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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedans



  • michhalamichhala Posts: 375
    >I am concerned about the postings regarding >paint chipping. I have ordered Black Obsidian >and know this will not touch up well. Is there a >nose bra or better yet one of those narrow >plastic shields you see on Suvs available yet?

    I have a straight Black C320. When it chips, the chips are about 1/8" long by 1/8" wide or larger. Many of the chips occur on the door, so I don't think a bra would help. I am told that Black Obsidian does show the scratches and chips almost as much as straight Black. I did not know, however, that it was harder to touch up. My car only has 1681 miles and it was delivered 12/07/00.
  • 404c404c Posts: 146
    Sorry about the title, to those offended by foreign languages ;->

    I had an opportunity to do a short test drive (~25 km) Saturday in a C 240 with the 6 speed manual transmission. I had driven an automatic C240 late last year and was very favourably impressed. Even the automatic gearbox was nice, but I prefer to shift myself. Anyway, my local dealer called me to say that he had a 6 speed demo in Classic trim which I could take for a spin. So I did.

    I had read various things about the quality of the Mercedes 6 speed manual's shift, ranging from very good to average, to "a notchy, belligerent shambles; terrible" (a direct quote from the February 21, 2001 AUTOCAR comparison between a C200, new A4 and 320i). Well, the gearbox in the car I drove was of a top quality: very short throws, positive gear engagement, good clutch - in short a very good package. It was an interesting experience downshifting from 6th to 5th, requiring a conscious effort to remember to keep the lever right against the detent spring lest one shift inadvertantly into 3rd at high speed. I'm sure it would be easy to learn to do this in a couple of days. No, I did not hit 3rd by mistake, but the possibility of doing just this did occur to me when I was driving the C.

    That the manual gearbox is fine is good news for me; I will not hesitate to order the 6 speed when I order my C240 in about 1.5 - 2 years.

    BTW, the AUTOCAR test I mentioned above, despite comprehensively trashing the C200's manual gearbox, gave it first place in the test. One wonders how a car with such an abject failure of a gearbox would be even worth considering. Perhaps they were heavy on the hyperbole in writing the words I quoted above...

    Do any of you 6-speed owners (or anyone who test drove one) have any comments on the quality of the manual gearbox/shifter/clutch?
  • mb_a_mustmb_a_must Posts: 32
    After weeks of researching my next car I finally made up my mind. Yes I signed on the dotted line!

    MB c240 - 29,950.00
    Bordeaux Red w/ Charcoal inside
    Auto - 1,300.00
    Bose - 595.00
    C2 (sunroof pkg)- 1,340.00
    Met. Paint - 625.00
    C.D.(Dealer) - 995.00
    Destination - 645.00
    Total: $35,450
    MINUS CD cost - 995.00
    New Total: $34,455.00 + tax

    I really felt this was a great deal considering its only 1,352 over invoice. I was also able to get a car that the dealer has set up in their "pipeline". Meaning that the order is in but they are able to change the options because it has not made it into production. I am told a early May delivery. Lets see what happens . Also note that I did not have a trade-in. Sometimes a dealer will make you think they are taken something off your new car when thay are really pulling it from the trade.

    I do need to give the dealer a plug for working with me. They are MB of Naperville - Naperville, IL. (Chicago area). Great job! Now I know why there showroom had more traffic then the other dealers.

    Unfortunately, when I visted two other area dealers they would not even consider to negotiate.

    Good Luck to all. Thanks for the support of this forum. Remember it never hurts to ask!
  • newmbfannewmbfan Posts: 59

    Been away for a awhile! I just spent an hour, 2 cups of coffee and 4 smokes catching up.

    C240/Black/Ash/C1/C2/Bose/CD MSRP +$795.00 for the CD

    1150 miles and could not be more satisfied. This is the first car I have ever owned that has exceeded my expectations.

    Everything works as advertised. No paint chips, brake squeal, seats work great, dual climate control may have saved my marriage. Trunk would not open a few times but a minor adjustment to the rubber stops fixed that.

    Zaino is awesome but washes off too quickly. I used the #5 and #1 with #6 Gloss enhancer in between coats. The MB/MeGuires wheel cleaner works great for the brake dust.

