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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • you are VERY right. Thats the message that somehow gets lost. Most people will think that they are getting a 'good deal' when a Caravan is discounted, even though the price would be more than and Ody at MSRP.

    We received 3 2001 Odys in yesterday, Silver, Beige, and Green. Totally amazing that they were delivered in less than 2 hours. Our backlog is now just a couple of months long, thats the good news. I run into people that have gone to the dealership that I worked at to test drive those cars, and have come back and ordered Odys where I am now. Honda might have a hard time with inventory because of the Acura van that is being introduced, we'll see.
  • We are waiting on a 2001 GG EX here in Charlotte.
    Dealer has written on notebook paper customer #'s/desired colors & models with each sheet dedicated to one month's production. We are first on list for a GG EX (I saw list/intend to get a copy) for Oct. production. I spoke with Steve Porter (very helpful & courteous) who is Sales Mgr. They receive an allocation sheet (1-2 months out) and match buyers with desired colors and models.
    My question is how accurate is this method?
    I am purposely in contact with dealer on a weekly basis (don't want them to forget me). Not to bug, but to ask pertinent questions. Thanks in advance.
  • 1. EX vs. LX -- continually debated, but I read a good summarization recently somewhere on an Edmund's forum: if you really want more than two of the EX's features and will end up paying for them to add to an LX, just get the EX and be done with it. That's how my wife & I decided to go for the EX (wanted CD, roof rack, better tires... rest of the features were gravy). If you have kids or are hauling lots of stuff (and if you have neither, why buy a mini-van at all), the power sliding doors are cool-- my 5 yr old could never operate our Previa's manual sliding door and our 8 yr old had to lean with her head in the door opening and pull with all her might to close the door while inside the van-- they thinkthe power doors are the coolest thing ever!

    2. Dealer issues -- I recommend calling EVERY Honda dealer in a 150 mile radius (or farther if you are willing to drive) and check their supply. Then, KEEP CALLING EVERY FEW DAYS! I got really lucky on Tuesday when I called a dealer 75 miles away that I hadn't before and they had a '01 DEP EX that just showed up and was unclaimed... they delivered it to my home yesterday for no extra charge (MSRP + $99 doc + $90 fabric prot I requested). Never underestimate perseverence and luck.
  • Is anyone on the list for an 2001 from Pacific Honda?
  • I have just negotiated and given a deposit for a 2001 EX (delivery sometime in December) MSRP + $95 admin fee + $2000 for the following options: cargo tray, cargo mat, splash guards, cassette, leather seats and 20 pc. wood dash. I'd love any comments.

    Also, must we pay for this Admin fee?

    Thanks to all prior board posters. Your help has been wonderful!
  • We ordered our SS '01 EX-N on 9/1 and drove it back home on 9/22 in 3 weeks. We paid MSRP with no required add-ons, but the dealers doc fee was $289:(.

    Other than that it was easy to work with Mr.Herbert of Crown Honda in Greensboro, NC. He delivered the van exactly on-time as he promised.
  • This is probably a good method for them. There is not any best or worse method for doing this. However, the most important thing that you can do is to keep contact weekly with your dealer. This is still a people business.
  • allocation for the final production 2000's from Honda. I have 3 LX's arriving in October. White Beige and Green.
  • Can you please tell me what dealership you were able to get this deal. If the mass part of massmom is for Massachusetts, this info will help because I am in Mass also.
  • I forgot to add my comments. The dealers I've been to quoted anywhere from $1500 to $2200 for the leather option and $400 for the woodgrain option. Sounds like you got a good deal. The doc fee seems to be average.
  • Thanks for response. I will stay in touch with dealer just as you recommend.
  • Congratulations, hope you're enjoying your new EX. I love that new car smell! I've been away for a week, and it's great to be back. I miss reading these posts when I'm gone.
    Our EX should be in by the end of Oct. We are waiting to hear from Clair for a more accurate eta.
  • Hi, somebody ask if anybody is in the waiting list for an Ody in Pacific Honda in San Diego (Post 71). We are in their waiting list for a GG EX '01. We are going to pay MSRP + 500. Any comments
  • Hi jgabriel, Thanks for responding.

    We are on the list at PH for an '01 SS EX. Has PH told you when your Ody is supposed to be delivered? We ordered back on 7/3 and as of yesterday all they say is, "We don't know". It seems that they place an order and then just wait to see what arrives. If you would like to discuss, email my at

  • gs7gs7 Posts: 1

    I know the '01s are in. But the dealer called me and said I could get a '00 instead of waiting. I am supposed to be third on the list for the silver color. I am being charged full MSRP. Is that reasonable? Or should I wait for the '01? Also, another dealer just offered me an EX '01 at full MSRP. SHould I take that instead? I have to decide by Monday, so I'd appreciate some advice before then.

