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Buick Regal



  • pjonkheerpjonkheer Posts: 22
    Do you guys think the GS is faster or slower with the Traction Control turned off?? I think the car is slower without it off because the tires will spin too much. My tires spin quite a bit when I have it on. Thoughts??
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    What transmission filter would you recommend with synthetic fluid?
  • armtdmarmtdm Posts: 2,057
    Almost every auto tranny built today has a screen not a true filter. So if you drop the pan normally the gasket and screen are replaced or the screen simply cleaned. I am not pleased tthat this GSE does not have a drain plug for the tranny fluid, so much easier to change when you can pull a plug in lieui of the really messy job of dropping the pan

    If you were asking about oil filters, my oil analyis over the years has said that there are a few that actually filter better then the OEM. These are Mobil 1, Amsoil/Hastings and the Pure One LIne of Purolator filters. AC Delco Gold is supposed to be good also. Frams are truly crap, poor construction, especially the anit drainback valve. Of course, on my GSE the filter is hanging straight down so this valve has little use in a this application.
  • papowellpapowell Posts: 6
    I'm seriously considering a '96 Regal with only 16000 miles. The Regal has the 3.8L 3800 V6 so it's very attractive from a performance standpoint.

    The car will become the "family car" which means my wife will drive the baby around in it, and we will take the Regal on long trips.

    Reliability is key so I don't want to buy a car that will give me a bunch of problems. I hear this car has chronic brake problems. Is this true? Are there other problems that will sneak up on me?

    The car is in excellent condition so I want to go for it, would you'll recommend it?

  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    Thank you!

    I am planning to switch to Mobil 1 oil / Pure One filter at 8k miles with Regal GS. Just to be sure concerning the break-in. Changed oil at 2k and 5k with what oil/filter Firestone and dealer put in.

    I am already using Pure One filter and Mobil-1 oil with my 98 Malibu. They are practically always available at my local Pep Boys. Learned late about synthetic, and started to use them toward the end of warranty, at about 35 k miles. Had only two changes with Mobil-1.

    Now the car is approaching 40k miles. GM recommends to do transmission service at 50k miles with severe driving conditions (Connecticut is a hilly place), and never with ideal conditions. I decided to do it now, either at Chevrolet dealer or Firestone, and to switch to Mobil synthetic fluid. Though, do not know what filter.

    AC Delco produces three kinds of filters: simple mesh screen, paper, and top-of-line composite:

    but they have no catalog on-line for transmission filters. Hard to know, if all three kinds of filters are available for the Malibu (or other specific cars) and where to buy. Other manufacturers, like Hastings, offer one filter for Malibu.

  • armtdmarmtdm Posts: 2,057
    remember that a drain and fill by dropping the pan only gets about half the fluid, which is why I like a plug as it can be done more often. A flush will get all of the fluid which may be a consideration if you are switching to synthetic. Whether dealer does it or chain shop I suggest watching the whole process and never trust anyone to do it right. re check the fuild level Asap as noted in the manual because no one will take the time to do it right when it is replaced. The dealer will not spend the time to drive the car 10-15 miles heat the fuild up and check it. They will let it idle etc. but "its is not the same" they either overfill (worse beacuse it is more of a pain to get it out then to add some) or underfill it because they never measure how much drains out and it can vary!!!!!!! I have had my tranny fluid overfilled or under way too many times and I prefer to do it myself.
  • armtdmarmtdm Posts: 2,057
    Like almost all products today one cannot do a fair comparison. I just visited the Delco parts page noted earlier in a post. They give the comparisons of the Delco Gold oil fitler at 98% single pass efficiency. Who cares!!!!! How many filters do you use that get one pass? There is a test for multiple pass efficiency (which is what you really want to know) for oil filters (but not mandated by the industry as a test) which is really what you want but very few if any filter makers will publish those results??? I think Mobil 1 filters came out on top for the multiple pass test!!!!
  • rcarbonircarboni Posts: 290
    Here's an article on the Acura TL - notice the first line of the Performance paragraph. Hehehe.

