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    blackmax01se --

    I'd doubt the Bose speakers will work if you don't have Bose/Clarion setup. The Bose setup has a subwoofer in the rear deck as well as the speakers in the doors and speakers in the front A pillars (probably the source of the noise people complain about). In addition, I'll bet the Bose sysetm is equalized as well (which you won't have with another radio). That is probably why Bose doesn't sell after market.

    If you don't like the sound you'd be better off investing in 3rd party replacements, not trying to install the Bose speakers.
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    Val...You'll have to drive the car with the A pillar removed, and see if you can isolate the noise. It's more than likely either the tweeter that's a bit loose or, just something pulled tight and rubbing enough to be audible. While driving, (carefully of course) use your habd to see if you can get it to stop (the noise). Then either tape up what's ticking or, try some spray foam in the area. Ask your dealer for a copy of those TSB's...they'll have them.

    Blackmax...The reason they sound so good in your friends car is, the Bose is an amplified and equalized system, you can't just add the Bose speakers to yours. The easiest thing to do is, get some good replacement speakers ...probably Crutchfield is the best place....and a good powered sub for the trunk (at least 100 watts). You'll be amazed at the difference.

    Sebb...Any brand name cleaners and conditioners will do just fine. Lexol, Mothers....they're all pretty much the same....I've tried em' all...I can't tell the difference...unless maybe someone else knows of something better.

    Max2001....What was wrong with your clutch ? And yes...all Maximas should have the filler tube cover in place...if not, have them replace it.

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    Here's my take:

    Accord- awsome quality, great resale value, styling=BOARING! A friend of mine has an Accord an I think he is jealous of my Max.

    Grand Prix-quality nightmare. The engine is its only good part...except that it should produce more power than it has with its supercharger...

    Maxima-Good quality, great price, lots of room and quick...enough said.

    Has anyone replace all of their speakers yet? I want to replace the factory ones to get more bass. How hard was removing the door panels??
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    Try your local public library for car manuals. Just check the books out, it's free. Of course you'll need a library card.
    As for the timing belt in a 94 Max, I'm almost positive it has a timing chain. Good luck.

    Semper Fi
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    I'm trying to be prepared before I need to replace my '96 Maxima SE's exhaust system. I'm looking for something which equals or betters the factory system and has, frankly, a more satisfying noise, something which proclaims the virtues of the best V6 made. Any suggestions out there?
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    Sorry, but who is "Joe" and what is TSB? My first time reading these and I can't seem to find the answer to either on the board, I did try, really. Thanks!

    p.s. Please be kind, recent back surgery, am cooped up in the house ALL day and will cry at the drop of a Kelly Blue book!
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    A TSB is a 'Technical Service Bulletin". If a problem develops on a vehicle that is pretty common, but not threatening enough for a recall, they will issue a TSB for that problem. Usually, if you take your car in the dealer will fix it for free (at least in my experiences they have). You can find a list of all TSB's for all vehices at

    Just fill in what type of car you have and it will show you all the TSB's for that car. Now , just cuz there is a TSB on your car, doesn't mean your car has that problem.

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    They really didn't take the thing apart, but after playing with a little they just decided that it was faulty and decided they would just go ahead and replace it. Will let you know if I find out anything else.

    BTW, this fill line cover is missing in a lot of 01's. Checked my dealers lot and most of them are missing the part. Suggest that all of you out there check your cars. Wouldn't want some big stone being kicked up by the tires and hitting the exposed fuel line.
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    I'be recently been quoted a drive away price of $21800 (not including taxes, registration, etc of course) for a 2001 Maxima SE with the Auto transmission and the destination charge included. I'm a bit suspicious, since this price is actually lower than the invoice, so I'm curious to see how the dealer is making a profit here (Holdback?). I'm wondering if there is some rebate or incentive I'm missing (I've researched this and can't find any myself). I'd appreciate any insight anyone can provide into this situation.
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    who cares? check out the car... if u like everything in it and it's brand new and it's a good price, you should get it. alot of times, the dealers are probably trying to get rid of inventory and you happened to be one of the lucky ones getting a good deal. drive the car, if u like it... buy it and u'll have a great car at a great price.
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    hey joe, where are you getting your gas from?? i've used hess (19.5mpg), citgo (18.5mpg) and exxon (22mpg) and haven't even approached 25mpg.
    I'm trying mobil for a few weeks and see if my mileage goes up. (2K GLE - islandic pearl)
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    Try for a detailed description for taking off the front door panels. I seem to remember reading something here last September with a link to that forum. The thing had plenty of photo's, warnings, etc. and should help you replace the front door speakers.

