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Buick Rainier, Chevy TrailBlazer, GMC Envoy



  • This is something I checked and my envoy has all the covers.
  • vplazavplaza Posts: 47
    Well, I can't say I was expecting too much, but the regional GM Representative took a look at our Envoy and the other Envoys they had at the dealer today.

    According to the service rep (I personally did not speak to the GM Rep), they are classifying this as a factory defect. No duh, Sherlock! They will not do anything to it right now and we will have to wait until GM finds a permanent solution. Unfortunately, no one has any idea when that will be.

    I'm not really happy with that answer, but I suppose that's the best they can do at this time.
  • Thanks for the responses, it's good to hear several people in the group are happy with their vehicle. Now to find a dealer that's worth my time. Anyone have any good dealer experiences around Houston Texas?
  • I've told my friends about this story, and now I'll share it with the group.

    I had been interested in the TB since its' introduction. On the Saturday night before Mother's Day, our family had just finished attending my daughter's dance recital in Kingwood, and decided to go out for dinner. After dinner it was still light outside, so I suggested that we go over to Robbins Chevrolet in Humble to see if they had received any TBs.

    Upon pulling into Robbins Chevrolet, we found a TB prominently displayed in their lot. We parked our car and got out to look it over. Strangely, I wasn't assaulted by a salesman looking to "sell" me. After spending about 10 minutes looking over the TB, I decided to go into Robbins to see if I could take it for a test drive. I literally went up to the first salesman I saw and introduced myself. "Hi, my name is .... I noticed the name tag on the guy's shirt which said "Rich Krause". I didn't think anything about it, and proceeded to ask him about a test drive. He told me that he needed to make a copy of my driver license, which he did. He brought me back my license, and handed me the keys, looking at me a little strangely. I didn't pay any attention to it at the time.

    Our family then headed off in the TB, enjoying our test drive. Upon our return, Rich was waiting outside the door of the dealership. I started to hand him back the keys, when he said "You sure have a poor memory". I looked up at Rich, thinking "what's up with you", when it dawned upon me that this was Dick Krause, my first boss at Union Carbide, when I had graduated college. Now this wouldn't have seemed very strange except that we had last worked together 18 years ago in Chicago, and neither one of us knew that the other lived in Houston!

    All I kept muttering on the way home that night was "I can't believe it". Needless to say, "Rich" cut me a truly exceptional deal. He's been selling Chevy's at Robbins for 7 years since his retirement from Union Carbide. Rich has succeeded in this dog-eat-dog business on the basis of honesty, repeat business, and customer referals.

    If you contact Rich at 281/ 446-3021 x2203, mention that you know, "Chris Buffington", you'll be very satisfied with the results.

    IMHO, a story for the ages!

    Chris Buffington
  • kimodokimodo Posts: 44
    Hi all,
    Just made a deal for a new LS 4wd TB. Will be taking delivery this saturday. Was wondering where I can get running boards or tubes for the TB online. Checked out, but there seems to be no accesories for the TB.
  • baitisjbaitisj Posts: 24
    Hey there agenteleven:

    If you decide to put tweeters in the dash, wire them in parallel with the front speakers, and insert crossover capacitors in series with the new in-dash tweeters (one to ten microfarads should do the trick). The majority of the power in audio signals is below 1kHz, and putting the capacitor in series with the tweeter will cut out low frequencies, enhancing clarity and decreasing impedance mismatch.

    I seriously doubt adding a pair of tweeters will cause problems with the hot-running deck.
  • imototoimototo Posts: 22
    While I've only got a little over 2000 miles on my Bravada (have had since last July), I've had few problems. The "service engine soon" light came on at 500 miles. The dealership (where I did not buy the car) replaced a computer module. A week ago, I started the car, put it in reverse and it died. Couldn't start it. Called On-Star---those people are so nice!--and they couldn't do a diagnostic on it so arranged for roadside assistance. I left the car to make a call and when I came back and tried to start it again, it started. I have no idea what happened or why.

