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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedans



  • zmeenowzmeenow Posts: 341
    yeah.. im at about 10.8... im also around 22mph.. a while back i played a bit while driving flipping the odometer screen to the one that gives a running # on milage as you are driving(find that yet?)i found that,as no surprise,milage in the 50-55 mph range was as high as 29occasionally 30!(downhill!lol).. as i appoached the 65-80 mph range.. milage slipped into the 20-22 mph.. but i love driving the car at 80!what can i say?fortunately we have some gas stations in the area that have super at $1.47... so its not a bad pinch on the wallet.
    i recommend everyone find the screen that gives running milage as you are driving.. its both educational(finding the"sweet spot")and entertaining in a way to see how the engine works most/least efficiently vs..the need for speed!!
  • djasonwdjasonw Posts: 624
    Used to have an A4 that had rear fog lights. Nice feature except that some idiots keep them on during evenings when there is NO hint of fog. Quite annoying. The most annyoing thing is FRONT fog lights. I just don't understand why people use them in the NY Metro area when there is NO fog and there is ample light from street lights.
  • nankynanky Posts: 75
    I believe Jaguar has them too........
  • microrepairmicrorepair Eastern MassachusettsPosts: 508

    You had to bring up that sore point; FRONT FOG LIGHTS !!! This is also one of my pet peeves. Why oh why do people have them on on perfectly clear evenings with NO fog, NO rain, NO snow, nothing but nice clean air and they have those damn things on so nearly everyone coming at them is blinded. Particularly bad are the Subaru and Pontiac front fogs. They are NOT fog lights, they are WW II anti-aircraft beacons...!!! Aimed horizontally instead of vertically!! Aren't there some motor vehicle laws restricting the use of them? If there isn't, let's campaign for some laws... We need some more laws, don't we ??

    Don't get me started on cellphones being used by drivers while moving...!!!
  • tomc240tomc240 Posts: 3
    I just go to the dealer service for tick tick after 3 days old new car, they just change one little parts in the right hand side it's near top with some cables hookup,only 20min then finish, and now the tick tick is less,but still can hear little bit and much better then before,and the truck work fine right now because I didn't hold the button 3-4 second,you guys can try to ask for the service dept. about tick tick question and sorry to say my English is slow,hope you know what I say that.(I don't know what they say the parts name,even in the paper work sheet didn't show,they just write down engine work that all)
  • itabackitaback Posts: 21
    Does anyone know if it is possible to have a cell phone installed after market (either at MB or otherwise) and be able to use the integrated features of the stereo/steering wheel controls as they relate to the telephone??
  • zmeenowzmeenow Posts: 341
    at that funny post re WW2 anti aircraft lights!
    oh we know why people do that!it says"HERE I AM DEAL WITH ME AND MY CAR!"
    fog lights on nights like last evening in nyc.. foggy and dreary.. other than that... why bother?
  • jimibjimib Posts: 10
    I just learned my Silver & Charcoal C320 will arrive late April. Maby all the cancellations I have been reading about! Ironically I learned about this as a good friend of mine was test driving a C320 for himself! Oh well! we are doing what we can for the economy! By the way, I paid full price and saved a lot of money doing so. That is, I purchased after "one" trip to the dealership. I own a construction business and at the rate I charge for my time, each trip to the dealership probably costs me $1,000. So running all over town multiple times does nothing for my pocketbook. Anyway I need the car now! That is what I work for!!
  • mac72mac72 Posts: 2
    I recently purchased a 97 c230. A rather noisy "rumbling" sound comes from the engine that is obvious both at idle and low speeds. I don't notice a problem with the way the vehicle is running. Is this something normal?
  • sirus32sirus32 Posts: 55
    Today I received notification from the dealer that my C240 has been built is now on the water!

    The boat is estimated to arrive in port March 24, with delivery to the dealership before Easter. My dreams have come true.

    Can you see me doing my ~~HAPPY DANCE~~?
  • bubba3007bubba3007 Posts: 38
    Hey people! lets show a little charity here. Have you ever driven some of these cars and SUVs at night. Some of these manufacturers really design pretty poor headlights, some owners never check their aim, and some are too blind to be driving at night. At least I keep telling myself that in an attempt at temper control. With the C we have pretty good lighting and if we use the lights properly perhaps a lesson will be learned by someone.

  • bubba3007bubba3007 Posts: 38
    You are going to LOVE it when it gets here. So much so that you will know that the wait has been worth every minute. Talk to your salesman and get him to loan you a set of manuals from a demo, if he has one. That way you can be even more ready when it arrives.

