you said that my milage will increase as it gets older, but unfourtantly it is getting worse. My dealer adjusted some o2 sensors which did increase my milage for a little while. It is starting to drop down again. My last fill up I only got 250 miles, and I put in 14.58 gallons of 93 octane.

    I spoke to my dealer last night, he told me that the nissan tech office is tring to find out what the problem is because more complaints are coming in about the milage. I will try to keep everyone informed when my car goes in next week.
  • norbert444norbert444 Member Posts: 195
    My last check of mileage, using the correct (fill-up-to-fill-up) method: 19.58 mpg. That is on a y2k GLE at about 9000 miles, 60% city, 40% highway, 92 Octane Costco Gas.

    BTW, Mike, I believe topping off is not healthy for your car, and it might distort your mileage calculations, too.
  • cachetcachet Member Posts: 6
    My Y2k GLE consistently gets 20mpg combined city/highway. Here in Phoenix (and I suspect in many other parts of the country) we have a 10% ethanol mix part of the year (oxgenated to cut pollution) and MTBE for the rest of the year. Ethanol has been reported to reduce gas mileage and may be the cause of the lower results we are all seeing.
  • danny25danny25 Member Posts: 119
    I know this is a Maxima forum but I haven't seen you in any other forums so I'm going to ask an off topic question here. I was wondering what, if anything, have you heard about the new 2002 Altima? I know the info will be released in about a month, but I'm too curious. If you've answered this before, I'm sorry I must have missed your reply.
  • lee75lee75 Member Posts: 15
    Have an offer to buy a '96 Maxima GLE with leather, sunroof, bose CD system and in excellent shape. 71,000 miles. Two prior owners. $10,300.

    Good deal? And anything with this model that's good or bad?

    It's for my wife who wants something 4-door and reliable for 2-3 years. After that time, I'll get her a new car. BTW, she loves it. Many thanks.
  • la_maxla_max Member Posts: 9
    I recently got a quote of $1500 drive-off, $350+tax/month, for a 36-Month, 12K/Year lease.

    Here's the car: 2001 Maxima SE Auto, Gray Lustre/Frost Cloth, C&C Package, BOSE, Floor Mats.

    Btw, I'm in the Southern California area.

    I would really appreciate your input! Thanks!
  • wg45678wg45678 Member Posts: 55

    Using the conventional method of dividing distance traveled by by the gas pump reading, I'm ranging between 21.3 and 25.5 MPG, tending toward the latter in the last few month (no A/C and a few more miles of freeway opened up, replacing 45 MPH stop and go with 55-60MPH steady speed driving -- about half my commute distance). This on Costco/Arco/Mobil/Chevron brand 92 octane, oxygenated with 10% ethanol (winter gas in Phoenix).

    Last summer with 1/2 the 16 mile commute be stop and go, and 115 F heat so that A/C was running full bore, my low mileage was 21. MPG (on a 2k GXE 5 Speed).

    As to method of driving, I should note that I usually accelerate to speed faster than most traffic, get off the gas early when approaching a light and oft times just take advantage of the 2k's torgue to putter along in traffic in 3rd gear at 25 MPH. Has the side effect of minizing the throttle control issues on the 2k 5 speed max (see the 5 speed forum).

  • brooklyn3brooklyn3 Member Posts: 9
    Well, to add my own concern about mileage, so far (2100 total miles- '01 Gle) I am getting about 19 to 22 mpg (using correct analytical methods) on 93 octane (mostly Exxon). My previous maxima got up to the PEA estimated mpg very quickly and stayed that way until trade-in. Hopefully, things will improve or Joe finds the magic solution.

    Also, dealer screwed up and let me attach my temporary license to the rear window. Of course, unwittingly I placed the sticker over the rear window heater elements. Everyone to whom I mentioned this situation recommends capital punishment for the sales person. Anyway, I am looking for a suggestion as to how to remove the glue without ruining the heating elements.

    Finally, I too have experienced an accumulation of road grit around the fuel fill line. I think the so called splash guard is in place, however. It appears that the road grit comes through two small openings (in the splash guard) that must be there to allow drips of fuel to dissipate. Anyone else notice the two small openings?
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