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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I was told in July mid-sep, August 19th I was told build date of 9/3 and delivery 13-16 Sep. Got the vin on 9/10, arrived at dealer on 16 Sep, took delivery on 18 Sep.
  • The used 2000 CSS was an EX....
  • I think you might be right about Honda making plentiful Starlight Silvers first for 2001. We saw one at each of the two dealers we drove by (just checking!) this past weekend. The only other color we saw on the lot was DEP.

    PS David McDavid in Irving, TX, had a 2000 CSS on their used car lot (they were closed so I don't know what they are asking, mileage, or the creative story as to why it's there).
  • Just trust me. Sneaky sneaky sneaky.
  • jph4jph4 Posts: 2
    I placed an order for a mesa beige LX and they said 4-6 weeks delivery. Today I got a call and the car is on its way to the dealership. The only problem is that my negotiater is out of town!! How much should I expect to pay for keyless entry and roof rack? I am thinking about having a sunroof put in also. HELP!! Any ideas?
  • Thank you ritcom...just to give you an update...still in the procstinate mode....had to recently repair one of our cars...will probably wait the winter out and order the odyseey for spring...also will keep checking postings and advertising in the meanwhile ....

    thanks all. good luck & safe driving with all the new purchases!!!
  • jph4,
    Congratulations! We've had our 2000 GG LX for 4 weeks now and love it. We got the roof rack for $290 installed, and I've seen some earlier posts around $350. Our keyless entry was free due to the salesman's mistake; perhaps someone else can help you with that. I'd recommend the cargo tray as well (I paid $52+tax) to protect the rear well when the third seat is up. Good luck!
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Have you received your Hondacare wty. yet. It is the Genuine Honda Warranty right. 0 deductible, 72 months 100,000 mi. My dealer is trying to tell me he can't even get it for 885 his cost and is trying to tell me that it must be an offbrand warranty. Can someone comment on this so I got some ammo for paper signing Sat. morning.
  • will sell you a $50 deductible warranty for under $500.00
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    No thanks. You get what you pay for with those offbrand warrantys. Most dealers won';t honor them, so you pay upfront and hope to get reinbursed.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Forgot to add, it may be ok for a few hundred dollar tv but not a 30,000 vehicle. I know I will now get flamed from a lot of people who have had no problems but then again........
  • According to the website, you only pay $50.00. The shop calls the warranty company, confirms coverage, and direct bills the warranty company. Your only out of pocket is $50.00. I don't know from firsthand experience, I'm still waiting for my Oddy to arrive...
  • Yes you will wait for your van, but at msrp and a pleasent buying experience is worth it. And really all Honda's are worth the price. I've found a dealer with both. In southern CA. Contact me about my dealer and salesperson. He's the most knowledgeable salesmen offering honda's that I've found. Shopping can still be FUN!
  • I have about 4 weeks to go to receive our Ody. I called David Winnie at Upstate Honda (NY). His # is on a post about 50 or so back. But go to the Honda Odyssey search page (70 links). Look for "Honda Odyssey related topics and tips". There are four dealers listed that offer the genuine Hondacare wty. (7yr./$0 ded./100k mile) at the low price. David Winnie quoted me on the phone $895. Remember no state tax if outside NY if you go with David. Yes it is the real deal. I still am contemplating buying it. With an EX on the way and the questions surrounding the power doors, I'd like to know from other wty. holders if the wty. is worthwhile. Plan to keep Ody. long-term. Hope I helped!
  • We just received our December allocation for 2001's. I was totally shocked at the speed that these cars were sold. 15 were sold in less than 30 minutes. All were sold at MSRP with no add ons. If you are in the Baltimore area, let me know if you want an Odyssey.
  • alingaling Posts: 598
    Just a friendly reminder that according to the Townhall Participant Agreement that all members have agreed to, solicitation is not permitted. If anyone is unclear as to the rules of Townhall, please take the time to review the agreement once again.

    Any inside scoups as far as info goes are most appreciated though! :-)

    Townhall Community Leader/Vans Conference
  • I am looking to buy an 2001 LX. I have seen a couple posts indicating the ability to get below MSRP on Honda Odysseys at dealerships in Ohio. Could those people let me know what dealerships they dealt with and with whom they dealt.

    Also, if anyone else has bought an Odyssey in Ohio what prices did you get and what was your experience. Wait time?
  • I posted this question about 20 or so posts back.

    Does Honda provide its dealers with one mass build date per month's allocation?

    I went by my dealer this past weekend. They had been given a build date for their October allocation (Oct. 14th by the way). Seems to me that since Honda is building Odys daily, a dealer's monthly allocation would be built throughout the month not just one day.

    As is, we'll see our GG EX in late October (hopefully). Please give some insight as to how dealers receive their Odys. I've been told by my dealer and others that Odys can come in most any day of the month. Sorry for ramble!
  • I am picking up my 2001 EX today (yippeee)! Anyone with info on extended warranties? I am interested in knowing what should be paid and who it should, or should not, be through (ie. Honda or a 3rd party carrier). Thanks to all who respond.
  • imho, the genuine hondacare warranty is the only one to consider. it is zero deductible, good at any honda dealer, includes road service (like AAA), and includes most things that could go wrong (other warranties only tell you what is included...the hondacare warranty tells you EVERYTHING is covered except a few things.

    you can order it from a few honda dealers for $895. i told this to the guy when we bought ours and he offered to sell it to me for $985...i took it to save having to take the extra steps of getting it later.
  • Thought I would give a little back to the folks I've gotten so much from.

