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Toyota RAV4 pre-2006



  • suvshopper4suvshopper4 Posts: 1,110
    cevans2: I sympathize. I don't like those jerk-around situations either. Insulting. But if you want the vehicle...
    Your experience is a good reason to walk into the dealership with your own financing lined up, and just negotiate the total vehicle price, not payments. Then, if the dealer offers better financing, you take it. You have an option.
    At least you were able to get a RAV with the ABS. I hope you enjoy it for a lot of trouble-free miles.
  • cevans2cevans2 Posts: 23
    tron - you are very right that I should not have taken the car from this dealer. But it was a situation where the car that the RAV is replacing was already sold, we had already waited six weeks, and my dad's wife REALLY wanted the RAV as we had ordered. Under normal circumstances, this dealer would never have seen us again, but.....
    suvshopper4 - Normally, I always line up my own financing, but as of late, dealers have been giving rates (under incentives or otherwise) that banks simply cannot match. I just bought a 98 4runner a month ago and I got 6.4% for 60 mos. - from another dealer, of course. That kind of rate for a used car is next to impossible from the bank. I made a big mistake in this case by negotiating the monthly payment in addition to the final price of the car AND not having them put BOTH in writing. I actually have another RAV on order for my mom with this same dealer that is being paid cash, scheduled for delivery next week - I am actively checking other dealers so I can take this sale away from Neil Toyota, but they have my $1K deposit. We'll see how much they mess with me on that deal. I'm hoping the sales manager will try to avoid me going ballistic on him again. Quite simply, I expected better from Toyota - now I know what Acura MDX shoppers are complaining about.
  • scottdudescottdude Posts: 177
    Pretty ugly in my opinion.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    The guy selling that product you linked to spammed Town Hall 25 times three weeks ago before we got his user name banned. So I deleted your post and the link :-)

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  • afireafire Posts: 30
    Good, because that thing was very unattractive. The soft cover for the spare, combined with a small cable lock, is better.
  • elronelron Posts: 13
    Does anyone have an idea how much over invoice people are paying right now for their RAVs? Thanks. I plan to buy real soon.
  • hotcoffeehotcoffee Posts: 218
    That was me who posted the URL to that product.

    I'll be more careful in the future.

    My appologies.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    No need to apologize hotcoffee. If the guy owing that url hadn't been a spammer who got on our wrong side your post would have been ok.

    The SUV spare tire covers discussion may be of interest.

    Carry on!

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  • Got the Titanium with gray cloth interior... wide mud guards, 5 spoke 16" wheels, upgrade I pack, rear spoiler, key less, engine immobilize, lad slip, roof rack, VP3+ alarm, rust proof (I live in a very humid/ocean climate. Had dealer throw in low cost items, wheel locks, cargo net, cargo mat. Cost before tax, doc, license= $23,087.03...Edmunds TV $23,349. Paid cash final out the door= $25,059.37. Going to get windows tinted tomorrow and Wet Okoles (waterproof specialty seat covers) on the front seats. So far, it's a fun little ride.
  • jc77jc77 Posts: 14
    I am likely to purchase a rav4 very soon. however, it seems that the salespeople at the 2 toyota dealerships I visited seem to know close to nothing about this vehicle. for example, when I asked what "rear privacy glass" was, the salesman said it had something to do with how the rear view mirror reduces glare from headlights behind you. was he right, or am I crazy to not believe him? anyhow, that reply greatly reduced my confidence in him, so I'm here hoping that someone might know the answers to some of my picky questions.

    1. the quick order package says it comes with carpeted floor mats. does this include the mat for the rear cargo space or do I have to order that separately?
    2. do non-L ravs come with at least some type of spare tire cover? i saw one rav on the lot that had a soft gray/black cover - is this standard?
    3. please confirm that rear privacy glass is actually a deeper tint on the glass, and not a rear view mirror feature.

    thanks in advance for your help. or, if someone could direct me to another place where these types of questions should be asked, i'd greatly appreciate it. thanks.

    also, can anyone recommend a good toyota dealer in the greater houston area? i'm willing to drive some distance to get better service and a good deal.
  • suvshopper4suvshopper4 Posts: 1,110
    jc77: To answer your questions -
    1. Cargo mat is extra cost, not part of the floor mats' cost.
    2. Non-L spare comes with a plastic hubcap-type cover only (which says "Toyota" on it - only place on the exterior where the name appears). No more factory soft covers in '01.
    3. Privacy glass is factory tinting on the rear windows.
    One caution - for some reason, Gulf States RAVs have a different import arrangement than the rest of the country, and seem to be a little different.

    There's also a "2001 RAV4 Deals" thread under Smart Shopper here in Town Hall, where you might get additional info.

    Good luck.
  • to jc77... have them throw in the cargo mat. Privacy glass is only tint. I had my windows tinted professional to block out the UV and heat reduction. Since you are in Houston, I'd recommend professional tint all the way around @ 35% minimum. It's still light enough to let you see out the back and sides, but enhances the look of the car without looking like a hoodlum.
  • rosawrosaw Posts: 1
    I have year 2001 Toyota RAV4. Last week, one Honda Civic hit me on the left side and it got roll over 3-4 times. The speed was only around 25-30 miles/hour. If any one have the similar problem and want to collect more evidence, please contact with me.
  • afireafire Posts: 30
    Whose speed was 25-30? If yours was, what was their's? Physics is a funny thing. The right angle, the right velocity, and a combination of angle and torque and even uphill-downhill or lower car to higher car issues can make anything roll. Anything!

