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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedans



  • diwc240diwc240 Posts: 172

    If you would like I could email this Word.doc Table to you. Some are issues/problems, others are valuable tips like the Spark Plugs Post etc...
  • mb_a_mustmb_a_must Posts: 32
    Well I'm getting ready to buy my first B. I actually have been a faithful WV owner for years until I compared the C240 to the asset. I sat in the C240 and said I got have it! Now what do I order? I'm planning on a semi strip down c240 model. I'm thinking auto tarns, met. paint, dose stereo, sunroof package and heated front seat package. I have two questions for you BB gurus. Is the dose system worth the extra 600 bucks? Also never having leather seats do I need the heated front seats? I do live in a cold climate, Chicano. Looking forward to everyones responses!
    [email protected]
  • mb_a_mustmb_a_must Posts: 32
    My previous message got mangled with the spell checker so I am going to post again.

    Well I'm getting ready to buy my first MB. I actually have been a faithful WV owner for years until I compared the C240 to the Passet. I sat in the C240 and said I got have it! Now what do I order? I'm planning on a semi strip down c240 model. I'm thinking auto trans, met.paint, Bose stereo, sunroof package and heated front seat package. I have two questions for you MB gurus. Is the Bose system worth the extra 600 bucks? Also never having leather seats do I need the heated front seats? I do live in a cold climate, Chicago.Any other must haves? Looking forward to everyones responses!
    [email protected]
  • spndxspndx Posts: 36
    mb_a_must: Definitely get the heated seats!!

    On my current '97 C-Class, I didn't get the seat heaters. Big mistake. Having always owned cars with cloth seats, I failed to appreciate how cold leather can get on winter mornings - and I live in Virginia!

    I'm going with the Bose upgrade in my new 240. I haven't been overly thrilled with my current MB factory tunes. To me it's worth the $600, but I'm also kind of picky about music.
  • pompano73pompano73 Posts: 20
    I wanted to tell you guys, that I will not be purchasing a new C. I was lucky enough to close on another hotel deal this week and I am happy to inform I will be purchasing an E class instead. :)
    :) :) :) That was how I felt throughout the entire process this evening. I pick it up tomorrow!!!Good luck to you all, I will be on periodically.

    Brian (Pompano 73)
  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    Tell us about you new E! I'd take one in a heartbeat!
  • nycanyca Posts: 232
    Anyone have any stats on what kind of city/hwy mileage they are getting?
  • michhalamichhala Posts: 375
    My C320 purchased on 12/07/00 has MANY problems already. But, I now see posts about SOS unlocking. What exactly does that mean? The last four numbers of my vin are 47xxx and are these the numbers I look at to determine if I have this problem? I already know I do not have remote key locking and my seat setting memory does not function properly, along with the Exit mode.

    Tomorrow methinks I had better check my steering wheel.

  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    The sos remote unlocking issue is what we've been refering to. They can't unlock your car for you if you lock your keys in. Anybody whose VIN ends with less than 59000 doesn't have the feature yet, so you're one of them as am I. I'm counting on MB to get this retrofitted to our cars. It's not that big a deal, but it's the principle. Interesting aside though, my boss is ready to buy a new C and one of her main reasons for buying the C320 over the 330i is the remote unlock feature!!!
  • diwc240diwc240 Posts: 172
    I'm in Jersey, definitely recommend the heated seats. Hot setting (2 red lights) switches over to warm (1 red light) after 5 mins. (I had heated front seats on my Subaru Outback). I added the Bose to my 240 6MT (C1,2,3,4) after listening to it in a friend's 320, also highly recommend the Bose, it is phenomenal IMO. "AMBIENTE" sounds like surround sound Concert Hall. Standard leather is (+MB Tex) fine, don't spend the extra $1300 on premium leather seats. Check photo gallery and Post # 2, we've put together a C320_240 database and it has an Options column, that people have been ordering with their 240 or 320.

    (PhotoPoint made major changes to their website today, there is an option as you "plow" thru the album to "View Photo Full Size", this is the only view that is easily legible for the database table).
  • mb_a_mustmb_a_must Posts: 32
    This bulletin board is outstanding. Thanks for all the quick replies tonight. Keep them coming!
    Now what do you think of these color combos? 1st choice - Bordeaux red w/ Charcoal 2nd Choice - Desert Silver w/ Charcoal. Sorry guys I had to rule out the Brilliant Silver. Very Sharp but too popular.
    [email protected]
  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    Looks good with java too, but I'm sure the charcoal would be great, That's Ian's exact combo. I bet he'd post some pics! Ian, I'd like to see your car from the side with both doors open to really get a good look at the color contrast.
  • michhalamichhala Posts: 375
    Now I am even more confused. I thought "SOS" referred to the SOS button inside the car which is used for 911-emergency-type situations and which also calls for help automatically when air bag or seat-belt emergency tensioning detractor deploys.

