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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedans



  • michhalamichhala Posts: 375
    I purchased a new C320 Nov 7. There have been problems with the seat memory, and the dealer tells me they will give me a replacement car, which I will accept. They also tell me it is likely I will run into the same seat memory problems in another car. The dealer tested another C320 they had in their show room, and it exhibited the same behavior. I am the only driver, and one key is used. The situation is that just one position can be programmed into memory and then all three positions pick it up. If a setting is programmed into position #1, it will also appear in #2 and #3. It is not possible to have three different seat settings in memory.

    In addition, if the seat is moved back by valet or car wash people (car wash uses cloth, not brushes :), pressing the single memory button does not return seat setting to where it was originally. Intermittently when setting seat manually, it has different ranges of movement -- sometimes it will go forward as far as I need it to, and other times it will not. There have been numerous incidents when the seat memory has been very erratic.

    Dealer told me everything is workable if I disable the exit mode.

    Has anyone in this news group had problems with their seat memory or had to disable their exit mode? Am I expecting or hoping for something not possible in the replacement car? One reason I am happy to have another car is because the exterior was delivered in very bad shape. The chips and scratches have been fixed, but there is a bad hollow place in the door that can only be remedied by painting the door. Dealer will do this, but does not recommend -- but it sure bothers me because it is where I see it every time I enter the car.

    My thanks.

  • Well, this is my first time posting a message. I have been reading your messages for a while now but really had nothing to write about. Well I finally ordered my C240 last week! It's Brilliant Silver with 6 speed, C2, C4 and CD changer. I was told that I should get it at the end of May beginning of June. I am so excited!!! I was dreaming about this for a very long time. Well that's it for now. Will keep checking back for more posts.
  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    Right on, now that you've got one ordered be prepared to hear from your dealer. They'll likely have some cancellations, and you'll have the chance to buy similar cars to what you've ordered. Be prepared to move fast because those cancelled orders, especially sought after colors like silver, are gone to first guy with the money! Be sure to stop by the dealer and check out the cars, you'll feel a lot more at home there now that you've got a car on order! Congratulations!!
  • frasafrasa Posts: 1
    Could you please post the message about the extended warranty
  • sshowittsshowitt Posts: 137
    Frasa, e mail me and i will forward you the imformation
  • i bought my c240 at inskip in warwick road island and had no wait what so ever, i but a 1000 dollar deposit down and two weeks later i had my car
  • Well, I been reading messages that people posted here about a month now (when I put down $500 deposit for C240). I've been followed closely to all of you have to say and they been very helpful. I couldn't believe it, but I just got my car yesterday (Brilliant Silver, sunroof, CD Changer)just because someone ordered it but didn't show up to pick it up. If anyone live in Southern California, you should drop by House Of Import in Buena Park (They just got 4 trucks load in a couple days ago)...I saw quite a few yesterday. Hope this help those are looking.
  • OK, I am a long-time lurker, first time poster. I ordered a C240 on Dec. 1 that looks like:

    Multi-contour seat

    It was built last week! Yea! I live in the Portland, Oregon area. How long has it taken you left-coasters to get your cars once they were built? I assume it comes on a ship through the Panama canal and to Long Beach, CA. From there to the VPC and on a truck to the Great Northwest. Is this correct? Any guesses as to lead time from here would be appreciated. I can't wait.

    This will be my third MB. My first was an 83 300D-Turbo which I still drive daily (186k miles). My second was a 90 300E which I totaled last fall. This will be my first new Benz, so I am really coming out of my chair in anticipation!


  • sshowittsshowitt Posts: 137
    You can still get your c-240 serviced at Viti, pickup and delivery service also. Their service is hands down much better than where you bought it.
  • Dear "sshowitt",
    I want to thank you for the contacts you sent me re: extended warranties. You saved me about $900 off of the retail price that my local MB dealer was quoting for my C320.

    Thank you, again....900 times over!

    Very best regards,
  • kenyeekenyee Posts: 738
    remember what I said about not waving this in your dealer's face ;-)
  • Michhala,

    Thanks for your post on the drivers seat. My 320 delivered on 12/21/00 has had problems with the drivers seat bottom cushion moving over bumps and around corners since day one. While this is not what you spoke to, it got me to thinking; that my drivers seat has never moved in the exit mode(Yes it was enabled or programed in) It too will only hold memory if this exit mode is disabled. I am meeting with the zone rep for the first issue but now realize it may be part of a pattern about this and many other early serial number issues (such as the unabled tele-unlocking, squealing brakes, and the like ( I have two to three trips in to MB service on all these issues). I'm optimistic that this can be sorted out but I have had way too many issues for a car of this caliber. (Less than 2000 miles on the clock) Would you share the details with me at [email protected] so I may proceed in a more effective way with my zone rep.