    Power is more than adequate and I have not really tested it to the max yet!

    I live in NC so I am not worried about the RWD. I did grow up in MN and learned to drive with RWD and I would not worry about that if I lived in a northern climate.

    My wife and I went to the local auto show yesterday and I did not see anything that would change my mind. I asked her if she wanted an "E" for her next car and she said "Why? Ours is perfect!" (I love it when a plan comes together)

    I can pinch a nickel with the best of them but I do not understand all the whining about price. If you want to haggle over a few hundred bucks, go to the local Toyota boiler room and have at.
  • nycanyca Posts: 232
    Hey mb_a_must, your color combo is my first choice. If you could post pictures of your car to the Photo Gallery, that would be great.

    Is everyone having "paint chip" problems? All paint is prone to some chipping, and these new water based ones are "softer" in general, but is everyone having this problem? Is anyone using a bra, even just a hood bra I find is very helpful, and if you get a quality one (Colgan), any concens about cleaning or moisture accumulation when they get wet is really a non issue in reality. I read some earlier posts about stongard. I use their headlight protectors, and they are good, but I don't know about their finish protection.
  • gb16gb16 Posts: 12
    I just watching MSNBC this morning and they had on the 5MPH bumper test and how the MBC320 failed miserably and was given a POOR rating with a very high repair cost.

    Has this been discussed before and does anyone know where to find more info about this?

    I'm supposed to purchase this week. wanna just check everything.. the guy was pretty harsh 'dissing' mercedes.
  • mb_a_mustmb_a_must Posts: 32
    NYCA Writes ... Hey mb_a_must, your color combo is my first choice. If you could post pictures of your car to the Photo Gallery, that would be great.

    No problem ... As soon as I get the car. Won't be expecting it until May. I did see an MB 2 seater (sorry unsure of the model) with this color combo and it looked good. Unfortunately the dealers don't have much a selection. All you see is classic black and silver. Nice but too popular for me.
  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    George- yes we discussed this back when it first aired, a month or so ago. MB claims the bumpers work the way they do to better protect the occupants of the car in real crashes, still seems kind of lame to me. The car does do best in class in the head on and offset front crashes. That should be getting aired this month some time. Drew has some images of the C after these crashes, and the C class doen't even break its windshield in the 40mph test, all the energy is absorbed in front of the passenger area. Just try not to back into a brick wall or hit one of those gas station posts!!LOL!

    Drew - can you post all the crash images you have of the C in the C class owners club image gallery?
  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    We need more photos!! I've seen a bunch of people here post images of their cars, we need to get those transfered to the photo gallery. Pass the word.
  • mb_a_mustmb_a_must Posts: 32
    gb16 writes ... I'm supposed to purchase this week. wanna just check everything.. the guy was pretty harsh 'dissing' mercedes

    Nothing unusual here. Your always going to get someone "dissing" the "top dog".

