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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedans



  • I drove a BMW 325, a C320, and a C240, in that order, on the same day. I then went home to sleep on it. I quickly decided against the BMW (though I'm sure I would have been very happy with it) and went back to MB a couple of more times over about a ten day period in order to drive the C240. The only question was power vs. dollars. I had been driving an Acura Integra GS-R for five years, I do appreciate performance and power. The C240 is not the same kind of performance machine as the GS-R. That being said, I don't feel that I have given up anything in the power department. At 1000+ miles I am just starting to run the engine up to 4K rpm so I haven't really extended it yet, but I don't doubt that in another 2K miles I'll be just as happy. The C320 is another level of luxury and has more power, but for my $ I am quite happy and plan to take an extra vacation trip with the difference.

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    Yes, I was up that early/late posting in here and in other topics/message boards. :-)

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  • My new C has almost 2,000 miles on it now and I am experiencing 2 problems: (1)My remote key does not work. I had the saleperson take a look and it appears that there is no battery problem. The salesperson couldn't figure it out and told me that I needed to bring it in for service. (2) My rear sunshade does not work either. (I've been too busy at work to take the car in for servicing yet)

    Has anybody else experienced these problems?
  • Just been to dealer - his lot is FULL with C - class ..... hummmm 2000 model year cars and when I asked him he said all those who leased the car last year are turning there car back for new C 240

    imagine that !!!!!! so if anybody want to settle for old model you will find good bargain - check your dealers inventory :) what a POWER this C240 has .... if it can beat his own cousins, other have no chance to stand next to it :) lol to much bias eh ...... :) lol
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    I just got off the phone after venting with Client Assist. It's bad enough that they don't promptly notify the people who have cars for which the much-touted remote door unlocking doesn't work, but yesterday I received a folder from MBUSA with its merchandise catalog and a "welcome" brochure, most of which is devoted to hyping the Tel Aid system, including the door unlock feature that 50,000 or so of us don't have! It came with a personalized letter from the Client Assist General Manager telling me that my vehicle will exceed my expectations. It should have told me that my door unlocking doesn't work. Hell, the letter had my VIN number on it, and these letters could easily be programmed to give that message where appropriate. The representative with whom I spoke said that MB doesn't know if it will retrofit. I told her that they ought to give us another free year of Tel Aid.
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    >I apologize for not remembering who asked me >about the functionality of my memory seats.

    'Twas me!

    >I went out last evening and indeed they do work. >Only thing I don't like is that you must keep >your finger depressed until the >seat/steering/mirrors adjust to the memorized >position.

    Once you have programmed in the settings for seat/steering/mirrors and your Exit mode is enabled, the next time you put in your key, all the settings should go back to where they are supposed to be without pressing any buttons. Are you sure you have your Exit mode enabled?

    This is one of my complaints. I am being told that in order for seat memory to work, the Exit mode must be disabled. I feel that is a feature that is promised with the C320 and should be delivered as such.

    The other thing to check out are the 3-position settings with Exit enabled. Program a different setting on one key at each 1-2-3 and checkout that you are able to hold three dfferent settings on the one key.

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    This is a safety issue. Imagine if one of the other memorised settings is set to move the seat a lot closer to the steering wheel than your normal setting. If you accidentally brushed against it while driving, you'd be squished if the seat moved forward by itself w/o requiring constant pressure on the button; especially if you're a lot taller than the other driver that uses the other memory setting.

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    This is cool!!!
    We have our own Owner's Club. Hope it will be as good as the ML Owner's Club. Well, anyway, don't you think that the board for the earlier c-class should be on C-Class Owner's Club as well?
  • I have had my 240 for 4 months and 3000 miles and could not be happier about the car, no problems except some brake squeal (about the same as my old BMW). For anyone in Wash. DC area, I got the DC player and had it installed at Euromotor Cars in Bethesda for $516, a way better deal than the other local dealer quotes ($750 - $1100). Also I heard from a buddy looking to buy an S-class that the Mercedes dealers are extremely slow and are willing to deal on the 320 (do not know about the 240 because of lower price and higher demand). Hope this info is helpful.
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    All C-class owners are welcome in the C-Class owner's club", regardless of model year. We're still adding topics to the area, so please be patient. You can expect it to be similar to the M-class owner's club topics though. We may also link the dealers & service experiences topic (currently in the M-class owner's club) so that all MB owners can benefit from sales/service department recommendations based on other owners' experiences.

    So for now, introduce yourself in the "C-class owner's club: Meet the members" topic, and feel free to post pictures of your C-class in the "C-class owner's club: Photo Gallery" topic (the instructions for posting pictures is in there).

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    Are Americans ready to pony up 30 grand for a fancy Chevette? They didn't for BMW's old 318ti -- notice the Bavarians opted to keep their hatch at home when the Three got redesigned two years ago. Time, and sales of the> C230, will tell. Hatchbacks are, after all, coming back, you know.

