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2013 and earlier Honda Odyssey Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Kevin- You're welcome. I'm glad you had a good experience at Bryan. I got so much great information from this forum, so I'm glad to be able to provide soem to someone else.

    klyu - We also have a '95 Previa but ours has 130k miles, and it's STILL not quite paid off! Our '01 Ody EX is now our OTHER minivan, we're keeping the Previa until it dies (great van, and one of the most reliable vehicles of any kind according to Consumer Reports).

  • Picked up our 2001 EX (silver) yesterday. Sticker was $26,840 + $995 dealer added package. Paid $26,000 + tax + license and $289.40 dealer fees. Dealer was Sam Swope Honda World,in Louisville, Kentucky. They tried for more but I tried harder. They quoted 7 year/100K mile/0 deductible @ $1,000. From what I've been reading I will tell them I am interested @ no more than $895.
  • Some of the previous posts name Hatfield Honda in the Toledo area as well as Rick Case, MotorCars and Ganley in Cleveland. Some of the Cleveland deals tend to float up & down a bit from week to week - I've gotten quotes from msrp to at least $500 under, and observed posted deals as low as $1200 under. Check 'em out...
  • lvc2lvc2 Posts: 4
    I found out about DPatrick from someone that posted a message here singing their praises.
    We only wanted floormats & they are now standard (at least on the '01 LX). I did inquire as to DPatricks prices on a couple of options and was not impressed but I didn't try to negotiate the prices they quoted either. Instead of the remote keyless from Honda for about $300 I am going to have a complete Alpine alarm system installed for about the same money. I also plan to install the leather steering wheel cover myself & have the windows tinted. Like I said the option prices were high from DPat but they were VERY no pressure about everything. I believe their current waiting list is November (may be December by now). Please let me know if I can help. Good luck & happy hunting.
  • I live in the Dayton, OH area.

    Requested quotes from Autobytel, Autoweb, and Autovantage on an '01 ODY LX. I was quoted $400 under MSRP by all of them. Things changes when I requested dealer add-ons (roof-rack, CD player, Keyless entry). Autobytel's affiliate dealer (in the Cincinnati area) quoted me $24,800 for all (+ tax/title). Destination charge was included in the price. Autovantage's affiliate (also in Cincinnati)came in $85 higher, and Autoweb's affiliate (in Dayton) would not go below $25,000.

    I am going with the Autobytel deal. They also took my deposit via credit card so that I wouldn't have to drive down there. Expect delivery in mid/late October.
  • I have been reading several Odyssey forums for the past several weeks and now it is time to give back something.

    I live in CobbCounty Georgia. It is a county located just north of Atlanta. We started looking for a new car when our '93 Grand Voyager SE had a steering overhaul. I swore it was the last money I would put into the van. In fact we are now driving without a spare since the flat we had last week can't be fixed. We looked at SUV's and vans. We ruled out the SUV's since the return on the dollar investment was poor. Not only resale, but also mileage and repairs. We are not thrilled with driving a van for another 6-8 years, but price and space are a definite consideration. We test-drove the 2001 Grand Caravan, Sienna, and Odyssey. Having decided on the Odyssey it was time to get a price which is the main thrust of this message.

    We learned from this and other forums that MSRP was about as low as we could expect (with the exception of some very lucky folks) and went looking with this in mind. We received the following quotes. We hope this helps those of you still looking. The prices are for a SS Ex w/leather.

    Carey Paul Honda $30,240
    Ed Voyles $30,180
    Hennessey $29,952 --there was one for sale on the lot
    Nalley $29,755
    Honda Carland $29,735
    Boomershine $28,840--yes list for the car & $2,000 for the leather.

    Boomershine is located in Cartersville about 45 minutes north of us, but for MSRP it is worth the drive. Anyway I wasted 4 hours today so 45 minutes away is nothing. I talked with Byron who told me over the phone that their price was MSRP and none of the BS add-on costs of the dealers closer to Atlanta. I told the dealers I visited in person that I didn't want any of their extra packages and they said they only sold the cars with them "so we can make more profit".
  • I drove a '01 Ex today. Dealer quoted invoice - $26,840 plus $199 for a paint sealer put on by the dealer. After talking with the salesman, it seems the paint sealer is a type of wax. He says it is a must to protect the clear coat on the car. Is this a lot of bunk? I can do a lot of waxing on the van for $199. Any thoughts appreciated.
  • Hi All,

    Vowed not to come back so soon, and leave things as they are for now. Started my search again! From the looks of the latest posts, "Could the Odyssey market be losening up a little." The NYC area are quoting them at $26,840 and back on the dreaded waiting list, with a $500.00 deposit for 4 or 6 or 12 weeks. Unless of course you want to pay $1000.00 above MSRP and drive it home immediately, as stated from a dealer in Queens, NY. Of course for the 2001 EX. Tryin to wait it out just a little longer.

