2005 and Earlier Chevrolet Impala



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    Your welcome, i made my day too. thanks-------------------mattmcdill
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    > The only 0 to 60 times i have ever
    > seen for a 3.4 impala was 10.1 sec
    > 0 to 60 , for the 3.8 impala
    > ive seen a low of 7.5 and a
    > high of 8.6

    Not sure where the 10 sec rating is originating. Sorta hard trying to marry the engine specs to specific cars, but here's some stuff for comparison sake: Try Car and Driver for some 3.4 performance specs for the various GM car models. Impala. 0 - 60 is 8.5 for the 3.4.

    Grand Prix specs for the 3.8: 0 - 60 is 7.8 for the 3.8.

    Even the Cavalier's 2.4 is an amazing 0 - 60 at 8.7

    At any rate, you don't have to worry about 10 second ratings on any of these motors, no matter what GM car you drive.



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    My new Impala has "Silent Sentinal-All Glass Etched" stickers on the windows. And the dealer invoice shows a "SS-etching" code. What type of security system is this and how does it function? I cannot imagine that someone would steal the windows.
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    The impalas 0 to 60time with the 3.4 in car and driver was ESTIMATED 0 to 60 of 8.5 , they didnt acctually test that . i got 10.1 from a booklet of dealer information, from the factory.thanks-------------mattmcdill
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    Yes, apparently the 3.4L in the Impala is the same engine as in the Venture Van: 180hp and OHV. I do not know why GM went in this old-fashioned, push-rod direction rather than the DOHC as in the previous Lumina and Monte Carlo Models. And, I do not know the relative advantages of one 3.4L over the other. Perhaps readers can enlighten me. On the etching, I did not ask for it, it came with the vehicle from GM at no cost. Is this not done in the USA? I am a Canadian buyer...
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    GM went this route more than likley for reliability the 3.8 has a long history , and very good reliability record , the 3.4 pushrod in the impala is class leading in standard power and fuel economy , the old dohc 3.4 was very unreliable , and was not much more powerfull than the 3.8. thanks-----------mattmcdill
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    The glass etching is not a standard factory item in the U.S..I think the dealers do it just to add to their profit margin.When have you ever heard of a car being detected as stolen by it's glass etching?The dealers try to pass this off on the customer as something they need,such as paint protection and undercoating.I think it is a waste of money,but that is my opinion.And the stickers they put on the window as theft prevention measure look atrocious!
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    Thanks, McDill. The DOHC 3.4 was apparently rated at 205hp in the Lumina vrs. the current OHV 180hp but that does not mean much if the former was error-prone. My GM Canada window sticker says the 3.4 will give me 26 mpg city and 42mpg highway (Imperial gallons, hit 0.83 for USA) and that is pretty impressive. If it is reliable, that is a bonus. I do not mind the pushrods as I grew up on Chev SBs and they were always reliable. So, no regrets on my purchase. That engine is so smooth that it is no wonder that GM put a starter cut-off on it to prevent turning the key when the motor is running....
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    Yes, the dealers often try to pass these things off as the usual dealer-added option but I reiterate, there was no charge on my purchase invoice....It is strange. Perhaps a "Canada" thing, but my windows are etched and I did not pay for it. The sticker says:

    International Security Registration
    Silent Sentinal
    All Glass Etched"

    If this turns into a debate, I will contact the Chev dealer and pose the obvious question: What is this and why do I have it?
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    The fuel ratings dealerships and the manufactures use are determined under quite strict laboratory settings. They did a story on that on a CBC Program up here in Canada called MarketPlace(Excellent consumers affair show). In order to get those "fantastic" fuel ratings, you must drive "PERFECT", each and every time, and I MEAN "PERFECT". No hard stops or starts, no harsh acceleration, proper lane changes, and of course, proper maintenance(tire pressure, air filter, oil change, etc). I was quite appalled how those ratings are so unrealistic, because unfortunately, us drivers do push it alot, and then scratch our heads why the fuel is being sucked up faster then it should. BUT it is in our best interest to BABY our cars, which would then allow PROPER FUEL CONSUMPTION as stated on the sticker, prolongs life of car, and is of course just SAFE driving practice!
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    Ok, so we are storing our Impala outside(its now minus 25 Celcius) with a GM car Cover on it. Should I be worried about Engine damage since we will not drive it(unless our winter car breaks down). Should we warm the engine everyday by plugging in the Block Heater for a couple of hours? I already got GM to change the oil, and I filled up the gas tank and stuck in a bottle of Gas Line Antifreeze. Any other tips would be greatly appreciated.!
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    One word best describes this car....AWESOME! Glad to see that GM has been really working hard on pulling this one out to market. I am very impressed as to how well that 5.7L V-8 fits in that engine bay....looks just perfect and not crammed as I expected it to be. The small article says that in order to fit this monster engine they had to increase the total width of the track...does any one knows by how many inches? Also has the front end's measure length been altered as well to accomodate the engine? I am curious to know what kind of tranny they drop in there...may be Cadillac's FWD 4AT80 4-speed? ummm...are they still using an aluminum engine cradle to support the engine?