    On the other hand, the remote unlocking service feature is not a 911-emergency-type situation. If you lock your keys in the trunk, you call 1-800-Mercedes to have the car unlocked by remote.

    In this case, it would be a relief to know that everyone is referring to the remote unlocking as "SOS" unlocking, because that would mean I do not have another new problem.

    I, too, was deciding between the BMW 330i and the 320 and chose the C320 for its emergency features, plus its better visibility.

  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    yes, I think we're talking the same thing, you don't have a new problem!! It's the same thing, they cannot remotely unlock our cars, besides you would never be hitting the SOS button to have your doors unlocked, you'd have to be in your car!!LOL "Help, I can't get out!" LOL I guess I shouldn't laugh, that very thing happened with my buddy's 540i, he had to climb out the sunroof!! He couldn't unlock his doors or roll down his windows. What's the story with your seat memory? I've heard of several people having problems with it, but I haven't really paid a lot of attention to it because we don't have it.
  • michhalamichhala Posts: 375
    dennett -- Thank you for taking me out of my frantic state and letting me know I do not have a new problem.

    Re my seat memory:

    1. I am the only driver and use one key. I cannot program three different settings. If I program a setting in position 1, it is picked up in positions 2 and 3; if I program a setting in position 2, it is picked up in positions 1 and 3, Etc. You might ask being the only driver why I need 3 settings. I need two for different heel heights, and I want to have a third setting for valet and car wash so they won't play with the buttons. My settings are too close for them.

    2. If the seat is moved by valet or car wash people, holding down the button does not bring the seat back to the correct settings.

    3. Intermittently it behaves erratically -- once, when I opened the driver door, the seat moved before I entered the car or inserted the key.

    4. Twice, it did not stop when it should, and kept going forward. I was getting ready to eject

    The car was at service for three days, and this could not be fixed. I was told, however, that seat memory would work properly with the Exit mode disabled. Because I like the Exit mode, and it is one of the reasons I bought the car, I am not a happy camper.

    I had problems with the paint, too. The car (black) was delivered to me with about eight scratches and many lumpy paint spots. It took four times of polishing/buffing to improve on these, all within a five-week period. There also was a pimple near my driver door handle that the customer service manager picked off and in so doing, left a small 1/16" hollow spot in the paint. They told me it could not be fixed and to try to get used ot it, or they would paint the door but did not advise. There is no way I want to paint the door of a new car. Although I have tried not to look at it, it is very visible because of location.

  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    I'm sorry to hear about the seat memory problems! As I said, we don't have that option, but since buying the car it's been an option I've regretted not having. Maybe I'm lucky I didn't get it afterall. What is exit mode? What color is your car? When you say there's a hollow spot near the door handle, do you mean the paint was chipped? You should come by the First MB chat on Tuesday at 6 and I'm sure you can get some good advice from the group that'll be there!
  • tlam625tlam625 Posts: 13
    Question for those of you who had oil changed for your C before the first scheduled service which is supposed to be at around 10k mile.

    How did this affect the "mileage before next service" from the Flexible Service Systems readout? Did it extend the mileage before the next service is needed? and by how much?

  • ny74ny74 Posts: 15
    Does anyone know how much it is to rent C-class for a week in Italy around July? I am planning for a vacation. Any info would be appreciated.

  • zmeenowzmeenow Posts: 341
    had my oil changed at 3,500....readout remained the same
  • sirus32sirus32 Posts: 55
    Yesterday I went to the Dealership to follow-up on my build date and current lease rates.

    While there I asked if they would thrown in the CD-Changer for free. I played the wild card...."I've have been waiting for months(5) paid MSRP and put down $1000 deposit!".

    To my surprise they said, yes!

    You'll never know unless you ask. Thanks to those who posted messages about free CD-Changers. I would have never asked unless I read it here first.

  • ubikubik Posts: 2
    Hi to this forum, actually new to the idea of driving an MB...until my wife saw the C240!!! This was a few days ago and since then we've been avidly reading almost everything we could about it; everything looks perfect, even the price tag is not scary! I test-drove one today (actually the C320 because there were no C240 with automatic tranny) and was very pleased with the ride and the comfort. I am 6'4" and 220 lbs and seats were great - of course no space left in the back of my seat but, hey, I'm the driver! Really impressive, gadgets galore, loved it!!!
    My only concern is the RWD: never had RWD cars before and the short test on a dry pavement didn't tell too much! My brother drives a BMW up in Seattle (also his first RWD) and he told me he was reluctant to use it during slippery conditions because of the RWD so he couldn't give me too much insight... Now I know that that's just another bimmer :-) and that C240 comes with bells and whistles EPS, but is it really working?
    Can you PLEASE help me (and my wife for that matter) and reassure us that there is nothing to fear? We really love this car!!!
    Any opinion welcomed!!
    Thank you!

