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Nissan Maxima Maintenance and Repair



  • Has anyone ever bought any Nissan parts online before, and from where?

    Is there any reputable sites for buying Nissan parts, bumper specifically?
  • carman4carman4 Posts: 15
  • duke_waduke_wa Posts: 12
    Yes, Lister, I share the same experience with my y2k heated Maxima seats. They warm up in about 45 seconds and the high setting is very toasty! It takes about 5 minutes for my wife's Subaru's heated seats to warm up. ;)
  • gtgraygtgray Posts: 22
    I have an 04 SL - it's my third Maxima. PROs - Great acceleration (albeit w/ some torque steer, great lines, not a ton of them on the road these day (then again, maybe that's a bad sign), the vehicle stability / traction control option makes it virtually impossible to get goofy in the snow, the cold package is a godsend - you'll love the heated seats - and love the heated steering wheel more (try finding THAT option on an Accord)
    CONs - less visibility than previous Maximas, bulk (it's gotten pretty big), the absolute worst turning radius in the world (I can turn my wife's massive minivan around in tighter spots than my Maxima), bad front struts (see previous postings), too many electronic goodies that I fear will eventually get squirrelly and aggravate me. Pretty damn good car.
  • carman4carman4 Posts: 15
  • I have checked out the posts that mention "vibration" but can't be sure we are talking about the same problem, because no one mentions the service advisory/warranty repair ...

    I got my Maxima in Oct. 03 and only started daily long-distance driving in March ... soon thereafter noticed really intense vibration in the front end, particularly on the interstate at speeds over 70 (the service manager identified a less intense vibration even at lower speeds.)

    When I first brought this to the dealership's attention, their approach was tire balance and then alignment, but with no improvement. By the time I returned in August, they had a Nissan service advisory which apparently identifies a problem with the hubs (I haven't see the actual advisory yet, but have requested a copy of it) and offers warranty repair. This repair has now been done twice, and new Michelins have been put on the car ... there was improvement in the range of 40-75 mph, but over 75 there is still vibration, sometimes pretty fierce.

    The service manager at my dealership is very helpful and sympathetic about this issue, but he is running out of fixes to try. One thing that has been mentioned, if I continue to be unhappy w/ the car's performance, is a buy-back or trade-in on another Max ... but that's only a good solution if this is not a design flaw that affects all Maxima's. He has told me that he has driven other Maximas, where he could feel the vibration, but the car owners either did not notice it or were not bothered by it ... but it seems that it might be a pretty wide-spread problem.

    Anyone have experience with this issue and know anything about it? Could this be the same issue that I've seen mentioned here in the forum w/r/t struts being a problem?

    I really like the car in every other respect (OK, the turning radius is really poor, but otherwise it's a fine car.) I'd like to keep it, but I'd certainly like to have the problem fixed.
  • pegasus17pegasus17 Posts: 536
    The guys at rave about this site: I believe they are a dealership in Colorado that sells nationwide at wholesale prices. I have not used them yet! good luck...
  • I have a 2001 Pathfinder LE. The dimmer for the whole area where the Gasoline gauge is and part of the Odometer's left bottom corner does not light up like the rest of the bunch that are located on the right side of the board. I was wondering what causes this because it is partly lighted up but very dim. I desperately needed help and would love to know how easy if it is to change the bulb if this is what's needed to be done or replace other what? Thanks in advance... I would love to hear from you.

    BTW, I have played with the control for the dimmer that is located on the left corner side close to the door and nothing helps..
  • mariosmarios Posts: 1
    My engine starts just fine, but there is a fluttering for about 10 minutes when I first start the engine. The temperature gage reads Cold for about 10 minutes, despite it being 80 degrees outside. If I try to drive the car during this time, the engine sounds as if it's cold, it sounds louder than usual and strained.

    I find that when I drive my car to work and return within 3 hours, the needle quickly rises to the middle, between C and H. Any longer than that, then it's a 10 minute warm up again.

