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    You may want to try Goo-Gone. It can be would at just about any store, to include Wal-Mart and auto parts stores. Just rub with the grain of the heating element in your window with a very damp cloth soaked with the solution. Flip the cloth when it becomes soiled and rewet. This should work and shouldn't hurt the elements.

    Good luck, and take aim at the saleperson for me!
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    Edmund's: The spell checker you employ is terrible!
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    no more!
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    I hit one of those crater size potholes on the BQE and blew my right front tire. It scared the living @$%# out of me. I thought my strut went flying through the hood. Man, on some roads the ride quality on my 2001 se is just down right harsh. But, I still love the car. Fortunately there is no visible damage to the rim but I was told by my local tire shop that I needed a new tire. They gave me a price quote of $170.00 for a new Bridgestone Potenza 225/50 vr 17. Does this sound reasonable? Anyway, I told them to put a patch on the tire and so far I haven't had any leaks. The tear on the tire is just where the tire thread and the sidewall meet. Patches usually don't adhere very well to this part of the tire, so I am told.
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    >Have an offer to buy a '96 Maxima GLE with leather, sunroof, bose CD system and in excellent shape. 71,000 miles. Two prior owners. $10,300.

    >Good deal? And anything with this model that's good or bad?

    Just got one of these myself:
    96 GLE, 36,000 miles, leather, sunroof + air dam, Bose CD/Cass, Winter Package (heated seats & mirrors), Gold Package (which I hate, but it wasn't a deal breaker), mudguards, excellent condition, bought from the original owner.

    I paid a higher price, $13,700 but feel I got a good deal for the long-term as I got to see how the owner maintained his other cars, and after using the value calculators @ Edmunds, Kelly Blue Book, and NADA.

    BTW, love the car - runs like a dream. If buying from a dealer, get them to throw in some kind of limited warranty (longer than the standard 3 mos) just to be sure...
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    IMHO -- I'd replace the tire and get the front end inspected/aligned again by the dealer or a trusted alignment shop. If the impact was severe enough to blow the tire I'd wonder about it being bruised and getting a tread separation or steel belt separation some time down the road.

    If there's any other damage, you might be able to make your insurance pay for it (they'll call it collision though and hit you for the deductible).
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    You can also try using nail polish remover to get the remaining gunk off. It worked for me on the glass itself, I didn't have any glue directly on the heating elements.
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    I agree with you 100%. I'm definitely going to the dealer to have my front end inspected and realigned if deemed necessary. I woke up this morning and noticed a slight bulge developing on the sidewall where the patch was placed. There was definitely some structural damage done to the tire. Thanks for the advice.
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    I have 96 GLE, and what i noticed is sometimes The car won't let me shift from parking, as if it is stuck. Well the button on the left side, i can't press it down all the way.....i haven't figured out the pattern yet on when it does it but i was wondering if anyone knows what's the problem and how to fix it
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    I have the same problem on my 01' - it seems to be more on the driver side. I posted a message about that a couple of days ago but apparently we are the only two that have that type of a problem.

    Mine moves when I approach freeway speeds.

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    All you Maxima autophiles, I am thinking about buying a used Maxima and wondered what I need to look out for in specific year models as far as problems. Also if there are other places to get additional information, it would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Has anyone experienced a problem with hard starting on the 2001 Maxima? I have noticed that when the ambient temperature is between 40-50 degrees F., my car has trouble starting. Starts fine when its cold, and starts fine when its hot. Mine is a 2001 GLE with most of the frills. It is an impressive vehicle.
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    Does anyone know of a 10 or 12-disc CD changer that works with the new maxima's BOSE system? When I say 'works' I mean I want to be able to control the CD changer with the BOSE head unit. I attempted to look this up on, but they weren't any help.

    Nissan sells a 6-disc unit, but I want a 10 or a 12.

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    Like some of you guys, I'm also getting poor mileage: 19.1 mpg on the last tank, on premium. Car is a 2000 SE 5 sp w/17" wheels, just bought new in January. Had just over 1000 total miles at the fillup, so maybe MPG will get a little better with breakin. The driving was mostly suburbs with some highway, no bumper-to-bumper commuting. Mostly on ECON setting (A/C off). As far as I can tell, my fuel has neither ethanol nor MTBE, either of which will reduce mileage. Haven't complained yet to the dealer about low MPG or the fuel-cut problem. I thought I'd wait until I take it back for the first service.