  • I checked all San Diego dealerships. Hoehn Honda in Carlsbad will sell for MSRP with a 3-4 month wait. They promised straight MSRP with no add ons or BS prep charges. I would cancel my Pacific Honda order and go with Hoehn. (I can't confirm the waiting time, as I am waiting for mine.) My dealer was Jim Perry and he was very upfront about the price with no negotiation.
  • 2001 LX has:
    Traction control
    Driver's side seat height adjustment
    Floor mats ?

    2000 LX has:
    NO traction control
    NO Driver's side seat height adjustment
    NO Floor mats
    Instant 1 year depreciation when driven off the lot (dosn't mean much IMO for this van)

    If you can wait, then wait. Call around to other dealers, maybe you'll get lucky and find one in stock. Or you can see if you can get a discount on the 2000 LX (at least a $1000), but I doubt it. Good luck.

    By the way, I have a 2000LX and I love it.
  • Thanks! The delivery was just as courteous and professional as the sale. They are really a great group there. Good luck on getting that delivery date!
  • I visited Hendrick Honda where we are on waiting list for 2001 GG EX. As jmurman42 said, stay in touch w/ them. I saw that they now have a build date for their Oct. allotment of Ody's (approx. 30 Ody's come to this place a month). The build date, interestingly, was Oct. 14th for all Ody's on the page. We should take delivery late Oct. according to this build date. My question is:

    Does Honda suuply dealers w/ one mass build date like Hendrick Honda received?

    Seems odd. I would expect dealer to receive their 30 October-built Ody's continuously between mid-Oct. and mid-Nov. (allowing for 2 week shipping from Ontario to Charlotte, NC). Maybe Honda says to their dealers, "This date is when your Ody's will be built and that's it".
  • Looking for 2001 EX in early August. Prices for 2001 not available to me at time.

    Went through credit union and advised Honda of Mesa had price of $27,035 - they wanted $595 over 2000 MSRP for 2001. Only extra was floor mats - did not know at time they would be inc. in 2001.

    Called Arrowhead Honda and was told MSRP once pricing became available.

    Went through a "free price quote" and connected to Showcase Honda. Dealt with Fleet Mgr. Franco Morrone. Went back and forth a few times. Negotiated $26,700 + tax, license, tire disposal tax and dealer service fee ($249) with floor mats, "fluff" of automate (paint and fabric protection) and Value package (accent stripes, alarm upgrade, door edge guard and wheel well guard). The "fluff" could not be eliminated to reduce price. We were told 6 - 8 weeks. They took 10% down with credit card. Vehicle came in right at 6 Weeks. Allowed choice of colors and picked SS.

    Prior to picking up van, contacted various dealers from earlier post re Hondacare warranty. A few numbers are incorrect. Hoehn Honda in Carlsbad (Robert Lennick) quoted $985, supposedly $200 over their cost. Contacted Dave Winnie, Saratoga, NY (earlier post) and quoted $895 through end of Sept. w. no tax. Showcase Fin. Mgr. says they will match.

    Pleasant experience with Showcase for most part. Did not attempt trade-in. Only glitch dealt with credit card use at final payment time - supposedly unwritten policy of $3K limit on credit card.
  • Your right fitz60 about Hoehn Honda and MSRP with no additional. I ordered a '00 MB EX last October, told about 3-4 months and it wasn't until early April that I got a call it was in. However in the meantime I kept looking for that better deal sooner outside the SD area (Not much dealing in SD area - ditto on the Cush Honda avoidance - $2k - 3k over MSRP and with an attitude no less - how they got that customer satisfaction award from Honda is way beyond my comprehension). I turned down a TW EX at $900 below MSRP from Mike Gerdau at Findley Honda in Bullhead City (not MB), but bought from Perry Motors in Bishop CA (Bill Ohmer/Jeff Fredrickson)at $500 below MSRP. Told two months, but it only took one month. Check out the rural areas, the demand isn't as great as the city (and the people are a heck of alot nicer too). Good luck.
  • Wanted to let you all know I had put a deposit on a 2001 lx with the keyless remote option and cargo net that was supposed to come in a few weeks, for $24778 out the door.
    The van came in but it turned out to be a 2000, not 2001. Dealer was apologetic and the number they had (not a VIN) just told them it was an EG LX. They had been getting 2001's in so they assumed it was a 2001. Long story short for vanshopper5, I didn't need the power doors on the EX, just about everything else the EX has can be added to the LX. CD, roof rack etc. I'd add aftermarket at better prices. Posted here are sites like, recommend buying those extras from these sites.
    I drove the 2000 and decided the differences between the 2001 LX and 2000 weren't enough to make me wait until November. Bought the LX for $23,478 total including keyless remote and cargo net. Test drove it above 50, no pulling, no noise (so far).
  • klwsklws Posts: 7
    Hi all. I've been reading here for several months and finally picked up a 2001 SS EX Ody this weekend.