    So far, we love the car. Drives like a dream. Mileage is pretty awful, though. I'm averaging a little under 16 mpg. And wish there were more Olds dealers....the closest one to me is in a pretty rough neighborhood (hate leaving the car there overnight) and they don't instill much confidence in me........last time, it took them 3 days to figure out the problem and fix it (replacing the computer module).
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Any GM dealer that sells one of the triplets should be able to service the truck I would think. Have your tried bringing it in to a Chev dealer?

    Here in Canada, all Chevy dealers are Olds dealers also so Olds service will never be a problem like I hear it is in parts of the U.S.
  • jw4gmjw4gm Posts: 27
    cwhawk, (post 3278) and others.....
    Since many of us seem to be missing seat bracket covers; if you, or anyone else, gains access to a GM part number for the covers, please post the number and maybe we can get them from an online suppliers. Some past postings indicate that one size fits all. Please post a part number if you find one. Thanks.
  • tcd2tcd2 Posts: 16
    No more squeal, why, I don't know, he's on 3rd, what's on 2nd, and who's on 1st.. The dealer checked out my trailblazer for the front end squeal like others have reported, but as my luck goes didn't find a thing wrong. It made the noise once but not long enough for them to track it down. So they say they took apart the wheel and look at all the moving parts and did see anything dangerous or broken. Hmmm? Anyway the squeal is gone for now. Has anybody with this problem noticed that when it's colder outside it acts up and then disappears when its warm. It may be coincidental but that seems to be my case.
  • Give 'em heck, vplaza! This whole problem is nothing short of ridiculous!

    Keep us posted!
  • Good advice, baitisj.

    Any recommendations on speaker brands to look at?
  • bryancosbryancos Posts: 282
    Kimodo, welcome aboard!

    Several folks have posted info about the factory running boards on this forum. You can order them at for$247. Part numbers are below for convenience:

    12497885 TB

    12497886 Envoy

    If interested in aftermarket fiberglass and aluminum running boards for your TB, check:

    If interested in tube steps, check out what MANIK is making...



    Also check the accessories board
  • vplazavplaza Posts: 47
    Well folks, those of you following the saga of the paint issue will not like the latest.

    I spoke to the Service Director at the dealership. I guess he spent over 2 1/2 hours with the GM Representative yesterday looking at my car and other Envoys. The GM Representative told the Service Director that the situation with the rear paint is "acceptable to GM"!! They will NOT be doing anything else with my car!! It seems that since it does not harm the strength, integrity, or whatever of the rear, it doesn't warrant any work.

    In fact, the dealership's service department has been trying to get reimbursed for the two re-paints that they had done on my car previously, and the GM Rep told him yesterday that he shouldn't have done the work and he isn't going to be reimbursed! The Service Director is now trying to talk to this guy's boss about it, but I doubt if it will make any difference. He was obviously trying to make me, his customer, happy the first time he tried to have it repainted, but his mistake was he did not get clear direction from GM about what to do about the problem before he had it done, so he's out $600 for the work already done.

    So, in a nutshell, we are driving vehicles with an obvious defect in design that causes the paint to be scraped off the rear of the vehicle by this damned plastic piece. And GM is NOT going to do anything about it, at least according to the Service Director at the dealership I went to.

    I don't know about you all, but I don't like it. You may be able to live with this blemish to your cars, but I can't. I am seriously starting to think about that buy back route since it's obvious that GM does not care about 100% customer satisfaction. They may think that it's just cosmetic, but I think it's also the principle of it. They're saying that a $30k vehicle is allowed to have scraped paint from the factory. I don't think so.
  • flyguy7flyguy7 Posts: 22
    Does any one know how much of the mechanics in the Triplets are controlled by the computer? Yesterday I tried to rev the engine while warming it up and I could not get the revs to go above 4K, actually it could barely creep up past 3K. I even had it floored. I was told that the gas peddle is electrically controlled, is this valid? Also how much would it cost if the warranty was expired and that computer needed to be replaced? Is it covered under the emissions warranty? Also all of you may want to check your radio antennas. Mine was 1/2 unscrewed. Checked another one at the dealer and it was only finger tight.
  • scottc454scottc454 Posts: 356
    The gas pedal is electonically controlled. However, it appears to do what you
    tell it to do. I know that one of those hybrids has a drive by wire that won't rev up
    the engine if you're in park even if you floor it. It sounds like you might need something
    like this.