    Have you checked the consumer reports website? Not sure on who did the evaluation. If you find anything ... report back.
  • I just received my c320. I love it. no problems except for the brakes squeak. I know others have had this problem. What is the solution? My sales guy says when the car sits for awhile a thin layer of rust builds on the brakes. The noise is that layer being removed. My question why do these brakes squeak and my honda doesn't?
  • louie57louie57 Posts: 10
    Brought my car in last week for service with mixed results. 1. The CD player had not been secured in the glove box and this was done successfully. 2 There was a rattle at 110 - 120 km/h in the plastic housing around the map lights. They fixed this by placing some kind of felt gasket under it. It worked. 3. Squeaky noise under drivers seat cushion....they said they tightened all the nuts and bolts uner there and lubricated the seat track. The squeak is still there! I know it is coming from the seat because it stops when the passanger places their hand under my seat cushion and applies pressure upwards. Has anyone had a similar problem that can offer me any suggestions? 4. Stearing wheel not aligned at 12 noon while driving straight (@ 11:55) the service advisor forgot to get this looked at. He advised me however that they would need to redo the alignment and that perhaps I should wait to get it done since alignment is only done once for free under warranty? I noticed this problem the day I picked the car up. Don't see why that should be held against me. I should have brought it back right away. He said the reason they only do it once under wrranty is that alignment can be thrown off by driving over a bump. Perhaps, but this was not my case. 5. My car came with original equipment (OE) Good Year tires. I was told OE tires do not have roadhazard warranty coverage. I called Good Year and they told me I could purchase the Roadhazard coverage from one of their dealers. The dealer inspected and measured for tire wear, none yet, and I bought their Platinum plan for $9.50 for each of my five tires. This covers free repair of flats, prorated tire afjustment if it cannot be repaired and tire rotation every 10,000 km. I thought it was worth it. I was surprised to learn that the replacement list price of each tire is $325. I thought it was worth it just for the free tire rotation. Any comments appreciated.
  • newmbfannewmbfan Posts: 59
    MB will rotate your tires free every 5,000 miles!
  • lepinlepin Posts: 13
    Hi! Also new to this forum. I will pick up my car next week. My C320 is silver/blk with C2 C4 Xen and full leather. Full MSRP but free CD changer.
    Thanks for any info!
  • kenyeekenyee Posts: 738
    Where is the free tire rotation documented? I don't remember reading it in the manual.
  • semerrilsemerril Posts: 12
    Louie57...I too had a squeaking drivers seat. It drove me crazy, squeaking every time I went over a bump. I took it in to my dealer, and they tightened everything up, and after driving away, 2 miles down the road, it was still squeaking. I made another appointment to get it and my also squeaking brakes fixed, but before I brought it in, I changed the tension on the seat, from soft to hard, and miraculously, the squeak went away. A couple days later, I changed the tension back to reasonably soft, and the squeak stayed away. Why that worked, I have no idea, but it did, and I'd give it a shot. And on the good news front, on the 3rd attempt, my dealer got it right and my brake squeal has vanished as well.
  • anthonyv1anthonyv1 Posts: 26
    Try this link if you're interested in a clear bra for your car.

  • 4murphy4murphy Posts: 20
    The squealing brakes on my C240 seem to be fixed after the fifth attempt. They have not squealed in three weeks after the last major repair. I posted a while ago the information regarding the fix.If anyone would like to see the repair orders just send me an e-mail at [email protected]

    I noticed today that I have acquired an additional 5 paint chips on the hood to go with 3 that I found earlier. My wife has been driving the car from Ypsilanti to Ann Arbor, Michigan which is 8 miles on local streets.

    I bought some touch up paint from the dealer and attempted to do some repair work. Well, it just doesn't look right. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do the touch up, or should I just take it to a body shop and see what they can do?

    I am completely disgusted with the piece of junk that I bought from Mercedes. I know that some of you are in love with the new C class and I am happy for you. I am going over to Car and Driver magazine this week to see if they know why the paint is chipping so easily. Maybe they will take some pictures for the magazine.
  • anthonyv1anthonyv1 Posts: 26
    Stanley, Sorry to hear of your disgust with the paint. I just looked at the C today at a local dealership, and the paint I like is the Tectite grey, which is a thousand dollar option (I think). I'll be damned if I'm going to pay that and have the stuff chipping off on me. This seems to be a serious problem, and MB should be trying to handle it. Maybe they should put the clear bras on in the factory (after all, why should we have to pay for their mistake). Maybe we can organize a link with photos of everyone's paint chips so that MB can get a load of that and start dealing with the problem instead of pretending it doesn't exist.

    For those on the board with a little more technical experience, would that be difficult to do? It seems like a good way to give your fellow owners leverage at the dealerships.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    The reason why the paint chips easier nowadays is because MB is using environmentally friendly paint on their vehicles. They've actually used it for several years now (and have had more experience with it) and are continuously tweaking the formula for better performance. All auto manufacturers are now using similar environmentally paints, and I'm afraid they're all succeptible to the same problem.

    As for tips WRT touching up paint, here are a few tips (use them at your own risk :-)). What I do is gently clean the affected area with some rubbing alcohol. Next take the touchup paint stick, shake it well, and dip a toothpick into the paint (not too much though). Start from the middle of the chip, and then spread it out towards the edges. Let it dry, and then repeat the same. I recommend multiple thin coats until the entire chip is filled up. The paint may bump up a little from the surrounding (unchipped areas) when dry, but over a short time with you washing yoru car that will naturally flatten out.