    Regards to all

    Rob Troxel
  • lxgmblxgmb Posts: 41
    The dealer asks $800 for it.
    But I find it is only $522 at
    Anybody have any experience about CD changer?
  • sleakesleake Posts: 47
    Great photos. Tell you wife the magma red looks super. As I recall, she's the one who wanted it. ;-)

  • diwc240diwc240 Posts: 172
    Bill - Wow, Looks very sharp!! It must draw alot of attention !! (no State Troopers so far...LOL)
    I bet there are less than a dozen in the USA right now and I'm pretty sure you are the only one
    in this Forum (and on my database) with M.R.
    The gym I goto, there are now two of us with C's.
    He has a black C 320 and today was the first time he saw my Desert Silver. After sitting in Hal's Black 320, I made the decision to upgrade to Bose in my 240. I told him to check that his Bose was set in "AMBIENTE" at EXT mode.
    Looking fwd to March 6th - a week this Tuesday.
  • tariktarik Posts: 344
    To stay hip, you gotta go there and click the pic...

    Bill, this color choice is magnificent, congratulations!


  • I have been reading these posts for months now and its all been a great help. I decided to get the c240: Brilliant Silver, Ash inserts, C1, C2, automatic, bose sound system, and CD changer. I am leasing: $1125 down and $550 a month (including tax). Lease is for 48 months with 15K per year. I think I got a good deal because my friend is paying the same thing without the bose system ($695, or $14 more per month). Just got in on Thursday (02/22), there was a cancel at a dealership I was working with. I had the same care without the bose system that was going to be ready March 6, 2001. Couldn't wait.

    I test drove the car once, for 5 minutes and fell in love. I am coming from driving a Ford Expedition for close to 3 years, tired of the truck feel. I have logged on everyday on this board too see what's happening and have felt bless on the abundance of information and opinions out there. I have only one complaint in which I read a few weeks ago happen to another c240 buyer, the trunk will NOT open, its stuck. When I received the car, I open the trunk fine (once) showing a co-worker the remote. Tried it yesterday and it would not open, just hear the clicking of it trying to open. The key nor the manual button inside the car worked ??? Sale rep told me to bring it in, bring it in, I just bought a MBZ, I want service NOW. Oh well.

    Outside of this situation, the car is great, my wife loves it and she was a strong critic in not wanting me to buy this car, but to by a Honda Accord and save the extra cash (work car).

    Any ideas on the trunk being stuck? I think it has to do with the seals being stuck?? Can someone let me know what post# this situation was addressed? Couldn't find the #.

    Thanks for the ear,
  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    I had the same problem one time, but it took a week to get an appointment. If you haven't already tried it, use the key and see if it works. Put the key in and try it manually, next try the key in the lock in every position while trying to open with the remote, handle, and interior button. None of this worked for me, but maybe it will for you. When you take in, get the service guy to try it. We didn't, and when we picked it up they tried to tell us we had put it in valet mode and it opened as soon as they turned the key. Later I could see where they'd taped off the lock and handle area to protect the finish when they dissembled the lock! Oh well, we've never had the problem again and that was over 3 months ago. Good luck and let me know what happens with it!
  • dawindawin Posts: 15
    How hard it is to install the C-class cd changer?
    The dealer is asking for $900. Can I purchase it somewhere else and install it myself?
  • diwc240diwc240 Posts: 172
    J. Put your mechanical/valet key in the slot at the trunk. Three positions: 12 o'clock; 2 o'clock and 3 o'clock. Turn the key to either 2 or 3 o'clock and at the same time squeeze the black plastic handle, that should open the trunk.
    It happened to me once also. Seems to be affected by temp. ? They can adjust the rubber stops (loosen?) so there is less pressure on them.
  • diwc240diwc240 Posts: 172
    Tarik, great Link, but we need you to translate...

    And here is the "Sport Wagon":

  • ctk1ctk1 Posts: 79
    To Lxgmb & Dawn

    You can order a CD-Changer from Clair Mercedes. From the website, go to accessories... model of the car and electronic.
    It cost $390.00 for the CD changer and the mouting kit is $50.00. Since the CD cable is prewire, It take about an hour to put the unit in your car.
    To be safe, disconnect the - battery terminal before to start connection.
    Why pay $800 to $900 to the dealer !!!
    Here is the website:

    Good luck
  • kimj1kimj1 Posts: 32
    As you all know I ordered a C240 with C1,C2,C3, Auto and Comand on Nov. 11. at the dealer in Austin, TX. As of this past friday I still did not have a build date. Well come to find out my order had not even gone into the system yet. Appartently this dealer only enters a few orders a month into the computer. Unfortunately I can't wait much longer for a car. My current car is giving me problems and I don't want to sink a bunch a money into it. Well, my family and I were in San Antonio this weekend so we decided to contact the dealer there. We met with wonderful saleman and he showed us his computer printout of all of the cars that they have coming in. (We were never shown this list in Austin.) He did not have any C240's that were available, but he did have 2 - C320's coming in within the next month that were still unclaimed. So, we have cancelled our order in Austin and are going with a C320 in San Antonio. We were told we should be able to take delivery either the last week of March or the first week in April. I'm so excited. At the rate I was going with the Austin dealer it was looking like end of May or so before I would receive my car. Our new salesman in San Antonio told us that he is receiving cars from order placed in December, so I should have already received mine since it was placed in November. He doesn't understand why the Austin dealer is doing things the way they are.