    Why would you ever be reving the engine up to 4000 when trying to warm it up?
    That's the absolute worst thing you can to do an engine. Starting is when most of
    the engine wear occurs because the oil is the oil pan and takes time to warm up get
    circulating. Start it and keep your foot off the gas. Let it warm itself up.
  • flyguy7flyguy7 Posts: 22
    It had been running for a couple of minutes and when I tried to rev it up the gas was half depressed and revs hardly went up. I am fully aware of cold oil properties, but my main concern is that the computer controls everything and if it goes it coulkd leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere. Is there a default mode for it? I am also wondering if they have it temp controlled to prevent high revving when cold?

    Thanks for your input.

    There's NO WAY this paint chipping can be acceptable! I'm dumbfounded!

    We must convince GM to reconsider. I just don't think it makes good marketing sense for them to have hundreds of trucks out there that say (in my case) TrailBlazer on one side, Chevrolet on the other, and inches away in the middle there's a bunch of gray primer under chipped paint!
  • ficussficuss Posts: 541
    to flyguy7: I wouldn't worry too much about replacing the computer control for the engine, they'll throw in a new computer when they replace the $6,000 engine. Reving a cold engine does not warm it up faster. Driving it normally does just fine. High reving an engine with the trans in park more often than not will ruin a timing chain/gear or timing belt. Have you noticed the tach does not have a "red line". I've read that you cannot redline the tripletts. The computer may just save your engine.
  • vplazavplaza Posts: 47
    I apologize if I may seem to be making such a big thing about this paint problem.

    I would like to ask all triplet owners to take a minute or two and take a look at that area on the rear hatch where that plastic moulding touches the paint. I am almost certain that EVERYONE will see this problem on their vehicle.

    If that were the case, if everyone were to let GM know that they are not happy with this, then maybe something will get done about this. Because, as it stands, I honestly don't see GM putting in the effort to fix this. It doesn't result in a car fire, rollover, or other life-threatening event, so they feel that it is something we have to live with.

    I almost got out of my car when we picked up the Envoy last Friday to walk over to a couple looking at a new Envoy on the lot to point out the problem to them, but didn't. I wonder how many of these 'SUV of the Year' or 'North American Truck of the Year' vehicles they can sell if every buyer knew that their paint was going to come off and GM wasn't going to do anything about it.

    I just received an email from the GMC Customer Service rep handling my case. She said that they've left a voice mail for this GM Representative and will get back to me.

    We'll see. I've got the inkling to sick Mike Turko from San Diego on these guys.
  • hardhawkhardhawk Posts: 702
    It sounds like it is class action lawsuit time! That is one way to get GM's attention. The other would be to contact your individual state attorney general's office and ask for their consumer protection division and make a complaint. If enough people in enough states do it at once, that will get their attention.
  • tlaurotlauro Posts: 504
    the 4k rpm thing is typical on most cars...GM anyway for sure. it's there to protect the engine. no way that when the car is in anything but a drive gear that it should need to be rev'd above that amount.

    it's a safety thing IMO too. I once had the floormat catch the gas pedal of my GTP and causing me to force the car in nuetral while coming up on stopped traffic no less! bounced off that limiter numerous times until I came to a complete stop and was able to fix it.

  • tlaurotlauro Posts: 504
    can someone please post a pic of their Envoy or TB with this paint issue.

    mine is "wax like" look to it or is black around the license plate surround.

    I'm not denying the claim, but I've yet to see a close up pic of someone who has this issue.

    I'd love to go see one on the lot, but I'd rather see a pic of someone here who has a problem.