    The clearcoat step is optional, IMHO. I actually don't even use it since I don't have any large chips. For your larger chips though, you can carefully apply it using the same steps as the paint. If the chip is large enough that the toothpick is inadequate, a fine art brush is what you should use since it is far more precise than the brush included with the paint stick. Start from the middle and work your way out, as before.

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  • michhalamichhala Posts: 375

    I have a Black C320, 1681 miles, and the chips keep coming and coming. I have looked on the E-class forum and have not been able to find any posts with chip complaints. Perhaps, they are there and I missed them.

    If there are no chip complaints on the E-class forum and so many on the C-class, is it possible that Mercedes uses a different paint process on the C-class to cut costs?

    My chips are on the doors and bumper. I do not drive rough streets and have not yet heard a rock hit the car while driving. These chips are large enough to have been from a good size stone.
  • kenyeekenyee Posts: 738
    If you think it's a "piece of junk", you should consider selling it now since demand is still hot for the new C. That's one alternative for you to sleep better...
  • billp8billp8 Posts: 56
    ...this has been my experience after owning American cars (GM), Japanese (Honda and Acura) and now a 2000 C230. I have owned white (non-metallic, including the C), dark blue (metallic), metallic black, and silver-beige metallic (similar to smoke/desert silver). In my experience, the darker the color, the greater the chipping--and metallic will chip more than non-metallic. More than once, paint repair people have told me that the darker the color, the higher the pigment content--and because the pigment is "hard" and will therefore "give" less, you end up with more stone chips. (I would think that metallic would produce similar results). I do know that the metallic black did chip the most, and the white the least.... I ordered white on the C because I thought the car looked good in it (this, is, of course, in the eye of the beholder), and because I think white is, on balance, the easiest color to keep looking "good" (although silver is a close second). As far as maintaining the "shine", the one negative with white is road tar. One other benefit...if you (God forbid) have major repair work to do--white is probably the easiest color to match (this does NOT apply to metallic/pearl white). Just my 2 pfennigs (sp?) Sorry to hear about the chipping, guys--in over 4000 miles I have NO chips on the front of my car--that will change, of course! Good luck!
  • nycanyca Posts: 232
    Everyone uses water based paints now, so the chipping can't just be attributed to that. For posters to complain that their paint chips, but that no rocks or gravel is hitting their car, would mean their paint job is defective. There seems to be a dislike of traditional bras in this forum. Is it that people just don't like the fact that they are black? Maybe we could get speedlingerie to make an MB bra, since they color match.
  • sleakesleake Posts: 47
    I've had a White C320 since Oct 14th. I went over it VERY carefully while washing it last weekend and noted that it does not have even one small chip, anywhere. I was thinking to myself, "Is this because it is white, or is it because I did have the protective coating put on before taking delivery." I don't know the answer (maybe it's a little of both?) but in thinking back, I recall that my 13-year old Volvo which had a been Diamond Shielded, also never had any chips. btw -- I do drive my car every day.
  • tarunntarunn Posts: 8
    Most of the detailers I've talked to say that bras actually ruin your finish as they trap dirt underneath and grind it in.
  • kenyeekenyee Posts: 738
    That's why invisible bras are great. I've gotten sanded so many times this year just when you really need a bra and you're not supposed to have one of those black ones on. The damage would be a lot worse w/o the invisible bra. The negative is the cost :-P
  • nycanyca Posts: 232
    It's a myth, a quality bra like a Colgan, will not scratch the car. A hood bra is very easy to remove when washing the car and washes quickly. If you don't like them because of the color, that's another thing. That clear bra someone recommended seems like a semi-permanent installation, it doesn't come on and off. It appears you wash and wax right over it. I question how long that install will last.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Uh, I think that no matter how good the car bra may be, it still traps dirt underneath and that will produce a sanding effect on the paint over time. The effect is exacerbated when it rains/snows.

    The 3M invisible bra is a permanent installation (but it can be removed if absolutely necessary). The Scotchcal material was actually intially developed for protect the paint on helicopters, so it's quite durable. It should last for several years at least. The specs on the material can be seen here:

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  • maybe he's embarrassed that he has a 240 instead of a 320??? in a another forum, i read that debagging usually is done when you don't want people to know what you have because you have a lower version.
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