    Sorry for your accident though. It's a bummer.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    bummer rosaw, how 'bout all the gory details?

    Meanwhile, here's a news blurb:

    "Sport-utility vehicles, as a rule, have higher centers of gravity than passenger cars. That means, under the laws of physics, sport-utes have a greater tendency to roll over than passenger cars."

    Detroit News article

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  • elronelron Posts: 13
    Does anyone out there have the beige cloth interior? What are your thoughts? Are you satisfied with that color interior? My wife likes the Rav in the gold exterior but isn't sure she wants the beige interior. That leaves us with the black,silver, or white exterior choices. We keep going back and forth with our color choices. Has anyone seen a silver Rav with the black door handles and mirrors. I have yet to see one. How does it look?
  • bjbird2bjbird2 Posts: 647
    I looked at both the Rav-4 and the Santa Fe today, and before today I would not have considered a Hyundai. After driving the two, I think the Santa Fe is the best value in the category today. It rides and handles very well, feels solid, and I can get a loaded Santa Fe for the price of a stripped down 4 cylinder Rav 4.I can remember when people used to bash the Japanese cars for quality, and they ultimately had the last laugh. It appears that the Korean cars have improved considerably and you can still get them at a great price, with the best warranty out there. I say buy before everyone catches on and drives the price up to match the rest of the world. I'd rather invest the $10K or $20K I'll save. By the way, I noticed the Santa be was getting a lot of admiring looks.
  • elronelron Posts: 13
    A salesman told me that I couldn't order a tonneau cover cover with my Rav(QO package). This doesn't sound right. Also, if you put a down payment and want to cancel how long do you have? Is the deposit good as gone? Thanks
  • suvshopper4suvshopper4 Posts: 1,110
    elron: A guy I know got the tonneau cover with his QO pkg '01 RAV, and he did not special-order, just bought it off the lot (December). I bought the cover from him, and he bought my roof rack, both at sticker price. Win/win.
    As to deposits lost or returned, I don't know. Depends on the dealer and/or how the deal is legally worded, I guess.
    Good luck.

    bjbird2: Did you buy the Santa Fe?
    I agree, they are well-priced. Time will tell if Hyundai's quality matches their warranty.

  • elronelron Posts: 13
    Thanks suv shopper4. This tonneau cover thing is freaking me out. I asked for the QO package and according to these pricing sites, I should be able to order it if I have the QO pkg. I'm not paying no ballooned price for it after market. These dealers are a piece of work.
  • bjbird2bjbird2 Posts: 647
    I did not buy the Santa Fe yet, but I,m leaning that way, still looking.

    I just checked J. D Powers and the ratings on the 2001 Santa Fe and Rav 4 are about equal. The Rav got downgraded in mechanical quality and body and interior quality "based on information taken from IQS study, the score is based on problems reported with":
    .engine and transmission
    .exterior paint problems
    .wind noise
    .water leaks
    .poor interior fit and finish
    .squeaks and rattles

    The Santa Fe also had some problems.
    They gave their highest rating in this category to the Honda CRV.
    I quess Toyota even has problems in their first model year.
  • coolguyky7coolguyky7 Posts: 932
    Both of my parents work for Toyota (which saves me around $2000 on a new car :-) )and very soon I shall be driving and I have several decisions to make on what car I want. I have several 2002 models in mind. These are the ECHO, Corolla, Celica, Camry (redesign), Solara, RAV4 and Matrix (2003). The ECHO, Matrix and Corolla would be loaded. Celica, RAV4 would be moderately loaded while the Solara and Camry would have few options on them. I want a vehicle that can get me from point A to point B in an efficient and safe manner although it needs to be stylish, practical and easy to drive. I don't want a vehicle that wouldn't be utilized. (example-I have no use for a Land Cruiser nor an MR Spyder) I also want a vehicle that gives me a good view of the road. Someone I know has a 91 Civic...and I love how I can see the front end of the car from the passenger seat. My vehicle would definitely be automatic, have ABS and side impact airbags (if available) and a CD player. I want to know which vehicle would best suit my needs. I deeply appreciate everyone's advice. BTW--I love the silver L package RAV4 and the blue RAV4!
  • elronelron Posts: 13
    The Matrix looks cool.
  • suvshopper4suvshopper4 Posts: 1,110
    bjbird2: Can you provide a link or a URL to the RAV4 JD Power info you posted in #263? I'd appreciate it.
    I found a JD Power site, but was not able to get specific info.
  • elronelron Posts: 13
    My dealer had his invoice showing around $350 more than Edmunds. Is that too high or is Edmunds too low?
  • cb354cb354 Posts: 3
    bj...I would also like to see that JD Power info. I own a 2001 Rav and have experienced brake problems and many interior rattles, very uncharacteristic of toyota and dissapointing on an otherwise great vehicle. Thanks in advance... Chris
  • elronelron Posts: 13
    New Jersey Rav buyers. The Protection plus security window etching charge is that charge Mandatory or what? The dealer says no.
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    The dealer is correct.
  • elronelron Posts: 13
    raybear, Check it out I worded it wrong in the previous post. This is what actually happened. I ordered a rav. Did most of the paperwork(signed it). Realized after, at home, that the window etching charge was there on the paperwork. I called him( the manager) and said hey I don't want the security window etching. He said you have to have it. I said you don't even have the vehicle and it isn't even ordered yet. I don't want it. Again, he said that it's non negotiable.
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