    As for the rest of the car I really like the "Stealth" monochromatic color scheme, the red bowtie on the solid black grille and the beatiful 17" wheels. Unfortunately, the pics don't reveal anything about the interior, instruments, seats and also the rear end with the dual tip pipes; however, the spoiler looks more streamlined that the current stock LS spoiler.

    My prediction is that the SS model will, for good, shut up the fanatic crybabies of the 94-96 SS generation car. If the current 3800 V-6 equipped V-6 spanks the heavier "Whale" mid 1990's Impala SS on 0-60 acceleration times, the new 2003 SS will simply blow its doors off!

    My only concerns are:

    * Torque steer issues with at least an extra 125 pounds of torque and 100+ horsepower sent to the front wheels.. (Has any one driven a V-8 FWD Cadillac?)

    * Fuel costs

    * Insurance premium costs

    * Purchase price hike (Even at $30K or $35K this car will blow off most of the Import competitors...none of them will match the power, handling and speed of the SS at those price points).

    My pluses:

    * Great resale value (Hopfully as good as the old SS)

    * A collector's limited edition piece.

    Since Chrysler cancelled the RWD Dodge Charger due for the 2004 model year (Also the Ford Taurus SHO is dicontinued) the only other competitor for the Impala SS to watch out for will be the upcoming RWD Mercury Marauder (Aka Grand Marquis) but even then I suspect the SS will be even faster.

    I believe GM's purpose on dropping a V-8 on the current Impala is two fold:

    * To bring back Impala SS loyalists (Convert new ones) and increase the car's presence and reputation in the high performance domestic sedan arena.

    * To demonstrate to still unconvinced law enforcement agencies that the Impala is a great Police cruiser and it will mix even better with a V-8 and FWD...no more excuses from the men in blue to avoid the Impala and keep on driving the archaic Crown Victorias.
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    get chased and eventually stopped by state police if you knew it would mean an opportunity to see first- hand the capability of a V-8 Impala!

    "Sorry officer - I just wanted to see how fast you could go!"

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    Does anybody know the major maintanence intervals for the 2000 impala? rotate tires, air filter, oil change, etc.
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    A "Quasi-Obessive" Maintenance schedule would be:

    Oil & Filter: Every 3,000 Miles

    Tire Rotation: Every 5,000 Miles

    Coolant Service: Every 30,000 Miles

    Transmission Oil and Service: Every 25,000 Miles

    4-Wheel Aligment: Every 12,000 Miles

    New Spark Plugs: Every 30,000 miles

    Engine Air & Fuel filter: Every 15,000 miles

    Cabin air filter: Every 15,000 miles

    Most of you would say "Teo is Obessive-compulsive"...fine, but I am a strong believer that the best and cheaper mechanic is preventive maintenance. I know the Impala can go 100,000 miles between new Spark plugs and coolant, 50,000 miles between transmission service and 6,000 miles between oil & filter changes...that sounds very nice but I am not willing to take those risks to find out if it is actually true. Remember MAINTENANCE is the key word to car reliability and longetivy.
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    Be careful here, if you currently have the long-life stuff (100,000 miles) make sure not to use the regular stuff !!
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    The right coolant is Dexron II or something along those lines.
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    We sell that where i work , for $20.00 a gallon.thanks-------------mattmcdill
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    Wow! it looks as 300% markup!