    Spring, Joe Nissan is a nissan mechanic in New York, owns a y2k SE and is kind enough to spend a fair amount of time on this board answering questions.

    Kyle, Joe has a 5 spd and will do better than auto tranny. I have GLE and get 21-22 mpg.
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    Max2001....What was wrong with your clutch that caused you to bring it in ? Other than a slightly notchy shifter feel, i've not heard any complaints. What was it doing/ not doing ?

    Kyle....Actually, I used to use HESS, until my last Max needed a fuel injection cleaning at only 20k. I've since changed to either Mobil or Sunoco, or Citgo. Sunoco 94 is my usual though. If you're getting as low as 18MPG, and the car runs fine, somethings amiss or
    you have a lead As I said before, on the highway, with the 5 spd, I average anywhere from 25 to 28MPG. I now have 30k on my 2k SE (Islandic Pearl as well by the way...nice choice), and the mileage wasn't always this good but....I think if it were as low as 18MPG, I'd remember that because I drive 53 miles each way every day.

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    The problem was that when accelerating in high gears (now in all gears) the rpms would increase by 500-1000, car would NOT acclerate, they would drop back by about 500-1000 and then the car would acclerate. Basically the clutch was slipping like crazy. Service dept. says that what it is but haven't told me what is causing the slip.
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    I had a 1984 300ZX turbo for many years. The clutch had to be replaced twice-about every 40,000 to 50,000 miles. Both times it was the slave cylinder that failed and caused the clutch to go. Apparently, no way to tell until the clutch starts slipping like your Maxima, and then it's too late-the clutch needs replacement. I had the same symptoms. As a 2000 SE 5-speed owner, I sure hope the current Maximas don't have the same problem.
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    Joe, correct me if i'm wrong, besides having a 5speed, you also use syn oil. i think the oil adds 2 extra miles per gallon. looks like, i'll try mobil for a month and see what happens and then try out sunoco. by the way, i dont have a lead foot, i dont step on the gas as soon as the lite turns green, i actually take it easy except for when i need to get in front of someone in traffic. (2k islandic pearl GLE w. 5K miles)

    love my max so far!
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    I've heard a ton of other complaints about the car but as far i know I am the first one to complain about clutch failure, so maybe I just got a bad clutch assembly. Just my luck! Lets hope it's an isolated problem, rather than a larger one. I'll let you guys know what the dealer says about where the failure took place.
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    Max....Well..I can tell you that I haven't yet come across such problem so, it's probably just a fluke that it happened to you (hopefully). Let us know how you make out.

    Kyle....Yes, I do use Mobil 1 5w/30 and Purolator oil filters. I also have the Stillen intake. Although I wouldn't think the use of synthetic, and Stillens intake would raise mileage all that much...I guess anythings possible.

