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Nissan Maxima Maintenance and Repair



  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    Yes, there is a fix for all these. It is called procurement of higher quality components, which means properly annealed sky view/sunroof panels and better quality front end components. So long as Nissan will search for the lowest cost components at the expense of quality, these problems will persist. Also, the components must be properly assembled, and this is one area where quality control seems to be limping too.
  • wainwain Posts: 479
    when Renault bought them is 00 or 01 the big push was to cut costs, not maintain quality and cut costs but cut costs.

    My grading would be Toyota about 96, Honda 93 and Nissan about an 85.
  • Ordered a Maxima SE almost 2 months ago. Found out yesterday that factory decided not to produce it and cancelled my order. I am one unhappy puppy! Same dealership (Beavercreek, Ohio) denied existence of the Nissan "Customer Satisfaction Initiative" on the 2004 Quest. Initiative involves up to 9 upgrades included under warranty for the 2004 Quest. Their service department is major sub-par. Do not mention anything found on the Internet as it is hearsay!
  • pegasus17pegasus17 Posts: 536
    I use the same dealership as you (JS) but luckily my 2003 Maxima SE has been mechanically trouble-free. FWIW, I never buy a car in the first production year. I wanted the new Accord in 2003 but even Honda quality wasn't good enough to overcome my first year fears. My last 2 cars were bought in the last year of their production cycles (2000 GMC Jimmy, 2003 Maxima SE) and both were very reliable. You might consider the 2005 Camry XLE or the Accord EX as a Maxima alternative. Just my .02
  • kevin111kevin111 Posts: 991
    A friend of mine just had his front brakes replaced in his car, and now finds his radio not working (worked prior to taking it in).

    Any ideas why this might have happened, or what this could be?

    Thank you.
  • aggiedogaggiedog Posts: 238
    First thing I'd check would be the fuses.
  • dirkworkdirkwork Posts: 210
    Its not in NVA but Laurel Maryland, but a friend of mine runs a very good small repair business called "Vernon's" on Rt 1 just north of Laurel's main drag, where the northbound and southbound lanes come right back together near Laurel Dodge (across street). He honestly prefers working on GM cars and hot rods but they do all sorts of stuff including motorhomes and trucks. Ask for Richard.
  • wainwain Posts: 479
    I have a 99 I30 with a CD changer under the seat - if you eject the CD cartridge that holds the 6 CDs while the car is running it blows the fuse every time.

    turn the key off and u can eject the cartridge with no problem
  • lichtronimolichtronimo Posts: 212
    I've got an order in for a 2004 SE that I placed in late may. I know the factory kicked my order out right away because they said to get a 6spd with sunroof that you had to order the Sensory package (I tried just getting by with cloth). We put the order back in ASAP and as far as I know everyting is OK.

    Did they give you a specific reason why the order was cancelled?
  • lichtronimo,

    They claimed that the factory would not produce the white package with the caffe latte interior. I do not know if they really knew the reason. We have since ordered a Chrysler 300C and when the order goes in and it is not producable, the order is kicked back immediately.

    I am overall disappointed with Nissan. I fought for 9 months to get my 2004 Quest fixed with numerous problems. The dealer and Nissan USA played dumb saying mine was the only Quest having problem. I shoved the Internet forums on these problems down their throat and they just ignored me. Now suddenly my Quest is at the dealer today having six problems fixed as the result of a Nissan Customer Satisfaction Initiative on the Quest. Nissan sucks!!!!!!!!!!!
  • lichtronimolichtronimo Posts: 212
    After reading your message, I called my dealer. My car got booted too. Lucky for me, another dealer had the exact same car as I ordered coming this week and they got it in exchange for an Altima.
  • pjnpjn Posts: 4
    That's very good advice (regarding the ECU). I had both O2 sensors replaced and my SES light reappeared a couple of weeks later. After a diagnositic test, the mechanic said it was computer related. Did the dealer perform the ECU update? or independent garage or other. I trust dealers as far as I can throw them.
  • ccermakccermak Posts: 260
    For me, I had the dealer do it. You can only get Nissan O2 sensors from a Nissan parts dealer. There are no knockoff O2 sensors, not even Bosch has them. Need to get OEM sensor. So I got the part at the dealer, and since I was already there, I just had them do it. They replaced the sensor and reprogrammed the ECU. Going forward, smarter to reprogram ECU and leave sensor since it's probably just ECU prob and not sensor prob. Then after ECU reprogram if SES light comes back on get a new O2 sensor. ECU flash is $79. O2 sensor part alone is like $225. What a ripoff. I was out the door for almost $400.
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    Just one piece of advice:

    Because O2 sensor replacements are very expensive, be very selective about what kind of fuel you use in your vehicle. The reason is that O2 sensors are very sensitive to alcohol contamination and some gasolines may contain more than maximum allowable amount. I have been using only premium brand name fuel in my 98 Maxima (Mobil, Amoco, Chevron) and have not had any O2 sensor problems. None in my 99 Mazda 626 with 91 K miles either. Or with my 95 Nissan V6 pickup with 84K miles.

    I do not use regular unleaded in any of my vehciles (premium only in Maxima and Mazda and mid grade in the pickup. What I spend extra in fuel translates into higher fuel economy and better performance and fewer repair bills. (In fact I have not had any fuel or emissions related issues with any of these vehicles to date and the engine service light never came on in any of them.