    Anybody out there shoppin for the Ody 2001 EX in the NYC Tristate area? Any advice for a Brooklyn, NY family? Haven't give up hope yet.
    Still searchin.
  • klwsklws Posts: 7

    Sorry for the slow response.

    Regarding my deposit at LaPointe, they gave it back to me with no problems. The salesman I was dealing with, Ernest Wood, didn't seem to mind at all, to my surprise.

    I have worked with him in the past, bought a 99 Accord V6 from him and found him to be very reasonable. Also, I called him before taking the Bryan offer just to let him know I had a deal in the works with a better timeframe.

    Good luck with Hendrick. I would guess that if you argue it enough, you should get your deposit back. Especially if their timeframe has been extended since when you put the deposit down.
  • If anyone does not feel like waiting for a '01 Odyssey EX, or go through dealer mandated add-on costs, we have a pristine white one for sale at MSRP with fern interior plus upgraded leather, crossbars, michelin tires.
    IMMEDIATELY email marcus15 in Miami, FL. because it will probably be gone this week.
    My wife had a change of heart and we will part with it for the price we paid yesterday Sept 30th.
    It has the mileage we arrived in our garage with
    (105 miles) and will not be moved until the buyer arrives
  • If you were only like 2700 miles closer, I'd jump on it.
    Oh well, we will keep on waiting.
  • The dealer we are working with tells us it will cost $1800. Is this too pricey?
  • Find out where your dealer shops it out to. Then call them and ask them for an estimate for your (honda) van.
    You'll be surprised. If not, shop other shops then have it done at your convenience. It takes a couple of days.
    We got a great deal before taking ownership because our dealer in Ft. Lauderdale was not out to make a killing.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Just paid $1300 in Mich for Classic Leather, all seats and doors. Classic is supposed to be the best. I agree, its beautiful.
    Most shops have agreements not to charge less then the dealer (under cut) because the dealer will take his business elsewhere.
  • chip28chip28 Posts: 11
    Seeing as it is Oct. 1 and our Ody is being built on Oct. 14, we will stick it out. Boy, Bryan Honda in Fayetteville is an Ody oasis compared with the big city. Others reading this and still on the ODY "bubble", CALL them. They are in Fayetteville, NC. MSRP and little if any wait! Too bad I called them AFTER Hendrick. I signed a sale order that clearly says "non-refundable" and that is my mistake.
    With about three weeks to go, the pain is fading.
    Thanks and I wish you all the best with your new Ody!
  • This has also been posted under the General Odyssey page.
    I am very interested in what price is being paid for Odysseys in Canada. I find it hard to believe that the MSRP or close to it is the best that dealers are willing to go in Canada. While I have yet to enter into serious negotiations with a dealer, the best that I have been quoted is $31,000 which included the freight and PDI for a 2001 LX. I recall reading a post a few months back from a fellow Canadian that paid significantly less than MSRP. Unlike the US market, all dealers I have contacted lately seem to have 2 or more units on the lot, so availability is not as big of an issue. In Canada, you must pay a third party to get ahold of the dealer cost, and I have not done this yet because I am unsure if it would help in negotiations. Both LX and EX pricing information would be appreciated.
  • Can anyone suggest a good(fair) dealership to deal with on an Odyssey in the Memphis, TN area or within a 200 mile radius(Little Rock, AR Jackson, MS Nashville, TN)? We are starting to look and could use some leads.

    Thanks, bigtime!
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Why when checking the Honda site there is no upstate Honda in NY. The number belongs to Saratoga Honda in Saratoga Springs, NY.
  • acctc2acctc2 Posts: 1

    We just picked up a 2001 from BayRidge Honda in Brooklyn, NY. We paid list price (no mandatory addons) and we waiting since July. Could have gotten it sooner if color didn't matter.