    Any ideas?
  • wrkllcwrkllc Posts: 6
    Hello, Fellow Maxima owners, Just a note to state I have a 1991 Maxima GXE with over 366,250 miles so far and drive it every day all over the state of Florida. It has only been to the dealer for two major repairs, (1) The front head gasket blew at 270,000 miles going at 55mph I shut it down immediatly. Had it replaced with a new Radiator along with the cooling fans, No head work. (2) Front steering rack, and both front control arms the rubber bushing were worn out. I have changed the oil every 3000-5000 miles, has a few small leaks now. The timing belt changed every 70,000 and only one water pump. the only other parts replaced other than normal wear items (Battery, Tires, Brakes, CV boots & joints etc...) was the Clock since it works when it wants to. This car starts right up, does not smoke and I went 365 miles on one tank of gas the other day. normal is about 325-345 if I stay of the pedal. When I change the oil I always add one quart of transmission fluid to keep the seals loose, ie the small leaks. So for anyone out there looking at the Maxima Look hard. I now own two the other is a 1994 GXE with 110,000 miles with no problems yet, I am purchasing a 2004 Titan LE, trading in the 2000 Tundra. Good luck. I wish they were all built like this one.
  • carman4carman4 Posts: 15
    I got a question I just got a new maxima SL with automatic transmission I was told by the salesman today that the dip stick for the transmission can only be tested by nissan service I can not remove it anyone know anything about this. I know were it is but don't want to do anything wrong Thanks Tom
  • I have a 2000 Maxima SE with 37K miles. When I start up, I get an odd whirring noise that last for about 2 seconds. I'm on my 3rd set of ignition coils in case that makes any difference. Does anyone have any idea was gives? Thanks.
  • The alternator and/or power steering belts are probably a bit loose.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,041
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  • Hello all. I have a 2000 Se and want to change the antifreeze and transmission fluid. Does anyone know what types to use? Is regular prestone ok? I know sometimes now you need a special type. Also the trany fluid can be dexIII, would it be ok to use dex+4? Any experiences? Also the power steer fluid is a Nissan brand, can I use another more widely available?
      Thanks for all your help.
  • I seem to have seen some posts talking about situations where 3 of their Maxima warning lights go on at start-up, the "Service Engine Soon" (SES), "SLIP" and "TCS off" light. This is happening to my y2k Maxima sometimes. This afternoon, I started the car after work and everything was smooth and perfect. This evening, I started it up and the three lights all came on and stayed on and the car was idling roughly. This has happened on and off over the past week or so. On the weekend, the SES light was flashing for a few moments but has stayed on for over a week now.

    Any ideas? Do I have to take it into a Nissan dealer? We don't have Autozone here in Ontario.

    Duke from Ontario Canada
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    Where in Ontario?
  • cironciron Posts: 4
    I hope you have alot better luck with your maxima than I did. I had an 04 maxima 3.5 se. It was NOTHING BUT TROUBLE. It was a very good performing car,but it had ALOT OF QUALITY ISSUES. 1).The grill had to be replaced b/c the clear coat started to separate from the chrome. 2).The head lining started coming apart from the sunroof,it was fixed numberous times by the dealership with double sided tape,but it kept coming apart. 3).The driver side backseat rear molding for the roofline had to be replaced.It still wasn't right. 4).It had a cold start problem in cold and mild weather.It sometimes wouldn't start at all.It even made my wife 2 hrs. late to work one day b/c of it!!!Dealership 4x but couldn't ever find the problem. We kept the car about year,but was very tired of the reliabity issues among other things. So we traded in for a 04 Chrysler Pt Cruiser GT Turbo.We got a GREAT DEAL and my wife loves the car.I haven't given up on Nissan products yet.I'm still thinking of getting an 04 Nissan Titan KC 4x4.We probably got a car that was built on a monday or a friday.I believe Nissan is hitting a little patch w/their products,it doesn't make them bad,just annoyed by the bugs in them.They will get it right.GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!
  • When this happened to my 03 Maxima SE, it was diagnosed as bad ignition coils. Once they were replaced, no further problems.
  • sgrd0qsgrd0q Posts: 398
    dklanecky - thanks for posting. This is interesting. I got the intermittent lights twice in the last two months. In both cases they went away after a while. Never got any engine roughness, though. Does that sound like what you experienced?