    BTW, will the fuel tank really hold 18.5 gallons? I waited until after the refuel light was on and the needle at E, and could only put in 15.07 gals. I hate idiot lights that come on too soon. How about a contest: who has put the most gallons in a 2000-2001 Max without running out of gas?
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    We went skiing in Vermont a month ago, and I was stupid enough to expect gas stations there to be open late at night. Well there weren’t any open, and I pushed the car beyond what I would normally do, but thankfully I made it to the hotel. The following morning I filled the car up – I managed to put 17.2 gallons. So the fuel tank capacity is definitely over 17.2. Whether it is the advertised 18.5 – I don’t know...
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    Yes. I had the same probelm (01' SE). Hard to start the car in the cold temp.

    BTW, has anyone experienced a problem that hard to acceleration? or the overdrive didn't work properly?? I'm going to dealer this morning to check that out. I hope they can find the problem.
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    Danny....I really don't know anything more than what most everyones' already read about the new Altima. It will get a new i4, and a new 210HP V6 option (some have read even more than that). it will be slightly smaller than the current Maxima but, use it's platform.

    Lee75...10,300 for a 96 GLE with that kind of mileage is not bad at all but....I'd try and get it down to the high 9's or an even 10g...I'm sure you'll have no problem.

    Ammax...REPLACE THAT TIRE !!! I'm also sorry to say this but.....when you do replace the tire, and the tire is being balanced, have the tech look closely at the tire/wheel rim while it's at speed. The reason for this is...we've had to replace about 13 or 14 rims in the recent past for customers who claim they've not hit anything close to what you've explained. if the rims is slightly bent, this process will reveal it.

    92Drexel...One that'll work with the head unit controls ?...No. At least not since about December. If anyone knows of one, it'd be Crutchfield.

    Flyin...When that light comes on, you have approx. 3 gals left. You can go quite a ways on those 3 gallons.

    By the way...I did try the method of using actual fuel amounts given on the gas pump, and am happy to say that after just returning from a trip to Virginia (round trip was 1194 miles), I got 27.4 mpg...all highway at 70 MPH, up to as much as 29.3...same conditions. All I can contribute that to is that I'm not one for jackrabbit starts, I upshift just under 2000 RPM, and even on any side-roads, I always use 5th gear..even as low as 35-40 MPH.
    Everyone's driving style is different but, try getting into the higher gears as soon as possible. If what you folks are claiming is 19 (or so) MPG on the highway at all times...I'd say there's a problem.

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    Quick question. I seem to have some oil/fluid (difficult to tell the color) dripping from the bottom of my 2kGLE just to the inside of the front left tire (12k miles). I can't really tell where its coming from, but I was thinking it might be the transmission pan? Somewhile back, I had the solenoid/TCM repair done, so does anyone think its related? This stinks having a fluid leak already. Not very happy right now.

    Btw, in response to some of the above posts, I've been getting about 24 mpg here in the northeast, with a mix of highway/suburban driving this winter. Not too bad, i guess, comparatively. Also, I'm pretty easy on the pedal most times, so I would think I should be getting a higher read, but go figure.

    Also, I really haven't had any problems starting, etc. over a wide range of temps. I really love this car, but seeing the fluid drops on the garage floor this morning was like a dagger through the heart. Nissan NA, are you listening?
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    Only thing to do is bring it in and get the news. Hopefully, it will be something minor. In any case, it will be fixable, and under warrany. I know the feeling - my wife's accord CAME with an oil leak. On the 2nd day I owned it, I watched them drop the tranny to replace a faulty rear seal -ouch! But they did it and the car has been fine. $^&^%& happens.
    BTW, I live in the Neast. Where did you have the TCM done? Have you noticed a difference? Thanks.
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    I'm looking at a lease on a '01 Maxima GLE. Spent two hours with the dealer yesterday who wanted to lease it for $455 + taxes (making the monthly lease price about $487). This seems extrememly high to me. I thought I'd get a lease for around $410-$415 (including taxes.) We walked and are hoping maybe the dealer will call back towards end of the month. They were figuring the residual value of the car at about 53% which seems really low for Maxima. Any thoughts?
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    Yeah, I figure the best thing is to take it to the dealer, and hopefully its no big deal.

