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2005 and Earlier Chevrolet Impala



  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    You asked: Are there any endearing attributes about the 3.4L?

    As you wish. I rented a Pontac GA with the 3.4l engine for a month. It is a wonderful smaller engine. High torque across the full rpm range, and very economic, especially on highways. Wish to have it in my Malibu.
  • platourplatour Posts: 252
    Thanks for the reply, yurakem. I bought the Impala for just solid day-to-day driving and to get a lot more low-end (four passenger on-board) torque than I found in my 1998 Saturn SL2. The Saturn is a nice car but the 1.9L engine even with double-over-head-cam, 16-valve bells and whistles does not really cut the mustard when the Wife is in the front and the kids are in the back. In fact, it is a slug! I appreciate your opinion, look forward to more...I hope the Impala will deliver even with the "little" 3.4L.
  • mcdillmcdill Posts: 180
    YOU guys gotta see this, this is a 2001 impala with a LS1 350 v-8 and front wheel drive, it is on display at the oshawa impala plant .
  • platour, welcome to the forum and I hope you enjoy your Impala for many happy miles. I just tripped 12,000 today and have no complaints.

    mcdill, Matt that is a great picture! If they build it right lots of power, good gas milage and less than $30,000 with the usual safety and trunk space for a family. I can see lot's of people lining up for one. Go Impala!
  • They will build that car>It is awesome!I like the Monte Carlo High Sport package wheels!
  • mcdillmcdill Posts: 180
    with that new ss , it is soooo cool , that car is now #1 on my most wanted list .thanks--------mattmcdill
  • watusiwatusi Posts: 17
    ok, so now the we know there is absolutly no problem fitting that big 5.7 in there, Lets Get Going Chevrolet!!!!! all they would have to do is put 17 inch wheels just like the '94-'96s and i would want one of those babies in my driveway.

    damn i love that all black grill with the red bowtie!
  • It does sport the 17" wheels according to the lead-in at the top. The black looks really good. Matt should I get a red bowtie for mine? Or just leave it blue?
  • Man...that Special Edition Impala looks sweet.
    Great looking wheels...and that spoiler is awesome! And wow...that v8 is sure crammed in there, lord have mercy on whoever has to service the engine!
  • mcdillmcdill Posts: 180
    Larry, that red bowtie would look sweet on your car , i would do it ! and the motor didnt look toooo crammed , go look under the hood of a chrysler LHS, now that IS crammed .thanks----------mattmcdill
  • Now Matt, you know that this car is REALLY on display at the Mexican plant! They just took the pictures up to their fake Canadian plant to make it LOOK like it was on display up there.
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    for the info on your purchases. I suspect there will be incentives coming down the pike and will keep my eye in them (gives me excuse to keep looking at Impalas too!)

    That Black SS in the (Mexican) plant there in Canada is SWEET! Love the red accents on black! I sure hope GM doesn't blow this opportunity.

  • I just downloaded the LS1 Impala photos and they will be on my site soon. I don't care for black but it looks great.
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    Thank you for the pictures of Impala with 5.7l engine. Would like to have such a car!

    I am salivating :-) But, even if GM would not kill the Impala, I will start shopping for a car the next time only in 6 years or so. We have two new cars, 98 and 2000, and low yearly mileage.
  • Matt
    Where did you find the pictures? Did they have any others? Let me know.
  • lrymallrymal Posts: 105
    (platour)wrote on Fri:

    > Are there any endearing attributes
    > about the 3.4L?

    I have a '99 GrandAm SE with the 3.4L engine and have nearly 50k on the engine. Not a single problem. And, in this little motor's defense, it has the really nice "sweet spots" in its acceleration. You gotta experiment, but when you find them as you punch the accelerator, you'll ask, "Now what was THAT all about???"

    It isn't a bad motor and more than capable. The Impala is only about 300 pounds in weight heavier. I would think that in a "burst" mode, it would keep up with the 3.8L motor, but certainly not in a straight line race, although I haven't check the 0-60 ratings for both motors in the Grand Am and the Impala.