    I bought a gallon of the orange coolant at Pep Boys last year: my 98 Malibu needs addition of the coolant (50/50% water) sometimes. The price was somewhere in the $6-7 dollar range, not $20. And the last time I was here, the price did not change much.

    I assume, Pep Boys also does not sell it at loss. The wholesale cost must be around $5.
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    What!!??? did you say about the Charger??

    Shoot, that was my next car..

    guess I'll just have to buy another Impala when my lease is up in 2003...sigh....

    Just joking! I really don't see that I would buy a different car than this one. I love this car, heck, I might just buy my leased vehicle!

    But I did so want to test drive that Charger.
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    You've gotta remember , i work at a full service gas station , and everything is high , quart of oil $2.50 , pint of brake fluid $2.00 , 1 gallon of propane $2.50 ,bottle of techron fuel treatment $5.95 , ect. speaking of that place , ive got to be there to do my duties in 15 minutes .thanks-------------mattmcdill
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    Given DCX current Management and financial madhouse situation, the Sttugart boys decided to ax the Dodge Charger, Chrysler 300H and other host of promising RWD products. Who knows, the German head honchos might re-consider.....is a 2003 Impala SS in your future?
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    My cousin in michigan works for Chysler's advertising company and she gave me a brochure on the prototype charger. I have to find it.
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    To Morphius909. Yes, those Transport Canada ratings are done under ideal conditions but it is the same conditions for all manufacturers. Thus, it is simply a comparative guide for the consumer, not a reflection of real driving conditions. I find the ratings useful.

    On winter storage, I have stored my 1979 Corvette for a number of years from October to April (heated indoors facility) and I only use gas stabilizer in the tank. This prevents the additives from precipitating out in a nice gooey mess that plugs the fuel system. Available at Canadian Tire. My 'Vette is started only once a month to get the various juices flowing. The battery gets a 12-hour trickle charge at the same interval. I see no need to plug the car in: the anti-freeze should be good to -40C. Just let it sit, start it every four weeks or so (those AC Delco batteries are very good) and wait for Spring....
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    Had a chance to test out my Y2K Monte SS today.We got a LOT of snow and the high was a mere 7 degrees!That traction control feature is awesome!This is my first front wheel drive car and was a little unsure of how it would do in the snow,but it handled excellent!Does anyone know how the traction control system works?Is it like a limited slip differential?

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    Ok the raves are beat to death but my turn now. Can Mexico put a better looking car than the black ss with the red bow tie. I should have waited no way my wife will let me get one when it is made. Also a little bumed out on the charger.
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    Hello all,

    Are any of you having rear window defroster problems?

