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Nissan Maxima Maintenance and Repair



  • merdiemerdie Posts: 12
    We have an 05 Maxima and our biggest complaint is the terrible vibration when reaching speeds near and over 70mph. The steering wheel literally jumps up and down. It is not the tires and wheels, they have been changed and checked and rechecked.
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    I am almost certain that it IS your tires. Nissan has had major problems with some of their 18 inch tires installed on new Maximas. Suggest you go to an idependent performance shop and have the tires checked. Most likely the tires are out of round, and they produce up and down bounce even when balanced properly (which is difficult to do with an out-of -round tire). There is a simple test you can do: Jack up the car on level smooth surface so both front wheels are about 1/8 inch off the ground. Then spin the wheels by hand and check if the tires are hitting the floor in one spot. Do the same for the rear wheels. The best way to check for out of round tires is to find a tire shop with a road force measurement capable wheel balancer, such as Hunter GSP 9700.
  • roar1roar1 Posts: 193
    It is the tires or wheels, period. You could have a possible bent wheel but what is MUCH more likely is that your tires are not balanced properly. I don't care how many times you've had them done, they have not been done properly.

    You need to find a shop that has the Hunter GPS 9700 Balancer. This machine measures road force.
    Very few shops have this machine because it is expensive.

    I had the same problem with my '00 Max. I spent months trying to get the tires balanced. I'd go to a shop, get the tires balanced, drive it 1 mile ,come back to the same shop and tell them to re-balance . They would look at me like I was crazy. They would re balance the tires and it was still wrong. UNTIL I found a shop with a competent tire tech. AND the HUNTER machine.

    Now smooth sailing @ 70+ mph.
  • I picked up my '05 SL last Friday and so far i love the car. It was snowing pretty hard when I picked the car up and noticed that it didn't have traction control. My '02 GLE did and it was standard. now i come to find that the traction control comes standard on the '05 max's built after 11/04, as an '05 model. I go running out to my car and check the date of manufacture place and low and behold, the car was built in 10/04 as an '05 model. I feel like a total bone head for not catching that. I should have checked this site before I bought the car. I am suspecting that traction control is a factory option only?

  • merdiemerdie Posts: 12
    So far two sets of wheels and tires put on car, and each calibrated with Hunter GPS 9700 Balancer. Technician put vibration detector on car after each of these actions, same problem. Literally feels as if engine is going to shake out of car. Can feel the vibration starting and steering wheel jumps up and down. Don't dare drive over 70 and sometimes the vibration starts at 65. Had an 04 with same problem, put custom wheels and tires and balanced with 9700. Didn't help. Thought surely Nissan would have found problem and corrected for the 05. No such luck.
  • About a month ago someone wrote in about the same thing. Go back and do a topic search on this and see if you can find it? I believe someone answered with a how to fix it solver?
  • Sorry to hear of all the problems you have had with your Maxi. I bought mine soon after they first came out. I have the SE model. I have had it two years now and the only problem's I have had was vibration in steering, but mine was fixed with balancing, the skyroof recall, a technical advisory on my navigation screen having a "clouding" affect and my husband fixed the rattling from the back covering where the speakers are. I have only 10,510 mile on it. We drive our F-250 crew cab on long trips. I have not had any tranny changing gear problems. And my car hauls the mayo when I want it to. I am going to install either a chip or underdrive pulley's for even more power. Our other car is a 87 Mustang GT that isn't stock. But, I really love my Maxima. When the new 05 Mustang GT's came out I was dying for one. But, I can't give up my Maxima!!! I love it!
  • rstephanrstephan Posts: 2
    On March 19, 2005, rstephan wrote:
    > I'm using a radiator out of a junkyard Maxima
    > for another project. As I understand it, the
    > fans on these things vary their speed from
    > the ECM depending on vehicle speed.
    > Can someone give me the quick run down on the
    > fan schematic? Each of the two fans has four
    > wires. There is a green and black pair as
    > well as a yellow and blue pair.
    A visit to the local AutoZone and a peruse through the Haynes shop manual for the wiring schematic in addition to lots of web surfing yielded the following information:

    There are two armature windings in each of the two fans servicing the radiator -- one pair for low speed, power to both pairs for high speed. Although the fans themselves are wired with a green/black pair and a yellow/blue pair the vehicle's wiring schematic only displays the colors of the wires running from the relays to the radiator connectors.

    I've tested the below configuration for correctness on the donor radiator.