    I live north of NYC (about 20 miles). With respect to the TCM/solenoid pack, we noticed a hesitation under hard acceleration from 1st to 2nd a few times, and brought it in to Ramsey Nissan in Bergen County NJ. Although they couldn't reproduce the problem, they agreed to do the repair, no questions asked. They were great about it. I haven't noticed any huge changes in the shifting, but can say that I haven't felt that hesitation again. Also, I may just be dreaming, but the shifts seem just a touch crisper, but who knows. Other than that, love the car... just hoping this small leak is a non-issue. Good luck.
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    That is WAY too high. How much is the car ? (allways get a final selling price before letting them know you want to lease). What rate are they trying to charge you, and how much are you putting down ? A loaded GLE, even if it were 29g, and you put down only a grand, should be below $400 a month, with a residual value between 17 and 18k after 36 months.

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    Thanks for the response on the changer. Nissan's 6-disc has became a lot more reasonable (from $750 in August 1999 to $400 presently).

    But I still want at least a 10 disc changer.

    Another question for Joe (unrelated to the max - sorry)...why doesn't Nissan advertise that the Pathfinder can be had with a navigation system? I was shocked when my buddy showed me his PF with the nav system. I think Nissan is the only non-premium car company that offers a nav system in one of their vehicles. Wouldn't you want to advertise that???
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    I agree with Joe, that's really high. I bought my 01 SE (which usually means higher monthly payments than a lease), with all the options and my monthly payment is lower than that, so go elsewhere, the dealers trying to rip you off!
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    Thanks for the feedback on my '01 Maxima purchase. To answer your questions...The MSRP sticker price is $28,853 (invoice $25,828). The dealer figured a residual of $14,890 (53%) while we were counting on at least a residual of $16,500 (57%). Weren't planning to put any money down. I was wrong on their lease offer in my previous post. They were willing to come down to a lease price of $440/mo including taxes. ($455 was where he started and came down to $440). I still think this is too high. Do you think they might be willing to come down towards the end of March if they haven't moved a lot of Maximas?
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    Try I believe you'll find the 6 CD changer for your Maxima for under $300. You do, I believe, have to also purchase the install kit from them (plus shipping) but, it's still cheaper. Buy the way...this IS a Nissan dealer in Texas...very good prices. As for the nav system not being asvertized, who knows...maybe because they sell so's in the pathfinder brochure though. I guess it would be nice if they let everyone know about the NAV system in one of the "Not that you would" commercials huh.

    JW...First of all, if they're telling you that you can buy the car out after 3 years for 14k, that's great for you ! That car will be worth thousands more than that in three I said probably closer to 17k or so.
    $440 a month is a rip-off. Find out what the hell interest rate they're tryin' to stick you with (unless you have bad credit). You should easily be able to get them down to about 26,5...or very close. But even a 28k car can't cost THAT much a month, with a decent rate...even with no down payment. Walk away, and shop around.
    And yes...You can try again on or about the 26th or 27th of the month...then tell them they had better throw in the floor mats Good Luck

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    Does anyone know if the installation of the Courtsey FSTB requires any trimming for it to fit in the 2000/2001 Maxima? I haven't been here in a while, but maximzd (Rich) indicated a while ago that something needs to be be ground down for it to fit perfectly. I recall something near the end plate needs clearance. Although I think he may have installed a FSTB for an earlier model Maxima. The following Courtsey link says its just for the 2000/2001 model.



    (Cut and paste the above address together or click 2000-2001 Maxima link. This idiotic POS website format doesn't allow more than 100 characters to be posted. Also, you can't see all postings at one time, like you used to do. This was great to search for key words in the entire thread and to print entire topics)

    I am also ordering the in cabin air filter and applicator touch up paint (which I though wasn't available in the US). For those of you who want to go shopping for the Max, visit Coursey's 2000/2001 Maxima page at:

    BTW: The rear spoiler and floor mats have different part numbers. Has the body style and interior changed all that much between 2000 and 2001?

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    2000 SE, fully loaded...
    Somebody, please! any suggestions how to get rid of these annoying noises (ticks and squeaks) from left passenger pillar????
    I'm going to crush this *** car, it drives me crazy!
    Brought it to the dealer 3 times with this problem, but they are deaf! and now 12 month, which covered those type of problem are over, so I'm by myself now and I can not take it anymore!
    Overall - excellent car, but these noises.....
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    I had no problems with putting on the FSTB, no cutting or anything! However, I have read (on a couple people that had problems with something getting in the way (can't remember what though).