    I was on the waiting list at LaPointe Honda in Charlotte (Salesman: Ernest Wood) for about a month and it didn't look like anything would come in until late October. I preferred to buy from them as their doc fee is only $38 with no "required options". Also bought an Accord from them about 18 months ago and had a very good experience.

    Since the wait was looking long, I called Gary Winebarger at Bryan Honda in Fayetteville. I heard about Gary from efulmer's post in this forum. Well, they had a SS EX on the lot and one more coming in this week. I called him on Friday and he came very close to my LaPointe deal, doc fee was $99, also no required options.

    We drove out to Bryan Honda on Saturday to pick up the van. Despite a busy Saturday, they moved the process along quickly and we were there just over an hour including a test drive. I worked with Robert Young as Gary wasn't there on Sat.

    Complete deal was MSRP + 3% Tax + 99 doc + 56 tag + $90 fabric protection. (I chose to add the fabric protection, it wasn't required.)

    Only bad part of the experience was the lengthy drive (longest 150 miles I've ever driven!). Otherwise, I'd recommend Bryan Honda for anyone in the market (would also recommend LaPointe although they couldn't meet our timeframe). I called several other Charlotte area dealers and they were all requiring protection packages for $300+ and doc fees were $250-$300.

  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Will pickup our EX nav this SAt. Got it of MSRP including cargo tray,$1300 for Classic Leather Seats, $350 for hi/lo heated seats, Tax, plate. Drove it on the highway, no pulling etc. all the way to 80mph. We decided against the woodtrim as I think it would be just to much wood. We may later buy a couple of the pieces since also will sell it by piece.
  • We are on waiting list for '01 GG EX at Hendrick Honda also in Clt. Told we will take delivery end of Oct. Sold our wagon, anxious for Ody. I have called Bryan Honda and spoken with Tom Goff. They do in fact have Ody's now (depending on color).
    BUT, I am faced with a non-refundable $500 deposit at Hendrick.
    How did LaPointe treat your cancellation?
    Did you have a deposit at all?
    Just curious, thanks.
  • For those who have received their '01 Odyssey, how close to the original delivery date did your van arrive?

    We ordered a GG '01 in July. We were told we'd have a van in mid-September. In late August, we were told that all GG and White Odysseys had slipped 10 days (any truth to this), so we were looking at Sept 26-30. As of today (9/25) the dealer still has no VIN and says delivery is 10 days from the time he has a VIN.

    Has any one else had a similar experience - or are we being 'taken for a ride'?
  • When we were at the dealer to place our order for a SS '01 EX-N on 9/1, we were informed the build date as 9/4~9/9, received the VIN on 9/11 and picked up the van on 9/22. BTW we are in NC.
  • we placed ourselves on the waiting list for an 2000 mesa beige LX at msrp in february. it was august before we got "the call" and, by then, we decided we wanted a 2001 starlight silver EX. we called and put our names on the 2001 EX list in late july. they told us to expect delivery in december or january 2001. we picked it up last friday...go figure! i think honda's making a lot of silver ones first.
  • Yes, I am in Massachusetts and will be happy to discuss this dealer with you off-line. I have yet to receive the quote in writing. Please email me at
  • Thanks in good part to lots of good advice from contributors to these forums, we placed an order for (mid-July) and just took delivery of a 2001 LX Odyssey mesa beige. MSRP (plus destination -- please don't tell me that's not what's happening to those of you who are saying you pay MSRP). Had the option of a 2000 LX at the same price, but elected to wait only a couple weeks for the '01. So far, its just great (though it sure does look a lot bigger in the garage than our '86 Chevy Nova).

    We're in Richmond, VA, and looked all over. Richmond dealers are still charging premiums (in large part through mandatory add-ons, and the practice of not taking orders but setting up an auction by calling people when the vans call in). D.C. area dealers seem even worse (though we didn't check all). We got quotes for MSRP from dealers in Williamsburg (Williamsburg Honda), Charlottesville (Brown--though it appeared we'd have to negotiate supposedly mandatory options), and Fredericksburg (Pohanka). All were pretty straight, and I suspect we could have ended up with the same price and a reasonably satisfactory purchase from any of the three. It became a matter of who would do it most easily and most quickly for us. We put our order in with Pohanka (which wanted $500 "nonrefundable," though we negotiated in writing that the van had to be "acceptable" to us) because Janice Pohanka said she could commit to September delivery of the van and color we wanted. Janice came through for us. A pretty smooth transaction overall. Good luck out there, and thanks again for all the help as I surveyed this site over the past few months.
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