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    If there is a horribe sound coming from the front and your steering wheel isn't shaking, could that sound just be your ABS kicking in? If I slam on the brakes HARD (2000 Max SE), whether they're ice cold or warm, the ABS kicks in and it sounds like the entire front end is just disintegrating and crunching itself to death. Those sounds should just be the pulsations of the brakes. The wife's MDX does the same thing, but quieter.
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    Should I get the Anniv edition or the regular SE, what is the difference, 5 hp, groud effect, what else?
  • pennstaterodpennstaterod Member Posts: 12
    Who else thinks that looks bad, I'm gonna ask for ti removed, one dealer told me that they all come with it and they at the dealship could remove it. Anyways I don't like it
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    Rod, You're talking about the wind deflector on the sunroof? You'll regret taking it off, will make the inside of the car much noisier.
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    I had one of these on my old Accord and really disliked it. I agree they look stupid, but frankly I also feel they interfere excessively with full use of the sunroof, as they block the wind TOO well (nearly none actually gets in), and also create a significant dark, shady patch in the overhead light. I had the dealer remove it from my Max when I took delivery (fortunately it had not damaged the paint yet).

    It seems to me it is wiser to start without one and add it later if it seems desirable, because once it has been on for a while it will not be practical to remove it due to paint damage from grit underneath. I guess in all fairness a professional detailer could remove such scratches with high-speed buffing, but still . . .
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    Look at the brocher, none of the cars shown have it. It looks better with out it, and I like a little wind (heck I am trading in my sports car with T - Tops) My wifes Jetta has no wind deflector a nd the wind/noice is not a problem with it open. And doesn't the sunroof also tilt up in the back.

    My plan is to have it removed ASAP, but keep it and put it back on if I do think I need it.

    On Color - I think I'm leaning towards the strelin Mist with Black leather. I like them both and the wife likes the mist more.

    Any opinions on the SE Anniv? The wheels are nice, I'm sure the brake pedals look cool. Th e5 extra HP is nice, but worth the $?
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    Begining in the mid 90's, all Nissan colors are clearcoated. The only color that wasn't before was white, as the older clearcoats tended to yellow with age, and could be noticed on white cars.

    If your car is that loud while the ABS is working...bring it in....somethings wrong. Nissans new 4 channel ABS is amung the quietest you'll find...even when compared to Acura and even Lexus. The ABS has very little pedal vibration, and should be only slightly noticable audibly. You might want to have it checked.

    Those of you wishing to remove the sunroof wind deflector...It's easy !..
    Just unscrew the two screws on the top of the deflector..make sure the roof is OPEN when you do this. Then just remove the deflector, and the two thin metal clips will just come right off. They just clip in under a thin flange...You're done ! be sure to put the pieces back together on the deflector itself...just in case you decide to reinstall it....which, once you hear the racket the wind buffeting just might wanna do.

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    I see your points on the colors. is merely matter of preference and opinion. I think the Sterling Silver is beautiful...just not my choice. It is a little darker than I wish it was (grey lustre) but it is a far cry from black. Own a black Pathfinder and a black Altima...and black is TERRIBLE!!! will show dirt more than the silver...but is still better than black. And about the heat...when you live in South Dakota...a dark car is a very good thing. :)(especially this winter). Just as a grey or white one in Atlanta or Houston.

    Whaddya guys and gals think about the majestic blue on the 20th Anniv. Now there is a pretty color. Wish it was available on regular SE's.

