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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Regarding honest dealers in Arizona, I have purchased two cars from Beaudry's in Tucson. My 2000 Odyssey w/ nav was for MSRP, plus mats, mudguards, and wheel locks thrown in. They may not discount much, but the BS is at a minimum. You can contact Tracy Beaudry through their website. She handles the internet sales.
  • I am not having much luck locating Odyssey option costs on the Internet. I need some help.
    I was at a dealership last night and I could not believe that the "cross bars" for the roof rack was a $399 add-on. There were other options as well that seemed terribly high.
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    I got the 7yr/100k HondaCare for $885 from my dealer. He was offering one from Traveler's/Citigroup and I had to ask for the HondaCare.

    I will profess to not knowing much about any other warranties except the HondaCare. It covers basically everything except wear items without any deductible. Anything not covered is specifically noted as excluded. I did check out the GE warranty on their web site ( after I bought the HondaCare just to compare prices. GE was less expensive but did not offer the length of term and mileage I wanted nor a $0 deductible. I felt that HondaCare was best for me.

    I suggest you do the same if you feel the GE is what you want to buy.
  • Which dealer gave you the 7/100/0 HondaCare Warranty for $885? A lot of people on this forum have been asking where they can get it for that price. Thanks
  • Hi everyone, I would like to request help from all of people that bought Odssey. I'm in the market for an 01 EX,I would certainly appreciate any help about any deals. Thanks
  • I was quoted $139.00 (installed) for the cross bars by my dealer. They are $78.95 from The link in post #37 above also has links to the discount accessory dealers. I remember reading about how easy many of the accessories are to install in the past but cannot find those posts now. Does anyone know where they are, in particular, for the fog lights, wheel locks, trailer hitch, mud flaps, and cross bar?
  • I have had an EX/Navi on order at Honda of Tempe for 6 1/2 months, and just got a VIN# this week, for delivery next week (they claim).
    I can't say they were dishonest, but it sure took a long time, I had 4 different sales people over the months, and one false alarm ("It's coming in 2 weeks". "Oops -- we read the VIN wrong -- that one is a Civic.")
    They also charged $800 extra for window tinting, mud flaps and floor mats, no opting out of the deal.
    So I'm pretty neutral on Honda of Tempe.

    However, I would definitely stay away from the Mesa Honda dealer (on Broadway). My sister and I both had bad experiences there with rude, impatient salespeople. They don't even pretend to care.

    I would strongly advise checking with the Flagstaff dealer. When I called them last week (before I learned that mine is finally on the way) they seemed very up front. Just MSRP, you get in line, and they tell you ahead of time when it is coming. If you order now, you should have it in January (he said).

  • Hi everyone. I'm in market for a new 01 Odyssey LX in Bay Area. If anyone know a Dealer that sell one at MSRP. Your tips are greatly appreciated.
    Thank a millions. A weary Ody. shopper.
  • Got a call from Claire today. The van came in this morning. 8 days from factory to Greenville. I pick it up on Monday.

  • To knguyen7:

    I live in the Bay Area and am on the waiting list for an '01 EX Navi at MSRP. For the details on how you can get one at that price, go to topic #746 (Odyssey - How Long Did You Wait?) and read posts 533 and 534. Just don't expect to get one immediately!
  • To annetteh1:
    You can find detailed instructions for installing accessories from links to copies of the sheets which come with the accessories on the website.
  • First let me apologize for my post about getting posted numerous times. Don't know exactly what I did, but I'm sure it was user error. I will click the post button slowly and only once, I promise.

    I put a deposit down for an LX with the keyless remote option. Total price is 24778. I'm satisfied with the price and the van is supposed to be here in 3 weeks. However, when I asked this dealer if I would get my deposit back if I had any problem his reply was unless they don't do what they say or the van is damaged it's mine, period. I'm in Oregon BTW. I didn't believe him but I don't expect to refuse the van so I'm not worried.
    I had put a deposit with another dealer and when I called him to get my deposit back he was fine with it. He also said Oregon law assures I'd get my deposit back. However he suggested that the other dealer did not show up on his list of receiving an EG 2001 lx in the next 3 weeks. He says all HOnda dealers get the same list so every dealer can see who is getting what. Can anyone confirm this? I'm supposed to get a VIN in a week. Has anyone been able to see any "official" paperwork from any dealer (not a whiteboard or a notebook) that showed your van on it's way?