    PS sorry for the long post
    PS another thing we didn't like: we have to wait till June to get one...we'd like it nowwww!
  • sirus32sirus32 Posts: 55
    I live in Minnesota and was worried about driving a rear wheel drive car. I currently drive a SUV and wasn't sure how the new C would handle... However, 'ESP' makes a HUGE difference.

    I had the chance to test drive the car during a snow storm. The car held strait and narrow. I turned off the ESP and was totally amazed how the handling changed. That cemented the deal for me.

    Take the car to a deserted parking lot(snow covered) and try to spin the car 360 with ESP engaged. You can't, ESP keeps compensating.

    Cool feature for Minnesota winters.
  • semerrilsemerril Posts: 12
    I bought my C240 at the end of October (selling a Grand Cherokee in the process), and live in NH. We get lots of snow. In the first decent storm we had last fall, the performance tires made me feel like I was on skis. So I immediately went out and put 4 snow tires on at noon that day. It now handles reasonably well in the snow...just as well as front wheel drive Hondas and Saabs we've owned. One thing that's many of us, I learned to drive on RWD cars, and when I sense the rear end sliding, my old instincts quickly returned and I actually feel more in control in the C than in front wheel drive cars. So my experience is that with 4 good snow tires, the RWD will perform very well in the winter.
  • mamidmamid Posts: 1
    Sirus32 - Can you tell us who is the MB dealer that you are dealing with. For some reason I am not being successful in getting any thing thrown in for free. My C240 is due in about three weeks and I am paying full MSRP. Any suggestions from any one would be greatly ppreciated - thanks
  • jayonejayone Posts: 25
    I recently got hold of a c240 exactly one day ago and signed for it. However i was told that it had power seats only to discover they were the standard semi-auto seats. I found the seats to be lacking in lower back support and think the lack of power adjust is the problem. After complaining I was told it might be a seat problem but i dont think so, i think its the seat cushioning. Anyway I might be able to switch for a c320 , the catch they want $45-$50 more a month on the lease. Do you guys think that it is worth the extra $$$$ and if the full power seats would make a difference. They would have no problem unloading my c240, its in heavy demand. I need advice PLEASE anyone who can help I would appreciate it greatly. Should I bargain.. they know im in situation and may be taking advantage,,thanks for the help..need to know by morning!!!
  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    I've got a 240 and love it, but if you can lease a 320 for only $45-50 a month more, I'd go for the 320. From what I've seen and heard that would be a less than 10% increase in your payment, while the 320s are closer to 20% more expensive than 240s. If all that's true for you, the 320 would be a no-brainer in my opinion.
  • jayonejayone Posts: 25
    thanks for the quick reply , do you think that the seats would make a difference. And is the c320 really worth the extra $$ is there a notable difference between the two!!??
  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    I don't think the seats are different, other than the standard power and memory features. The 320 is definitely more powerful than the 240, we test drove both multiple times and I really wanted the 320 but just couldn't justify the extra money. The 320 is $7k more, but comes with the Bose and power seats with memory standard, plus it has the upgraded climate control. The problem for us was that the Bose wasn't something we wanted and the added power just wasn't worth the $5k or so it truly adds to the price. BUT if the 320 could have been had for only $45-50 a month extra, we'd have been all over it!

    You should come to the inaugural MB chat here on Tuesday at 6 and I'm sure you could get a bunch of good advice, if that's too late, come to the Friday Freeway chat tomorrow at 5 pacific. There's always a bunch of MB owners there too! Good luck, and let me know here how it all turns out.
  • sirus32sirus32 Posts: 55
    Here in Minnesota the dealership I ordered my C240 was Feldmann's Imports in Bloomington, MN. When I placed my order Nov 11th I put down $1000 deposit, paid MSRP and received all weather floor mats for free.

    Few weeks ago a co-worker ordered a new C240 at Sears Imports, another dealership in town. She put down $500, paid MSRP and received the CD-Changer for free.

    I used this bit of information when asking for the changer for free. Competition is a good thing, hopefully you have other dealerships near you.

    However, I asked 8 weeks before taking delivery. The dealership/sales person might have thought throwing in the changer now would positively effect my survey score. It will!
  • shadow22shadow22 Posts: 4
    I have a c320 and I am the only driver and use the same key. I have never had to adjust from the original settings and I have yet to try and set additional settings. But I do know that the one key I use adjusts my seats upon entry and exit (that is it moves forward and back) And the exit mode is enabled also. When getting out of the car the seat, headrest steering wheel all move back and when the key is put in everything goes back to the same settings. The other day I used the other set of keys and I noticed that when turning the car off that the steering wheel, seat, etc. did not move back but you could actually here the motors as if they were moving but they weren't. I'm not sure because because I haven't programmed anything with this other set of keys. I'm taking it in this weekend to have the trunk latch replaced because my trunk will open but then it won't shut (you have to keep clicking the handle until it releases then it will shut) I'm going to have them look at the memory with the other key also. sorry for the long post.
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