    This morning, I set my defroster in #5 position and the window did not start defrosting until I got onto the freeway, approximately 2 miles away from home (and all this after sitting with the engine running a good two minutes!). If anyone has had this problem, tell me how you solved it.
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    my car only has a button for the rear window defroster...light on = defroster on, light off = defroster off. no problems to report.
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    While shopping and comparing the Impala and the Monte Carlo, I came up with the following observations:
    1. I was surprised to find that neither the Impala or Monte Carlo had underhood lights. I think GM is trying to save 30 cents per car by not including them. Cheap, cheap, cheap! Does anyone know of an aftermarket of underhood lights that can be installed in my new 2001 Monte Carlo that comes with instructions and easy installation?
    2. I noticed that the Impala had a middle rear seat shoulder belt, whereas the Monte Carlo just offered the lap belt. As a matter of fact, the Impala middle shoulder and lap belt retracts very nicely into the rear shelf whereas the Monte Carlo middle lap belt just lays there on the back seat. Is this another cost cutting move by Chevy? Does anyone know if we can retro-fit the middle shoulder and lap belt combination that comes with the Impala to the Monte?
    3. I noticed that the outside rearview mirrors only come in black regardless of body color on the Monte Carlo. On the Impala the outside rear view mirrors match the body color of the car. Has anyone had the outside rear view mirrors on a Monte Carlo repainted to match the body color of the car? If so, what was the time and effort involved and was it worth it?
    4. In reviewing the 3.4 and 3.8 liter engines, it appears that all of the vital fluids are up front where they can be checked on a regular basis without much hassle, with the exception of the power steering fluid on the 3.8 liter engine. Can someone tell me where that sucker is located? I can't seem to find it on my Monte SS. Do I have to put the car on ramps and come up from underneath to get at the power steering reservoir? Even though I have only owned my car less than two weeks I'm really bugged by the fact that I can't find the power steering fluid cap on the 3.8 liter engine.
    5. I notice that both the Impala and Monte Carlo outside rear view mirrors are stationary and do not give if they are hit. Both the Malibu and Cavalier have the forgiving outside rear view mirrors and also many of the Chevy trucklines. Can outside rear view mirrors with the spring loaded mechanism be purchased to fit the Impala and Monte Carlo? These are rather newly designed models and I'm really puzzled as to why Chevy went el-cheapo and didn't put the ones that move if you hit them with the side of your garage. Any suggestions?
    St. Louis MO
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    Well , i can kindof understand why GM quit using the under hood light , you see , i work at a full serv gas station, and ive noticed that about 5 years ago all gm cars had under hood lights, well while checking fluids at work , ive noticed that 90 percent of all GM cars have the underhood light unhooked , yes unhooked , and you can see where they disconected it , why???? , i don't know , i do think the impala/monte carlo needs an underhood light . Power steering reservoir ::: i personally had no problem getting to it from the top , reach around the back of the alternator , and right under the alternator there it is , in fact i can see it looking back there , then again i have skinny arms, but i found it on the first try .thanks-------------mattmcdill
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    I would think that an Auto Salvage yard would have plenty of them from other W bodied cars in the recent past? I had an '89 Grand Prix and had a nice "Covered" Underhood light setup. I remember a copper piece wired at the cowl and I believe when it made contact with the hood connection wire it went out.. I might have to go searching? They CANNOT be that hard to RE-install....ALSO I will take the SOLID Side Mirrors anyday...My Wifes Z24 Cavalier has the Spring loaded ones and it (Driver side) is NEVER Focused while Driving, Even had the Mirror Part replaced and it still Distorts..Has to be the Black Spring loaded Pod.........However the Kind that are NOT Spring loaded and snap in 3 positions are OK........Don
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    Help!! I forgot to write down the number of the K&N filter for the Impala and I can't even remember who installed it. I want to get one for mine and need the number to order it.
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    The part# of the K&N FilterCharger element is:
    33-2141. Jacob, Hon., HI [email protected] Bo)
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    Thank you. I am going to order my K&N today when I get in town
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    "Traction Control!"

    And when it got real bad... had to switch to the Bravada... What can I say... you have to drive what is right for the weather conditions. But the Impala got me home with no problems.

    I chuckled when a guy in a big RWD Mercedes was spinning his wheels.
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    1.Hood Lights:: None of my ex-Japanese cars had a Under hood light. Underdash lighting? Forget about it! Japanese manufacturers are the biggest cheapos when it comes to cabin night illumination. To them, a ceiling dome light is more than enough. Power window switches, cruise control switches are dark at night as well. While I would also wish for an underhood light, I believe the domestic manufacturers stopped installing them since new cars are very hard to service compared to the ones from the "Old Days"...in other words..they don't want you sneaking around the engine compartment at night ;-) However, in the Impala's case I really like the lighted cockpit switches and the cabin is very friendly at night in this particular respect.