    It doesn't surprise me that one dealer would say almost anything about another, and I've heard on this townhall how customers have had their vans 'delayed' and others have walked in and bought a van the same day.
    If it works out, fine, but talk about stress. AFter spending months researching and looking for a deal, then to finally make one and figure the worst if over. I guess it's not over until I get the keys in my hands...and maybe not then.
    Dealing with salesman reminds me of the movies when the hero finally vanquishes the villain and turns his back and the villain tries one more time to kill the hero.

    Thanks for letting me vent.
  • Where can I get an EX at MSRP in San Diego? I'm willing to go to LA or anywhere in between.

    Does the EX have a roof rack or not? Honda web site says it has roof rails. The dealers want to charge for a rack.

    Don't ever use Autobytel or go to CUSH Honda in San Diego. They are running a scam.
  • We ordered a '01 GG EX from a dealer in Charlotte on 8/23. Yes I saw a piece of notebook paper dedicated to the months of build date/delivery. I asked this forum for advice in confirming our "said" acquisition date. Was told that dealers have allotment sheets. They have a pretty good idea of what they will receive in 1-2 months.
    I plan to go by our dealer and ask to see this allotment sheet. Our dealer says they receive about 30 Odys a month. According to the Oct. paper I saw, we are first to receive a GG EX. Family is running with one car (sold our '99 Taurus wgn. for $16K). I take pleasure in knowing our Ody will hold its value unlike the Ford! Patience is a virtue, I think.
  • Hoehn Honda in Carlsbad is selling at MSRP but expect a 3-4 month wait and $1000 deposit. Lat Tuesday i called around again and every other dealer in San Diego County is ranging from $1k-$3k over MSRP. We got on the list for a SS EX at Pacific Honda back in July when it was "only" $495 over MSRP with a two month wait.

    The EX comes with the left and right roof rack rails. The two cross bars are an option. Silly huh? You can get the crossbars from
    for under $80.00. They look very easy to install. You should probably make sure that the 150lb. load limit on the Honda bars will meet your requirements.

    I agree with you about Cush. They are also the dealer for the Costo program in this area. Although they state that the Ody is not part of the program. They are the ones selling $3000 over MSRP. They don't have a waiting list and claim that every Ody they recieve is "pre-sold". No thanks!
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    800 dollars for tinting of the driver/passenger windows, floor mats that comse standard on 01's and mudflaps that you can get at Walmart and are better than Hondas. Just what is needed by you to become a dis-honest Dealer?
  • I just picked up my '01 EX Ody from Wesloah Honda in San Juan Capritrano, Ca. 3 month wait, $500 depo, no games, no fuss-- msrp.
  • Would someone be kind enough to measure the space in their Odyssey for a TV/VCP with the Console flipped up (H and W)? And, the width between seats with the Console flipped down (not in use)?

    My 2001 is on order and I don't have access to another Odyssey. Trying to figure out if I can use the TV we bought for our last minivan w/o removing the console.

    Thanks in advance...
  • Loved your description of the buyer/dealer experience as that overused melodramatic thriller plot device where the vanquished villain keeps popping up for just one more attack. Basically the same uncomfortable, nervous laugh accompanied the recognition of how difficult it is to feel "safe" again after such a recurrent trauma. I hope your villain is taken out once and finally the very first time. And remember, when it's dark and the ominous music begins, for heaven's sake don't go out there! :-0
  • I didn't say it was a fair deal or even an honorable deal.

    But the dealer told me up front what it would cost, admitted that they were charging me more for the extras than they would cost individually, and they have stuck with their agreement. That meets my definition of honest.

    Greedy? Sure. Price Gouging? No doubt. But not dishonest.

  • Do you guys know if I can buy a Odyssey 2001 EX with MSRP in Orange county , CA . PLease list the nemes of the dealer.
  • Attention: Minnesota, Iowa, WI, IL & other midwest
    buyers My wife and I had to cancel our order on
    our 2001 oddy. The dealer said they would give us
    our $500
    deposit back if we found a buyer....Think we will
    have problems? Mail me at
  • Congratulations for your unexpected 2001 Ody delivery. We are in Charlotte. I too contacted Bryan Honda via Sam's club site. Tom Goff helped me. Unfortunately for us we had already put down a NON-REFUNDABLE $500 dep. at Hendrick Honda in Clt. Tom has Odys faster than anyone I've talked with in N.C. and would have delivered our GG EX to Clt. (Wish I knew of way out of deposit!!) I told him today of your positive comments. They were appreciated considering most comments directed at dealers aren't positive.