    As for the part numbers - don't know why they are different - been in both 00, 01 and they seem almost the same, with minor cosmetic changes (i.e wheel mounted stereo controls in a 01).
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    I have a '97 Nissan Maxima GLE, 60k miles for now. I probably need to change the timing belt, but the funny thing is that the Maintenance Schedule doesn't say anything about this belt. Moreover, the only mention of the word "timing" in the manual is "timing chain". What actually the engine has - a belt or a chain?
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    The '00 and '01 Max has a timing chain. If the 97 manual speaks of a timing chain, then presumably that's what you have. The chain doesn't require replacement nearly as often as a belt. I've had belts replaced at 60K before. I think the chain can go to 100k or more before it needs to be replaced. The manual may not even suggest replacing it...ever!

    My 2kgle gets around 22 mpg. I alternate between fast starts and babying it.

    What's with all these flags? (I've been away for a couple of weeks.)
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    If you've had it in for the noises, they'll still be covered. Obviously, they didn't fix it right the first time so...bring it back.

    Mcseem.....Your car has a timing chain, which is maintainence free. They say they should be changed somewhere north of 100k but...I've seen them go twice that.

  • valkatvalkat Member Posts: 3
    They still refuse to admit that this problem is there. They are deaf! They also can not hear a fan ticking at low speed.
    SM told me - just turn your radio loud and forget about it :(
    I know there is a TECHNICAL SERVICE BULLETIN about tichks and squeaks, but don't know where to find it :( if somebody can help?
    May be after I find it, a regular shop will fix it. I don't care about money, just want to get it fixed.
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    Warren- I installed the new Courtesy FSTB for 2000-2001 Maxima on my POS; only thing is the bar makes slight contact with a plastic solenoid that I believe is part of the EVAP system on the driver's side. No big deal, just bend the solenoid bracket slightly by hand. No cutting of the strut tower is necessary. I also installed the in cabin filter. Simple to do; was harder to install on my parent's 2000 Altima, since you had to cut the heater core box on the Altima.

    Valkat- As for the A Pillar noises, I had it fixed twice and it now seems to be as close to quiet as it will get. My dealer used a combo of the square foam blocks inside the a pillar along with the application of silicone paste. Make sure your delaer refers to the squeak and rattle TSB and uses the felt and foam insulation kit to track down the rattle sources. The pillar just pulls off, so you might want to shove some foam down there yourself. Try to see if one of the Nissan techs will give you some free foam pads. Once that rattle is gone, I hope you don't end up hearing a bunch more like me... :(

    Dave Z
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    Started looking at a Maxima GLE ($27,125 -moon roof, Meridian pkg., and spoiler) compared to an Accord EX V6 ($23,465 -no extras yet). I was leaning toward the Maxima, but ran into a 2000 Grand Prix GT for around $19,500. It has 7,600 miles and was a GM Corp. car. There's an 8 grand difference in price between the two. Anyone have advice for a first time shopper? Any major problems with these models? Appreciate any help I can get!
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    Want it fixed ? But they refuse to help ? Here's a sure-fire way to get things done. When you go into the service area..SCREAM about the problem, and they're lack of willingness to help. Hopefully you can be heard from the showroom floor. As stupid and childish as that may sound, it sounds like you're dealing with an incompetent dealer who wants your money but, after the sale....they don't want to know you. Trust me..this works. They do not want other customers to hear that they're dealing with a service dept that is useless.
    There are a few TSB's concerning interior squeaks, ans also for the ticking fan noise.
    They are: NTB99056A, NTB99056 for the squeaks, and NTB99017A for the fan noise. Give them these numbers, and INSIST the problems be corrected !!!

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    92 - 94 SE's and all Maximas, starting in 1995, have timing chains. They do not have to be replaced as a regular maintenance item. Engines with timing chains usually develop problems with the tensioners first, which causes noise.
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    It really depends on what you want. First off...if your looking at cars like the Grand prix GT, you're no longer in Maxima territory. If it's price you're concerned with, the 23k Accord V6 is a great buy. The Pontiac has the usual GM inferior quality issues. The Maxima, if you want a faster, larger car than both of the others, is more expensive... but, in my opinion, well worth it. It's not bland like the Honda, and can't be touched quality-wise by the Pontiac. If you want to save money....try the less expensive GXE, or non fully loaded SE...those two are closer in price to the Accord....Just my opinion.