    Oh...and about the illumination on the steering wheel controls. That is my ONLY complaint about the MAX. What were they thinking? I try to set the cruise and the next thing I know I've got my radio blasting.
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    mornin all,just popped in for a quick peek before work,I think the wind deflector add's a nice balance to the look of the max se,especially when looking from the side.just my opinion,also the control's on the steering wheel,lol,I picked my son up at his friends house,and backing out of the drive way(one handed)my hand hit the radio control,and I must have turned the radio way down,my son looked at me and said,what are you doing this is a good song,I was laughing as I told him I hit the control's by accident,I just picked my baby(my max) up on tuesday so still gotta get used to everything,but I do love this car!!!!have a great day all,will pop back in tonight. Eileen
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    Hi everyone!The other day my girl friend failed to pull my 2001 new max all the way into the garage. You guessed it,the auto garage door came down and left a nasty scratch about 8 inches long and maybe 1/16 inch deep. should I attempt to fix it myself,or should I take it to dealership. bumper looks like it's made of plastic or fiberglass. max only has 1200 miles on it.ouch!Thanks for your help!Max color is sherwoodgreen by the way.
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    You got me to thinking the other day about colors...You can take it one step further and say it doesnt matter what color you get a Maxima(they're all great)..but...since the Max's are only produced 1/3 the amount as their Camry and Accord competition ...Max's are the proud and the few...Take a challenge...count how many Accords and Camrys you see before you see one current Max...I bet you'll see at least 10 to 20...I've done it..
    WIND DEFLECTORS:on some cars they have another function...when the sun is at 12:00o'clock high a wind deflector can act as a second sunshade.
    MAJESTIC BLUE MAX:I had spoken to a salesman and he had seen one on a car carrier slated for another dealer..he said it was"drop dead gorgeous"..but didnt know if the appeal would drop off after a few years...Joe D.
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    I agree 100% jdimotta! Any color of the Max is waaaaayyyy better then any Accord or Camry cuz of the reasons you stated. I can drive around for a whole day and see 30 to 50 Camry's and Accords...and maybe see a handful of Maximas. All the colors ARE great...cuz its put on a great car.

    MAJESTIC BLUE: I saw one on the showroom floor and it really is gorgeous. Maybe because it is such a different color of blue. Still haven't seen one on the road yet.

    On wind deflectors...I love it. Our Altima has a nice power sunroof but it get so noisy in the never want to use it! To each his own I guess.
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    My 2c of opinion on the wind deflector: It makes for a good depository of dirt behind it, but then ... it makes your car easy to find on a large parking lot ;-)

    Steering wheel buttons do not give me any problem in the dark or otherwise. (I only have the cruise controls there.) Since they are arranged with the Cancel button sticking out, I just feel them with my thumb and know exactly which one is where without taking my eyes off the road. The only time I have to take my eyes off the road is when setting the speed, of course. But still - I watch the speed, not the buttons while doing that.

    Again, this is just in line with a way I drive, but I recognize that others may find this arrangement inconvenient.
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    I am new to this group and have read most of the 1500+ messages. A lot of interesting discussions!

    Now for my history. I put 140K miles on a 90 GXE & loved every mile! I then got stupid and traded it in for 98 Avalon XLS. I hated that car from the time that I took delivery - rattles galore, thunderous sound from from suspension, transmission felt like it was going to fall out. I finally had enough and traded it in on a '01 GLE.

    Color - I picked Sterling Mist for my GLE because it is easy to keep clean and will not retain the heat. My 90 GXE was white, and that color was extremely easy to keep clean. I had a black car before that, and it was a impossible for me to keep it clean. BUT, I still love the looks of a clean black car!
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    Do you guys know if a standard off the trunk bike rack will fit a 2k Maxima se?
    Any types you recommend?
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    first post for me.
    I'm replacing a black 91 DE with a black 2001 E. with dose, coif&con pkg, leather,
    mats, and wind deflector, I will pay $24,931 to walk out the door. (No taxes ail I take it to my home state.) This sounds to good to be true. I'm getting a written description before I go to Atlanta (150 miles) to pick it up.
    BLACK PAINT: I want to tint my windows and that looks best with either black or gray car. Figured I would stay black since that's what I had and what is on this car.
    WIND DEFLECTOR: I didn't have it on my last car. I figure it is less aerodynamic. If I have the roof open, then I want the wind in. This car has one on it, but I may remove.
    SENNA: Put me down as the 3rd person with a Senna (white) and a Maxima.
  • scomackscomack Member Posts: 2
    I had a Grabber (Grabbar?) multi-position (multi-car) bike carrier that fit 2 bikes. It worked just fine on my 91 SE and on a couple other cars I have put it on. I see no reason why it shouldn't fit a 2000 or my 2001 SE.
    Online at or
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    Looks like you have been using the vaunted Edmunds spellchecker! LOL!

    Anyway the price sounds around where most of us have bought. I paid 24,700 for 01SE 5spd, with mats, micronfilter, C&C, Meridian, wind deflector, splash guards, bose.

