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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I too considered buying the MPV for a long time before buying the Odyssey. We came very close to buying a LX at a very low price. I loved the versatile seatings, 2nd row windows, and the smaller size of the MPV. However, I just did not have any faith in the Ford-built engine. But what really convinced me to pay the $$ over MSRP here in North CA was the Odyssey's crash test and rollover ratings. I paid over $31,000 for the Odyssey EX (w/no significant options) out-the-door last month. I could have bought a fully loaded MPV LX quoted at about $24,000 out-the-door. Hopefully, I will not regret my decision. Thanks for sharing you thoughts.
  • Hi Dennis, thanks for the note. It was your post that lead me to call Barry Flatt.

    When I called he was not offering any more than $500 off MSRP and I didn't push it.

    At one point he said that their price on the HondaCare 7/100/$0 had gone up to $975 but he backed it down to $875 pretty much of his own accord.

    They did a nice job installing the leather steering wheel cover, the bug shield, and the wheel well liners.

    The trans cooler was not done quite so well. Minor chip in the paint and one missing fastener but I'm not concerned.

    I would reccomend them. I drove home 450 miles and felt it was worth it to get the van I wanted quickly and at what I consider to be a reasonable price given the market at the time of my purchase.

    I would be happy to go into more detail about my experience if anyone wants to contact me off line.

    Eric Kaminetkzy
    The TicketGuy
  • I started my search for a minivan about 2months ago. I wanted to get an Odyssey or a Grand Caravan (GC). The thing that I liked about GC was that the vehicles where in the dealers lot and the thing that I didnt like is that most of things were optional. I enquired dealers in VA, MD areas for Odyssey and most of them said that the wait would be 2-3 months and the price is the MSRP or higer. Al asked for a deposit of $500 some said that its refindable and others said it will be difficult to get the deposit back or I have to buy the van from them. I couldnt find a vehicle to test drive at any dealership. Luckily there was a 2000 Odyssey which somebody had traded in at one dealer which I test drove. It was very comfortable, my only problem is with the gas pedal. I feel its very tight and I have to really step on it to make it move.
    About 3 weeks I paid one of the local dealer a $500 deposit and he said the van could be available in a month or even earlier.
    Around 2 weeks ago I got calls from about 4-5 dealers saying that they have the vans and I can come and get them any time. And at the same time my dealer called and said that the van is in.
    I went and picked it up couple of days ago.
    Its a great looking van, lot of interior space and comfortable. I paid 25266 + tax etc. The options installed were keyless entry, splash guards, cargo tray, stripes.
  • Van: Honda Odyssey EX No Nav
    Color: Silver Starlight
    My location: Sunnyvale, CA (Northern California)
    Dealership: Jay Honda, OH
    Salesperson: Dennis Jenkins, 888-321-2371 ext 134,
    Deposit paid: $500, refundable
    Wait: 5 days (From deposit payment to getting the VIN)
    Price paid: $26440 + $50 doc fees + $19.25 temp registration fees
    Shipping cost: $750 (up to Terminus in Hayword)
    Financing: 7.39% for 60 months
    I have sent the signed documents, cashier's check and eloan draft today. The van will be shipped once Dennis gets the docs.

    - I will keep you guys posted on how long it takes for the car to get here.
    - I am very happy with the service I received from Dennis. No surprises, no hassles, just great service.
    - I mentioned to Dennis about the right-pulling tendency of these vans. He said that he will make sure that his guys check for it before the van gets shipped.
    - Eloan was a great experinece too. No hassle, loan approval in 20 minutes, draft and documents delivered within 12 hrs (with a $12 payment for overnight shipping)

    Philosophical Musings:
    I remember somebody posting here that they were quoted a price by Dennis that was higher than mentioned here by others. In my opinion, it is OK for the dealers to charge what the market will bear as long as they keep the promises they make. That is, it is OK to tell you a higher price and ask you take it or leave it. It is not OK to quote you a price, take a deposit, and then sell the van that was slated for you off to somebody who walks in and is willing to pay a higher price.


    p.s. This board has been invaluable in my search for an Ody. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to post.
  • Hi ya folks,

    Picked up a 2001 Silver EX yesterday after a two month wait. Paid list + destination charge for it, so total was $26,840.

  • You paid MSRP and 499 for the cassette deck. So, that makes dealers scum and cockroaches?

    Your immature tyrade is boring.
  • I am totally insulted ,not only am I a female sales person in the car industry for the last 12
    years, but I also have been employed in a Honda dealership in Vt,for the last three years.
    To group us altogether as scumbags is ignorant,
    and narrowminded. Do you think its the dealerships fault that there is none availible. We have one of the shortest waits and a no-pressure enviroment. We go out of our way to make our customers buying experience positive, I personally have not lied ,cheated or taken advantage of anybody, neither have any of my co-workers. You knew ahead of time the conditions that your dealership was selling the Odyssey under
    and you still purchased it. Nobody forced you!
    If this isn't sour grapes, what is it?
  • I live near the US/Can. border and can conveniently jump to make a purchase abroad. Recently, upon discovering the US MSRP and checking a 'local' Canadian dealer and then checking the exchange rate I discovered I can save about $3000 US by purchasing new in Canada. I will only have to pay sales tax to my state (something I would have to do anyway), no Canadian sales tax (dealer will deliver vehicle to the border for pick up and complete necessary paper work), and since the vehicle is manufactured in Canada there is no duty charges at customs.