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    Sorry if this topic has been covered before, please reference me to the past discussions if they exist. I've got a 91' Maxima SE. I purchased the car used from a dealer after its 3 year lease was up. I'm the second owner. Within months of purchasing car, I noted that the odometer was not always logging my actual miles. At first it was hard to notice, but over time, the problem has worsened to the point where it doesn't tick off miles more than half the time driving.
    Only consistent observations now: 1.) The Speedometer has always worked and appears to be accurate. 2.) odometer rarely works when first starting out on trip, doesn't seem to start ticking off miles until after 5 - 10 miles. 3.) The "trip" odometer and regular odometer always work or don't work in tandem.
    Has anyone got some thoughts on this one? Any chance the odometer was tampered with during its leasing period? Can the odometer be fixed alone or does the whole instrument cluster need to be replaced? I would appreciate any help ! Thank you
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    Thanks for the replies regarding "Joe" and "TSB's" and for the link to the website for the TSB's. I am reading this board after having checked out a 99 SE this past Mon. It said on the window sticker (still in the glove box) that it was an SE but I also noticed the word "Anniversary" on said sticker. Unfortunately, I did not look over the whole sticker, just glanced at it in the salesman's hand, so I have no other info. How could it be an "Anniversary" edition if it is a '99'? It is loaded with just about every option possible but when I research it on the web, I can't find out if these are all individual options or pkg. options (some seem to be part of pkgs., then others do not). I'm confused, can anyone offer some help or somewhere else to look? I have checked Edmund's and Car Point. I have also checked into the April Consumer Reports at my local library for that year, hoping to find a more detailed report with no luck.

    Also, it seems that many of you have problems with this car yet it is consistently rated in the Top Ten of most studies. Bottom line--do you all love it or just tolerate it, and most importantly, would you buy it again?

    Thanks again, really appreciate it.
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    Spring - I LOVE the Max. I love them so much that I'm on my second - a 2K1GLE - and I kept my first - a 95GXE. I prefer the GLE but that's because it's newer, tighter, more sophisticated and has better road handling. But I have close to 140K on the 95 and she just keeps on going. In about 5 years, I'll be going back to Nissan for another.
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    Just had my y2k GLE in to dealer for lof & tire rotation. Asked him to check for rotor and auto trans. problems per TSB's. Dealer indicated no problems found in both areas. Based on all I have read on this board I am wondering if this is likely or am I being misled. Car has 7000 miles on it and was built January 2000. Love the car and think it is the best car I ever owned. Thanks for all the valuable info on this board.
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    Are you sure it didn't read "LIMITED" ? There was an SE Limited model for the 99.5 model lineup. Other than was no Anniversary edition before 2001.

    DSP.....Not every car will have the problem, that's why it's a TSB and not a recall so, if you're having no problems with the tranny in your Maxima, it's probably fine. If you are having trouble, insist they go by the TSB, and repair it.

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    I think most people love their Maxes. Most people have virtually no problems. Some people get exercised about squeaks. Some people with manual transmissions have noticed a lag before acceleration kicks in, but there is a TSB if your car is so affected. I understand that cars built after May 2000 don't have this problem, so if you're looking at a manual '99 make sure to check it out on the highway. I have a Satin Blue Pearl 2K GLE, bought last summer. No squeaks, no other problems.
    All in all, problems with the Maxima are minimal! If you look at other boards, you will see a lot more serious problems. This is my first Max, but fourth Nissan product (2 Datsun 310s and a Stanza) over the last 20 years. No problems with any of them, until my Stanza got crushed by a red light runner!

    Yes, considering all the options, I would still buy this again. We test drove: Chrysler 300M, VW Passat, Audi A6, Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Olds Aurora, Intrigue, and Alero, Volvo - can't remember model, Infiniti i30, Mazda 626 and Millenium. Pretty much covered all direct competitors and some choices one step up or one step down in price. The Max was the best value for the money, in our opinion, best size for combined city/highway driving, just all around best for what we needed.
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    Glad to see that your are enjoying your Max. Still battling with those pesky Passat people (remember?) here, you are sorely missed at the Maxima vs. Passat forum.

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    Oops, got so carried away I clicked and sent before I wrote! I haven't spent much time on the boards lately, work intervenes with my fun these days, and with this new system I can't find some of my old favorites anymore. Suppose Max vs. Passat is still in the Sedans list?