    Anyway, I would do a test drive. I personally think it is a very capable motor.
  • platourplatour Posts: 252
    I picked up my new Impala today and it is BIG compared to the Saturn SL. Did not drive very far as it is very cold: -18C or 0F. The engine is very quiet and smooth compared to the SL2 1.9L. What is the history of the 3.4L? I believe GM had both OHC and push-rod versions of this engine. The Impala has the old-fashioned version but what are the origins? I do wonder sometimes what are the differences between the 2.8, 3.1, 3.4, 3.8 and 4.3 versions of the V6. I know the SB V8s very well as I grew up with them. I will date myself but I had a 1963 Impala 2-door with 283cid and Powerglide. Loved it! In any case, if anyone has a sense of history on the V6s, I would love to hear from you. Many thanks!
  • mcdillmcdill Posts: 180
    Larry, i found the pictures at the website , 9c1 is the rpo code for the police package, this site features stuff about big chevrolet cars, and police 9c1 cars mainly , that was all the picture that were shown . platour , the 2.8 3.1 and 3.4 are all 60 degree v-6's while the 3.8 and 4.3 are 90 degree v-6 , the 90 degree design is like the small block v-8 , while the 60 degree is much more smaller and compact , ive seen a 3.1 torn down to block and heads , and it is very small , the old 3.4 was a dohc , which was alot different design , the camaro also had the 3.4 , but it was an ohv rated at 160 hp.thanks------------mattmcdill
  • mcdillmcdill Posts: 180
    The only 0 to 60 times i have ever seen for a 3.4 impala was 10.1 sec 0 to 60 , for the 3.8 impala ive seen a low of 7.5 and a high of 8.6 .thanks-----mattmcdill
  • KILLER! I would buy it tomorrow if it were available. I read in GM Perf Mag that there WILL be a production V8 version of the car. It is being developed primarily as a 9C1 but will also be offered in an SS version and in the Monte Carlo as well. I beleive they said it would be with us in 2002. Trying to get my 2000 payed off by then. Probably give mine to the wife at that point and grab the SS for myself. What can I say, I'm generous that way :-)

    Thanks for the pics Matt. You made my day!

  • mcdillmcdill Posts: 180
    Your welcome, i made my day too. thanks-------------------mattmcdill
  • lrymallrymal Posts: 105
    > The only 0 to 60 times i have ever
    > seen for a 3.4 impala was 10.1 sec
    > 0 to 60 , for the 3.8 impala
    > ive seen a low of 7.5 and a
    > high of 8.6

    Not sure where the 10 sec rating is originating. Sorta hard trying to marry the engine specs to specific cars, but here's some stuff for comparison sake: Try Car and Driver for some 3.4 performance specs for the various GM car models. Impala. 0 - 60 is 8.5 for the 3.4.

    Grand Prix specs for the 3.8: 0 - 60 is 7.8 for the 3.8.

    Even the Cavalier's 2.4 is an amazing 0 - 60 at 8.7

    At any rate, you don't have to worry about 10 second ratings on any of these motors, no matter what GM car you drive.
  • platourplatour Posts: 252
    My new Impala has "Silent Sentinal-All Glass Etched" stickers on the windows. And the dealer invoice shows a "SS-etching" code. What type of security system is this and how does it function? I cannot imagine that someone would steal the windows.
  • mcdillmcdill Posts: 180
    The impalas 0 to 60time with the 3.4 in car and driver was ESTIMATED 0 to 60 of 8.5 , they didnt acctually test that . i got 10.1 from a booklet of dealer information, from the factory.thanks-------------mattmcdill
  • platourplatour Posts: 252
    Yes, apparently the 3.4L in the Impala is the same engine as in the Venture Van: 180hp and OHV. I do not know why GM went in this old-fashioned, push-rod direction rather than the DOHC as in the previous Lumina and Monte Carlo Models. And, I do not know the relative advantages of one 3.4L over the other. Perhaps readers can enlighten me. On the etching, I did not ask for it, it came with the vehicle from GM at no cost. Is this not done in the USA? I am a Canadian buyer...
  • mcdillmcdill Posts: 180
    GM went this route more than likley for reliability the 3.8 has a long history , and very good reliability record , the 3.4 pushrod in the impala is class leading in standard power and fuel economy , the old dohc 3.4 was very unreliable , and was not much more powerfull than the 3.8. thanks-----------mattmcdill
  • The glass etching is not a standard factory item in the U.S..I think the dealers do it just to add to their profit margin.When have you ever heard of a car being detected as stolen by it's glass etching?The dealers try to pass this off on the customer as something they need,such as paint protection and undercoating.I think it is a waste of money,but that is my opinion.And the stickers they put on the window as theft prevention measure look atrocious!
  • platourplatour Posts: 252
    Thanks, McDill. The DOHC 3.4 was apparently rated at 205hp in the Lumina vrs. the current OHV 180hp but that does not mean much if the former was error-prone. My GM Canada window sticker says the 3.4 will give me 26 mpg city and 42mpg highway (Imperial gallons, hit 0.83 for USA) and that is pretty impressive. If it is reliable, that is a bonus. I do not mind the pushrods as I grew up on Chev SBs and they were always reliable. So, no regrets on my purchase. That engine is so smooth that it is no wonder that GM put a starter cut-off on it to prevent turning the key when the motor is running....
  • platourplatour Posts: 252
    Yes, the dealers often try to pass these things off as the usual dealer-added option but I reiterate, there was no charge on my purchase invoice....It is strange. Perhaps a "Canada" thing, but my windows are etched and I did not pay for it. The sticker says:

    International Security Registration
    Silent Sentinal
    All Glass Etched"

    If this turns into a debate, I will contact the Chev dealer and pose the obvious question: What is this and why do I have it?
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