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    I recently got a quote of $1500 drive-off, $350+tax/month, for a 36-Month, 12K/Year lease.

    Here's the car: 2001 Maxima SE Auto, Gray Lustre/Frost Cloth, C&C Package, BOSE, Floor Mats.

    Btw, I'm in the Southern California area.

    I would really appreciate your input! Thanks!
  • joenissanjoenissan Member Posts: 313
    Sounds about right to me.

  • phillippinophillippino Member Posts: 1
    I'm looking for books and other information for a 1994 GLE Maxima. Things that I need to know, things that I can do myself etc.
    +What is the average price to change a timing belt?(New Mexico)
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    Hi, I am considering buying a 2001 Maxima SE in Massachusetts. Any suggestions on a good price and also are there any known problems I should be expecting? Thanks in advance!
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    Take a look in the Boston Globe for ads by Quirk in Braintree. You can also find them on the web at You may not want to buy it there but the prices they advertise are low and include everything but tax, title and license. You should know what options you want (and the cost of those options) before you call them.
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    Depending on the part of the country you are in...that sounds pretty good.

    Paid $1700 drive out and $340+tax for 36/15K on a '01 SE with Leather/sunroof/C&C/mats, guards, Bose and microfilter...but here in Atlanta the market is very competitive.(16 dealers within 50 miles.)
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    We were also looking at Grand Prix GT before deciding on y2k Max GLE. Both cars were recommended as "Excellent" by Intellichoice. GT we were looking at had some extras that Max doesn't have, such as dual air conditioning. Just like Joe says, however, we were ultimately concerned with the GM quality.

    I'd say that if you can afford some downtime for your GT, you may go for it. It will save you $$ initially. However, you will LIKELY have to spend at least some of it down the road.
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    joenissan and davedzny, thanks for your replies.
    Unfortunately, service department is located far away from the dealership. Every problem I come with take 2-3 visits before they admit it. So screaming would help a little. I'm so next car will be not Nissan.
    I removed plastic pillar cover yesterday, drove a car for a while without it and the "tick" is still there :((
    What is it?! May be this "tick" comes from a wiring?
    And these NTB99056A, NTB99056 for the squeaks, and NTB99017A,
    where I can read them?
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    Does anyone know if I can buy the Bose speakers and just swap them with the standard 120 watt system speakers. The Bose sound great in my buddies Max, but I did not get them in my 2001. Do I need any wiring? Will they work with standard Radio/cassette/Cd? Any help would be appreciated.
  • sebbsebb Member Posts: 16
    Hey all Max owners...
    What are you using to clean the leather surfaces in the Max? I want the name of a dependable cleaner that will keep the leather looking smooth for years. Thanks much in advance...Sebb
  • max2001max2001 Member Posts: 63
    Well it was the clutch, it is faulty. The dealership will replace it under warranty. However, the parts are on back order. Wonder if that means that there are others with the same problem?? Does concern me that 5000 miles and 4 months later the clutch begins to fail. Rattles and squeaks, I can deal. But a clutch. But at least they are replacing it under warranty.

    Also, Joenissan, is the gas fill line (tubing between the filler cap and gas tank in the left wheel well) supposed to have some kind of covering. Some max's (00-01) I looked at have it others don't. Check part number NI17290-2Y000. I can't get a straight answer out of my dealer but he has had complaints from a couple of people about sand in the filler door and attributes it to this missing part. What gives?? Should it be on or not?? PS: I don't have it.
  • lofquistlofquist Member Posts: 281
    If you are in Mass, you should consider going to Canada to get your Max. The dollar is so strong right now that they are much less up there. At the right dealers I've seen SE's with auto, Leather, Bose, Meridian, TCS, and the 20th Anniv goodies (except ground effects) sell for under $23,500. I've made a few posts before - I put a good summary at post #29 above. Also take a look at the Pathfinder board. They've been running wild going to Canada to get the good deals. I went up there last fall and I'll be glad to help out others. Email me for more info.
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