    We do like the Max, a lot. L-0-V-E-D those heated seats this past winter! It is so easy to get spoiled, no? The only thing I miss is the memory for the driver's seat/mirror, which the Infiniti and the Chrysler had, but all things considered - still feel we made the right choice.
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    Yeah...Passat vs. Maxima is still in the Sedans list. Don't need those heated seats here in S. Florida, but I have been really enjoying the sunroof, the weather here is perfect for it. Nothing like a beautiful sunny day, a light spring breeze and some good tunes to enjoy a great car like the Max. Can you believe it?, my Maxima will be 2 years old this summer. Time sure does fly when you are having fun.

    see you around,

    Speed :)
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    Sounds like someone played with the odometer. How long ago did you purchase? If you got it from a dealer not too long ago, you may have a valid complaint.

    Spring, I love my Max, no problems either (9200 miles, 2k gle). Plus, I don't think the issues that many are having in this forum are dealbreakers.
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    Are you sure that this is a problem with the manual? I can't remember seeing anyone here making that comment about the manual. I personally have had a few problems with my 2000 SE 5speed but a lag before acceleration kicks in is definatly not one of them. This has to be the most responsive car that I have ever driven. I have heard of a similar problem with the automatics though.
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    I think what was meant was the so-called "fuel-cut" condition that some folks say causes on/off throttle episodes in 1st gear. Personally, I don't notice any problem with my 2k SE 5 spd either but....there are a lot of people complaining about this problem. You can read about it in the Maxima 5 spd forum.

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    Right, it was the infamous "fuel cut" problem that I meant. I have an automatic of course with the GLE, absolutely no problems. It ZOOMS when I need to get onto the Beltway fast!

    Speed, last night I read some of the Maxima vs. Passat stuff, you guys are just arguing about financing! C'mon, stick to the cars! ;)
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    max2001 - I must have missed the discussion, if there was one, about the fill line cover. Can you post what the problem is? I have a 2001 gle due for an oil change, and I thought I might address this, if there is a problem. I also notice that there is a lot of dirt accumulation behind the fuel tank door, and I wonder if this is related.

    Thanks for your help.
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    Yeah, the converstation got caught up in financing, which was totally off the subject. Previous to that, they were alleging that the Passat was just as fast or FASTER than the Maxima. Personlly, after having driven a Passat V6, the Maxima seems a lot quicker. What do you think?. Keep your eye on that board because sparks do fly often.
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    Several times I've been stopped next to new Passats at red lights with my 2000 SE 5-speed. When they take off, I match their rate of acceleration. I can hear the Passats engine groaning and thrashing beside me, while the Max is quiet and effortless. Then, when I give the Max more gas (still usually just part throttle), it quickly leaves the Passat way behind. Doesn't seem to make much difference whether the Passat is a 4 or a 6.
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    I'm a first time user. I'm currently driving a 1998 Buick LeSabre LTD, and am seriously looking at a 2001 GLE. Lots of problems with the Buick. How does the ride differ from a Buick to a GLE. My test drive was very impressive. Any response would be appreciated.
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    Follow the below link and you can read the entire discussion that took place on a different board.

  • umpopaumpopa Member Posts: 37
    The discussion about this topic concerns a (missing !) shield which belongs in the left rear wheelwell. It prevents excessive road dirt/sand/etc from getting up around the fuel tank filler area...and potentially contaminating the gasoline. Apparently many of the 2001 Maximas are coming in without it (including mine), although the dealers should get the parts and fix it under warranty.

    The discussion has been on the boards, if not at Edmunds, and has included the parts numbers, etc.

  • sgrd0qsgrd0q Member Posts: 398
    Thanks max2001 and umpopa!

    The link posted by max2001 above contains some interesting information.