    I took delivery of my '01 LX on Saturday. I paid:

    - $750 under MSRP
    - $343 for the security system installed ($593 MSRP)
    - Free mud flaps and leather wrapped steering wheel cover
    - $835 for the 7/100/0 HondaCare Warranty

    I bought it from Hatfield Honda in Maumee, Ohio {just south of Toledo). The salesman was Don Towle. Couldn't have asked for more from Don. Very professional, delivered vehicle as promised, etc. Build date was 9/14, it was shipped 9/15 and arrived at the dealership 9/20. Don also gave me a fair price for my trade-in.

    Regarding leather: Hatfield Honda typically goes through a place that uses Katzkin. Based on feedback from others at Edmunds, I was skeptical of the quality of Katzkin (note that I have NOT seen it firsthand).

    I had checked at local dealerships (in the Cincinnati area) and all were charging $2500 for Classic Softtrim at a Cincy-based installer. I called the installer directly, told them I had just arrived in the area, and asked for a quote. They said they couldn't breech their agreements with the local dealerships by giving me dealer pricing, but would be happy to do it at FULL RETAIL PRICE of $1799 (nice local dealers, huh?).

    To make a long story short, I ended up having Don call them directly, and tell them he had a Cincy-based customer interested in the leather package. Don agreed to pass his savings directly to me. Total cost: $1199. I still haven't decided whether or not to get the leather, but it's awfully tempting at that price. I'm glad the local dealers found a way to gouge the consumer, since they aren't making much money by selling the Odyssey's at MSRP...

    (BTW, Don will put on any accessories/options at his cost.)
  • lvc2lvc2 Posts: 4
    Not sure how much help this is but I purchased a Starlight Silver 2001 LX in Evansville IN at DPatrick Motorplex on 9/15/00 for $800 below MSRP. Our salesmans name was Stephen Schweikarth. First name pronounced Steven; luckily he is the only Stephen there so you need not ask for him by his full name. Evansville is in the far Southwestern corner of the state. I live in Tulsa OK so I flew into Evanville via American Eagle (believe United flies there also) & Stephen picked me up at the airport in my Ody. If you want more info let me know. I will be happy to share what I know. Good luck.
  • jimbo71- Can you give us the phone # of your dealer? $835 for the Hondacare wty. is a great deal! If you can't that, I guess that is what 411 is for.

    binkybarnes- Hope you are enjoying your Ody. I am living vicariously thru new recipients of this high demand van. 4 weeks to go! I'm wondering if I can purchase Hondacare wty. after purchase for same price. I did not ask the dealers yet if this is true. My wife needs convincing that the wty. is a smart buy, and maybe I do too. Reply appreciated from everyone.
  • Okay cars4sale, you wrote yesterday (9/27) that you had a dealer in Socal to recommend. I am in NorCal but if I can actually get one in SoCal for MSRP it would be worth the trip down to your neck of the woods to get one. Thanks, you can e-mail me at
  • We received our allocation at the end of the month. This was for deliveries in December. They do not provide anything other than colors, and models. Vins will start arriving about 30 days before delivery date, this is the date when the product is actually made. When we receive the Vin, then we can get the paperwork started.

    Good luck.
  • Thanks for the quick response. I will check into both of these dealer.

    BTW how did you locate these dealers. What was your actual wait time to get the vehicle. What do you think of the Starlight Silver color.

    LVC2 - did you add any options and what was the price. I would like to add keyless remote but that is all.

    Look forward to hearing from you.
  • Perry Motors in Bishop, CA sells at or $500 below msrp. Talk to Jerry.
  • klyuklyu Posts: 1
    Like the new Ody for its 7 shoulder belts and captain's chair in the middle row. We have two kids and like to put both of them in booster seats in the 2nd row seats. Our 95 Toy Previa 2nd row bench seat has only one shoulder belt. So we put them in the less desirable 3rd row and the booster seats tend to tip over while making turns. Put a deposit with 4 weeks ago on a 2000 model for $50 over MSRP with 4-6 month wait. They cancelled my order last week saying no more 2000 model is available and I will have to start the whole process again with the 2001 model. was quoting $1800 over MSRP. Referred to Metro Honda in S. Cal. by Internet manager (Yvonne Mason - nice gal) tells me they sell at MSRP with no mandatory options. They don't need a deposit and will call when van is coming. I got two calls from them in the last two months. The first time they left a message at my office but the van was sold when I called the next morning. The second time I was on vacation. I called Yvonne two weeks ago was told to go down to the dealer to start the preliminary paper work. Filled out the paper work (credit check) and was given a vin# on a 2001 SS EX, without putting down any deposit. The actual price was $95 over the MSRP plus $45 doc fee. I wasn't going to argue over the $95 since the other two local dealers (Sierra and Norm Reeves) wanted $1500 to $2000 of mandatory/useless options. Got a call from them on Tuesday afternoon and picked up the van that evening. They offered me only $9100 for my 95 Previa with 42K miles. Sold it to a Toyota dealer for $10K.
  • I was told by Jeff at Perry Motors in Bishop, CA that they get one Odyssey per month. Even though they sell at $500 under MSRP, it will be a long time before they go through their list of people who have put down deposits.
  • chip, we are loving the ody! everytime we have to go somewhere, our dd asks if we can take the van. even when it is just parked in the garage, she asks if she can go play inside the van (she likes to dance in the back with the magic seat folded).
    anyway, i NEVER buy extended warranties...i'm a real skeptic of them in general. HOWEVER, buying the hondacare warranty was a no-brainer for me. 99.99 percent of the time, we will be opening the sliding doors with the power motors...they're gonna get a lot of use. i'm sure they would be REAL expensive to fix. plus, the plastic radiator honda uses now seem to crack after 4 or 5 years and that's about a $400 repair. plus, it includes roadside assistance (great if you don't have AAA). our dealer told us that, if you purchased the warranty afterwards, they need to somehow certify the mileage on the vehicle at the time.
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