    The price you were quoted sounds like it's invoice minus the 500 cash back they are currently offering.

    So as far as I can tell it sounds reasonable.

    my .02
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    I spent a long time eyeing colors before picking an '01 GLE grey luster with charcoal interior. Very classy looking. The dealer put a silver pinstripe on it for me. It's gorgeous!
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    I would like to purchase a base SE 5spd, to maximize performance and limit expense. However, two specific options I would like to add would be the 17" wheels and traction control. A dealer has told me that the 17" wheels cannot be purchased without the c&c package. The same dealer told me that traction control can only be purchased with an auto tranny? Are these answers correct?
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    Just turned 35000 on my Y2K gle, which will be two years old in July!! Mine is Sun Lit Sand, it always looks clean and does not show scratches. Car still looks new and runs great.

    In case you are frustrated with the Edmunds spell check here is a way around it. I just compose my response in Microsoft Word, spell check it and then cut and past it here!!

    Anyway it's great to a Max owner!!
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    I am a very happy owner of a '01 Maxima GLE (Merlot). I am also a first time Nissan buyer. Can you advise on:
    1) TOYO tires ?
    I had 'performance' tires on my Accord..and
    am wondering how these rank. I would
    appreciate some education...
    2) Trunk
    In the grand scheme of car enjoyment this is
    small potatoes, however I find the trunk
    carpeting and fitup quality to be less than I
    had expected. Does anyone know of a good all
    weather Trunk Mat? The dealer accessories
    brochure doesn't list one....

  • max2001max2001 Member Posts: 63
    If you want the car with 17 inch wheels then you are going to have to get the C&C package. However, people occassionally sell their 17's (when they upgrade to 18 or something)wheels on places like eBay so you may want to get a car without C&C and see if you can pick up the wheels later. But if you go through a dealer you've got no choice but to get the C&C. As for traction control it is only available with the auto tranny.

    Good luck
  • lsflsf Member Posts: 98
    Trunk...what are you looking for ? something softer? something to catch/hold water (rubber?)?

    Tires...Toyos are great tires. The premier tire store in the Boston area has been selling Toyo for years and has advertized them as having the best warranty in the business.

    Iluvmax....but the spellchecker can't catch incorrect words (past vs. paste) LOL.
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    I am considering a GLE '01 and have been reading as much as I can find. Over in I've seen many comments about heavy paint chipping, especially on the front end. I don't see similar comments here. Does anyone have insight on this?
  • norbert444norbert444 Member Posts: 195
    yes, the Max paint is vulnerable!
  • max2001max2001 Member Posts: 63
    We haven't been talking about that recently but I can say that a number of us have talked about it in the past. While I won't speak for others, my super black 01SE is now more of a black and white. The bumper has the most chips - approx 5-6 and the hood has a couple. So the paint isn't real resistent to chipping. However this seems to be a problem with a number of manufacturers - maybe related to new environmental laws.

    my .02
  • pennstaterodpennstaterod Member Posts: 12
    Woo Woo Woo

    We need to talk about this paint chipping thing, I'm prepared to purchase a 01 SE this week. If there is something I need to know, spill it.
  • jmaxejmaxe Member Posts: 198

    Go over to forums and look for the thread on paint chipping in the 5th Generation discussion forum. There are many many comments and it doesn't sound good.
  • max2001max2001 Member Posts: 63
    Check the following link - this should give you all the info. you need!

  • m_michalakm_michalak Member Posts: 1
    I am trying to make some maintenence decisions on my Maxima. It is a 1995 SE 5spd with 122k on the odometer.

    It has the original suspension on it and I have gotten conflicting and misleading information from dealerships (no suprise there). There is no information about it in the owner's manual and on my previous Camry, the suspension was swapped out around 80k. Any recommendations on service interval? I checked out the tire rack and there replacement struts (KYB's) were SIGNIFICANTLY lower than Nissan replacements. Thanks.
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    I have a Gray Lustre (dark) 2000 GLE. The front end which is made of plastic does seem to chip easily. I don't believe that the rest of the paint on the car should be considered weak. I have had some doors hit my side, and the paint has not chipped.
    I believe the paint chipping is due in part to new environmental regulations that mandate water based paint (I am guessing)
    The easy solution to see how bad the Max is, is to look at the front end of a used honda accord with a good amount of miles on it.
    Before I bought my new Max, I was looking at 97-99 SE's and noticed that the paint chipped on the fronts of the front wheel openings. Yet, I don't seem to read about many complaints about that.
    Bottom line, the front end chips easily, but I don't think I would consider it a serious flaw to the car.
  • lsflsf Member Posts: 98
    paint chipping is overblown, imo. super black 00 gle
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    Can some one please enlighten when is the next geration Max coming out. I used to read each and every post of this forum a while back but now I am out of touch. Starting my search for a new car, possibly 6 month from now.

