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GMC Acadia Transmission Problems



  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Posts: 1,964
    How is the transmission rebuild going? If we can look into anything, please don't hesitate to email us at (include the last 8 of your VIN and contact information).
    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • acadia08tnacadia08tn Posts: 10
    I'm told yet again today that they just can't get the part fixed and running right. This is extremely frustrating and I don't know what to do. 15 days with no car - and at this point not sure when I will get it back. Very disappointed with GMC. Looking for a new car now .....
  • lclanceylclancey Posts: 8
    I am so afraid that is what is happening with me. I call the service dept. at the Gm dealer and no one is returning my callse is calling me back.
  • rbahnsenrbahnsen Posts: 29
    I agree 100%... My tranmission went out with the same kind of problem over the weekend while my 17 year old son was driving, now the dealership wants to charge me 1500.00 just too look at it and then figure out how much more it will be to fix it... Really mine is all highway driving as well. I am just wondering why we even pay for extended warranty, because obvisously GM is telling us that any car over 100,00 miles does not last... I am not happy about this because its about the 6th thing Ive had done to the vehicle!!!! :mad:
  • rbahnsenrbahnsen Posts: 29
    Well here I am again... This is the third major thing that has happened to my 2007 Acadia..
    I am fed up, I fell that GM cars do not last past 100,000 miles which is ridiculious. I will never buy another GM car, I will buy Ford from now on.
    I had to have all new timing chains put on @ 103,000 miles, had to have my Service Tire sensor fixed at 112,000 miles, I have done all the re-calls for the sun-roof leak, the heated windshield fluid, and whatever else hs been re-called on this vehicle!!!
    My 17 year old son was driving my car in heavy traffic on a majoy highway when the car just stopped and then he could only get it to go 30 mph. He is lucky he was not rear ended. I took it to the dealer, it will not go over 30 mph and reverse. They told me they think it is the Wy plate and it will be at least $1500.00 just to get into the transmission and see what the problem really is.. Come on $1500.00??? Seems very high and then charge me for the parts and labor to get it all back together. I am soo mad and upset because I need my vehicle, so sice I am sure GM will not do anything to help with the cost I have to fix it just to trade it on a different vehicle because this one can not be trusted!!!! SAD SAD SAD that Gm cars wont last!!! Especially when I paid $40,000 for it 5 years ago. Thanks GM for nothing!!! :mad:
  • After this happened to me I made a call to GM executive in Detroit. I keep telling them they need to look into this problem because it is not only happening to me and it is a major safety concern. But they DO NOT care the women is like oh ok I will call you on Friday. Really GM! I wish there was something we could do to get them to listen. When and if I get my car back I will be getting rid of it, which sucks because I still owe a lot of money on it but if I have to take the loss I will just to be safe. :lemon:
  • cs350cs350 Posts: 5
    Unfortunately, to "check" the wave plate the entire engine/trans/suspension/steering assembly needs to be dropped from the vehicle in order to access the side cover of the trans which needs to be removed to access the 3-5-r clutch and wave plate. Some techs will try and do this without dropping the whole thing from the vehicle and are successful, sometimes. However, if it isn't the wave plate it still has to be put back together again. If it has no reverse or grinds or bumps in reverse, chances are extremely high it is a wave plate issue. Usually there is a code stored as well. Typically something about shaft speed sensor error. Thankfully, none of the wave plate repairs I've been a part of or witness too have ever come back with a repeat failure. That is, as long as the trans was completely disassembled and all the metal wave plate "leavings" were cleaned out and a new filter installed.
  • One simple search and you should see the pages and pages of posts by gmc owners about their transmissions crapping out within months/days of the warranty expiring. One call to a local GMC dealer and they have three or four acadias in line in front of us that need transmissions fixed. When will GMC do something more than "check on the status of the rebuilds"?

    I have an '07 Acadia with 67k miles. My warranty expired March 02 of this year. So tomorrow will be five months out of warranty. Just this last Monday (two days ago), while driving to pick up my kids, Our sunroof leaking mobile decided that was all she wrote. She started skipping/catching while trying to shift and within minutes alarms were going off "Shut off Engine!", "Shut off A/C!", "Engine Overheated Shut off Engine!" I was able to coast into a local church as antifreeze began to pour (not drip mind you but pour) out from underneath. I shut off the truck, removed the keys, and opened the door and the alarms were still going off. I literally had to turn the vehicle back on and off three times to get the warning bells to shut up. I had to have the vehicle towed - the diagnosis was that I needed a new water pump and a new A/C belt. 450$ later .......I go to drive it this morning for the first time to work. I noticed it was still catching again but it only did it once. I made it safetly the whole 6 miles away that I work. When I get in it this afternoon to go pick up the kids the catching increased in frequency so I immediately turned around and went home. My husband drove it the 9 miles to the shop that had just replaced the water pump the day before and literally had to drive it in the emergency turn lane the whole way there because it refused to shift over third, and while trying to back out of our driveway; the reverse decided to crap out as well.
    A tech there informed us that it needs a new transmission; we called the local GM dealer and he is arranging to have it towed up there tomorrow to have it fixed ( the dealer is being more than helpful)....but will probably be 500$ out of pocket and a time frame of at least 3 weeks because he is so backed up with other transmission probs right now.

