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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedans



  • Does anyone have a copy of the 02 C class ordering guide in .pdf format.

    I remember last summer someone posted it here for the 01 model year.

  • fredtwdfredtwd Posts: 25
    In addition to losing the memory settings (post 282)a new odd problem started today. When listening to the stereo (radio or CD) the sound will stop every two minutes for a few seconds(when playing the CD, the CD pauses). This is more irritating than the losing the seat positions. Has anyone else come across this one. It's hard to believe it's a wiring problem given the consistent timing.

    Also, I had no replies to my original post on losing the seat memory, so I'll ask again...

    Has anyone else on the board been able to
    have MB fix the seat memory problem?

    Thanks in advance.

  • zmeenowzmeenow Posts: 341
    i had that problem when i had my cd installed... intermoittent radio and cd...they just put in a new radio.... no problems since then
  • postoakpostoak Posts: 537
    I test drove a base 240 the other day and was so impressed with the grain of the wood that I asked the salesman if it was real wood and he said "no". I readily accepted his answer because I just don't (didn't) believe there is enough high quality grain wood in the world today to be putting it in the lowest grade Mercedes. Later, looking through the brochure he gave me and also here on Edmunds, it appears that it IS real wood. Is this correct?

    If it IS real wood, is it solid wood or a veneer? Also, what gives? -- I've been in a number of E and even S class cars and the wood was very plain grain. Is there a more plentiful supply of grainy wood today than there was 10 - 15 years ago?
  • zmeenowzmeenow Posts: 341
    i always thoughtits real wood... all he literature says it is... i think your salesman is poco loco

    incidentally.. just for the heck.. i was browsing the posts on the bmw323 board. topics of discussion included:non functioning sun roofs,paint chips,quality of leather vs tex,cost of cd player direct from mb is not singular in these aspects!
  • boredyboredy Posts: 7
    I read the manual for my C320 and it says there is a green light/button inside the trunk that will allow one to relase the trunk in the event that someone gets locked in it. I checked mine and I dont have it!! Anyone of you have this problem? And... I noticed that the volume of my sound system lowers when my car is at a halt.. And the car moves, it goes back up to the normal. Is it the norm?
  • 4murphy4murphy Posts: 20
    It has been almost a month since I have had any problems with my 2001 C240. I am afraid to get too sanquine, but maybe things are beginning to look up for me and my car.

    Further, I have been getting fewer paint chips as the car ages. Maybe there is something to the fact that the car comes with a soft paint that hardens over time. Nevertheless, I just spent considerable time in the garage touching up the ones that I acquired in the first several months of operation. I bought an expensive paint brush with a small point from an art store for the job. It appears to work better than match sticks and other homemade devices that I had been using.
  • cd96nscd96ns Posts: 42
    Any members of this forum live in the Detroit area? If so; would appreciate a response to how the dealer service rates. My cars are domestics--96 Deville w/Northstar for the wife and I pilot a 99 Intrigue GLS w/3.5L Shortstar.. Being self-employed with clients scattered about from 150/200 miles away from home base, I do a fair amount of driving. Cruise 75/85, no tickets, no accidents, and no radar detector..Spend time in Canada and they don't like detectors..

    I was thinking about getting my wife the C320 since we are no longer traveling the Detroit/S. Flordia and require a large car to carry all her stuff back and forth..The Caddies haul alot and the Northstar devours the road..

    Is the 215 hp V-6 able to maintain a fast flow?? Tell me about the required maintenance services to keep the warranty happy??? My normal services on cars is oil change every 2500/3000 miles and tire rotation every second oil change. Air cleaner filter replacement every 20k miles, brakes and tires as needed, other fluids never..

    The last time I priced a Benz was back when the 280 was a straight 6, and I ask the salesperson when was the first scheduled maintenance stop and the charge??? His reply was 7500 miles and cost was $450,that turned me off.

    The May Issue M/T gave a good writeup on the C320 and I believe it had the Sport package.. The stiffer suspension, the better..

    I am interested in seeing very little of the dealer and the service dept. I have owned some 43 cars in my 67 yrs and dealers do not rate well and the foreign car types are little uppidity..

