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Nissan Maxima Maintenance and Repair



  • Has he checked the EGR valve? I have a 1999 Maxima SE & had to have it replaced.

    before I replaced it my light would come on & then go off. It had a slight sputter at times & I also had to rev the motor up to pass.

    Hope this helps.
  • falcon3falcon3 Posts: 1
    It has 155K on it and the automatic transmission has recently started to slip to the point where only 1 and 2 work, while D slips and causes the RPMS to spike. Is there some kind of band adjustment on this transmission or perhaps a switch that can be replaced, or is it just time for a newer model. It's too bad if that's the case becasue it runs great otherwise.
  • kzakkzak Posts: 13
    I have also been having a problem with my cd player and wasnt sure what to do...I wasnt having too many problems with it, except for it wouldnt play scrached cds...(duh) but now its not playing any cd's...even ones that worked perfectly before...I have a stock Bose..all it says is ERR (cd error) and spits it back out! Help if you can...thanks
  • shistershister Posts: 3
    Might be MAF, but THE SES light is saying its an evap system leak which leads me to believe it might be the EGR valve. I changed the fuel filter and pcv, it runs better but it has stalled after that. I may never figure out why the 1st gear ratio is giving me trouble. I do notice a little buck when it shifts from 1st to 2nd. I will never own another auto trans car in my lifetime though. anybody know any super deals on a MAF & EGR??
  • merdiemerdie Posts: 12
    How is the vibration problem now? Any recurrences?
  • At 75k my SES light came on. I was told that the computer may need to be reset. When I took the car for inspection, asked my mechanic to also check. When I picked my car up, light was off. This was in Jan 05. This month, March 05 the light came on again 77k. Mechanic said may be the sensors and I need to bring it to the dealer for the code. My question is should I bring to the dealer or can Auto Zone tell me what the dealer will for free? Check fuel cap as manual stated, but it's been a month now and I'm starting to worry, I travel 400 miles weekly Phila-DC and back. Any help would be appreciated.
  • kewlmaxkewlmax Posts: 2
    I have 133,000 on mine and have had to replace all 3 catalytic converters and all 6 coil packs....ridiculous! Concerning your rich code, it could be the mass flow sensor is not allowing enough air into the engine. I had to replace that in mine as well :-) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nice car to drive when she is working.....but in my experience, HIGH MAINTENANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • madmax6madmax6 Posts: 3
    i have a 96 maxima and i've been having the exact same problem as you had with your 97 maxima. I have replaced my knock sensor and that is fine. I have replaced the same O2 sensor twice and is still getting the same message. what did you do to fix it. thanks
  • madmax6madmax6 Posts: 3
    I have a 96 maxima and been having problems with my check engine light. I have replaced the same O2 sensor twice within the past month and it still does not solve the problem. I keep getting the message bank one sensor one, meaning a bad O2 sensor in that bank. does anyone know what else can give me that message? even if the oxygen sensor is fine. my engine runs fine, but it spudders a little bit between 1st and 2nd gear. That darn light wont go away.
  • carman4carman4 Posts: 15
    I Have a 05 maxima SL I took it from NY to Florida twice I got 28 miles to the gallon on the trips highway driving but around town I get 14 to 16 miles I use high test 93 octane any one else getting this kind of mileage.I have automatic transmission.
  • blu8blu8 Posts: 3
    I own a 98 Maxima with 78k miles on it. I just recently purchased this car and unfortunately got into a bad accident. The car was fixed and recently the Check Engine light came on. The person I recently bought it from mentioned I might need an o2 sensor. Currently, the car shakes (or should I say engine shakes) when its in Reverse or Drive and I am experiencing VERY high rpms! Almost 6000 when going 70! Does anybody have any idea as to what the problem might be? I took it to Goodyear and they charged me $80 to read the computer. They said the problem was the Cold Air sensor but it wouldn't cause the shaking.
  • max16max16 Posts: 2
    Can anyone direct me to a site that gives instructions on replacing spark plugs in a 2000 SE? Also, the serp. belt and power str. belt?
  • blu8blu8 Posts: 3
    I posted this message yesterday...this kind of seems similar to the problem you responded to. Can you help me?:
    I own a 98 Maxima with 78k miles on it. I just recently purchased this car and unfortunately got into a bad accident. The car was fixed and recently the Check Engine light came on. The person I recently bought it from mentioned I might need an o2 sensor. Currently, the car shakes (or should I say engine shakes) when its in Reverse or Drive and I am experiencing VERY high rpms! Almost 6000 when going 70! Does anybody have any idea as to what the problem might be? I took it to Goodyear and they charged me $80 to read the computer. They said the problem was the Cold Air sensor but it wouldn't cause the shaking.
  • dirkworkdirkwork Posts: 210
    Your 98 max - people love that year max, should be a good car, but sounds like you have a few problems. Did you get the car looked at prior to purchase?

    Autozone will pull ODBII codes for free, I'm not sure if they offer more, I have my own system. There are other codes that are specific sometimes to manufacturers, and you have to buy a good scanner or pay dealer for those.

    It also sounds like you are either not selecting "DRIVE" or the transmission is also having trouble.

    This may be time to have the car evaluated to see how much money you want to put into it, although the miles are not very high, it could get expensive and I'm not sure how much you paid.