  • diwc240diwc240 Posts: 172
    sirus32, you should definitely have your C before
    "Good Friday" April ___ the day after the 12th this year. It seems to take approx. 7 days at the Port for PDI / Customs clearance etc...
    Actually, I was told the Container ships telex the serial #'s of the cars two or three days ahead of ETA into the Port, to speed up Customs clearance.
  • zmeenowzmeenow Posts: 341
    the manual. is somwhere between a nintendo video game manual..and computer software manual...
    read it well... study it carefully.. there will be a room pop quiz!! lol
    seriously though... its quite detailed... theres lots to know about this car to enjoy all of its options and benefits... gives one a greater appreciation of the engineering...and to agree with bubba.. youll have fun driving it!
  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    When you say a running mpg figure, do you mean the after start screen? I always use that screen, but unless I'm wrong the C doesn't have a real time mpg reading like bimmers do. Let me know if I'm wrong, I hope I am. I like the that feature in bimmers, you can really see what putting your foot into does.
  • zmeenowzmeenow Posts: 341
    it seems like the in some way averaged every few seconds..... i was watching it tonight(after reset screen).. it does move up and down somewhat in real time.. reset button is on left side of instrument panel// hold it down for a few seconds while on "after reset".. then watch mpg. and mph...directly correlates to movement of the car.
    ... that screen gives readings based in current opposed to cumulative totals (after start screen)... its a bit confusing..
    anyone have a better fix on this?
  • vs4vs4 Posts: 70
    Has anybody seen Wedgewood Blue colour personally? What is there impression of Wedgewood colour? Would you prefer Wedgewood Blue over Brilliant Silver?

    How would you relate this colour to other very obvious items in this colour?

    I really appreciate for sharing your thoughts...

  • zmeenowzmeenow Posts: 341
    the blue is a nice color.... if u are buying.. it may be harder to sell... the silver is an easier color to sell.. if leasing.. it matters not
  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    That's the screen I too watch, but it gives you mpg since start up, not real time. I've gotten as good as 30.1 on a 300 mile LA and back trip, that was actual milage at fill up. We went 67-72 the entire time. I was watching the screen like a hawk, trying to break 30 and I was successful, but I did sweat it at the couple of lights I caught between the off-ramp and gas station! LOL! It read over 31mpg when I exited the freeway! You ought to join us at Friday Freeway this week!
  • michhalamichhala Posts: 375
    There is a bright and shiny Black C320 currently residing in my garage. In mid-May an Obsidian Black C320 will join the family. I was shown a car at the dealer's, but they were not sure if it was black or Obsidian. To those of you who know for sure, is the color a true black with metallic as described to me or does it looks more charcoal? I am concerned I will miss the straight black's sparkle, but I needed to have a change.

    Dennett have I confused you more? :)

  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    Congrats Miki, sounds like all has worked out!! From what I've heard the Obsidian is definitely black, not charcoal, that's the Tectite. I've seen pics of the Obsidian at that MBWorld site, the CLK section, I'm sure if you ask somebody will post a pic for you there, but it'll be a CLK. Maybe somebody here has a C? Let's ask!! LOL!

  • I took my '00 C280 in today for oil change and wheel rotation. I have 5k miles so I payed the bill for $107.53. Just for those who wonder about how much it costs.

    Here is the breakdown: filter $10. mobil 1 oil--9@$5.5= $49.50 labor was $20.70.

    Rotate tires labor was $13.80.

    Environmental charge $9.40 and tax $4.13.

    BTW, the loaner was an E 320, and I thought my car was sweet, this one was unbelievable. If only the market would rebound.
  • michhalamichhala Posts: 375
    I was editing the spelling of "Obsidian" and when I finished you had already posted with your reply. My thanks. I am happy you understand and that this blonde did not confuse you in the least. :)

  • sirus32sirus32 Posts: 55
    Thanks for the tip. I'll ask my sales person if I can borrow a set of manuals.

    I've been on 6 test drives since I placed my order last November. I've figured out most knobs, buttons, and switches. However, I did see the Manual in the glove box during my last test drive. Wow, it's thick. I also noticed the quick reference guide. Great idea for those who haven't read the manual.
  • zmeenowzmeenow Posts: 341
    dennet scroll down one screen(or up) to " reset" not start up.. i think thats the screen that gives you real time numbers.scroll one more screen and you get a projected total distance on a tank of gas..based on what i imagine is your average speed.

    ill see what shakes out fri.. single guy here so i do occasionally keep that passenger seat
    that screen is like a little video game... trying to see how high the mpg will go! ive had similar experience trying to raise mpg!
    but in a way... it helps one understand how to drive the car thinks anyways!
  • sirus32sirus32 Posts: 55
    It's a concept car, but check it out...
  • zmeenowzmeenow Posts: 341
  • nankynanky Posts: 75
    I am waiting to take delivery of an Obsidian Black C320 in May. It is definitely black and not charcoal. I often refer to it as metallic black. Are your C320's equipped with the same packages?

    Has anyone had an alarm installed either by the dealer or elsewhere? I would like to know whether adding an alarm, particularly a non-dealer installed alarm, created any electronic problems and also what to expect price wise.
  • nankynanky Posts: 75
    The site Sirus32 provided in message 1917 also has an interested report, along with graphics, on the C design from conception to the final selection. Click on C - class W203 design studies if interested.
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