    I'll post a pic of my 6k mile TB with no problems later this weekend. The dealer detailed it up for me today when I picked it up.

  • tlaurotlauro Posts: 504
    Yes, it appears that the mirror issue has been fixed!!!!

    Knock on wood of course, but all throughout today, it's been fine.

    I picked up my TB today that had both the mirror control modules replaced.

    Not one mm of movement.

    Here's the process as I found it. If my car was started and running, I'd shut it off and lock it with the key fob. Then I would open it and insert the key. The mirrors would move everytime. The only time they did not move is when I didn't use the key fob. All this regardless of the DIC settings for the personal settings 1&2.


    Here's what the dealer ordered.....I'm not sure if the part# is anything special, but this is how the work order reads:

    "Replaced pass and drviers power mirrors actuators/tested ok...per danny"
    "Qty 1, Special Order 15097470"
    "Qty 1, Special Order 15097471"
    "Parts on Special Order"

    So, check into the details and if anyone has any questions, please contact Gary Kennedy the Service Manager at Byers Chevrolet in Dublin, Ohio or ask for Larry Smith the Service Advisor who has been nothing but 100% very cool with me throughout my issues. 614-793-4800
  • vplazavplaza Posts: 47
    tlauro, I'll bring the digital camera from work home this weekend so I can post something.

    Also, just a reminder, it isn't the paint around the license plate or plate holder. It's the paint around the large plastic moulding piece that surrounds the area where the license plate and plate holder are.
  • tlaurotlauro Posts: 504
    Again, knock on wood, but while my mirrors where being fixed, I also had the HVAC reprogramed. My guess is that they had to re-do it twice as they kept my car in and mentioned "another" update to the program for the auto climate system.

    Now it works great. Not many here have mentioned it, but mine used to blow what I felt was much cooler than expected air to the lower floor vents than any other auto climate car I have owned....and all of mine but one numerous makes and models have had this I'm not new to them.

    Finally, I can start my cold TB and set the heat on 77 and it works like my GTP does. Heat comes on once the vehicle is warm....eventually blows hot air and gradually slows the fan down along with the "slight" drop in air temp and of course it will re-direct the airflow when needed.

    I actually drove around for 30 minutes and tried is all out from cold to sweat me out of the truck hot.

    Now, let's just cross our fingers that I have AC in the summer!

    Anyway, they reprogramed it...and Gary Kennedy of Byers Chevrolet has the program in his email still.

    The work order says:

    "reprogram heater and climate controls. new up-dated calibration from GM for HVAC. Re-programed BCM with GM Special calibrations. Tested ok. per John."

    Lastly, they rotated my tires and changed the oil. Both for $19 and they did use Mobile 1 in mine...not that I asked for it, but they did give me an extra 1/2 quart in a bottle to take with me. Who parents dealership always used Mobile one on the GMC's we sold and the first one was always free. Thankfully Byers still does this?
  • tlaurotlauro Posts: 504 post a pic and email me if you wish....I broadband at home, so raw pic is fine too.

    I'm familiar with where the issue is, and have looked at mine. No scrape marks or what not with mine. Looks pretty clean actually. Like I said, I'll post them. Had mine since June too.

  • Well, i'm very happy with my Envoy SLE, drove it for a couple of hours and have no noise or problem for now. I don't have the Bose sound system but the basic audio is just fine for me. My last car was a GrandAM GT and man, this truck moves air !

    I'm hoping for the best, and I wish that I'll have no problems with it.
  • Tlauro

    I am taking my car in for the first time on Monday. I will be taking your printout on the mirros to them. Thanks for the info.

    My HVAC has alwyas seemed to work ok, but would sometimtes seem to take awhile to switch to a cooler mode when bright sun was coming in the front. Think I will also have them do the reporgramming while in there.

    My biggest concern is the vibration in the peddal. Did you have that problem? Did that issue come up at when you were talking with the regional guy?

  • Does anyone have pricing info on OEM mudflaps for the TB? I'm looking for info on the rubber and molded versions.

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