  • nissegnisseg Posts: 1
    The car developed a coolant leak a couple of months ago. Had to add approximately 5-6 liters of coolant over this period. Added tracer sensitive to UV (black) light into the system to try and trace leak. The dripping is visible on top of the oil pan's right front corner. The water pump pulley is above that spot. Had the car on the hoist, removed timing chain (which drives the water pump), and AC compressor and still couldn't find where the leak is coming from, even with the black light. The system was pressurized through the top of the radiator during this check.
    Has anybody experienced anything like that?
  • blu8blu8 Posts: 3
    Fortunately, I have not been experiencing the high rpm's. And I made a major mistake with the year...silly me. It is a 95 Maxima. I went to Autozone and they said they only pull codes from 96 and up. The car is still shaking a bit and I am hoping a tune up fixes this. Is it true most of the spark plugs are really hard to get to? Thanks for your response!
  • jchymesjchymes Posts: 1
    my SES light for my 98 max (119K) has been on steady reading knock sensor failure, ought the car with 60K on it so its time for a major tune up anyway. pep boys help me determine it may be bad coil and or spark plugs as i get some slight vibrations at certain speeds that go away when hitting the gas. Can you hook me up with the web site and guys name who can provide some coils at good prices, i've been seeing prices in the $80 range for each side. hit me on, thanks a lot for helpin me out, if you've heard about my problem before woudl you be so kind as to fill me in a bit. thanks again.
  • asis1976asis1976 Posts: 2
    I read somewhere here that there was a place where you could buy the coils for a good price. This person/place has them stocked. Does anyone have their number? Website?
  • asis1976asis1976 Posts: 2
    please email me at with any info on cheap coils.
  • blbblb Posts: 2
    I recently purchased a 2004 Maxima SE with 6 speed manual transmission. The transmission grinds occasionally when shifting from 1st to 2nd (when cold out). Nissan replaced transmission and new transmission also grinds. Nissan had field service rep look at it and says it is normal gear noise. I have had several Nissan manual transmission and never experienced this problem. Has anyone had problems with Maxima 6 speed transmission?
  • 2002 se 5000 miles and had a faint hum when letting out the clutch like a throw out bearing, took the car to the dealer because it was under warrentee. they could not replicate the noise, so I drove the car for them and then they heard the hum, and then as if there was a god the clutch slipped with a ruff noise .The service called nissan and they put a new clutch plate in . 2000 miles later the hum is back , put a little grease on the throw out bearing and the noise went away for a week, back to service and a new pressure plate and a throw bearing all under 7000 miles they said, Oh we just happen too have your parts in stock --- from the last time and all I got was the friction plate, what am I stupid... traded it in for a 2005 sl automatic, A much eaeier ride less jerking around....any time a friction plate goes they should change the preasure plate cause they mate themselves,But alais they thought they would take the cheap way out.
  • fpasosfpasos Posts: 4
    I own a 99 maxima with 160000 miles, I had the belts replace at Goodyear. the belts squeak since then, I called Goodyear and they said I need a new Belt tensioner for an additional $130.00. they said that after certain time, it just wears out. my question, Did the dealer did something and not telling me or this is true.
    could i replace it myself?
    THank you
  • My 99 maxima has a similar problem, even with the original plugs. When idling at a light, it gives intermittent vibration pulses. And I can feel it while sitting there. So I went to the dealer and the dealer flushed the transimission, power steering, replaced the spark plugs, cleaned the fuel induction system. BUT, the problem is still there. And even worse, the SES light on. Went to dealer again, I was told misfire detected on cyclinder 2. And coils or fuel injector may need to be replaced. I don't know if these two problems are related.From your post it seems this problem is not rare. Now I have no trust of Nissan's quality.
  • ll91ll91 Posts: 1
    Okay, about 4 months ago, my car stopped after the anti-lock light flashed and wouldn't start up again after 2 or 3 jumps so we figured the cold weather killed the battery so I replaced my battery. After replacing my battery(Brand New Battery) the car stops again after 2 days so I let it be for a day or 2 and started it, it stalled and when I turned the engine off-it didn't start again. So, with in a week or 2, I got the alternator and generator replaced-the alternator was a rebuilt but every else was brand new- when everything was put in place, it ran fine- until now (3 months later). The car stopped again after the anti-lock light flashed, the radio cut off- 4 jumps got me home. Everything else worked, horn, power windows, lights, seatbelts accepted for the radio. I replaced my battery for the second time(Brand New battery) I'm able to start it but car still stalls when i turn headlights on or use window... right now I take 1 post off every night so battery wouldn't drain- but does anyone know what seems to be the problem???
  • I have a 99 maxima, 55k miles, has started to rough idle. My friend had a 96 maxima and had the same problem with his... when the engine is warmed up it wud idle at park at 800 rpm and i have no problem, but when im sitting at a light it will idle at idle at 500 rpm, sputter to 600 then drop down again and so on. Sometimes it will do it for a certain period of time and other times it will do it a couple times and stop and sit at 600. My friend found out what to do and did it to his and its fine now but it wont work for mine. I want to take it to a mechanic but dont want to get ripped and get nothing out of it. What should i do?
  • I was reading through this board and saw your problem. I have a 99 Maxima and had some rattling in the back of the car also. I thought it was the spoiler but that wasn't the case. It turned out to be these two rods in the trunk that run across from one hinge to the other and are located right behind the speakers. The rods were hitting each other causing the rattling or vibration sound. I just twisted the rods so they weren't touching any more. I hope this helps.
  • phopho Posts: 9
    Went to dealer for wind noise on the passanger rear window.They did'nt even test drive & said there was no problem. I was so pissed. 2nd time went to dealer with the TSB#01029 & they will fix it. I still have problems on brake noise & cold engine start up noise. Of course when I complained to dealer they said it is normal sound. Anybody knows where to find all the TSB for 2003 model.
  • max13max13 Posts: 1
    This is really weird but when my car is idle and the head lights are on it seems to have a light knock in the engine but when i turn the lights off it seems to sound normal also when Accelerating the car is very smooth no noise also no engine lights and know stalling
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