    The C320 I will be getting is Brilliant Silver with Ash and C2 and CD changer. The Comand system is something that my husband wanted because he thought it would really be a fun toy. We were told that we could add the Comand at a later date if we choose to. I told my husband that I had read on this board that he could buy a hand held NAV. system much cheaper and it could go from car to car, so I think he may do that instead.

    So for anyone out there that ordered their car "way back when" and still don't have a build date, I highly encourage you to at least contact another dealer and see if they have anything coming in sooner. You might be amazed at the difference between dealers. I was. I just wish I had done this sooner. Oh well, live and learn.

    Thanks for letting me share my story.

  • djasonwdjasonw Posts: 624
    Hey folks! I can't believe what I did this weekend. It still has not sunk in. On Saturday morning my friend and I were driving down to our summer places on the Delaware shore and we always make it a habit to stop at I.G. Burton in Milford, DE. They are a very large dealership that sells MB/BMW. I believe that they are only one of the two dealers in the state. They have quite a few C320's for sale and I test drove one without the sport package. As soon as I entered the vehicle the seat would not adjust for the driver. I thought perhaps that I was doing something wrong but since my friend and I are familiar with the car, we felt that it was an electrical problem as it worked momentarily when he was in the seat. Anyway.. I drove the car with the seat a little further back than I usually do and I really liked the car until the transmission started shifting erratically. Then it would NOT shift out of second gear no matter how much I tried. We pulled over and restarted the engine and it ran fine for a few minutes then began doing the same thing again. I was actually thinking of trading my 2000 C280 for this car as I really liked it. I brought it back to the dealer (they let you go for test drives without the sales person). I told Donna (sales person) about the problem. Please bear in mind that this woman has worked here for one month and has NEVER sold cars and knows NOTHING about the vehicles. Lovely lady though!! You MUST understand that this dealership is NOTHING like any dealership in large metro areas. I mean.. across the street and the surrounding areas is ALL farmland. Anyway... they lead me over to a Amethyst C320 fully loaded except no Xenons and no command. Two options I would never order anyway. Since the color is NOT one most people would buy they asked me if I'd consider the car and would give me $2,300 off the list price. They also would through in a CD changer for $400.00. I drove the car and immediately fell in love with it. This car is a major improvement over the old C in many ways and after driving it for around 30 minutes I debated on trading my Silver C280 MY2000 for a car which I loved but the color was a little too strong for my tastes. I ended up doing it because the color sorta grows on you. I mean let's face it.. I'd say over 50% of C class cars being sold seem to be silver! How many amethyst C's are you going to see? The car does look better in silver BUT... I have a great car and you simply can't beat the discount I got. I live in the Long Island area so I ended up putting around 300 miles on the car over the weekend. So far no problems... I'll keep everyone posted.
  • kimj1kimj1 Posts: 32
    I think it was on this board that I read about the hand held units, but my eyes were getting tired of searching for the posts. Can anyone recommend a good hand held system? My husband was doing some looking on the internet last night and found 2 brands - Magellan and Garin (sorry if misspelled). Is one better than the other? Is there something better out there? If anyone can help with this, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks a bunch
  • kenyeekenyee Posts: 738
    It sounds like the tranny was in this mode; the computer has detected something wrong w/ the drive train. You're supposed to bring it back to the dealer immediately if you encounter it. :-)
  • djasonwdjasonw Posts: 624
    This may sound like an oxymoron but can anyone tell me how good the Conti Sport Contacts handle in a light dusting of snow? I realize that I have traction control and ESP but how bad/good will it really be?

    RE: Hand Held Navigation... kimj1... I just bought a portable Garmin unit, streetmap in color. Fantastic unit!!! It won't plot a direct course for you but it's great otherwise. I understand they're coming out with a unit that will have voice read outs and course plotting and it should cost arounf $1,000. You also should purchase the metroguide CD's which have greater street detail and can be downloaded to the unit providing you have a memory card installed.
  • kimj1:

    I have a Garmin StreetPilot ColorMap satellite navigation unit. It is very portable, sitting on the dashboard of any car on its optional beanbag mount, and plugged into the cigarette lighter. It will tell you more than you want to know about where you are, where you've been, and where you're going! By the time you get all the desired accessories, including extra memory and map software, you're talking about $750 or so. For more info, go into the archives on this board to "Mercedes-Benz C-Class Part 5" and look at my posts #458 and #467. Both were posted on November 7, 2000. One of the posts contains the address of a very useful web site for information, evaluation, and comparison of many portable nav systems.

    Hope this helps,

  • kimj1kimj1 Posts: 32
    Thanks for the navigation information. My husband will really appreciate it.

    Tom - thank you for listing the post numbers. I told my husband I would search for them, but with the archived boards I knew I would have a lot to sort through. You just made my life easier.

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