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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jmurman42jmurman42 Posts: 675
    I have a 2000 LX, white arriving any day. I also have a 2001 LX SS (unsold) for next month. MSRP, we do no add ons, unless you want it.
  • Price update. Just ordered 01 EX with leather from Boomershine Honda in Cartersville, GA. It is about 35 minutes north of Marietta. They are some of the goof guys. Here’s the deal:

    MSRP 26,400
    Delivery 440
    Leather 1,700
    Documents 195

    No gouging. No accessories you MUST buy. Just honest folks who don't want to make a killing. I dealt with Ennis. Will be getting SS from their November build and they guarantee I will like the leather or they will have it redone at another place. Can't ask for much more.

    I tried Autobytel. They had a salesman from Curry Honda in Chamblee Georgia call me. When he gave me a price $1,350.00 above MSRP and I declined the offer telling him I was looking for MSRP he hung up on me.

    I also tried AutoVantage. They had Jeff Deason from Sutherland Honda in Lithia Springs call me. I again stated that I was looking for MSRP and had in fact found a dealer willing to sell for that amount. He told me to take it since there weren't any dealers he knew of in the area doing so. He was at least polite. Might have to call Clark Howard regarding Autobytel.
  • Even with spell check things slip past. I meant to say they were "good" guys not "goof" guys. Sorry
  • Hi all,

    I am trying to buy a '01 Ody EX. I talked to Barrington Motorwerks, an Illionis dealer. He wants MSRP, no forced upgrades. Wait of 3 to 6 months based on my choice of colors. Is this the best any one can in the midwest? I am trying few other dealerships. Has any one any experience?

    What interior color seems to be the favourite, especially with Granite green,dark Emerald, or SS.

    Thank you.
  • oagrdroagrdr Posts: 2
    Today we picked up our new '011 SS EX from Steve Bailey Honda in Oklahoma City.

    $27,238 including cassette, cargo mat and a $49 documnet fee. No add-ons, paint sealer, protection packages, etc. No pressure, no hassle.

    Ordered late August, could have gotten a '00 in two weeks, but opted to wait for the '01. They had an unsold '01 GG EX come in on the same truck that I could have gotten instead, but after seeing them side-by-side, we preferred the SS with the "Quartz" interior vs. the "Fern" interior on the GG.

    Someone said earlier they thought the SS looked "white". There was a TW EX parked next to mine this morning, and I can assure you the white looks white, and the SS is definately silver. It is a very nice platinum shade of silver, and is really beautiful.

    Bailey did a great job - and a favor. The van came in a week ago, on the 28th, but a new law was passed in Oklahoma effective October 1st that changed the price of a new car tag from 1.25% of MSRP to a flat $85. Bailey agreed to hold the car for delivery until after the 1st, saving me about $250 on the tag.
  • cavillercaviller Posts: 331
    I called/emailed about a dozen dealers in the Chicago area, including those represented through Sam's Club and my credit union's buying service. Every one quoted MSRP. Wait time varied from 30-45 days on the low end to 4-6 months on the high end. Most said no packages, upgrades or accessories were required, though many happily offered them. A few hedged on it and gave vague answers. Some were rude and/or completely uninterested. I've heard some people might have negotiated under MSRP at Jacobs Twin Chicago, but I never got the details. Also, you pay almost 1% more there in taxes than, say, Rockford or Ottawa.

    I'd also be curious to hear about other's experiences for both sales and service in the Chicago area.

    As for interior colors, I don't think you have a choice. Each exterior color has a specific interior color which comes with it.
  • Actually, your typo might have been a Freudian slip. I believe that "goof guys" is about the best that one can hope for in car sales people. Therefore your comment, as typed, was just about the highest possible compliment any car dealers could expect to receive.

  • jmurman42jmurman42 Posts: 675
    MSRP for an Ody is not a bad deal. We have a nice allocation each month, 20 or so. They are sold in a matter of minutes.

    I am sure that there are some dealers in areas that don't turn them over as fast as we do, especially if they 'add on'.

    I ran into a customer that is "on the list" from another local dealer. They receive 8 per month, and will put you on the list for 500 under MSRP...but will not guarantee you a car. Does that make any sense? We guarantee each person a car at allocation day. Good luck to you.
  • I'd say you get the ABSOLUTELY the minimum accessories for your Ody instead ordering a whole bunch of stuff. I learned my lesson: My dealer charged me $319 for cargo cover while their OWN parts department is charging $130.85. Do go to order all your accessories...don't get ripped off like what happened to me.
  • lvc2lvc2 Posts: 4
    I bought a '01 SS LX at DPatrick Motorplex in Evansville IN. The flight from O'Hare to Evansville only took 25 minutes (air time). My salesman (Stephen Schweikarth) picked me up at the airport, we went to the dealership, signed the deal and I drove home. They were very low pressure and the deal was MSRP minus $800 + $75 documentation fee. I'm not the best at keeping up with the forum so if you would like more detail you can e-mail me at Good luck.
  • Went to Carr's Honda on Western Ave in Chicago to buy an Odyssey EX NAV with all the
    numbers figured out, and the salesman kept asking
    me if I was going to buy options....I didn't
    understand why he was so interested in that until
    he showed up with the contract with the options I'd requested priced out. Their prices on the options were 400% over MSRP! I asked them if these were MSRP and he said yes. I then pulled out a photocopy from the Honda price guide listing the MSRP (which I got from another dealer) and showed him he was lying. He went off and got the sales manager who told me that was what they wanted for the options and that they wouldn't sell the van without the options!!!!!! I could take it or leave.....needless to say....I hauled my [non-permissible content removed] out of there and call Honda corp.