    Our salesman was Igor and he was very helpful.

    We also went to Plaza Honda, but they wanted over MSRP.
  • Thanks for the quick response. Am originally from Clinton, MS. Will check into it on my next trip down.
    If anyone knows of any in the immediate Memphis area that would be ideal! I have a lead on one, and will accept all the tips I can get.

    Thanks again!
  • srcd00srcd00 Posts: 2
    I am very interested in the '01 Ody EX but have been very discouraged with the pricing I am finding. On Saturday I was looking at the new Silver EX model with the standard features/options. Long Beach Honda was posting MSRP $26,840 plus an additional $2,000 mark-up!! From what I've seen the invoice is 24K +/-. Is it possible to buy at invoice? I hear people buying cars all the time for invoice. Is the 2K upcharge too high or is this standard. They told me the upcharge was because they were in hot demand, they even said if I didn't buy this week-end (last day of Sept) the upcharge was probably going up to 3K next month. Should I be paying standard MSRP (26,840)? Anybody in LA or Orange county bought lately?
  • All,

    Just dropped off my 98 Gr Caravan for the 3rd time
    in 2 months for transmission work. This was the last straw. You would think I could get more than
    30k miles for a brand new transmission. Well that's the final straw.

    I'm looking of an LX fast! Some of you folks mentioned Ohio was a good start. My local dealer in NJ quoted 27,400 for an EX Tags, Title, Destination Incl. The van would be delivered in Dec. Does anyone think I can do better?


  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    Based on info posted in the Ody forums, buying near invoice only happened to one person who was quoted wrong by dealer and only threat of legal action maintained the deal. So in answer to your question, I doubt you will find near invoice anywhere.

    MSRP or above is the norm or the requirement of mandatory options. Some dealers in Cleveland going as far as $500 off but not certain of that number.

    Your best bet is to go to this link:

    and start calling dealers. Maybe some of your CA compatriots can suggest dealers.
  • chip30chip30 Posts: 11
    I believe it was called Upstate Honda because of location (upstate NY). I've spoken w/ David using that #, so it is correct.
    PS: Try "Honda Odyssey Links" created by KarenS.
    Towards the bottom are several dealers listed w/ good deals on 7/0/100 Hondacare wty.--Chip
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    I also bought from Upstate or whatever they call themselves. I just wondered why it was one name here and on the Honda site it's called another, even though they have same #
  • Look at posts 311 and 351 in the link below. They will give you a place to start looking for dealers selling Odyssey's at MSRP. That Long Beach dealer is representative of most of the dealers that I spoke with. There is a lot of price gouging and dealer greed going on around Southern California but it will continue until car buyers start walking away from these tactics. I called 45 dealers in Southern California so I got a good feel for the games being played. Check out the posts I referenced above in the following link below. Good Luck.
  • Oxnard HOnda reportedly sells for MSRP. Vista Honda in Ventura sells for msrp, but adds on about $500 worth of options for which they charge $1300.00. Try Brandon Kimmell in Lancaster at Pioneer HOnda. He sells for msrp, will take a refundable deposit. I am on their waiting list, but haven't gotten my car yet. Also Bakersfield Honda reportedly sells for msrp. Kolbe Honda in Reseda sells for $1000 over msrp. First HOnda in Simi valley adds a bunch of REALLY expensive and overpriced options to their vehicles, raising the price to about $31,000. YOu just have to shop around, put down your deposit and wait it out.
  • ustinyustiny Posts: 6
    Fred, email me at I can tell you wehre you can get a LX within 3-4 weeks at MSRP with no add-ons in the NY metro area.
  • framos3,

    I live in Ohio (Dayton. Contact Autobytel, Autoweb,and/or Autovantage and ask for any major city in Ohio. Fly or drive out to pick it up. The dealers in our area get an allotment of about 30 per month, not all of them are spoken for. If you are flexible on color, you may be able to get one within 3 weeks, less if they can trade with another dealer for your color (don't ask for mesa beige). If you can't get it for less that MSRP, then you aren't trying hard enough (at least in Ohio). It is MUCH easier getting below MSRP if you use an internet broker (mentioned above).

    Good luck, mine should be in in mid-October.
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