    I think I don't have the shield on my car, so I'll have to convince my dealer to install it.
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    I got this problem. When i play a cd in the car, only the speakers on the right side work....when radio is on all speakers work fine...and it isn't the balance knob, i checked....any one know what's the problem?
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    Just found this discussion group. Hello to everyone. Got a '97 Max SE Auto. and have noticed some acceleration lag. Have not had the injectors done lately (108000km = no warranty) Would an additive-type injector cleaner work, added to the gas tank? Has anyone tried this, and did it have any negative effects? Otherwise just love the car. have leased it for 5 years now and plan to keep it at least 5 more, if not longer. The SE suspension was what sold me on this model over the GXE model.....just no comparison in body roll and handling. I know I'm sort of a "Johnny-come-lately" here, but has anyone out there had any problems that they can make me aware of on this model, especially since I've passed the 100km mark? The only nagging problems I've had is finding a decent, honest Nissan dealership in my area. They're all crooked as far as I'm concerned! I accidently broke the mirror glass on the passenger side mirror (scraping snow off the car!) and they wanted almost $500.00 to fix it!!! Found a used one already painted the matching colour, through a friend of mine in the parts business, for $130.00, and had the local body shop/garage install it for $40.00 !!! I've never left the dealer with a bill less than $200.00. Anyway, I've learned the hard way! Take care all.
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    You don't say what year maxima you have and how many miles are on it. If it's still under warranty, the head unit has to be either repaired or replaced. What's happening is, the flat computer-like connector between the amp and CD player (internal) has worked it's way loose. I've seen this a few times...and replaired it myself. If it's not under warranry, and you want to fix it yourself...although it's somewhat involved, it can be done. The headunit has to be removed from the car, the headunit top panel (exposing the CD portion of the unit) has to be removed. Then you carefully unscrew, and remove the CD unit to get to this connector. Reseat the connector, and reverse your step to re-assemble the unit. it's really not as hard as it sounds though.
    I would say to check all external connections but, you claim it's just the CD player so...has to be it.

    Hammer....Try STP's "Total fuel system cleaner" it seems to work quite well...IF that's your problem. You may also want to try Nissans fuel system cleaning. It should be about $75 and take about an hour but, it cleans injectors, valves, throttle body etc.
    By the way....a side mirror NEW doesn't even cost us $200. Find a better dealer...word of mouth is the best way.

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    Speaking of CD players, the one in my 2000SE started skipping when playing CD's. Even when the car wasn't moving. It wasn't just the one CD, I tried about 10 different CDs and ALL had the same problem.

    My dealer is replacing the head-unit. Have you encountered this type of problem at your dealership? Just curious.

    Also: I live in the Philly area. I remember Mobil having a problem with their gasoline about a year ago. There was an adverse chemical reaction in the tanker trucks that was causing sludge to form in the gasoline. My mechanic said that he must have done 100 fuel injector cleanings in a two day period (the cars had to be towed into the shop). I even remember watching a news report about that problem. Anyway, I stop using Mobil after that.

    I use Coastal (premium is only $1.45) and consistently get 25-27 miles/gallon now (14,000 miles). When the car was new, I barely got 22-23 mpg. Gas mileage seems to be improving as the car 'ages'.
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    The maxima, though smaller is way more reliable than any Buick. The GLE is equipped with the works, such as leather, wood trim, automatic air conditioning, and much more; there are not many options avaiable for the GLE, the are: sunroof, spoiler, traction control, and meridian edition(heated seats, side airbags), the ride in the gle is said to be pretty good, some call it cushy, while others say it is firm, but comfortable. As I said earlier, the Maxima is quite smaller than the LeSabre, you will lose some rear legroom, but the Maxima is plenty enough room, my 6 foot tall brother sits behind me, and I am 5'10", although I personaly don't own one myself, I have driven them many times, and I believe that the quality is head and shoulders above any american made car, and many of the foreign makes. You may also want to look at the new Passat as well, it is extemely roomy for its size and quite attractive as well.

    Good Luck to you in advance.
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    You'd be surprised what we Yes, I've seen CD players skip, play only left side speakers, or not at all. have it replaced, it should be fine.

    I've been using Mobil for years, and although I've not heard of the problem you've mentioned with Mobil fuel, I've also never had a problem with it. I also very rarely use the same station (or brand) twice in a row...which is easy where I am...I have about 7 to chose from. I've had problems with HESS gas turning the check engine light on with the computer saying the O2 sensor was bad but it wasn't (handheld consult checks ALL systems and components) So.....I don't go near HESS any longer.