    An example of their prices-- they wanted $399 for
    the roof rack crossbars which MSRP at $107.

    So if you want to buy a Honda, DON'T go to the
    lying b&^%$#*'s at Carr's Honda on Western Ave in
    Chicago! Unless you want to get taken!

    After reading other posts here I see that they are not the only dealers ripping off poor dumb consumers! So I would have to agree with the other people that say "DONT BUY THE OPTIONS" unless you get a good price for them. Here are some example MSRP prices off the list one dealer gave me (the 2nd number is the invoice number where I have it)-
    Splash Guards-$89 ($81)
    Cargo Tray-$99 ($61)
    Bike Attachment-$169 ($125)
    Cargo Cover- $99
    Ski Attachment-$129
    Roof Rack for LX-$299

    My dealer in Gurnee was going to sell me the
    options for I've got an order in with them for one. Rosen Honda in Gurnee IL has
    treated me very well! If you go there ask for Matt Weiner-he's been a great salesman for us!
  • Sorry to hear you had the same experience. I now knows why I got my Ody in 2 weeks instead of 6 weeks: I was dumb enough to agree to those outrageous prices without checking everything. I should have known not to trust ANY car salesman until they prove otherwise.

    Yes I did register my complaint with Honda. I doubt that's going to do me any good. I have also talked to the General Sales Manager and he insisted that I got a GREAT deal. Oh well. Price I paid to learn about Deceptive Trade Practice.
  • anafeanafe Posts: 5
    It appears as though Honda and its dealers have done an awesome job in marketing the Odyssey. Anytime someone pays MSRP and gets a couple of freebies they think they have been given a fair deal. In reality the manufacturer and dealer have walked away with thousands of YOUR HARD EARNED DOLLARS. A fair price for any new or late model car, truck or minivan is 100-500 dollars over invoice. I bought my last SUV and minivan at invoice. Even at invoice the dealer makes very good money considering the holdback and hidden factory incentives. By paying MSRP you also lose out on the resale and trade in values. Why do you think Honda is limiting production?? Enjoy being ripped off...
  • And what exactly did you pay in total dollars for your minivan? What did you get? If you think just because you paid what the manufacturer chooses to call "invoice" that you have gotten a great deal, then you are the sucker for that company's marketing. As P. T. Barnum pointed out, one is born every minute. I tell you what, we'll ask Honda to raise their MSRP to the ridiculously inflated level of the domestics (which only idiots pay) and then give you invoice at the current MSRP. I think you would find the deal better in total price paid for total product received and you'd then be able to gloat about your superior shopping ability since you could claim to have paid invoice price. The rest of us will realize that the difference is only in the labels used.

    Now, all of us will be happier in paying less and will do so when possible. But, in the meantime, it is still pretty much pay MSRP or close to it if you want an Odyssey at all. If you don't then be happy with your choice. But don't be so sure that the fool isn't the one who settled for less value so that he could trick himself with the manufacturer's arbitrary price labels....
  • chip30chip30 Posts: 11
    anafe: Yeah, it may be rewarding to battle the dark side in a showroom and ultimately triumph in the end with a "good" deal. For what, so the value of your van or suv can plummet as it seems all domestic products do. Now if you have Toyota products, it's another story. Honda's resale value will be based on MARKET CONDITIONS and if 99% of buyers paid MSRP, you can bet resale value will follow that figure. I'll sleep better at night knowing I have the most popular, best rated and most reliable van on the market. If paying "MSRP" is required for that peace of mind, then so be it.
    anafe: Don't be "ripped off" as well!
  • FYI : Honda does NOT give their dealers a holdback and there are NO factory incentives to the dealer to sell Oddys. This is a fact verified by me at many commercial info sites AND Honda Corp. YOU KNOW WHY? THEY DON'T NEED IT! And not because we are all suckers, but we are all smart shoppers who know a value when we see one. Try and buy a superior domestic minivan comparable to the Oddy, for the same price! Good Luck!
  • If "feeling good" about your deal is a priority, then I guess feeling good is better than being smart.

    But, if buying something "at invoice" that represents less value in terms of build quality, reliabilty (cost and frequency of repairs), depreciation, resale value and other factors mentioned above, then the joke's on you.

    For example, there are a lot of smug Dodge owner's who have bragged about their great "invoice" deal they got, vs. the Odyssey, without realizing thier van wil be worth 40% less than the Odysey in 3 years, and who, based on historical repair data, will be in the shop much more than Honda owners will, and will be drivng a much less safe van.

