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BMW 3-Series Maintenance and Repair



  • salmazsalmaz Posts: 3
    I can't yet speak about reliability as my new 330i is currently being built, but in response to your "p.s.", I would strongly urge you to visit Princeton BMW and see Bob Sherlock. I had been to 3 different dealerships and Princeton is by far the best run, gave me the best price, and my client advisor (as they are called), was the most responsive, courteous and professional individual I've dealt with. :)
  • thomas17thomas17 Posts: 2
    :( I have a 2003 3301 BMW. It seems that every time I put gas in the tank, the service engine light comes on. I have made sure that the cap is pushed in and on tight. I hear the clicking. I took it to the dealer and they said they found nothing. What do you think could be wrong? Any advice would be helpful for my return trip to the dealer. Thanks in advance.
  • wellyswellys Posts: 1
    hey there just discovered the exact same problem as u have described today on my 2001 330i aswell let mi know if u find out what the problem is and vice versa at fist i thought it was a loose wire but no, then i thought it was the switch now i think it may be the light module. if u open the glove box and open the fuse box in there at the top u can hear a relay or somethin clickin in and out in there so maybe its that will have a closer look tomorrow in the day light and keep u posted thanx
  • owner6owner6 Posts: 89
    I purchased a 2002 330I new (now my son has it now with approx 65K miles). It had this intermittent service light problem after filling the gas tank. The first time it happened, I called the service manager and he was aware of the problem and told me what to do. He informed me it was a design glitch and replacing parts does not fix it according to two dealers. There is a pressure sensing system in the cars gas filler/tank that sets off the service light at times. You need to remove the cap for about 15 seconds and re-install it. This will relieve the pressure and the light will go off when the gas and tank cools, when it feels like. My light extinguished immediately or after setting in the garage overnight. This happened intermittently for the 1st year I owned the car. Than it went away for 3 years and than it happened once to my son. Go Figure. I insisted on having the sensor replaced, watched them do it, was told it would not help and it did not. That is my experience.
  • thomas17thomas17 Posts: 2
    Replying to owner6. Thank you for the information. My next question is will this damage the engine? :confuse:
  • I have a 2006 330xi with less than 1000 miles on it. Today, while making a deposit at an ATM, a young girl rammed me from behind.

    The damage is limited to two gouges in the plastic panel beneath the rear license plate. The gouges are about the size of a quarter and are cut into the plastic. They are actually very deep scratches with some scuffing around the edges. They are noticeable but not real deep.

    Does anyone know if they can be sanded out and repainted or does a plastic panel need to be replaced? Any experience on price for replacing this panel?


  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    Based on my experience, a good body shop can refinish a scratched or gouged bumper cover so that the repair is undetectable.
  • koimankoiman Posts: 12
    I purchased a 325xi with a salvage title it doesn't need much work pass.door , front shock, rim, and bumper cover. Will bmw honor the warranty ? My daughter has a scion tc with salvage title and has had no problems with warranty work in fact they even performed free maintenance (oil changes).
  • bmwguy2bmwguy2 Posts: 13
    i work for a bmw dealership here in new jersey ,thats a tough one,why dont you simply avoid problems and put the battery on a trickle charger ,you can get at any bmw dealership,connects into cigeratte lighter,secoundly,sir your a fool,you are comparing a real car with hi tech electronics to a dodge,give me a break,the only thing that dodge has thats hi tech is the glove box amp.bmws ,any bmw will use current even with car shut off and sits for exteneded time,as a matter of fact,according to bmw warranty policy and procedure,a vehicle needing a jump start due to sitting for xtended period of time is not a warranty issue,if the battery is bad ,thats another story,but if its not driven another story,bmws sir are hi tech please dont insult your intelligence by comparing it to a dodge ,dodge could not build anything close to a bmw,they try with a mercedes .and they are struggling ,the radio,alarm all use a low amperage even when off,sit in the bmw with the car off ,and there is a red led that blinks ,well where does the power come from ,the master generator in the sky????????????get real sir,
  • bmwguy2bmwguy2 Posts: 13
    fyi,bmw will not honor any warranty needed work,as a matter of fact ,when a bmw vehicle goes to a dealerrship,they run whats called a dcs,it gives the info on the car ,engine trans date of production,options ,warranty info ,customer name and any warraty info ,restrictions if any ,go to a bmw dealer ship and have him run the vin and see what comes up,i work for a bmw dealership here in new jersey and from what i have seen,bmw will not cover the vehicle when its salvaged,the vechicle could have a seriuos problem which why it was salvaged to begin with ,then it becomes a legal issue if something was to happen to the caris it a fault of bmw or the reason why it was salvaged
  • owner6owner6 Posts: 89
    The insurance companies will replace a 2006 auto bumper. Thats why this Girl has insurance. Get it replaced at the BMW body shop. Its a new car and deserves a new bumper, not some second rate fix. The girls insurance co is obligated to give you a rental car.. keep us posted.