    2. The Impala is touted as primarily as a family car, while the Monte is a Sport/Luxury personal coupe. 2-door cars are not meant to be people haulers as sedans are. Take a look at the back seat of a new Honda Prelude and compare that to the rear seat of a new Honda Accord...the Prelude's rear seat looks cheap and unfinished and the Accord's very well organized, full array of lap shoulder belts, armrest and cup holders..get the idea? I bet your Monte SS doesn't have a rear folding armrest and cup holders...the Impala LS does...after all it's a family car. I am not sure if GM has a center position Lap/Shoulder belt retrofit kit for the Monte's rear seat. I doubt it. But ask your dealer to see if they can come up with a part number, if it exists.
    3.Rearview Mirrors:: I hear ya, that sucks! My Hondas all had "Breakaway" folding exterior rear view mirrors..very convenient to prevent costly damage to the mirrors housings. On the current Impala/Monte, you have to live with it until GM comes up with a retrofit housing that can be folded. I suspect the 2003 model year refreshining will bring the fold away mirrors. Don't try to put springs in there...you are risking braking them! As for the color match paint, I am sure it can be done. I would recommend having this type of job to be done by a good Paint/Body shop. I don't see a problem in that respect.
    4.I had the same problem locating the power steering reservoir bottle on my 3800 V-6 engine...the sucker is located in the back of the engine right behing the manifold against the firewall...very difficult to get to. I am surprised about this choice of positioning since everything else in the 3800 engine is very easy to access..well can have everything in life I guess! The Owner's manual gives detailed instructions on the locations of main engine components...read your manual!
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    Hey! Welcome to the Impala forum! Well according to GM and future model forecasts, the Impala SS V-8 is set for production during the 2003 Model year. It is still unclear which powerplant displacement size the production model will have, but as you can see, Chevy has been testing the limits of the current W-Body Impala with the monster size 5.7L V-8 engine....this means that a V-8 powered W-Body car is a perfectly feasible reality!. Keep your eyes open on further developments. Also in 2003 the Impala is due for a mild Exterior and interior "Update" so the actual production Impala SS might look even better than the 2000 prototype in the pictures.
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    It's official, America's oldest brand is gone. A fond farewell to a lot of history.
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    Is officially gone as of December 12th, 2000 A.D.

    The "Rocket" is no more...
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    First, we had our FIRST winter weather of the year last night. ! Whoohooo! Love the snow. Very little fell, then it melted, then it froze.. So I used my traction control for the first time since the day I bought the car, Jan. 15 2000. Has anyone else heard an odd noise when the traction control kicks in? It was sort of a groaning, moaning noise (sort of like Chester when he tries to get out of bed!) The trac/cont was only on for about 5 seconds, but that noise lasted the entire time. The car worked great, no slipping or sliding all over the road.. just a short burst of tire spin, then off I went.

    too cool..

    As for the SS teo... As much as I would LOVE To have one, I'm sure that's not the car for me. And for only one real reason. I would get IN SO MUCH TROUBLE with it. This 3.8 ltr v6 is perfect for me. Plenty of power... but not "too much" power. I tend to drive a little heavy on the gas anyway,,, I would be a speeding duck for tickets in an SS. Also, I imagine the jump in gas and insurance would put it out of my range. If that Charger is a no-go...I'll be back in a new Impala 3.8 in 2003.
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    The sort of "Electric Motor" sound you heard when the Traction control kicked in is normal. I already have had a few instances where the Trac control activates and it is simply wonderful! What the system does, it detects slippeage on one or both wheels and the computer measures which wheel is spinning faster (Losing traction) and then it kicks in by applying fast brake pulses to the wheel or wheels that have suddenly lost traction with the surface. I believe the system works in concert with the ABS brakes as well. This is very similar to the "Limited Slip Differential" used in all terrain vehicles and Farm Tractors for years. The PCS or automatic stability system offered in the Olds Intrigue is a more sophisticated "twist" of the Traction Control/ABS safety systems.
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    As fondly as I remember that first set of wheels - a 65 Impala hardtop given to me by my aunt (her 40K mile maroon beauty) at HS graduation in 1973, I also have equally wonderful memories of my second car - a turqois blue 74 Olds Cutlass with white vinyl that I bought new the next year after the Impala embraced a bridge in a fierce Maine snowstorm.

    Those Cutlasses were great cars. Mine had the Rocket 350 four Barrel that flew! Olds had great styling in the 69-72 series and the next edition, 73 - 77. I still yearn for a 72 Supreme convertible. Even the 80's Cutlass coupe style was classy and those with the T tops were great. I debated long and hard over an 86 Supreme coupe vs the Camry I eventually bought. MY MISTAKE!!

    Farewell Olds. You left some great memories.

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    Last weekend I was driving from San Antonio, TX to Houston and it was raining a little on the way home. The traction control kicked in a few times driving around 60-70 miles per hour! Mostly over small undetected puddles. Kinda reminded me to slow down on wet roads. Real cool feature.
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    I just order my air filter for $33.00. 15% holiday discount. Including shipping ...
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    Yep, Olds has been given the ax for good. One good thing out of this mess will be that the 3.5L DOHC "Shortstar" V-6 engine will no longer be "Exclusive" to the Olds lineup. Now we should be able to see this engine in other GM intermediate sedans.
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    Will someone please elaborate other than saying that it is gone for good?
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