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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedans



  • diwc240diwc240 Posts: 172
    ESP works very well IMO. I'm coming off a Subaru Outback AWD in Jersey (& frequent trips to Ottawa, Canada tons of snow!!) where we get some snow but not much. Even AWD with all season radials won't hold on "slippery - icy" conditions. Depending on where you live & the amount of snow you receive, I would put on Michelin Alpins or Bridgestone Blizzaks in the winter on your future C 240 (or 320), as semerril also recommended.
  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    I don't know if you saw the post or not but somebody was asking about the desert silver and charcoal combo. I posted back that that was what you had. How about posting a pic of your car from the side with both doors open so we can really get a good look at the color contrast, I bet it looks real sharp!
  • lxgmblxgmb Posts: 41
    I remember somebody yesterdays talked about receiving the new C with several scartchs and a dent on the door.
    My questions is, Do you have to accept that car?
    and if we pick up the car and find some problems, what should we do?
  • diwc240diwc240 Posts: 172
    Bill I sent an email to [email protected]
    with comments and advice and pointed him to our Photo Gallery. Depending on the weather this weekend, I'll try and take some more photos.
    Greg's first choice was Bordeaux Red / Charcoal, don't know if anyone has that combo ?
  • vkjvkj Posts: 67
  • tjc33tjc33 Posts: 1
    Hi, also new to the forum. I absolutely love the looks of the C-Class, but I am concerned about the fit for someone my size (6'4", 190). While I know that I 'fit' in it (heck, I've even sorta gotten used to driving my girlfriend's '94 escort), I was wondering about other people's experiences with roominess over a longer period than a test drive. How are the seats holding up? Is multicontour worth it? Exactly how large of a person can fit behind the taller drivers for a long trip? In the back of my mind looms the redesigned '03? EClass. However, I would prefer to get as small of a car as I can be confortable in.
  • gb16gb16 Posts: 12
    So tomorrow i'm deciding between a C240 (black/charcoal - auto, C2 package)
    a 2000 C280 SE (Silver w. two tone leather - sport package, startac phone, fold down rears, CD, 8K miles). Neither has heated seats (bummer). Both available now.

    The C240 is sticker $33,235 and the C280 $31,500 (below kelly trade).

    Any votes for either one? (any thoughts on better resale also)
  • jayonejayone Posts: 25
    HI! Thanks for the help. I went to the dealer today and arranged for them to pick up and flatbed my c240 away. I test-drove the c320. I licked all the extra power features, seats, climate, steering wheel, and bose. So I switched.
    I am paying $50 more a month on my lease, they say they reduced the price because of the mis-understanding, maybe. Anyway, getting it after the weekend. thanks
  • jayonejayone Posts: 25
    HI, I personaly would go for the c240. I wouldnt want a car that is already outdated. But thats me, I want to feel like im driving the latest. Unless I got a terrific deal that I couldnt pass up. In your case the difference is not great, true a 280 vs 240, but its the NEW C. good luck!
  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    I think they really did give you a great deal!! What colors and options does the 320 have?
  • jayonejayone Posts: 25
    Thanks I def. think I made the right decision! The car is black/charcoal has c2 and cd changer plus standard. Wish they had heated seats but we cant have everything. let you know when i get it..
  • michhalamichhala Posts: 375
    It might be a good idea to check out if you can program three settings when Exit is enabled. Different shoe heel heights sometimes require different settings, and this feature is supposed to work that way. My one setting works as yours does, until the seat is pushed back manually by someone.

    I have not tried the second key yet, because if it does not work I am not ready to deal with it.
  • jonoratojonorato Posts: 22
    I'm 6'2 190, with a 36" inseam, and one of the first things I did during the shopping process was move the seat all the way back. I was very surprised to find that position "too far" for my comfort...I was barely reaching the gas pedal. So I'll be a full inch or two up from max in normal driving conditions. You'll probably fit, but as many posters have pointed out, only you can decide stuff like that, so you'll have to go sit in one.

    But I'll bet you were gonna do that anyway! :-)

    My Silver met. C240, C1-4, Bose, auto, is scheduled to be built the first "decade" of March, i.e., any day. Everything I hear says 30 days to delivery after that...has this been the experience of most of you who ordered? I'd love to pick it up for the big family gathering on Easter...

    BTW, I'm pretty sure I'm going to get a wheel-upgrade, and I will take the stock rims and put snow tires on them.
  • nil88nil88 Posts: 10
    Anybody here use zanio car polish? If so what do you think?
  • There is a very active Zaino topic in the Maintenance and Repair Conference. BTW, polish has a bit of abrasive in it, different than a wax.
  • lperakislperakis Posts: 49
    Here is the url for their web site:

    I used it on my new C320. As they recommended, i washed the car with Dawn dish soap, then applied the base product and 3 coats of polish. It looks better now than the day I bought it.

  • michhalamichhala Posts: 375
    I have a black C320, purchased 12/07/00 with 1481 miles. It has been into the dealer once for chip fixes, and I noticed tonight there were two new good-size chips on the door and bumper. My friends have had an STS for two years, live in Toronto, drive their car a lot, and it is not kept in a garage. They do not have one chip on it. I live in Southern California, the C320 is used about 3 times a week, and it is kept in a garage. I have a bottle of touch-up and cannot wait until daylight to fix the chips.