    If I remeber correctly it would be 2003 model arriving in 2002. I am right?
  • max2001max2001 Member Posts: 63
    That's the rumor!
  • joenissanjoenissan Member Posts: 313
    If you're having no problems, even though 122k is quite high for those front struts...let along the rear shocks, leave them be. If the car seems to wallow over large bumps, or make noises, you may want to look into replacing them.

    The Toyo's on the Max are a touring tire. They'll work just to give a smooth ride. Just don't expect to be able to corner like the SE with them...they're not meant to be a sport-oriented tire.

    As for the paint...the paint process, as well as the paint itself, have not changed since the 95 model year. Both my 95 SE, and 97 SE had the same well as many customers cars. Personally, I think the paint is, as it's been for 6 years now, quite thin...which is probably why it's easily chipped. Although it can be somewhat of a hassle, I always use the nose mask....especially the hood part. Just be sure that if it gets wet.....don't let it dry on the car.

  • al57al57 Member Posts: 67
    i own 2000 se with only 3500 miles have seen service bulletin regarding slowed shifting from first to second on heavy throttle--its wifes car when i drive dont notice anything out of the ordinary.. anyone have an experiences.. Also does anyone but bridgestone or michelin make 17in tires to fit this car????? new to this discussion no problems with paint chips,braking noises is gray lustre charcoal i just lucky or dont drive car enough to notice???
  • joenissanjoenissan Member Posts: 313
    As long as the tranny shifts ok, you're fine. The problem is only a delayed shift so, it's not like you have to worry about the tranny going on you.
    I've checked a few places myself, included, so far I've found only the Potenzas, the Pilots, and one more (forgot the brand) no...there's not too many choices unless you go up a size to the 235/45/17's. I now have 29k on my 2k SE, and my Potenzas look nearly new....they'd better concidering they're $170 each...I love the Potenzas, I find them great even in the rain ( as long as you don't nail the excellerator from a dead stop). I don't drive her in the snow so...I can't comment on snow traction, although others have said they're like racing slicks in the white stuff.

  • jdolejdole Member Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2000 gxe a couple days ago. It's got the 16 inch wheels with toyo tires. I'll be driving in snow alot next winter and would like suggestions on all-season or better snow -gripping tires. jim
  • flyinlowflyinlow Member Posts: 62
    I haven't posted in awhile but there have been many items of interest. My 2 cents:

    Brake noise: after reading the first post I jumped to the conclusion that it was just the ABS working. As Joe Nissan said, the ABS itself is pretty quiet and doesn't vibrate the pedal much, but with all that WHOA! going on, there is a lot of tire/scrubbing/pad noise. (Unless you really do have some kind of problem).

    Color: in East TN, I haven't seen another green one like my 2000 SE yet. Also haven't seen the ugly "red" Merlot except on the lot, and haven't seen the Anniv blue at all. I agree with some of you, the gray is really nice.

    Wind deflector: on test drives it didn't seem to reduce noise much even at 70 mph, just changed the pitch. I think it cheapens the look of the car so we skipped it. One of the few things our local dealer does right: they don't add them to all sunroof cars.

    Paint: car is only a couple months old (leftover 2000 model, good deal) but has no chips yet. I expect them soon. As long as they are only in the plastic parts, I won't care too much since rust won't be an issue. I think the bumper covers and other plastic pieces aren't really 'painted', but the color is included when they mold the parts. I was once told never to use any abrasive cleaner on plastic body parts as it could only make it worse.

    Snow tires: Car and Driver mag recently had an excellent article on snow tires. Also The Tire Rack. If you have snow and/or ice on your roads for more than a few days a year, they say true winter tires (not just M&S) are the way to go. You will be better off than hosers in 4WDs with summer or M&S tires. If you have 17" wheels/tires and really have to go in the snow, get a set of narrower winter rims/snow tires, swap them fall and spring, and you're all set (but not as pretty). I did that when I lived in NE Ohio.