  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 57,371
    no...salvage title means no warranty, period. If Scion is doing it, she just lucked out or the repair was emissions related. I guess you can give it a try....Also your insurance company may not pay for repairs if it is unaware that the car is under salvage title, and if it finds this out.

    here's what CARFAX says:

    "Vehicles with titles that have been branded as salvaged, scrapped, or dismantled are not covered under the manufacturer's warranty, with the exception of applicable emissions warranties. For further information regarding the branding of vehicle titles, please contact your state's department of motor vehicles."

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  • jamesspotjamesspot Posts: 57
    I feel your pain. A minivan backed into my '04 after I owned it for 5 days. Any decent body repair shop will remove the bumper, sand it out, mix their own paint to match, repaint and then paint the clear coat. After putting it back on, you will not know the difference, The only drawback is if it happens again, you will need a new bumper, as they can only be sanded so much.
    Repairing the BMW bumper is around $300-350. A new one for a Mazda Protege (my daughter was rear-ended twice, one minor repair, one bumper replacement) is $500. I'm guessing a new BMW bumper will be slightly more.
  • koimankoiman Posts: 12
    "a legal issue if something was to happen to the caris it a fault of bmw or the reason why it was salvaged " My car will undergo an inspection by the state I think this would absolve any legal issues. I also see many cars with no damage at all that sell as salvage simply because they are stolen and insurance has paid off before recovery. I currently own a mini and have had a positive experience with them so I'll call my dealer when the car is road ready and hope for the best.
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    Why do you think you were able to buy that E46 for such a low price?
    Could it possibly be because it has a (drum roll) SALVAGE TITLE?
    Which means a savvy buyer would realize that the sled:
    Likely has NO warranty coverage,
    Will probably have a trade-in value somewhere south of a 1998 Kia with 250,000 miles,
    Possibly be uninsurable.
    You see, as Robert Heinlein always said, TANSTAAFL(There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch); the money you "saved" by buying the heap will be spent paying for work that would normally be covered by the OEM warranty-not to mention the hit you will take when you try to sell it. If it wasn't an xi, I'd think that maybe you could find a CCA Club Racer who might want it. But it is and you won't. Just out of curiosity, how many pieces was the car in when you bought it?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 57,371
    insurance companies don't like to pay for the same car twice, so you'd best check if they will cover you in an accident...I kinda doubt it but sometimes they will if they know all the circumstances of the total.

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  • glakerglaker Posts: 49
    Okay, for two seasons I have been switching back and forth between a set of summer wheels/tires and a winter set. In the fall I had trouble getting one of the wheels off the hub and needed help from a local repair shop. Now I have another wheel I can't get off after the winter. First thing I'm gonna do is get a floor jack so I can really bang on the wheel to get it off. But I'm wondering if there is a compound I can put on the hub to keep the wheels from "freezing" to the hub. Does anyone have a suggestion? Thanks...
  • koimankoiman Posts: 12
    Why the attitude? I bought this car for myself not to sell and make a buck. I've had a offer of 21000 for it by a customer of the body shop but selling was never my intention. I've owned 4 salvage title car in my life all restored by the same bodyshop and I've had no troubles with any of them. When looking for this type of car I've notice that why the insurance co. salvage one car and not another is almost impossible to understand. The car I bought is low mileage and very lightly damaged I've known other people who owned your basic domestic car that were heavily damaged and even required clips that the insurance co. gave clear title. I realize the salvage title hurts the trade in value but if you research it you will see its in the 20 to 30% range and having photos of your car before the restore are helpful. Keep an open mind you may learn something.
  • chile96chile96 Posts: 330
    sorry for the delay to your question but i have been extremely happy with the michelin pilot sports. incredible tire!