  • gnlgnl Member Posts: 94
    Jim, You'll notice a big difference between your Buick and the Maxima. I would describe the ride of my GLE as firm and comfortable, but not "cushy." Maybe compared to the SE it might be a little cushier, I don't know. It feels very controlled to me, just sticks to the road in every condition, twisties, straight highway running, icy roads, whatever. My husband and I were in Michigan over Christmas, and refused to let my mom drive her Lincoln Town Car very much. The roads were covered with ice because it was too cold for salt and sand to be effective. The Maxima just felt very stable, and we saw the traction control light coming on every so often. The Lincoln, on the other hand, made us feel sea-sick. I would definitely recommend the traction control if you drive in snow or even rain very much.

    As for size, I think it's perfect - large enough to be comfortable, small enough to be manueverable, both on the road and for parallel parking.

    Speed - I don't know, I can't really compare the Passat's speed to the Max. When I test drove the Passat, I just found the seats to be so uncomfortable, and the interior so cramped, and cup-holders such a joke, and the trunk not large enough - well, I can't even remember what I thought about it on the highway! On the country roads the Passat was fun around the curves, so I can understand why people like it, but it just was not the car for me.

    What I wanted in the way of speed was a car zippy enough to merge easily onto the Beltway, and that the Maxima does with aplomb.
  • jim7689jim7689 Member Posts: 15
    Thank You both so much for your feedback, I am really fed up with my Buick, this thing has cost me over $2,000.00 in repairs, other than regular maintenance cost. You've both been very helpful.
    My next Vehicle will be a 2001 Maxima GLE with all the trimmings.

    Happy Motoring
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    I'm searching for an Ontario,CN dealer who has some experience selling the Maxima to US customers for export to the states (in my case, Michigan). The current exchange rate is too good to ignore and Michigan dealers keep a spartan inventory which makes dealing difficult (Try to find a fully loaded 2001 GLE in Pearlescent White with or without a spoiler).

    Previous posts in this forum have described the export/sales/tax procedure, but the CN dealers I've telephoned don't seem very enthusiastic about the prospect. I'm also advised that the Canadian GLE only comes fully equipped (which is great), and appears to have more standard equipment (e.g. engine heater) than the US model, but the sales staff is'nt very informative and I'd like to know if other differences exist.

    Does anybody know a knowledgeable and enthusiastic dealer in Ontario located along the 401?
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Member Posts: 1,467
    That is great to hear, I hope that you truly enjoy your new Maxima. What colors are you looking at, I love Gray Lustre.
  • andyis24andyis24 Member Posts: 4
    My wife and I just bought a 2001 Maxima SE 5 speed today. However, on the ride home, we noticed abnormal rumbling sounds when passing over bumpy sections of road, which seemed worse during turns. We've tried to think what it sounds like. Rumbling? Thunder? A shoe in the dryer? Rubber rubbing against metal? Not exactly sure how to describe it, but it was loud enough and strange enough to make me worry. A lot.

    Anyone heard of anything like this before? Will it hurt the car to continue to drive it? What could cause this problem and how complex might the fix be (I assume any fix would be covered under warranty)? Should I start looking into Washington State's Lemon Law? Any advice would be appreciated.

    Disappointed in Washington,
    Andy K.
  • andyis24andyis24 Member Posts: 4
    My SE 17" tires were inflated to 45 psi by the dealer. What should this feel and sound like? I know the ride will be firmer, but could it cause the rough and noisy ride I described in my last post?

    To see if 45 psi was the source of my problems, I reduced the pressure in the back tires to 35 psi and the front to 37 psi. That seemed to reduce the problems somewhat, but didn't completely solve them. I wasn't sure how far to go, though. The armrest placard says 30 psi for the back, 33 psi for the front. Are these the minimum safe values? Or are they the recommended values? Where do others here keep their tire pressure?

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