    Now, this is not a Type-S, so the power is a bit less at 225hp. However, I don't think there are any Type-S drivers getting into the 13's at the track with a near stock engine. On the other hand, here's a bunch of GTPs and a Regal with those honors:

    It doesn't take much to push a stock GTP or Regal into the 13 second club, and with some extra goodies, you'll be racing Vipers in the 12's. Better start looking at roll bars!

  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    I did not see comparisions with Mobil-1 filter, but it looks as Pure One is very good in this department:

  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    Thank you so much for info about transmission service, and for good ideas!

    I had read before about the fluid capacity at GM site

    (this is about Malibu, but the same with other transmissions). But it never came to me to flush the transmission. To the best of my understanding, without flush I will have a blend of new synthetic fluid and the old one. About 50/50 after the first change... To be more precise, 7l/12.5l = 56% synthetic to 44% dyno.

    On the other hand, if the natural oil based fluid is good enough for 50k miles even with severe service conditions, and up to infinity in light service, probably this does not matter so much. The 56% of synthetic is any case better than 100% dyno. Even more, than after the second service 80% of fluid will be synthetic, and 91.5% after the third one. Then the car will have 100k on odometer, 8 year old or so...

    So I will ask around about the transmission flush: availability, prices, etc. And how often they do the flush, how much experience. Probably better to have the service without flush at good place than with flush at "quick lube".

    As to checking fluid level after service, this is very good idea.

    Always need to check tire pressure. Every second time have to adjust to my preference, and once was way off high (inflated to the sidewall value!).

    Used to check oil level too, but in my experience there was no problem except slight over filling - about 1/2 qt. excess - roughly every second time. This is no problem with me.

  • davidtddavidtd Posts: 3
    Well guys, I've been lurking and reading and when all I can find bad about a car is a dash rattle, I figure it must be a good one. Needed a 4 door as we are expecting our first child. Damn, I may have to by the wife a car now. LOL

    Anyway, bought a slightly used 00 with 4500 miles, a program car. Checked and zero warranty work on car. Dealer was really good. When I test drove the car I noticed a bit of pulsation in the brakes. I got new rotors and pads all around. Car is loaded, black w/ gray leather and the polished wheels. Man I really like it.

    So, what kind of mods are out there for these things?

  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    It probably does not matter if Acura TL-S is slightly slower than Regal GS or the opposite.

    Faster cars definitely exists. Several sport cars, including some trims of not very expensive Camaro, Firebird, Mustang - all with V-8. Several luxury cars, also with 8 and 12 cylinder engines, like BMW 540. And, of course, Corvette, Viper, etc...

    Any case, GS and the twin, GP GTP, have better acceleration than most other cars on the roads. I believe, in this respect GS is better than 95% of cars, if not 99%.
  • armtdmarmtdm Posts: 2,057
    After 5 years of good ole trouble free (never seeing a dealer) service from two Maximas I decided to get this Buick GSE. Well, at 1500 miles it is going in for its second oil leak plus the low tire pressure light is out of whack. This should not happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Really really dissapointed
  • pjonkheerpjonkheer Posts: 22
    I feel your pain armtdm...

    I have a '99 GSE with about 11k miles on it. I have nothing but problems with it. I have had to the dealership at least a dozen times. Probably more...
  • peufanpeufan Posts: 53

    Sorry to hear of the irritations you have
    experienced. Unless most of us are too
    sheepish to say so, it seems the most
    serious and frequent problem seems to be
    that blasted rattling dash.

    Hopefully it will stay that way.


    As for the low pressure light for the tire;
    my wife came home with the car last night
    with the low tire light on.

    Can you elaborate on your experience with it.