    Fan Motor #1.

    Low speed chassis power side wire colors
    White/green -- +12 volts
    Solid black -- ground

    Low speed fan side wire colors
    Solid green -- +12 volts
    Solid black -- ground

    High speed chassis power side wire colors
    White/yellow -- +12 volts
    White/black -- ground

    High speed fan side wire colors
    Solid blue -- +12 volts
    Solid yellow -- ground

    Fan Motor #2.

    Low speed chassis power side wire colors
    White/green -- +12 volts
    Solid black -- ground

    Low speed fan side wire colors
    Solid green -- +12 volts
    Solid black -- ground

    High speed chassis power side wire colors
    White/blue -- +12 volts
    White/red -- ground

    High speed fan side wire colors
    Solid blue -- +12 volts
    Solid yellow -- ground
  • I bought my 00 in 03 with in the first mouth the dealer had to replace both cats! My rotors was trash had to replace out of pocket!! In 04 I had to replace my MAF again out of pocket! OH this is all with less than 60,000 miles. Now its 05 with only 62,ooo miles my coils went can you guess? Out of pocket expense!Here I am driving happy as a pig in SH**T no check engine light on Then BAM!! ITs on again. Luckly me and my cousin invested in a code reader no more 80 dollar fees or waiting around auto zone!! My new friend is code #P0175 System to rich(Bank#2) Does anyone out there have a clue what this might mean? Sorry for the long message but Ifeel like sending the old girl out to pastor ! othe wise shes a grat ride! She always gives me her all in performance somedays she surprises the hell out of me !! I hope someone can Help!!!!!!!!
  • shistershister Posts: 3
    I have a 98 Maxima(122,000 mi). I love it but it has been stalling every time i try to start it (when its cold)for about the last 30,000 miles. I took the cheap way out and just applied a 10th of a pedal of the accelerator to solve this. Now I have a new problem, It starts and stays running but once I put it into drive(or reverse) the RPM go to the floor. With a little pedal trickery I can get it going but i can have the accelerator floored and can't get the RPM to go up hardly at all. This problem does subside after say 2-3 miles. Within that 2-3 miles once I hit a stop sign I must resort to more pedal trickery. Any Ideas?
  • jillajilla Posts: 1
    I bought my Maxima new in July 2004, have an on-going problem with the dashboard readout screen. When the outside temp is 80 degrees or above the screen goes blank, the air kicks on, and when the inside temp goes down (maybe 15 minutes) later it will light back up, the clock loses the amount of time the screen was blank. Anyone else with this problem?
  • kzakkzak Posts: 13
    I have a 2000 maxima se that i bought in 03 with 17 thou miles on it, I havent really had any problems and now these past couples months, same prob coming back...My check engine light comes on and the car feels like its vibrating or bouncing when I turn it on, and when I'm driving too, it kinda feels like it stutters....sorry im a girl and dont know much about cars, so i know that's a bad description...PLEASE HELP if you can...already had a spark plug and coil replaced... (mechanic says diagnostic only shows random misfire)
  • klinklin Posts: 54
    Hello all,

    I have a 2000 Maxima XLE with only 40K on it.
    The Service Engine Soon (SES) light keeps coming back every 2-4 weeks since November 2004.

    A trusted and highly-rated local independent mechanic (who also owns a Maxima but 2002 model) solved the problem every time by re-setting since he could not root cause the problem.

    In early March, the SES came back again. This time, he recommended to install a new oxygen sensor which cost me almost $250 :<. Now after only 2 weeks, the SES is resurrected :< :< again!

    Your advice is greatly appreciated. I think my mechanic can be wrong. I also observed that the SES comes on whenever I have a hard rev on the engine, e.g. when passing.

    Thanks again and in advance for any tips.
  • klinklin Posts: 54

    My car is also vibrating with the SES light on.