    To all out there like us still waiting: Tom informs me that the 2001's seem to be coming in faster than the 2000's did. Perhaps some of us will take delivery earlier than expected.

    Footnote: On three separate trucks within 3 days
    Bryan Honda received 11 Odys (majority EX's)
  • Since my last post, I have changed dealerships. I am now at Heritage Honda in Towson Md. Our dealer her sell Odys at MSRP with only the equipt that you want on the car. We presently get 15-20 per month, and take no deposits until we receive our allocations. They say that on allocation day, it sounds like the stock market trading floor here. We presently sell around 160-200 units per month, so its a hoppin place.

    Feel free to e-mail me.
  • Per PilotPat's post:

    I called David Winnie at Upstate Honda in New York. Price of 7/0/100 warranty has risen $60 to $895 as of Sept. 1st. Still a great deal compared to the other dealers I've talked with.

    Even better: No state tax. David will mail you warranty and place you on universal registration
    (take Ody to any dealer).
    BTW: About 10 people have called recently (1 from Alaska)to purchase the wty. from these guys. Don't spread word too much!
  • I guess that would be me...
  • We have been van shopping & researching for the past couple of months...have visited honda, toyota, mazda, chevy, olds--did not want to go with the honda because we didn't want to pay MSRP...have come full circle and have come back to Honda as our #1 choice, Toyota as our second..but we are buying this van with the intention of keeping it for many 86 Corolla has 152,000 miles and would probably give me more if I fixed the muffler and water pump..but it is time to move up to the van...but the purpose of this post is to thank everyone who has sent has been an education!!! Almost too much!! When I spoke to the dealers--I had the 2001 Odyssey prices before they did and I told the salesperson that the horsepower was increasing to 210 on the Sienna..I don't think she believed me..she finally called back confirming what I already knew...amazing!
    WE are now just procrastinating the visit to the dealer to place the order...It still amazes and angers me that we received a phone call from a salesperson that they "just got" an Odyssey LX in the color we wanted, it would go fast but the prices as at least $1000 over MSRP.....I had been reading about this on the postings, but still became angry when it happened to me...told the sales person that we would NOT pay over sticker, we'll wait until we can at least get it for sticker.

    We do have a slight dilemma--LX vs Ex...would like the remote entry, roof rails and CD player...not really interested in the power doors...any suggestions out there??? For the prices of the add-ons should we just go with the EX????

    Not looking forward to the actual placing of the order...have been referred to a dealer by a friend who says that he'll taken care of us...but what does that mean when it comes to the Odyssey??? Have read "murman's" posts regarding supply and demand economics, but it is still difficult/outrageous to accept....but the fact seems to remain that even if you get a "Deal" on i.e. a still works out to be about the same price as the why not go with the Odyssey (unless you are in a hurry.)? Also, have you found that the salespeople seem to be new and don't know their product?

    Sorry about this long post, but I've been reading on the side line and wanted to post my 2 cents...but especially a big thank you to all ...this will be our most educated purchase..(Why is it that I feel we'll go in to the dealer with all this info and still get taken???? hence procrastination...our cars are still running)
  • Anyone know of an ethical dealer in Dallas who will sell 01 ODY for MSRP or less?
  • Most of them should. David McDavid in Irving was frequently quoted as giving $300 off MSRP (ask for their internet salesman maybe) and Jim McNatt in Lewisville has always sold at MSRP (asking a $500 non?refundable deposit). Just be careful with Lute Riley in Richardson; they have the biggest allocation (they're the 2nd biggest volume Honda dealer in the country) but tend to try to stick on mandatory options (an oxymoron to be sure!). However, shrewd dealing folks have gotten MSRP and no added options even from them. Good Luck....
  • i think, to a certain extent, other manufacturers (especially the big three) jack up their msrp's so that buyers can feel really good about getting thousands off, even if they end up paying more. you should still compare value instead of how much was taken off sticker. i'd still much rather pay $27K for a ody than get $4000 off a t&c and still pay $27K.

    re: murman's post, supply and demand pricing is one thing, telling buyers that the 2001s won't be coming out until next february (an outright lie)or that "you will get the very next one that comes in because you're at the top of the waiting list" and then selling it to the first walk-up buyer (another lie) is unacceptable.
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