    I haven't taken a reading on the tires yet, but
    to the naked eye (like that's accurate....) they
    all look ok.
  • pjonkheerpjonkheer Posts: 22
    Yeah, my dash never stops rattling. I also continually get a squeaking noise from under the firewall somewhere. Very annoying. Has anyone gotten the dealer to fix these kinds of problems? What course of action can I take?
  • for those of you that have the problem with the tire pressure light coming on there is a fuse panel on the passenger side of the vehicle when the door is open. Remove the panel and there will be a red reset button, that is to reset the tire pressure light. I know this because mine went off a few times and my tire pressure was fine. I have 74k on my AS and am on my 2nd tranny. I am bringing it on this Wednesday because now I have an electrical problem where something is constantly draining the battery. Next my tranny I think is also going again. It is not shifting correctly. Just to make things better my as light has come on now. I hadn't had this many problems with a car ever. I went from driving and acura legend to this. I tell you ride in the GS is great, but I will definitely not buy another American product. before my acura I had two maximas that were maintinence free. I think its time to go back to the imports. I gave the american product a try and it has failedbadly. I also know that there is a string of tranny problems with this car, so whoever owns it good luck.
  • rcarbonircarboni Posts: 290
    Just had my low tire light come on last week. Tires looked fine, but when I checked - sure enough - the right rear was down to about 25psi. Reset the light with the red reset button mentioned above. BTW, you have to have the ignition in the run position to perform the reset.

    FWIW (not much I'm sure), and to give an opposite perspective, the two worse vehicles I've owned were a Honda Civic and a Mitsu (Dodge) Conquest. The GS (and my previous '95 Regal - 140,000 miles at trade-in and still solid) has been quite a pleasant surprise over those tin cans. The only American vehicle I ever owned that had any serious problem was an '82 Mustang GT (first year bugs I guess). Although I must say that for the average driver that doesn't know the difference between a PCV and a PCM, you can't beat the foreign disposables. They seem to have a lot more tolerance when maintenance is lax.

    I hope they solve your problems quickly, so you get to think about what a blast these are to drive instead of regretting your decision.
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    had two problems on delivery:

    1. The complicated electrical switch (in the steering wheel, controlled by the single stick) was defective and disengaged cruise control every time when turning headlights on/off. Also disengaged it sometimes when using turn signals.

    2. A left dash cover is loose and rattle, especially on marginal quality pavements.

    The first defect was fixed under warranty - dealer simply replaced the switch. The service adviser refused to fix dash rattle, but after I complained, the service manager called me and offered to test-drive with him. It was almost 3 months ago, but I did not have time to do this yet. After all, this is just a small nuisance.

    Additionally, the A/C fan is a notch more noisy than I would prefer. The fan grills are rattling a bit. I believe, this is not a production defect, just not ideal. Also, hard to send the air flow from the vents to the right direction.

    I am very touchy in the department, and the only fan I really like was at rental car, Pontiac GrandAm. Industrial-looking, almost ugly, but very efficient: could point the air stream exactly where I want, and no noise from the vents.

    Had no more problems with GS after almost 6 month / 5600 miles winter driving. Of course, the car is still too new for geriatric troubles, but the infant illness would already show.

    I would say the car itself is very good. But the service is hard to tolerate with my dealer.
  • After quite a bit of research, and then a two month search for what would become my next vehicle, I have finally purchased a 98 Regal GS. Yes, as of this Saturday I'm now a proud member of the Regal "club"!

    It occured to me that after lurking for so long on this board I should drop in and say "hi!" to all you folks whose discussions have both helped and entertained me while I conducted my search.

    For anyone interested, my Regal is two-tone green/gray with taupe interior and about 25,000 miles on it. Overall the car is very sharp and (apparently) in great condition. The dealer agreed to remove a strange stain from the rear seat and to replace a leaking oilpan gasket (sure am glad I asked him to put it on the lift so I could check for such things!).

    I feel I got a very good deal on this car and am curious to hear anyone's opinion. The car was basically $13,988. When the dealer charge and tax were added it came to a total of about $14,550 (don't have the exact figure with me). I should add that I also ran a Carfax report on it and nothing unusual came up.

    I am very delighted with the car at this point! Have you seen that commercial where the guy is out at 3:00 in the morning opening the garage door to gawk at his new car - because he can't believe it's his? As embarrassed as I am to say it, that's me all over!