  • shistershister Posts: 3
    took it to Advanced auto for a free diagnostic.
    trouble code:

    Any help?
    im figuring EGR valve or Mass airflow sensor?
  • 11111111111111 Posts: 1

    What type of gas are you using? From what I understand maximas run rich and require the use of a premium grade gasoline. If you are using regular or another lesser octane rating gasoline-this could be the cause of your troubles.
  • kzakkzak Posts: 13
    I have always used premium in mine... any suggestions...
  • Same problem as you it seems. I have Nissan Maxima 2000 with 98k on it.
    Check engine light comes on and the car starts randomly vibrating for first 5 to 10 min. Then works ok.
    Checked the code and got P1320 Ignition problem.
    Found the following Nissan service bulletin about it:
    According to the bulletin if the iginition coil replacement doesnt help , there might be a break in the ECCS harness wires...
    Does anyone know if one or 2 coils are bad , is it ok to drive still? Or with a break in some wire? Since it works ok after first 5 to 10min, don't know if it worth fixing...
  • i had the same problem and it turned out to be my ignition coils!!!!
  • sounds like your maf
  • when my coils went i had a gas smell and was advised not to drive veh.Owner manual says not to drive over 45mph when check engine light on !! Better off not driving at all
  • klinklin Posts: 54
    Hi 1111111,

    I always use premium gas.

    BTW, the diagnostic code that prompted the O2 sensor replacement was 420 (Catalytic deficiency).

    Now SES is on again even with 02 sensor replacement.

    Anyone can help and provide some tips?

    Thanks a lot
  • I am deciding for my first car between a 92 corolla and a 89 maxima. Please help.
  • suydamsuydam Posts: 2,953
    Generally with cars of that vintage, I'd say go for the newer car every time, especially if it has less miles on it. But you've left out a lot -- price? miles? previous owners? I assume you want primarily reliable transportation, in which either will fit the bill. Does size matter? Gas mileage?
    '14 Buick Encore Convenience
    '17 Chevy Volt Premiere
  • ccermakccermak Posts: 260
    I disagree, I say go for the Maxima if they're in comparable condition. It's bigger, probably safer, and way more fun to drive. This is all things being equal between the two cars, like price, miles, condition, etc etc.
  • dirkworkdirkwork Posts: 210
    I had a good laugh at your message. I have a '00 SE manual trans. I also have not been terribly impressed at the power of my Maxima V6. I have killed the motor from a stop more than any other manual shift car I've ever owned, its got such pathetic torque. Yes, if you "drive it like you stole it" and rev the crap out of it, it runs like a bat out of heck, but for 99% of driving it seems flat off-idle and if you're not "on the pipe" (a old motorcycle term for when a 2 stroke would get to the power band (influenced by the exhaust pipe)where it would suddenly get all the power at once)it can seem fairly SLOW. I also came from a domestic.

    The GM 3.8, especially the supercharged version is a torque monster, the complete opposite of the max motor. The 3.8 doesn't really like to be wound up beyond 4-5 grand, but is a stump puller in terms of torque.

    I am honestly thinking that for my driving, the Intrigue with the 3.5 shortstart would have been superior, despite being 7 hp short of the 222 listed for my car and having an automatic, it had excellent torque for a multi-valve motor.

    The Nissan will have a lot better resale, if that makes you feel better.
  • stumped4stumped4 Posts: 1
    I recently replaced the spark plugs in my 99 maxima with Bosch plugs. The car was running terrible. After some searching I went back and replaced the plugs with NGK's. This cleared up 99% of the problem. But now when at idling at a light, the engine feels like it is going to kill then goes back to normal. This happens very quickly (maybe a second) giving the car a bumping feel. It can happen 4 or 5 times while sitting there. Anyone have any suggestions?
  • mastjmastj Posts: 14

    Glad I could entertain you.... you know exactly what I'm talking about.... everybody here at work gets so excited about the 265hp in the Maxima.... but have puzzled looks on their faces when I tell them about the schear torque of the 3800 supercharged and how it REALLY pulls you back in the seat. The Maxima just doesn't have it.

    I could live with the low torque - if the Max would just start when I wanted it too.... I guess I need to keep the old Regal w/ 125,000 miles just to have something reliable to drive.
  • roseysalroseysal Posts: 3
    I have a 2002 Nissan Maxima and the Bose Stereo system with a 6 cd changer. TWICE the speakers on the left side stopped working when a cd was playing. It was the cd changer so it was replaced twice. Well, this third unit is doing it AGAIN! I have 40K miles and it's more than 1 year since the last cd player replacement so Nissan is REFUSING TO REPLACE THE UNIT. It also scratches my cds! I have an extended warranty but it does not cover the cd changer. Did you know they used re-manufactored cd players as replacement parts! Don't even get me started on the paint chip problems. This car has the worst paint job since the '79 Monte Carlos.

    I'm never buying another Nissan.
  • tmaxtmax Posts: 1
    Shouldn't emmission controls fall under a longer warranty (ie 60k mile)?
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