    I understand cars fairly well, and I know when they need fixing; so any additional service time for alot of tweaking not part of the scheme..My most recent experience was with the General and a 98 Intrigue which after 26k miles became their car and I had the check.. Bought another one for I didn't hold a grudge.

    Can I drive a C320 100k miles w/o renting a room at the dealer??? Is it true that the Benz is not discounted like the past--another belt tightening practice since they purchased Chrysler.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Postoak, Since no one else but Gary has answered yet, I'll chip in (excuse the pun ;-). Yes, the wood is real wood, not just a veneer. It is also aluminum backed since MB didn't want the wood to splinter in an accident. If I recall corrected, the trees are specially grown at a tree farm just for this purpose. You'll be surprised at how many pieces of dash trim can be made from one trim (a lot).

    cd96ns, I'm surprised that the salesguy told you that the charges were so high with the 280 because in my experience, they're not; I drove a 300E 4-matic in the past.

    As for maintenance, it's free for 4 years and the Flexible Service System (FSS) computer, which monitors oil quality/viscocity + your real world driving conditions/style + the environment, will tell you when to go in for servicing. The FSS counter will always have a minimum 10000 miles interval to your next service (max of 20000 miles) after reset.

    Since the C320 is a new model and in high demand, don't expect any discount off MSRP, but you may be able to get them to throw in a few accessories for free. MB has slashed dealer profit margins significantly starting in 2000, so as to bring down the MSRP of the vehicles.

    Considering that all MB vehicles are designed to run all day at triple digit speeds on the German autobahn, it shouldn't have any problems keeping up with traffic. Perhaps our other C240 and C320 owners here can share their real world experiences.

    You may want to visit the MB owner's club experiences topics for dealership and service department experiences/recommendations. Here are the links:


    Hope this helps!

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  • 404c404c Posts: 146
    I had a chuckle when I read cd96ns' question as to whether a C can handle "fast flow". All Mercedes cars are optimised for cruising at a sustained 200+ km/h. Even the C 240 is capable of 235 km/h (nearly 146 MPH) provided the US speed limiter is removed and tires are upgraded from the HRs we get over here.

    Compare and contrast this with a Caddy Northstar. I don't have any proof for this model, but I would not be surprised if its cooling system is not capable of handling sustained high speeds (meaning over 120 MPH). Not to mention the likely inadequate oil capacity in the sump and transaxle, which would lead to overheated lubricant and component failures. I certainly know that most other US GM cars sold in Europe suffer to one degree or another from this sort of problem. Corvettes used to be notorious for this (I'm not sure if the C5 has been improved in this regard). Chrysler cars are similarly affected and it's not really feasible to drive them at any more than 160 km/h (100 MPH) for long periods without highly predictable gearbox and engine failures. In all cases it's due to inadequate heat dissipation being designed in. My experience in this comes from knowing a dealer in Germany that handles US cars.

    So the answer is virtually any European car, and especially a German one, can handle very high sustained speeds without any worries. I'd be a lot more worried about a US car's ability to handle "fast flow".
  • mleskovarmleskovar Posts: 171
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  • kenyeekenyee Posts: 738
    I agree that small art brushes you can get are MUCHHH better than using a round toothpick or the end of a matchstick. I've got one that has 3-4 bristles at the very end. Gave up on the toothpick for touching up a few fairly large and irregular chips I got.
    The brush was $3. Well worth it.
  • fschneckfschneck Posts: 5
    most talk about the c320.i have to decide in 1 wk if i'm going to take the c240.? 325 seems quicker but bare inside along w snotty sales people. would appreciate comments.thanx
  • cd96nscd96ns Posts: 42
    Thanks folks for addressing my concerns and those Benzs that never wear down. Did you good people know that the new GM I-6 did 300k miles wide-open; not one but I think it was a dozen prototypes were run through the boring test..

    Having driven 2 Porsches 30k+miles in Europe, I realize the importance of bragging rights..

    With the test info I was given, then the Benz dealer doesn't need a service dept..Right???

    I don't think I said that I drive cars until they melt or did I say the Northstar was a Formula 1 car.