    So we are close to a grand out on this vehicle in less than three days for a problem that a large % of 07/08 Acadia owners seem to be having. I am also out of a vehicle for at least a month as well.

    Have any of you had any luck with recouping any of the $ that you've had to put out for any of these related issues?

    I have never owned a vehicle that has had so many recalls and problems! My husband and I are seriously considering getting it fixed and then trading it in for anything else but a GM product. However, even if we decide the keep the lemon, we will never buy another GM product again. GM's customer service would really have to come in and save the day on that one to make us want to change our minds. I was getting by with our duct tape fix on our unusable leaking sunroof - but this is beyond my level of patience.
  • 17 days and counting .... STILL do not have my car back .....and I still have no answers. This is ridiculus and I am very disappointed with GMC ... I think at this point a new transmission is the OBVIOUS answer. I just want the car back so I can get rid of it.
  • cs350cs350 Posts: 5
    If warranty is paying for the repair and a rebuild is $100 less than a new trans, you won't get the new trans. At least that's what I've seen so far unless management or GM step in. Still no guarantees though.
  • Well, another phone call and still no answers. Yet another part was ordered and still can't get it right. What is the deal GM? Why isn't this in the news? This is a major problem that even the dealer agrees with. I think that GM should just buy the car back since they don't think anything is wrong with it.
  • If we can look into this issue with your transmission further, please send the following information to us at your name and Edmunds username, phone and address, the last 8 of your VIN and current mileage, and the name of your dealership.
    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • I have a 2007 Acadia that has been in and out of the shop 6 times since November, every time for the same problems I read other 2007 Acadias are experiencing! I personally know 3 other owners of 2007 Acadias and we are all in the same boat, constantly in the shop and pissed off. We need to start a support group!
    Our transmission died JUST over our 70K warranty was up (sound familiar?) we had to tow it to the dealer from our driveway.

    If this is such a common problem why won't GM recall and fix it? These cars are not safe and we are a one car family of 5 that needs a reliable vehicle! When you purchase a defective product you should be able to return it, or at the very least have it fixed free of charge. I'm disappointed in GM.

    At this point I'll pay a lawyer before I pay more to fix my Acadia.
  • Maybe we should all get the world out that the GMC acadia's are lemons ..... maybe then GM will actually listen and do something about this mess. I am telling everyone I know NOT to buy an acadia ... and if they don't beleive me - I tell them to just google "GMC acadia compliants" and that is all they need to know. I wish I had done that before I bought mine. I'm waiting "patiently" to get mine back just so I can unload it ... but I worry about the next family that may get this car ..... :(
  • I am still waiting as well for my Acadia to come back.... driving my moms 1998 Mini-Van with 168,000- miles on it ... how ironic. Like I said I have called GM Corporate in Detroit in tears. They listened but still did not care, seeing I am still without my car 12 days later and not even a loaner car. I post on Facebook to get the word out there. This car is dangerous. It will take numerous poeple to get killed before GM will do anything.
  • I Just tried to send my information to you (GM Customer Service, Sarah) so you can look into this further, and the email is rejecting. Please explain again how I should send the information ....
  • Do you already have a case going with us on this concern, michele2377? If you would like for us to get one set up for you, please send the following to your name and Edmunds username, phone and address, the last 8 of your VIN and current mileage, and the name of your involved dealership.

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • 18 days and counting....I called today and they had to take the transmission out for the 3rd time. I also called GM to voice my concern...I'm sure it wont help any. So frustrated...... :sick:
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Since the a/c is a closed unit, having to add R134a, there is obviously a leak. If the dye didn't show anything they need to check the rear evaporator core for a leak. Course it's a PITA to do yet that's where they will probably find the leak.

    It's very rare to find a good dealer. If that's the case I'd check around the service department and talk to some of their customers before buying another vehicle period. Cause all of the brands have bad dealers. It's a matter of finding a good one.
  • If you would like for us to look into this situation with your transmission further, please don't hesitate to contact us at (include your name, contact information, and the last 8 digits of your VIN).
    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • In addition to the address, you can try

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • Just to remind you we had trans problems, went on vacation, have a/c problems were helped and were very pleased. We got back to San Antonio and shortly afterward my wife had another a/c problem and she promptly took it back to Gunn GMC Buick in San Antonio TX. She was told that there was nothing wrong that they could find. They said to bring it back if we had a problem. A week later we were out on Friday. We had the same problem and followed their instructions. We were careful to have a technician see the problem firsthand. It was quite obvious that we had a problem. Here's the good part: They then couldn't find anything again, oh and by the way since they couldn't find anything I owed $133 for the very low refrigerant. I scratched head and mentioned that we were here a week earlier and were told that nothing was wrong, and now they were adding freon to the system that was blowing warm and still has no problem. I mentioned that we also had freon added a couple of weeks earlier in Fayettville AR. Disgusted I said that I would not take the vehicle until I got a fix. Oh, I forgot this was Monday afternoon now and that we have been without a vehicle all this time. Once they saw that I was not taking it they agreed to keep the vehicle for another few days. After they again found nothing they added dye and gave me a demo. Something like that anyway. Here is the gist Sarah:

    I had to fight and discuss this with many people. I got nothing fixed and I was charged for troubleshooting the vehicle for them. If freon again needed to be added at a minimum they should have eaten the cost because we had the vehicle in a week earlier and their shoddy work caused us much trouble and aggravation. Plus it was probably done by them in the first place. I am now absolved of ever having to use this dealership ever again I think. But here is the kicker. The CSR's Boss explains to met that he would feel a responsibility to pay after I asked him how he would feel. I went to just get it over with and paid. While I'm in their and voicing my opinion, obviously in a higher voice than usual, as I was leaving the angry Nieves said "God Bless You", meaning of course "go to hell". What a terrible experience. Terrible!! I guess Gunn is a proper name considering. This is our last GM product.
  • I'm sorry that you haven't had a good experience. If we can check into this further, please email the last 8 digits of your VIN, name, and contact information to us at

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • miaapmiaap Posts: 2
    edited August 2012
    I have had this Acadia now almost 4 years ('08 Model), and it's been one thing after another wrong with it. My beef is also with why so many parts are breaking, and yet nothing comes up in my multipoint inspections. These repairs are expensive and keep catching us off guard. In the last 2 years, the entire steering had to be replaced. Twice! One under warrantly, the other out of pocket. Now, my steering is doing the same thing again! I've been told its a problem with this model, so why aren't these repairs covered when outside of warranty? It seems that I've replaced everything under the sun with this vehicle, CV Joints, Airbag sensors, the transmission, the AC condenser hose,etc. Each time I do these repairs, I'm out an entire paycheck. It just seems so wrong :cry:
  • We're sorry to hear about the different problems you've been encountering on your Acadia. Have these repairs been performed at a GM Dealership? If we can follow up with your dealer, please contact us at with more information (including your name, phone and address, and the last 8 of your VIN).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • For all of you who have emailed the above info to GMC, what has the process been like? What are the next steps and what can I expect? I would really like to know what my options are here.

    Does anyone have a good number for GMC to call and voice my concerns? Maybe if enough of us yell loud enough something will be done. :lemon:
  • I feel your pain miaap,
    We bought a used 2008 Acadia a month ago. It has 58000 on it and we took it on a camping trip way up in Vermont. We headed home yesterday and made it 3 hours from home. I thought the transmission was acting crazy on the highway. It was shifting up and down randomly. We pulled off the highway to grab a bite to eat and didn't make it very far. We made to an intersection and the transmission did nothing. We barely made through the intersection to a parking lot. The check engine light came on and I couldn't move. Reverse is gone and I couldn't move forward in any gear. All it did was slip. I had to get a room for the night and call the dealership this morning. They called GM and GM wanted to tow it to a dealership up here in New Hampshire. No frickin way are we going to come all the way back here to pick up our Acadia. Our dealer is now sending a flat bed with a rental on it up to pick up the Acadia and give us the rental to get home. I know the transmission is junk! Last night I started googling Acadia problems and found way more than I wanted to. We wish we would have found out about all of the problems this model has. I have owned GM vehicles most of my life and have never experienced this problem. Now we both had to call into work today and are at the mercy of some tow truck driver. We can hope that the fix takes more than 10 days. At that point aw can request a full refund for the Acadia. Cross your fingers for us and good luck with yours.
  • Today marks the 3rd week that my Acadia is being worked on. I was told that they had to take the transmission out yet again on Friday (3rd time). I called GM customer service on Friday and they asked me to "be patient" .... really? I have been more than patient at this point. On the way into work this morning ... I passed a flat bed tow truck with an Acadia on it ... and all I could think is another one bites the dust!! (There are at least 4 Acadias at the local dealership with the same problem as mine ...) I am telling anyone and everyone that I know - Do Not Buy an Acadia ... and have had them google the information - they are amazed that GM hasn't done more. Maybe this needs to hit Facebook to get the word out!! :(
  • I have called GM in Detroit- Customer service is a joke- no offense but I do not believe they are even located in this country. I called GM same thing. All they care about is making our money they dont care about anything else. I was strainded 200 miles from home 2 weeks with out a car. No one even offered me a loaner. GM does not care
  • "Sarah" I am sorry there is nothing GM cares to do. I have called everyone NO ONE cares. It is a joke. I drove 2 hours to get my car on Saturday only to be told they forgot to leave the keys with the Sales department so guess what I had to take another day off from work and get someone to drive me another 2 hours to get my car this morning. Then drive another 2 hours back home. I am not convinced the problem is fixed. So in a month when my car dies in the middle of the middle of the highway again- hopefully I wont be dead because I will be at it again telling everyone of my horrible trouble with this car.
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