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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedans



  • wow, enjoy your CAR, this will be my first MB too, I almost closed deal for 1999 Kompressor (26 K miles) - and received information just in time about MBs new shipment which will make some CARS available on dealers LOT by next week - hopefully they should have one for me :) about the web site info, thanks I promptly been to and and have placed an information - lets see what happens - I am looking for a Black C 240 with a minimum add-on as Automatic Transmission - dealers says I have to take sun roof option - with this and taxes the out of door price comes to close to $ 35 K (adding all MSRP) what in your view I should ask to make it as a real DEAL - I would appreciate your views
  • I called the MB quality control technician I got to know at the MB dealership where I have my car serviced and asked him this question. He first told me how wonderful he thought the C240 was and went on to say I should have no reservation in buying a demo. He did not think the car would be damaged by customers test driving it. He said I should not worry since any problems would be covered in the 4 years of warranty anyway. Do you have any experience with a demo or any wisdom to impart? As you may have read in a previous posting, I ordered a new C240 in Desert Silver/Java with delivery expect in early March. Due to second thoughts on colour.... I am worried the Java colour will show more dirt on leather seats and on carpeted area in winter, dealer is offering me his demo now that he has received its replacement. The demo was put on the road in October 2000, its Brilliant Silver/charcoal interior, leather seats, heated seats, sunroof and CD It has 4000 kilometers (2400miles). I will be going to see it again tomorrow to decide and talk price. My impression is that he will discount it between $2000 to $2800 of MSRP. What advice would you give me? (live in Canada)
  • In answer to your inquiry about loaners...

    My dealer provided me with a Grand Am--and a lecture about my responsibilities if I failed to buy the rental company's insurance. Once, after multiple efforts to fix a problem, they sent someone to my home to pick up my car. He left an Audi in the street--but told me not to drive it! My previous car was an Infiniti and I was always given an equivalent or better Infiniti loaner at no cost, so this is disappointing.

    My C320's silver, too, with charcoal. Every time I approach it in a parking lot, I'm thrilled all over again.
  • mga3mga3 Posts: 51
    The C2pkg,which is the sunroof,rain sensor wipers and rear powered sunshade is a goodone. It will definitely add resale value. As for price that is a tough call. It would be best if you asked other 240 owners,who probably did alot of research before buying. As for me,I was always set on the 320. My four months of research and negotiating for the right price,took in only info for the 320. My only thoughts on the matter: Is that I notice most folks who bought a 240,would order the C1 pkg. and the Bose audio option. And then what ever other option they needed. Driving the price up to 320 level. At that point, you might as well get the 320. Have a more powerfull engine,an engine that is a workhorse for Mercedes. And a few other niceties that come with the 320, like the digital autoclimate control and what is considerd to be the best manumatic in the world. The Mercedes Autoshift transmission.
  • The following is from the last repair order regarding my brakes:
    Brake pads-front and rear replace.
    Cut a groove in the new brake discs.
    Brake discs, front -left and right,R&R/replace.
    Brake discs front reface.
    Brake discs rear reface.
    The brakes have not squealed since this service.

    Tonight I picked up my car from the dealer and the following is from that repair order:

    Intermittent fault in the mirror portion of the control module.
    fault codes(dtc) read and delete as required.
    Exterior lamp switch/switch module, replaced.

    Intermittent fault in the instrument cluster with the warning chime: Instrument cluster-complete, replaced.

    Intermittent fault in the door control module, inner door panel on one front door: door control module removed, replaced.

    On the way home every thing seemed to work fine. I hope that all the problems are fixed this time.
  • Can Anyone out there tell me how to get information on the much talked about Zaino product I see posted in this forum. Thanks in advance for info.
  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    I've got my fingers crossed for you!! And I'll be looking forward to the I couldn't be happier now post!!!!!! Hopefully they've finally got it all straightened out for you now.
  • A 240 equiped with the same options as the 320 comes to $33,695 MSRP, and the base price for a 320 is $37,595. I don't think that a $4k difference is "Driving the price up to 320 level" but that's just me. BTW, I keep reading that people got the CD changer for a "reduced" amount $800 but the list price is $522, is this for a different CD changer or something?
  • mga3mga3 Posts: 51
    The correct base price of the 320 is $36,950.
    I should know. As I am having one delivered in mid March and I am looking at the dealer's "retail client order" as I type this.
  • A 240 equiped with the same options as the 320 comes to $33,695 MSRP, and the base price for a 320 is $37,595. I don't think that a $4k difference is "Driving the price up to 320 level" but that's just me. BTW, I keep reading that people got the CD changer for a "reduced" amount $800 but the list price is $522, is this for a different CD changer or something?
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    FYI everyone, Clair parts is selling the '01 C-class's CD changer for only US$390. The mounting kit is another US$50, and the D2B (fibre optic) cable for non-Bose or Bose audio systems is US$17.50. These prices are a bargain compared to the $800 that dealerships are charging!

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  • My dealer told me the phone was installed at the VPC and I could have added it up to1 week before it arrived at the VPC and still get it for the $1800.00 price. I think he quoted me $22-2300.00 if they installed it at the dealership.