    Great deal, huh?

    Besides, all the best built cars sell at a premium. Just try getting a BMW, Lexus, or Mercedes for $500 over invoice.

    Thank you, I WILL enjoy being "ripped off".
  • Hi,

    Last Friday, we went to Gene Norris Honda in Mentor, Ohio (about 10 miles northeast to Cleveland). They have several Odysseys in stock and more are coming in. We had a deal with about $300.00 under MSRP on a 01 SS Odyssey EX w/ nav. (documentation fee $69.00).

    We picked the van on Saturday and enjoyed it. We have called several dealers around Cleveland area. Gene Norris Honda is the only one have more than 3 Odyssey in stock. My salesman is Leo Tomcany.
  • I need to know if anyone has any suggestions about installing a video system in the van. I'm getting a 2001 at the end of the month and I'm interested in putting some kind of movie watching device (I have 2 small children) any ideas?
  • Hello everyone;

    Is there a really big difference between the EX and LX my dealer is able to get the Ex's a lot faster, and I'm not really sure if it makes that much of a difference. Please help!
  • imho, you get alot for the price difference between the lx and the ex. chief among the differences is are the power sliding doors which have been terrific and so handy. plus, the things that i considered "gravy" on the ex i will now wonder if i can ever get along without, especially auto climate control.
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    I have the EX and basic differences and my opinion on each are:

    Roof Rack - useful to me for bikes with my Yakima rack attached.

    Alloy Wheels - I obsess over scratching them but they are lighter and supposedly fewer vibration issues than steel wheels.

    Security System - depends on where you frequent. Discount on insurance is nice.

    Power Driver Seat - Allows for extra fine adjustment as I am 6' and wife is 5-3

    Power Doors - Why didn't they think of this before. Some people have safety concerns and some problems.

    Audio System:
    CD Player - All I own, even the kids' stuff.

    Steering Wheel Audio Controls - Honda did not
    do the best job here and as such the dash
    audio controls can be obstructed. I use the
    wheel controls almost exclusively.

    Automatic Climate Control - Where have you been all my life? Set it and forget it for the most part.

    Just my opinion.

    We had been leaning towards the LX, but figured over the long haul the EX would fit our needs best.

    Did I miss anything guys???
  • chip30chip30 Posts: 11
    For what it is worth, the EX has better grade cloth than the LX. Have less than 3 weeks to get our EX, and I prefer, overwhelmingly, the EX over the LX based on exterior appearance and interior features. If going to wait, if going to pay MSRP, then I'm not short-changing my family when it comes to what our Ody has!!
  • So, how much money will it take for you to consider short-changing your family? ;-)

    Tim, the equal opportunity smart-aleck.

    Which reminds me of the old joke:

    A guy asks his date, "Will you sleep with me?"
    She answers with an emphatic, "NO!"
    So, he asks, "OK. Will you sleep with me if I give you a million bucks?"
    She says, "Well sure."
    He pursues the matter, "Will you sleep with me for 10 dollars?"
    "What kind of girl do you think I am?!?" She demands indignantly.
    He calmly answers, "Well we've already determined what kind of girl you are. We're simply negotiating the actual price now."

  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    I think Honda dropped the ball when they didn't put the EX or LX along with the Odyssey on the back. No way to tell the difference, as a person could add the alloy wheels. I would like to find a set of chrome EX's to add. I am watching different cars etc. to find some. Any help
  • From what I have heard, there is one way, with the LX, the body side molding is black and on the EX they match the I heard. That is what it looks like when I view the Odyssey on the Honda site.
  • anafeanafe Posts: 5
    I never said that my SUV or minivan were domestic products but you have obviously assumed as much. I can tell you right now that they are not. I'm glad you have justified that paying MSRP in your mind is a "smart" thing to do. The minivan I bought had an MSRP of 30K. I purchased it for 24K. The SUV listed at 28K I bought it for 24K. I've had the van for 6 years and the SUV for 3. Never had a problem with either one and the resale on both is still excellent. Enjoy making Honda dealers richer.
  • anafeanafe Posts: 5

    There are more MSRP scam complaints from Honda and Toyota than any other manufacturer.
  • I keep hearing about Honda price gouging, and just want to laugh. Honda ain't GM or Ford. They don't have massive production capacity. They can't crank out 450,000 of a given model per year. They will be moving production to a new plant in the US in a couple of years, and productin will increase.

    Hey, they made a great minivan. The invoice is relatively low. The MSRP is relatively low. Once the dealer buys the vehicle, it is out of Honda's control. Some dealers charge over MSRP because demand far exceeds supply at MSRP or even higher than MSRP. Yes it is annoying, but if dealers let the vans go at $500 over invoice, can you imagine the waiting list? Frankly, take a look at what you can get in the way of minivans for say $27,000, look at reliability data, and it's easy to see why people pay MSRP or above.

    This isn't price's free market economics.
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