    Thanks again for the effort, and I came away with the feeling that oil changes are even optional.
  • nycanyca Posts: 232
    Don't over react, many people here agree with you on some points for sure. These "high end" car dealers can be very snooty for sure. Also, many people are uncomfortable with a 10K mile interval oil change, so you can pay for the "in between" ones yourself (Mobil1 is standard fill on dealer oil changes for this car now), or a DIY is possible (all top side, no crawling under the car):

    When you go to the dealer, ask to see the service department and ask about their loaner car policy.

    I for one like the new DeVilles. I wish MB had night vision, it's great for spotting speed traps when driving at night!

  • c32c32 Posts: 8
    The new C just glides along with prestigious poise and elegance.

    C Class = Graceful
  • newmbfannewmbfan Posts: 59
    The sound system is working correctly. It is noise compensating. When the ambient noise is less, as in when you slow down, the radio/CD volume will go down.
  • sirus32sirus32 Posts: 55
    I think all 2001 MB have an interior trunk release because of Federal regulations.

    The green emergency button on my C is located behind the license plate. Check it out... Let us know if your C doesn't have one.
  • We took delivery on our C320 in late January and noted at that time that it did NOT come equipped with that glowing green button on the trunk lid as described in the owner's manual. Since our car is equipped with the fold-down rear seatback option (C3?), and the seat release is located inside the trunk, I thought that this was the substitute escape method intended for those annoying days when kidnappers lock you in the trunk for a ride in the countryside.

    That comfortable feeling lasted until just last Saturday when I visited the Mercedes dealership and saw a fresh C320 on the showroom with the same seat-fold down option AND a glowing green button!

    So I'm just as confused as you are....
  • nfotxnfotx Posts: 15
    This Town Hall Community was a daily part of my life up until I purchased my C320. Now, having just turned 9,000 miles, this is my first "log in" for many months.
    The C320 is doing great, absolutely worth every penny. Yesterday I checked a couple of items in my manual and found more things I did not know about my car. What a thrill.
    Hope all my old friends from back in October, November and December 2000 are doing well.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Yup, MotorVision tested the C-class (and the coupe, but only informally) ) when it first came out around March/April of last year. I've seen it re-run twice since, but not recently. They actually had Mika Hakkinnen and David Coultheart drive the C320 Sport and the C32 AMG on a test track. That was pretty good! Both loved the cars.

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  • c32c32 Posts: 8

    I just LOVE it!!


  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Nice, James! Life is good indeed ;-)

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  • zmeenowzmeenow Posts: 341
    i have the"stock radiosystem" seems to have ambiant noise feature tho not mentioned in manual.when i speed up it get louder and visa versa.... or am i getting delusional??
  • zmeenowzmeenow Posts: 341
    that was a nice review...and yes.. there are times when the trans has a bit of lag..but. ive gotten used to driving with my hand on the shifter..using select shift freely as i need it... as a result... i rarely have lag... and almost always have the torque that i need.. when i need it.
    as to the"attention" one gets by owning an mb? i really dont care.. i bought this great car because i deserve it... no other reason!!!
  • fschneckfschneck Posts: 5
    would appreciate your experience w c240 automatic. thanx
  • richieprichiep Posts: 1
    Msg #2848 refers to noise compensation (ambient noise is less, as in when you slow down, the radio/CD volume will go down).

    While I have an M-class, my vehicle is at the dealer as I type for this very thing. In fact, it is the 3rd time I've mentioned it and the 2nd time I have brought it in. The service people have not mentioned this as a possibility. In fact, they act like I'm hearing things (which I am!).

    This 'feature' is not mentioned in the manual and I had suspected it had something to do with the sound leveling circuitry for the telephone (which I don't have installed).

    How do I know if my sound system has this feature and not a real problem?
  • jfongjfong Posts: 11
    Hi everyone,

    I have a hard time deciding what car to purchase--my shopping list includes C240, ES300, IS300 and BMW 325I. I need your recommendation. If I opt for the C240, what other (1 or 2) options are a must to have? Since I can't drive a stick, I have to get it with 5Sp. auto. Also, can you give me an estimate on how much you have to spend on maintenance for this car (with active warranty) per year? Also, do I have to change for Winter tires? Oh, what about depreciation for this car?

    Thanks in advance!

  • boredyboredy Posts: 7
    Thanks Newmbfan, yes I have the ambient one.
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