    I am helping my niece, who is buying a C320, choose a color. Would appreciate some input on white as a practical more trouble-free color. I, personally, love Black, Black Opal and Tectite Gray; but I don't want her to have the chipping concerns I have. She does not like Brilliant Silver or Desert Silver.
  • sshowittsshowitt Posts: 137
    Purchased the Langka chip repair process. It was discussed on the CLK discussion a while back. I have not used it yet, too cold up here in MA, so I personally can not comment on it. You may want to try their web site to gain additional information.

    People who have used it, like the Zaino, recommend it. BTW, I have used the Zaino products, time consuming, but quite effective
  • mb_a_mustmb_a_must Posts: 32
    Bill ... Ian

    Thanks guys for helping me with the color combo. Ian sent an e-mail with "tons" of great info. Its incredible the support this site has. The new photo section is great! Ian desert silver / charcoal package is a winner! Thanks
    [email protected]
  • mb_a_mustmb_a_must Posts: 32
    My opinion is that you need to try this before you commit to the sale. But it does't hurt to ask!

    I have been "working over" a few dealers in my area. They are pretty set on the MSRP but seem to be flexable on some dealer installed stuff. I'll try to keep the group updated.

    [email protected]
  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    So you're going with the desert silver? I definitely like it better than the darker red, but that's just my opinion. How are you going to option out your car?
  • benz747benz747 Posts: 91
    Guys -

    I have booked C240 with Aspen Green and Charcoal combination - Any Comments on that

    I have Monday final day to make any changes !!!!
    I am putting down $1000 for a April Built CAR, on the road expected in May 2001 and the good part is the DEAL C240 With C2 and Auto Transmission out on road price is offered to me is $ 34,557 including tax and title, the area where I live has 5.75 % Sales taxes - Any comment about this deal ??????
  • nycanyca Posts: 232
    Hmm, a car finish system that asks you to use Dawn on your car? Have you folks tried Zymol, I think I'll stick with that. If you really want the finish to dazzle, add a coat of Meguiar's ShowCar Glaze before the wax application.

    That Langka looks interesting, but the video on their website is of poor quality and none of the "reviews" are from major car magazines. Looks interesting, has anyone actually used it?

    Where is this "new photo section"? I've seen the links and pictures people have imbedded in their posts, but is there a consolidated section of new C photos?
  • gb16gb16 Posts: 12
    Sounds like a good deal to me. I just reserved same combination (C2 with auto transmission) for 33,235 without taxes, etc... I went for the black/charcoal. (poss silver if available)

    the only issue i would have about green is resale. when i was looking at the pre-owned bmws, there were alot of greens available. Several dealers told me how green was big in 98 but now silver was the 'hot' color. But that was for bmws. But.. If you like the color, then i'd get it. All that matters really right?

    good price too
    Now i'm gonna have to have my dealer throw in something extra.. like a CD changer or something
  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    The new photo section is in the C class owners club area. You can get there by using the link at the top of this page. The photo section doesn't have many photos because the club was just started last week. Pass the word to everybody to post their photos there, that way we all will have one place to see all the different color combinations available.
  • zmeenowzmeenow Posts: 341
    zaino:reason they suggest dishwasher detergent only 1st time is to remove any other build up of wax...(usually on older cars) it will not hurt paint... if u have questions.. call them theyll spend time answering them .i used zaino on my 2000 acura 3.2tl and it was beutiful... which partly accounts for the great price i got at sale
    color:i have the c240'01 black/charcoal c2 auto trans.. love it!
    zaino on black paint gives a very very wet look..especially if you apply several coats!
    many happy users...zaino is actually recommended by the corvette club of america
  • anthonyv1anthonyv1 Posts: 26
    What's with the paint on these cars? Reading about all these problems with chipping should be completely unacceptable to Mercedes Benz., especially when they're charging 700 and up for the paint. Also, while I love the C240 and the way it drives (I took a 6 speed out for a spin the other day), I have to say that the two other car makers I was looking at (Saab and BMW) have infinitely better exterior colors to choose from. I especially like the pale green that I saw on a 9-5 recently. Sorry to go on about other cars, just wish MB had more interesting paint choices. Also wish the java interior was offered with more colors. I really like the way the java brings out the wood trim.

    I guess this all shouldn't matter much to MB, because I'm still going to buy a C240.:) (AFTER I put a down payment down on my 1st house in 5-6 mos.)
  • twofourtwofour Posts: 6
    I'm scheduled to pick up my C240 this Thursday. So far the dealer has been true to his word regarding the build time/port arrival/pickup time. Can't wait (just in time for another bad snow storm). I may remove the C 240 badging and need advice to avoid paint damage and how to put back on when the lease is up. Anyone done this or know how?
    I am concerned about the postings regarding paint chipping. I have ordered Black Obsidian and know this will not touch up well. Is there a nose bra or better yet one of those narrow plastic shields you see on SUVs available yet?
    Any help is really appreciated.
  • sshowittsshowitt Posts: 137
    Try using a hair dryer on the emblem to warm up the glue behind the emblem, the use dental floss to go between the emblem glue tape and the body. Then wax the area and voila, no emblem or mark.
  • gb16gb16 Posts: 12
    Is the paint chip problem on all colors? or just special orders? I agree that this is completely unacceptable for a MB (or any other car for that matter). Are there solutions.

    twofour.. what is the purpose of removing the badging? (just curious)
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