    Also, buy a bottle of Chevron Techron injector cleaner and pour it into your gas tank with each oil change ( I do this every 3 K miles.) This stuff really works. It will keep your fuel system clean and you will not have to go to any delaer and spend $ 100+ on injector cleaning periodically. I have not had the injectors cleaned in any of my vehciles. I clean the throttle bodies periodically, but generally they are fairly clean to begin with. Each of my vehicles has over 80k miles and they run great.
  • pjnpjn Posts: 4
    do you still have the url for that website that contains codes for 1995-2000 maxima's?
  • py111777py111777 Posts: 3
    Here's the update on my incident with reprogramming my 00 Maxima ECU because the SES light came on. The dealer charged me 275.00 for the service. After getting advice from this forum, I contacted the Nissan consumer hotline and told them what happened. The rep. agreed that the car was still under the 8yrs/80k miles emissions warranty. He contacted the dealer and within 2 weeks I received a refunded check for the whole amount.
  • claytonjclaytonj Posts: 2
    Hi guys,
    Two weeks ago I bought a used 2004 Maxima SE and while driving in the night, I realized that the headlamps are not focused on the road, they actually illuminate the back of cars but not the road. When I turn on the fog lamps, they provide a little better illumination but its still no picnic when driving in the night. I returned to the dealership and was told that these headlamps cannot be adjusted??? Strange as the was I left without an argument even though I think it was one of the stupidiest things that I had heard. Have anyone who owns a 2004 Maxima had similiar problems and if so, how did you get it fixed or how did you re focus the headlamps..

    Thank for your help
  • dklaneckydklanecky Posts: 559
    The headliamps are adjustable according to the 04 Maxima Shop Manual, Lighting Section (LT), page #39 describes the procedure. It looks like it's just an adjusting screw on the back of the headlight.
  • i have i 1988 nissan maxima can anyone tell me how to program my remote?
  • sihansihan Posts: 5
    I have 2000 maxima as well (GLE) with SES light on. I only drove little less than 50K and a few weeks ago it got turned on. My local mechanic tested and told me that all O2 sensors were working fine according to his computer kit, he said possibly it could be a little missfire from one of the sensors and the light got turned on. He de-programmed the SES light to be off but it came on again later. If I find out that my prob is ECU, I should be able to get a courtesy service from a dealer, thru corporate though?...
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    What diagnostic trouble codes were set?
  • sihansihan Posts: 5
    alcan, haven't had a chance to do the coding thing i'm kinda new here. reading prev pages, autozone is the way. will go there tomorrow and let you know.

    I agree with many of you that Nissan is going down deep. I did read business week talking about nissan's QC getting worse, especially on new minivans and V8 trucks. so new owners keep in mind. they said something to do with U.S. assembly line.. I had 81-280Z & 88-Max and they ran like a battle ship, never had any major probs. I say 280z has been the best car I had overall. my 90-300Z, thank God I sold it asap.. All all these purchases, I think I'm done with Nissan for now. I'm definitely leaning toward Toy & Honda for the next one.. Or even Chevy or GMC..
  • wainwain Posts: 479
    renault bought a big chunk of Nissan in 00 and started cutting costs.

    The words Mexico, China, or Renault not cause a quality thought in my mind.
  • sihansihan Posts: 5

    Got the trouble code:

    P0420 - Catalyst efficiently low bank #1.

    That's what the machine said. Do I have a chance to get a free service from a dealer when I have only 48K miles on...
  • derrickmderrickm Posts: 7
    I made a mistake a year and a half ago and sold my '92 Maxima for a new Camry. I'm sick of having no throttle response, so I'm going to buy a used Maxima. I'm looking at '00-'03, and wonder which years people feel had the fewest problems. I really like the added horsepower of the 02/03, but could live with a 00/01 easily. Any advice would be helpful.
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    In my opinion (and experience) 95-99 are the most reliable years. If you want good throttle response, your best choice is a 95-99 SE with a 5 speed manual transmission. Compared to a Camry with 4 cyl/auto, 5 speed manual SE feels like a sports car.

    I should know, I own a 98 Maxima SE with a 5 speed manual, and I rented a 4 cylinder/auto Camry and drove it about 1600 miles. Suffice to say, the Camry was really unresponsive when trying to pass somebody quickly, and I had to floor the car every time just to make it downshift because there was no passing power in top gear.
  • derrickmderrickm Posts: 7

    I'm really looking at either 00/01 or 02/03. I'm particularly impressed with the 02/03--I drove one and it was a rocket! After reading this forum, I'm thinking I'll get one that's still under warranty just to be safe.

    Btw, my Camry is the SE/V6. Passes fine, but anytime you're looking for immediate speed, forget it. A slight lag before the engine starts to rev up, then the tranny lets the engine wind up and doesn't produce any power until higher RPM. All-in-all a >1 second lag.
  • derrickmderrickm Posts: 7

    I'm really looking at either 00/01 or 02/03. I'm particularly impressed with the 02/03--I drove one and it was a rocket! After reading this forum, I'm thinking I'll get one that's still under warranty just to be safe.

    Btw, my Camry is the SE/V6. Passes fine, but anytime you're looking for immediate speed, forget it. A slight lag before the engine starts to rev up, then the tranny lets the engine wind up and doesn't produce any power until higher RPM. All-in-all a >1 second lag.
  • After over a decade with my 4cyl Camry, I just bought an '02 Maxima. I read a bunch of stuff trying to figure out that same question--'00-01 or 02-03? My conclusion, finally, was that any of them should be reliable. There were just a couple of problems in '00 when it was a new model. The '02 is no different from the '00-'01 except for the larger engine, but that engine was already quite mature.

    The 3.0 liter in the '00-'01 is no slouch, and there are tons of them on the used market right now. But if you happen to find a deal on an '02, like I did, go for it. You'll get to work a little sooner every day. ;-)
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