    Man, I took 3 days away from my PC and had almost 100 messages to read. This is great. I took 1 night to wax up my 10 year old Miata with the Zaino Z5. After just one coat it looks great. That was the test drive. The 240 gets the works this weekend.
  • Mag 3 - thanks for the information, I know it is a tough call, NE way appricaited your time - ANY C 240 OWNERS reading this message ? here is the question for you
    how much I should offer for a Black C 240 with Auto TX and Sunroof package - dealer MSRP with taxes in Ohio state is $ 35 K ???????????

    thanks in advance folks
  • zmeenowzmeenow Posts: 341
    i paid 35 with tax for same package(do u have c2?)but thst was when there was no inventory at all..
    id try for 32 before tax and title..i think msrp on that would be about 33
  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    TH has done it to us again! I count 28 posts from yesterday and again we don't make the top ten list. I think 28 would have put us in third.
  • thanks - Yes to your question about C2 - so bottom line is if CAR is sitting on LOT then
    Base Price 29,950
    dest charges 645
    C2 package 1,350
    Auto TX 1,300
    Total MSRP 33,245 + tax an title
    and we could ask this configuration for $32 K

    sorry guys if if boring you with my post buy questions - the dealers are so adamant about MSRP

    does anybody successfully negotiated for this configuration? if yes then please give me dealer name
  • zmeenowzmeenow Posts: 341
    yes id try for lieu of that.. have then throw in mats/cd..or one of the two.. they will try to charge you around 800 for the cd alone.. so if u can get that..and maybe mats,, it may be a deal an alternative.. and if they refuse... try mentioning that the survey..see if you can get some leverage using that..seems to have worked for others
  • I picked up my C320 on Wednesday, and I love it! I got Glacier White w/ ash interior. Wanted tan before I saw it in a black demo, it looked "yellow" compared to the camel leather in our Disco II. I got the voice activated phone system, and the split rear seats too. Haven't quite figured the phone out, but we are working on it. I am worried about the comments of paint chips. Called the dealer and he said that MB doesn't have a bra for the C class available. Does anyone know where I can order one?
  • pk6pk6 Posts: 26
    How many people have the notion that white cars are difficult to keep clean? I certainly did prior to buying my 99, however nothing could be further from the truth. Excepting for slushy roads I'm amazed at how clean and shiny my car looks for days, even after not being garaged overnight all the time. I also have a late model black Ranger p/u.. what a mistake, color-wise I mean. I can barely get home from the car wash and it needs dusting off. Everyday pulling into the parking lot at work I glance at all the other cars and for sure the white cars always seem to look cleaner and shinier.Course mine looks the best. haha. People have commented on it and I don't spend/expend a lot of time/energy keeping it that way. A thorough wash once in a while supplemented by a 50 cent wand/wash, no drying every few days.
    Personally I don't like white larger cars though.. I saw a white Eclass 4matic in the showroom the other day along with that beautiful wedgewood one.. The white just didn't cut it on that model.. imho.
  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    None available, yet. Problem is we'll be all chipped up before they come out! Your only choice is one of the invisible bras, I already had a couple of small chips before I became aware of them so it was too late. If you're going to go that route DO IT NOW. There are several regular posters here that know where to get them. You have to have them professionally installed. Good luck with the new car!! I think the White Cs are some of the best looking Cs I've ever seen!
  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    We've got a Magma Red C and I think it looks great, but I love the white MBs! I'm a big fan of the E55s and the best looking one I've ever seen was a white one, all you ever seem to see are black and silver ones. The only MB I don't like in white is the ML. As far as keeping them clean, no problem! White is the best color when it comes to not showing little nicks or scratches. It does show the road grime however.
  • pk6pk6 Posts: 26
    Someone previously either in here or the other C forum was saying they'd had a few broken headlights from rocks.. The name of the invisible covers my dealer installed was Armour Shield. I've had no breakage, either they work or no rock has hit them yet but I do have 4 or 5 chips now in the windshield. Most of them from vehicles coming towards me on gravel or sanded roads. Not from in front as strange as it sounds.
    Well worth the investment when you find out what a replacemnt is going to cost. Mine were thrown in gratis when I bought the car.
  • has a good selection of complete and partial kits for the 2001 C Class. You can even buy individual pieces for whatever portion of the car you want protected. They do recommend professional installation. I have not seen a vehicle with a Stongard bra but their web site has a picture of a yellow TT where you can not even see the bra.
  • A while back someone posted this link for a clear bra.

    I haven't used it, so I can't comment on that. But for 150 bucks plus installation, it looks like a good deal. They even have it for the new C class.

  • mlx52mlx52 Posts: 72
    When will the 4 Matic system be available for the C-Class in the U.S?

  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Yes, but apparently not till MY2003 (i.e. fall 2002). :-( You can expect to see the C320 4-matic sedan, the C320 4-matic wagon, and perhaps the C240 4-matic sedan (this last model is a go for Canada, but I'm not sure if the US will get it).

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  • w2p2w2p2 Posts: 63
    Every thing went great. I financed it through BB at 8.95% simple interest. I was in and out in about 1 1/2 hours. No squealing breaks or anything. The Sales lady did say that this AM they had a warning about people putting too many keys on their key rings. The infer-red key after a while will pull down and not make a connection. This has happened while people are driving and the car shuts down. I was told to limit how many keys I put on the ring. I got 2 free key rings and thats all. No cargo net, no nothing. All in all a good experience and highly recomend "RBM of Atlanta", over Atlanta Classic Cars. At RBM ask for Kay Goggins, very professional and she listens! Which is more than I can say for Atlanta Classic Cars. It didn't take that long to get the C-320 also.
  • Thanks for the info. I checked out both, and Stongard has installer info on their web site, and there is an installer in North Georgia a few hours from me. Don't know the cost yet or if there is one closer to me. Now I am afraid to even drive my car out of our neighborhood. I live in the hills of East Tennessee, and my county's idea of snow control is to scatter gravel on the snow covered asphalt (for traction). Cheaper than salt. There is still gravel left on the roads from the last snow.

    Also, as far as white goes, my old MB 190 was white, and I think white is the best for not showing dirt.
  • Thank you Iperakis for the website for Zaino products.
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