    I don't know when or if my enthusiasm will wane (after all its only been 2 days!), but I will try keep all posted on developments with my new baby, good or bad.
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    Yesterday took a 140 miles spin around Connecticut, without any reason or goal, just for pleasure. 3 hours including sightseeing and fast food. North from Hamden, route 15 and I-91 to route 3 (just South of Hartford), then South-East by routes 2 and I-395, West by I-95, 81 and 80, North by route 17 and 22, and three exits back by route 15.

    About 2/3 of mileage was on highways, mostly with moderate traffic - light in places, but almost heavy on I-95. About 1/3 mileage by 2-lane rural roads. Connecticut is a hilly place, with a lot of inclines/declines and turns on the roads.

    Fueled immediately before trip, and refueled immediately after. To better measure the fuel consumption, fueled and refueled at the same gas pump. Run the 140 miles on 5.58 gallons, i.e. 25 mpg. I believe, this corresponds well with the estimated 27 mpg for the ideal highway conditions.
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
  • rcarbonircarboni Posts: 290
    On one hand, I'm glad you got such a great deal - congrats! On the other hand, I'm not so happy about the fact that my GS might be worth 10K less at 25,000 miles! ;)
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    The depreciation is normal for the 3-year old car:

    more like $12k loss when trading-in. But the car mileage is low.

    When calculating lease payments, even GMAC assumes about 50% depreciation for Regal after 36 month / 36k miles. I forgot, was it 49% or 51%. For other W-body cars the depreciation is even worse.

  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    Just for information: GM offers good deals currently on new Regal and Century.

    This morning received a e-mail message from Buick, offering a $400 coupon toward a new 2001 Buick, if it will be bought this week. On top of the current $1000 rebate and/or most other available incentives. Cannot be combined with other Internet or direct-mail coupons, though.

    For me this is not relevant: already bought a new Regal in October. The second car, a 98 Malibu, with 39k miles, also is fairly new.

    Though, it may be useful for the readers who are planing the purchase. FYI, the Internet coupon is available here:

  • rcarbonircarboni Posts: 290
    I used your link and appraised a '98 with all options and 25K miles. The dealer selling price came out to $16,300. Made me feel a little better.
  • jackjtjackjt Posts: 178
    Have one and love it! No problems and handles like a dream.
  • BushwackBushwack Posts: 258
    FWIW,...Took a drive last weekend from Santa Barbara to Palm Springs and back to Los Angeles (2000 GS, driving 65-80 MPH). Filled up prior to the drive and upon my return home in L.A. After 357 miles, the car achieved a respectable 27.9 MPG (the DIC showed 28.3). I had expected 25.5 MPG. I'm sure the 80% use of cruise control contributed a couple MPG to the total.

    After 4,500 miles, I have no complaints. But..the dealer did have to replace the EGR valve after 520 miles. It was a painless inconvenience for the dealer gave me an Ultra to use for the 1/2 day the car was in the shop.

    ..and one last thing. Am I the only one who feels that the back end of the Regal is just too light to take twisty roads aggressively?! We also have a 2000 DTS and I find that FWD car much easier to drive aggressively on winding roads (having little fear the back end will let loose). As an experiement, I put 6 cases of bottled water in the trunk of the Regal (weight: 210 lbs) and went driving along Mulholland (here in L.A.). I found the Regal to be easier to control with the added weight in the back. Am I the only one who feels the car is just too light in the 'butt'? Is there something mechanically that can be done..Does a large amount of blame get placed on the GoodYear LS tires?? Or am I stuck with bottled water taking up valuable trunk space. :)
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    When I first test-drove Regal, couple of months before buying, there was a strong rain. I turned aggressively, stamping on gas, and the car fish-tailed somewhat.

    Did not repeat this since. Of course, there is a huge difference between our states: CT is hilly, but not mountainous as CA.

    Of course, tires are important. After changing tires at my other car, Chevrolet Malibu, I am turning about 15mph faster on dry pavement, more on wet. Replaced the touring Affinity tires by performance Firehawk SH-30. Limiting factor is driver comfort. The Eagle LS are much better than Affinity, but no match for SH-30.

    210 lbs in trunk, probably, is somewhat too much. The car manual says something about the permissible weight.
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