    What information am I missing (if any)?

    P.S. when checking US dealer prices I was told the dealer was doing the same thing (i.e., going to Canada to purchase 2 Ody's and bring them back to their US dealership and make them available for sale - the only change they are making is replacement of the speedometer head to read in more US-friendly Miles/Hr terms versus Kilo/Hr terms). The dealer seemed to be frustrated that they were missing out on sales and that the minimal quota of vehicles they were receiving from Hond were inadequate.

    Any substantive evidence would be appreciated as to the value of making the purchase in Canada versus the US. Thank you everyone.
  • Congratulations on your new vehicle Errol. I hope you have many carefree miles.

    I'm thrilled with mine.


    2001 TW EX - Leather Steering Wheel Cover, Bug Shield, Transmission Cooler, Wheel Well Liners, 7/100/$0 Honda Care
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    My understanding is that Honda Canada dealerships are not allowed to sell to US residents. You may want to verify this with a Honda Canada dealership to be absolutely certain.

    Vans, SUVs, and Aftermarket and Accessories message boards
  • I just picked up my GG LX from Ganley Honda in Cleveland. I read about them on this board and they delivered on everything exactly as promised. What a refreshing change compared to the dealers in the Northern Virgina area. $640 under MSRP and about a month wait. Shawn Kipp is the sales rep I dealt with and his number is 800-342-8158. I highly recommend this dealership. Shawn was great and the deal was well worth the $84 Southwest Air flight from Baltimore to Cleveland and the 7 hour drive back. Very professional and no pressure to buy anything additional. Love the Honda - worth the wait.

  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    Also keep in mind that the warranty on a Canadian Honda is not valid at US dealers unless the vehicle is first registered in Canada. If you live close enough to the border to do warranty work in Canada, this should not pose an issue.

    Good Luck.
  • How long does it take for a dealer to receive an auto from the date of production to the time it arrives at the dealer
  • From the production date to actual delivery is 14-21 days here in Maryland. It could be slightly longer or slightly shorter, depending on optimum conditions or worst case (as this past snow is effecting us right now)

    Hope this helps
  • Do you know if Honda has a production plant in Ohio?? I'm being told by my dealer that the van is coming from Ohio.
  • Your Odyssey is coming from Ontario Canada. Honda builds the Accord and Civic in Ohio, but Odysseys and Acura MDX's are built in Ontario.
  • See Frank Baldassare @ Bay Ridge Honda, Brooklyn New York!!

    Been here since last Spring, have seen and heard it all before. Last January 9th, got the nerve to finally walk into the dealership, after much research and many conversations with local internet managers via E-mail and phone conversations, even a couple of the old face to face,"you can drive it home today for $2000 above MSRP", at several Jersey dealerships. Really needed to replace our '88 Chevy Celeb with tons of mileage on it, served us well but getting expensive lately needed new radiator, another $300, so last month we decided it was time, walked in to Bay Ridge Honda and spoke to Frank, stated MSRP +tax +tags $29,320, NY tax 8.25% killer. Didn't leave a deposit again, got cold feet , still continued my search. Contacted Frank several times via E-mail, "come leave a deposit 2-4 week wait", he told me last week,"if I had placed the order 1/9 I would have been driving by now." So on Saturday 2/24 we ventured in again for another face to face, gonna finally put our deposit down, and place the order, with 2 color choices Emerald or Granite Green and guess what we are picking our GG 01 EX on Wednesday. With no pressure and complete honesty. We added a package called Protection Package for $633, fender wheel trim, splash guards, wheel locks, roof rack crossbars, cargo tray, total $29,871. I am completely satisfied with the whole transaction and the level of professionalism with which it was handled by Frank. Give him a try maybe you'll be as lucky as us.

    Just us 5 in Our New Granite Green 2001 Odyssey, my patience paid off!!!!
  • I called the dealer and he said that he actually gave you a discount of $540 off the MSRP for the car and a $100 discount for the cassette player?

    Is this true? Pl. advise.