    my wife did not a curb pretty hard and a bubble did show up but we went over to discount and the tire was replaced free of charge since we bought the "no questions asked" tire replacement policy for ~$25 a tire. best insurance ever! no, it's not prorated, a completely new tire

    when i get some time, i'm going to take my other new sports cars over there and get the insurance on my existing tires - they'll do this after inspecting them to make sure that they are relatively new and free of issues
  • webby1webby1 Posts: 209
    I have a 2004 330i and after over 40 yrs of driving many different cars this is the most enjoyable and reliable car so far. My son has 2005 320i and he also loves it.
    My dealer is great...I am in Canada.
    I would be very surprised if you test drive one and do not like it ?!
  • Hi Guys,

    I am an owner of 2006 BMW 325i with Navigation option. I bought it in late November and loving it. However last evening, out of nowhere my Navigation system started acting weirdly. It shows me wrong current location of my car. Also when I feed in new destination it starts with voice command " your route is in the display direction" but then never guides me further. Also on the map my car is shown at some other location (I don't live there nor have been there) and the current location never changes. I am taking my car to a dealership this weekend to get this checked.

    Any input on this will be appreciated.

  • hgeyerhgeyer Posts: 188
    I have the same problem. I saw a product called Wheelmates by Kleen Wheels at Bavarian Auto for $19.95. These are thin non-metallic discs that install between the wheel and rotor to prevent sticking. I'm thinking of buying these, does anyone have any experience with the product?

    The part number is 4505 at
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 57,371
    It's a two-way street with salvage cars, to wit:

    "whatever got you into a car cheap when you buy it, will in turn penalize you when you sell it".

    If you understand that, then there's no problem with owning a salvage car....presuming somebody put it back together again correctly of course.

    You will find a trend developing these days in the insurance industry to salvage more and more cars rather than fix them.

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  • sheepdgsheepdg Posts: 12
    Use a liberal dose of anti-sieze on the hubs and save youself a workout with a dead blow hammer next time.

    Be careful on the Kleen Wheels. In some cases they can restrict airflow to the rotors/calipers & pads which is not a good thing when your brakes start heating up. Also, most dealers won't provide warranty/maintenace on your brake system if you tool into the dealership wanting maintenance or warranty repair work with these installed!
  • jim1395jim1395 Posts: 34
    i use a rubber mallet and a few good hits around the tire. works every time for me.
  • For the past couple of months my exhaust has been making a roaring noise that is almost unbearable in the backseat. Can someone tell me what the problem is? and what is the easiest way to fix it? thanks
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 57,371
    that's something you need to look at right away, since you don't want exhaust gases leaking into the car. Any competent muffler shop should be able to locate the leak, but don't replace with a cheap muffler. Maybe just a connection came loose.

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  • jasondjasond Posts: 28
    I have a kinda basic question. My 330xi has picked up some asphalt behind the front and rear tires from road repairs in my area. I neglected it for a time and it now has hardened and I cannot remove it by simply washing the area. Is there any way I can remove this material without causing damage to the paint work? Incidentally I have the metallic silver color. Thanks, Jason
  • wjc12345wjc12345 Posts: 10
    Greetings All,

    Owner of a 2004 325i. Brought in my car for yearly "check-up" and finally got 1 problem "solved". Since the very begining, my radio display (LCD) was fragmented/extremely hard to read in cold weather. You'd have to wait 20 minutes before the car was warmed up, and then were finally able to read the radio station display. The dealership finally replaced the radio unit. When I picked up the car, I checked to see if the display was easily readable - and it was. However, once I got home, and was re-programming station pre-sets, I realized that the "ST" (denoting stereo was not appearing on any FM band stations, and the AM band now diplayed numbers in MHZ's & LHZ's - I am now totally unable to receive AM band stations. It almost seems like the radio has not been "Americanized" for U.S. radio reception. I live in Long Island & purchased car in Manhattan, so I couldn't just turn around & go back. They are closed today (Good Friday), and I can try my luck with a dealer near me - but I was wondering if there is a "quick Fix" to this problem. I read the "radio manual" cover to cover and found no help there.

    Thanks in advance to anyone with any ideas.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 57,371
    There are special tar removers you can buy at auto parts stores. I have heard that WD-40 softens it up, too but I would test that on a very inconspicuous part of the paint first, like the front air dam, way down underneath.

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