    I just saw a preview of the 2002 BMW 3-series hatchback on MotorVision this weekend. Hmm, I'll have to ask Karl about that tonight (because of the comments above) :-). Tarik, did you catch that episode? If not, it will air again on SpeedVision this Wednesday at 4pm Pacific. This week's programme has a lot of MB content, including the SL73 (!!!) and the SLK32 AMG.
  • I got a package from my dealer today. It contained a letter of (sort of) apology and their side of the story with regard to all of the headaches they caused me. It's signed by one of the co-owners of the dealership. They also sent me a watch. One of the Mercedes collection ones. (I think it retails for $85 on the mbusa website). I'm glad they apologized but they still are blaming eloan, just like I knew they would. I wonder what MB USA will send me. :-) At least they acknowledged that my salesman was wrong to send the letter he did with the sample survey that had the "appropriate responses highlighted for my convenience." I can't be the first person to have complained about that...

    Still love my car though. I only have about 250 miles on it so far...I don't get to drive much.
  • This has been a resourceful board as it allows me to compare notes with other new C owner.
    Like many of the board member, this is my first MB experience and I would like to share what I think of the new C.

    My C320 is now 3 months old with about 2k miles on the clock. I am happy to say there's been no problem with my car, except for the AM radio static which comes and goes.

    We placed our order through a local dealer back in Oct but they were not very honest and can neither confirm the order date or promise on a delivery date. We cancelled our order from this dealer and found a C320 available by calling other dealers. Read from the board that this is not news.

    In deciding which engine to get, I briefly tested both the c240 and c320 automatic and found the 320 much powerful than the 240. I did not have a chance to drive the 240 manual. On paper, the 240's has adequate 177 lbft of torque but peaks at a rather high 4500 rpm. That would require a bit patience in city driving like coming out of a corner.

    With 3 months of driving experience, I have found the 320 has more power than it needs for US driving. Starting from rest, the car can be a rocket if you push. At 80 mph with top gear, the engine has just reached 3000 rpm where the peak torque plateau starts. With that much of reserve power, passing is never a struggle. The downside is I am only getting around 20 mpg. Not bad for the engine of this size, I guess. Yes, I have heard the occasion "tick tick" engine noise, but that's likely from the hydraulic valve lifter and there is nothing wrong.

    At freeway speed, the cabin is quiet. There isn't much engine or wind noise. The leather seat provides the best support we have ever experienced. It is supportive and yet soft. Overall driving visibility from inside is good except the A and B pillars are too thick. The thick B pillar on the driver side requires a careful over the shoulder check when doing lane change. Think they need to do a more compact airbags packaging. Both side mirrors are smaller than what I have came used to from other cars. Part of the right side mirror is blocked by the door frame.

    Think most of the new C owners are first attracted by the C's headlight design, and, indeed, the head lights are one of the best I have used. They are bright, even and with good cutoff points. It provides seamless light pattern when switched between low and high beam. There is no xeon lights on my car and I doubt they worth their price. The windshield wipers are quiet and overlapped with cam motion to cover even more windshield area.

    We like the auto 3 ticks turn signal. The auto climate control is doing its job. The auto front and rear window defrost work well except their buttons are hidden in the climate control cluster which is located at the bottom of the center console and are hard to find in the dark while driving. The complete climate control panel could have moved up or switch with the radio. Guess that's depend on which panel is being used more, radio or climate ctrl.

    Personally, I don't find the steering wheel control buttons (up/down, page up/down) very useful while driving because they control too many features. It requires constant monitoring of the display panel and is a serious driving distraction. BTW, it is nice to be able to choose how some of the lights works through the display panel.

    We find the cabin size roomy enough for four adults. Rear head and legs rooms are adequate.
    However, improvement can be made if there's more leg room for exiting the car. I find myself keep hitting the door frame if not careful.

    Yes, I agree that the manual does not provide the best instruction to follow.

    That is all I can think of now. Thanks for your time.
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    You're almost ready for your first A service? How many miles you got on your car? We just broke 3k and I've got to get that break-in oil and filter out of my car!
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    Two weeks from tomorrow I pick up my C240 6 spd in Stuttgart.

    I've been keeping mental notes of many of the questions people have been posting lately: What about tele-aid unlocking for the first 50,000 cars? What is the story with the memory seats? Are squealing brakes normal? Is there a trick to getting the trunk open? It'll be interesting to hear what they say about these issues in Stuttgart! Anything else you'd like me to pass on??!!

    I bought my first C-Class 4 years ago, and it has been a great car - not a perfect car, but a great car. It has definitely had its quirks (I am now replacing the center console for the second time, and it took me forever to figure out the trunk), but overall it is still the best car I have ever owned. Hey, I'm buying another one, right?

    Maybe what some people are going through now with their new 240s/320s is the same thing I went through 4 years ago, which I now realize was partly due to my unrealistic expectations. When I figured out that the Mercedes dealer was pretty much the same as the Toyota dealer, I was disappointed. When I got a warning light that wouldn't shut off for a few days, I was disappointed. When I had to have the front end aligned for the 3rd time, I was disappointed. But it's still a great car. The big difference was the level of after-sale service I received.