  • I just put a deposit down on a EX with no nav in SS. I am paying $500 off with a $50 doc fee at Performance Honda through Hank Sykes. This was as good as I could find in Indiana and Western Ohio. Delivery will be March 28. Other dealers had them in stock but wanted more money. I also had discounts possible with Honda East (Cincy) as well as Tom Wood in Muncie, IN. It seems like $500 off is available at most of the dealers in the area, and allotments are plentiful. It's good to live in the Midwest sometimes.
  • Eastern Washington couple are seeking any information on dealerships who are willing to sell the Odyssey Ex vans for MSRP.
  • Hello all,

    We took delivery on a 2001 Odyssey EX dark green pearl with tan (ivory) interior brand new on 1/30/01. We got the HondaCare 6 yr/75k warranty as well. the van now has 748 miles on it, no scratches, dents, stil in perfect condition.

    We also have a leased Mercury Sable.

    Last week, my employer offered me a car to use free. This was very unexpected but since we don't need 3 cars, we decided to sell the Odyssey and get rid of the monthly car payment that goes with it.

    Since the car is essentially brand new, I am looking to sell it without taking too much of a loss. I'm already out the sales tax. I'll sell it with or without the warranty since Honda will gice me a refund if I return the warranty to them within 60 days.

    We are in Philadelphia but the car can be easily shipped anywhere in the US, fully insured on a flatbed truck. One company quoted me $895 from Philly to Los Angeles.

    If you or anyone you know is interested in buying the car, you can reach me by
    e-mail (
    or by phone at 215-464-9528 (evenings and weekends).

    Dan Madonna
  • Am interested in the logistics of buying out of state. We are on the verge of ordering an Ody EX for sticker + dest. from a dealer in CO and having it delivered to MN. From previous postings, it sounds like the dealer will expect to have the check in hand before delivery. (I assume the car is detailed in CO before being loaded on the truck.) What happens if it is damaged en route or doesn't match our order? Is that my hassle or the dealer's?
  • Hi everyone.

    Me and my husband are seriously interested in purchasing a Granite Green 2001 Odyssey EX. Does anyone know of any reputable dealerships in the Tri-State Area? What is the price being quoted for an EX Odyssey with only the standard features.... not interested in any options/accessories. We received a quote from a dealership in NJ for $28,740. Told the dealer "NO THANKS".

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
  • Got a firm quote from West Chester, PA for a 2001 EX for 26,840 which is sticker plus destination. 2 to 3 month wait. Guy I work with got the same quote from a dealership in Maryland. Shocker that a New Jersey dealer would be jacking price. I think you should be able to find for MSRP.
  • Have you exhausted your search in MN? Not sure where you live, but we purchased an '01 EX about 4 weeks ago from Burnsville Honda for MSRP without forced add-ons. We waited 3 weeks for it to arrive. A co-worker had the same type experience at Richfield Honda.
  • xaddictxaddict Posts: 1
    Ok.. We got a call today from one of the four dealers that we had asked to keep an eye out for an EX-Navi and promptly went to visit, only to find out that by the time we got there, only one of the original three were still left.. (other dealers snitched the others).. So, we put down our deposit and filled out the plethora of paperwork so that we can take delivery of the van when it arrives within the next week or two.. It's Silver with no other dealer additions. We got a quote for the 6/100 honda care along with a package that will pay the difference between the insurance payout and the purchase price IF the vehicle is snitched and parted out beyond repair within the first 5 years.. Interesting concept.. We've still got a week or two to make up our minds on the extended warranty, etc.. This dealer (Honda World in Downey) didn't really want to sell us a GE Capital extended warranty for the EX-Navi, citing possible lack of coverage for some of the extra "NAVI" electronics should they fail.. Anyway, we are getting $1200 over MSRP which is about average here in So-Cal ($1000 - $1200 over), with many dealers still selling for $2000 over MSRP.. HondaWorld was nice in the fact that we confronted them several weeks ago and asked what the "norm" was for their pricing and they told us the $1000 - $1200 over MSRP for these.. Another dealer (Norm Reeves in Cerritos) wouldn't even tell us anything until they had a van in their hands -- they like to add stuff on it first so they can raise the price a bit..
  • mickeyd2mickeyd2 Posts: 2
    Does Honda really have such bad quality? I have owned two Acura's, one in the past and one currently. I have not found any reliability issues or problems that could have fallen under warranty. Do the Odysseys have a reputation or expectation of poor reliability? Just curious. It seems that many of the posters on this board are hot on spending an extra $800+ on this "benefit".
  • okey3okey3 Posts: 10
    My wife and I live in NJ and bought a SS EX for $26,400 + $15 for a temp. tag fee from Dave Campfield at Burne Honda in Scranton, PA. They threw in the cargo tray and splash guards as well. The number is 1-800-822-2110. We had a great buying experience and didn't have to wait. Good luck
  • viviennevivienne Posts: 3
    Thanks for the info. But, did you have to wait for your SS EX? Did the dealership have a number of Odyssey's on hand? How long ago did you purchase your minivan from Burne Honda?

    We're interested in the Granite Green. Hopefully, they'll have one in stock.
  • jpdesaijpdesai Posts: 1
    Anybody from CT want to buy and can go out of state then check message #625
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