    Currently have 81,xxx miles on my 2001 GLE. Original coils.
  • ccermakccermak Posts: 260
    Just to chime in, I've got 74K on my 2000 SE Auto (leather, Bose, TCS, moonroof, basically loaded) and I'm on original coils, even original brakes believe it or not. I have had an alternator go out ($400 at dealer) and an 02 sensor go ($330 at dealer). Besides that, no major issues, had some squeaks and creeks that were solved with 6 trips to the dealer when new and are now acceptable for a 5 yr old car. Still wishing some days that I got the manual tranny, or had the 3.5 motor and 5sp auto tranny. Just an update that these Maxis are actually quite good cars, and a BARGAIN in the used market these days.
  • I have a 2000 GLE with the same issue.
    I just purchadsed this car a month ago w/70,000mi.
    Especially on cold mornings [ outside Boston area] I'll have to have someone start my car and I'll pinpoint the area ... keep you posted.
    Also my heater fan makes a rubbing noise when cold, almost as if the previous owners kid dropped a plastic styraw down the vent, however it goes away and can come back if I corner hard.
  • Was getting a knocking sound from the front when I applied the brakes at low speeds. Dealer says rotors need to be replaced for $360 due to excessive corrosion. Have been turned twice, once for new brakes, another time because they were warped. Only 49,000 miles on car. Can an individual with decent mechanical skills do this job on their own?
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    Yes. Clean any corrosion from the hub mating surfaces for the rotors, put a light coating of silicone grease on the surfaces, use an aerosol brake cleaner to remove any traces of shipping lube from the rotors, replace pads as required, torque everything to specs.
  • I have 2002 Nissan Maxima SE
    My car is less then 3 years old, with 40,500 miles.
    Went into Midas to check Brakes.
    10 percent left on front brake pads.
    I had them replaced.
    Anyway, when they test drove my car (before they put the break pads on), the service engine light came on, and my vehicle loss power/acceleration.
    I had no problems when I gave them the keys.
    It turns out the problem was with the Mass Airflow Sensor. I took my vehicle to Nissan, who replaced the sensor... $822 dollars later. They are blaming my K and N filter, stating the filter was not seated or sealed in airbox properly, causing excessive amount of debris to destroy sensor. I really don't know how true this is. They also said I better stick with the regular air filter.

    I know for a fact Midas did check my Air I am trying to get them to fork over the money. They state the engine light came on before they opened the hood. Either way, the car was fine when I gave them the keys.

    Any thoughts or comments? Am I going after the right person. I will know Midas's reponse tomorrow.

  • At least your Nissan dealer knows what K&N is. I had an experience when a Nissan service manager was shoving my K&N filter in my face, claiming that it was dirty and needed to be replaced, when it in fact had been cleaned and re-oiles less than 10k miles before.

    I doubt that MAF could be damaged by debris in the short amount of time that the filter was not seated properly. Also, I've been using K&N in the last 88k miles (I've got 178k now), and it's been fine. Maybe Midas spilled some brake fluid on the airbox, or knocked the harness out.

    Good luck, anyway!
  • nel1nel1 Posts: 2
    I am thinking about getting this model, but have read about the thefts of the HID headlights on previous models.

    Is this still a problem, especially in the NYC area?

  • ccermakccermak Posts: 260
    I'm leary of Midas. I had them here in MN check my brakes and they told me the same thing, 10% left. I think they're full of crap. I didn't get mine fixed and I'm still running on same pads 6 months later with zero problems and zero squeaking, etc. I just brought it there for a free brake inspection because I have 74K on my car and haven't done brakes yet so figured I'd get them checked out. I then had them checked at the dealer later and they said 40% left. Midas may have just been looking for a sale, did you have brake problems before you went in?? As for the MAF sensor, that is a hugely common problem on 2000-2003 Maximas. If you go to and search on MAF you'll find a TON of info. And a K&N filter will not hose your MAF, I've run one on mine since 25K. An aftermarket intake on the other hand, that's more likely. It is widely known that Nissan had a bad batch of MAF's, just like the coils. And for $822, I think you got hosed there too. It's a plug and play little sensor that you could buy and most likely change yourself. Do some research on MAF over on the .org. As for the brakes, upgrade to aftermarkets all the way around, something like Brembo blanks, bendix, etc and scrap the OEM. Once you have probs with OEM rotors on 5th gen Max they seem to linger. Pay the fee and junk em. For some reason mine haven't gone yet, but I baby them and I'm lucky, most others have probs.
  • I found your message very helpful. Thanks. I lease a 2004 SE. Since I got it, I felt the front end was not right. Let's face it, with 265 horsepower, we knew there would be torque steer. But, I am 40 now, not 17. My tires have worn badly on the inner portion. I have documented with the dealership complaints of vibrations at different speeds as well as while braking. The solution was always to balance the tires. Now, I am not even halfway through my lease (15,000 miles) and I have poor treadwear and a bad "roaring noise while I drive. I am going to look in to this service advisor. Has anyone seen this. These tires are $250 - $300 bucks each. Ouch. I dutifully did all maintenance and now Nissan is saying I am responsible for what the dealership calls an alignment problem.
  • I have a '00 Maxima with 70,000KM (54,000miles)with my first experience with ignition coil problems. I have been told that all will need replacing next time the problem occurs. Upon my review of this message board I believe that there is some worth in chasing Nissan with a publicity approach. I could not find any hidden warranties, but it is obvious that this is major problem with thier design. Previously i owned a 1990 Acura Intergra GS with over 400,000KM (240,000 miles) with only one transmission replacement. NO engine work every required.

    Has anyone tried a publicity angle to have the problem fixed? (i am not a lawyer or an ad guy but an accountant)
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