    Enough profundity. We should consider ourselves fortunate to be complaining about minor malfunctions in our ridiculously expensive German sports sedans!!
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    i will be taking delivery of my c240 the end of this week. somebody canceled on thier order and i picked it up. My original order was placed on dec 8 with no build date. Stil prety pissed off that i can not get a build date. I got siver/charcoal, C2,C3, manual transmision. I can't wait to drive it. has anybody here installed the cd changer from clair parts themshelves? Is tele-aid worth the money?
  • Tele-Aid is a N/C item for the first year, a no-brainer decision. After that, well I have spent many thousands of dollars over the years for auto insurance without any significant claims, but would I want to drive without it? So I'll probably renew at the end of the year, just another insurance fee.

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    Can we get one of those owners club links at the top of this page like you guys have for the M class? I'm sure the club would get a lot more posts with the link. What other topics are planned to be included? Are you still going to link some of the topics in the M class group with our group, namely the dealership experiences/ reccomendations topic?

    That chat was interesting tonight wasn't it! I had a feeling that was JJ as the moderator, I sent him a private chat question but he never responded until the chat was just about over. There really are a lot of MB people around Edmunds, maybe we should keep that quiet!! Is there a chat tomorrow? If so I probably won't make it, we're going on a fieldtrip to a play and then to a big CNC machine shop a friend of mine owns. Maybe I'll catch the last half like today.
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    The C-class owner's club topic was just set up today, I think, so all of those things will come in good time. :-) I believe that all of the topics that you currently see in the M-class owner's club area will make it into the C-class club as well (similarily titled ones anyway). Yes, I have suggested that the dealers/service experiences topic be linked in both the ML and C-class topics.

    The editors chat tonight was indeed interesting! Note that the editors chats will be a weekly thing (every Tuesday 5-6pm Pacific; hence the reason why the MB chat was pushed back to Tuesdays 6-7pm), so you will most certainly get a chance to interact with Edmunds' editors again. You can check out the upcoming chat schedule here. Yes, there will be a chat tomorrow evening. I'll mention more of it below. Please note that this list will be updated soon to include the weekly Mercedes-Benz chats as well:

    As for JJ, I suspected too, but wasn't sure. There's actually another twist to that story that I discovered, but I digress. ;-p

    BTW, hope you enjoyed the pictures in my above post.
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    "He brought you "Confessions Of a Car Salesman" to give you the inside story of his undercover work as a car salesman. For this chat, Chandler Phillips goes one-on-one with "The Cardinal", Dependable Dodge's own Marc Antonucci . Don't miss this battle of truths as these two give it to you straight."

    If you haven't read's confessions of a car salesman, I highly recommend you do so. I found it very entertaining, and yet enlightening as to what goes in the auto sales business.


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    The photos are very much appreciated. My thanks.
  • Well, will get mine tomorrow. It will be my third (after a 190E 2.6 and a '96 C280) Question is now how to "break it in". I will probably do what I did with other cars -- drive them at ever changing RPMs, including high RPMs. I once learned from a BMW factory test driver that you should not follow the recommendations by the facotries (Don't rev the car over 3000 rpm during the first 1500 miles). Instead, drive the car at varying RPMs, without rev'ing the engine too much at a time. This way, the engine will be warmed up to different temperatures and will be more agile and quicker than warming it to just one temperature while you drive. Has anyone ever heard about that method?
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    You're welcome! Glad you liked them.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Those of you living in or close to NY may be interested in's NY editor contest.

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    Hello Everyone! Just got my new c240 last night. However i am still trying to adjust me semi-power seats to a comfortablw fit. I feel like the lower back of the seat is pushing into my back. I do not see any lumbar support. I was wondering if anyone knows from experience how to maneuver the seat via the auto and manual controls to compensate for this problem. Any and all info to help me would be greatly-extremely appreciated!!! thanks for the help!!!!!!
  • I found the I Class seats to be lacking in lumbar support so I had to order the multi contour seat. There are no adjustable lumbar settings in the regular seats.
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    yeah... close to 11,000 miles! im a road salesman.. and rack up the miles fast....!
    i did change the oil and filter at 3,500 though.. but this will be the freebe..minor things for them to check....such as.. occasional problems with express down on drivers window... occasional problems with moon roof control eg.. not opening or closing properly.. and one time when i was closing door.. it closed on the metalinc part of the buckle.. cracking a plastic piece on the inner door assembly
  • Spndx,

    I'm thinking that if you just printed out some of the recent posts on these boards about some of the common problems you mentioned and put them in an envelope to addressed Mr Schremph(sp?) that might go along way to reminding them all is not well on the MB side as well.

    Meanwhile I'm hoping you have an enjoyable outing with your new ride. Let us know what you thought about doing the delivery this way.

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    took me a bit to find just the right seat adjustment... but now its very comfy
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