    SE vs SE anniv edition: the only things that would be worth some extra $ to me on the anniv edition are the limited slip diff with 5 speed, perforated leather and maybe the cool pedals. If I have trans problems under warranty (dream on!) I'll see if I can get the LSD retrofitted.
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    I am in the market for an '01 SE fully loaded (non anniv edition) with auto, C&C, BOSE, meridian, leather, deflector, flaps, and mats. Just wondering if anyone on here had purchased one in either Ky or Tenn lately that could give me an idea of where the final cost should be. The local dealer here (south central Ky on Tenn border) has 2 on the lot and knocking off about 2 grand off the MSRP of 29,800 or so. I've seen alot better deals reported on this board. One dealer in Nashville has one at 26,850 that has an MSRP of 29,300. Any responses will be much appreciated!!
  • joenissanjoenissan Member Posts: 313
    Although the bumper covers are of molded plastic material, they are painted as well. The LSD (I've driven the AE with it), is not very noticable. From a fierce stoplight start, the car still spins the right front tire, and you still get torque steer.....maybe in the snow it would help but, if I go around a corner in the rain...I'd rather spin one tire than both front tire. Seems like a big nothing to me.

  • pennstaterodpennstaterod Member Posts: 12
    2001 Maxima SE
    Sterling Mist - Black Leather
    Every option but 6-disc
    in CT, paid $26,216

    I pick it up Wed, hope they don't pull that BS with the interest rate, or the lose a sale. On Mon they call me to tell me if I qualify for 6.9% which I should

    Thanks all for the help.
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    psrod,congrat's on your purchase of a most excellent vehicle!!!!!!(tee-hee)I'm loving mine more and more each day.I was a little nervous after reading about the paint,(I didn't have this info before I bought the car)but I decided I love the car and will worry about it when the time comes.(hopefully never)Stand firm on your 6.9%,like I said we walked out of dealership(mario dadarrio in shelton)because they said we could only get 8.9%,I also knew I should qualify for 6.9,they called us 2 hours later to say we got the 6.9.My husband's friend at work also went thru this with the altima and the 3.9%,it took them a few days to call him back,so hang tight,it's your money,if they want it, it'll be by your terms.(he went to a differnt dealer I'm not sure which one) but they love to blaim nissan.Like joenissan said they keep the differnce in the rate they offer you (if you accept)and the real % they could lose money if you don't accept what they offer.good luck and keep us posted.
  • kernickkernick Member Posts: 4,072
    Does anyone know definitely whether the 3.5 liter will be going into the '02 Maxima? I hear the hp is going to be like 260 - 270. Who's looking forward to that?
  • gnlgnl Member Posts: 94
    Congrats, you made a good choice! Good luck with the finance guys.
  • rainstormrainstorm Member Posts: 1
    Yesterday I also joined the Maxima club... 2001 GLE, Gray Lustre, just about every option, a bit below 26K. I read many many posts on this site to compare various cars, and think I made the right decision. LOVE the car. Should be driving it right now, in fact!
  • al57al57 Member Posts: 67
    next question... what does in cabin microfilter do and can it be installed in 2000 max se at about the cost of the 2001 model where it is an option.. where in the car is it???
  • joenissanjoenissan Member Posts: 313
    The 3.5 won't be in the Maxima until the 6th geration model, due out in 03 as a 2004 least that's the word as it stands now. Although...there is also talk of an SE-R model that may come with the 3.5, and would more than likely be in the last year of the 5th geration Maxima. Concidering Nissan usually keeps a model run from 4 to 5 years, that should be the 2003 model. Al....Yes, you can get it in the 2000 Maxima. It cost about $50 for the pair of carbon filters, goes into the vent system just behind the glovebox, (should take you about 20 minutes to do and come with directions). The filters remove some outside odors, pollen etc.

  • george2kmaxgeorge2kmax Member Posts: 94

    Motor Trend and both clearly state that the 2002 Maxima will get the 3.5L engine. Follow the links below for further information about the 3.5L engine in model year 2002 for the Maxima.

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