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Buick Rainier, Chevy TrailBlazer, GMC Envoy



  • bryancosbryancos Posts: 282
    I posted that same URL a few days ago... :) I've not ordered one yet, but plan to if I can find a decent looking car kit for my Nokia 8260 -- I should have stayed w/ the 5100/6100 series!

    Thanks for the heads up, Vplaza... might rethink my plans now!
    They should look into fixing their site if that's true...


    Q: I have OnStar, but it’s not in a Saab. Can I use the Triad?

    A: Contact your Saab dealer immediately and work on a trade! But seriously, yes you can use the Triad to add a Nokia hands-free phone to your audio system. You will have the same volume control features for your hands-free phone as you have with your OnStar system.
  • vplazavplaza Posts: 47
    Here is their reply to my inquiry:

    Presently the Triad1 does not work with your the GMC Envoy. We have been working towards a solution for the operation of the Nokia and Motorola cellphones with the digital control communication that is functioning in your GMC product. The target date for beta testing of the Triad2 is in April or sooner.

    You are correct, that the hands free carkit for your cellphone would need to be purchased. This is also true for the Saab vehicles (GMC product), in which the Triad1 Interface works successfully.
    Thanks for your interest in our product
  • hambone7hambone7 Posts: 130
    Cars and trucks ARE INVESTMENTS, you invest money into them...yes, they are bad investments. Guess what? When you sell a car/SUV, the more problems it has the less it's worth. Peeling paint and/or rust on the tailgate should depreciate the vehicle by about $300-600 (cost to repaint).

    The paint problem on the liftgate should be addressed by GM. Does it look bad? That's in the eye of the beholder...on dark colors it's very pronounced. As time goes on we'll find that the primer will be scratched away and then the metal on the liftgate will corrode. Then what? Perhaps mfullmer won't own his SUV 2-3 years down the road, but I'll still have mine and then I'll have to deal with the corrosion or explain to a prospective buyer why there is rust on the tailgate.

    We shouldn't have to jury rig our vehicles that are less than 1 year old with a gasket. Also, I can predict this one....if you put a gasket on the tailgate, then GM will say you modified the car and caused the problem with the paint, thus voiding any warranty or rights you had. I've been there, done that.

    It seems GM is still on path of focusing on today's profits, rather than customer satisfaction/loyalty.

    When and if mfullmer gets the paint problem I'd be curious to see if his tune changes.
  • vplazavplaza Posts: 47

    Okay, here's the latest and greatest, to those who care. Those who don't, please skip...

    Just for kicks, I filled out a BBBOnline Auto complaint form yesterday, pretty much saying what I've been saying on this board.

    Amazingly enough, I get a call from the GM Business Resource Group today! Man, that travels quick. I guess this is the group in GM that handles Better Business Bureau complaints. The person on the other end had the emails that I had been trading with the GM Customer Relations group.

    He told me this. He had called the dealer to ask them to fax him the invoices for the work done to my car so far. He called the GM Rep (not sure what for). And he wanted me to fax him my vehicle's registration, purchase contract, and a copy of a coupon from my payment book for my credit union (which financed the car).

    He is out of the office until Monday, so hopefully, by Monday next week, we'll have a resolution. Though I'm not really holding my breath.

    I suggest others with a similar view about this paint problem browse over to the BBB website and file a complaint. You might just get some action. Maybe they take BBB complaints more seriously than Customer Service complaints?

    And those who don't care....who cares if you don't care. I don't.

    Oh, the Envoy isn't listed. But I think if you put the VIN and make sure you describe it properly in the problem, it should work.
  • Hey Folks...

    I finally figured and actually found the Envoy, I wanted. Here comes the hard part, the price. My deal is as follows, SLT, 1SF Pkg, 6CD chgr w/- Bose sys, Running Boards and Sunroof.

    Now I've done my homework on Edmund's and other sites. The dealer is selling me the car for $32750 [including rebates] plus NYC tax.

    I haven't even begun to "negotiate" price, I just showed him my order from, and he beat it by $300..

    Is the price I'm paying okay? ..


  • ejwintejwint Posts: 9
    My 200 miles new 2002 Bravada stalled our in slow traffic. After restarting, it ran only in the lowest gear and would not upshift. Also, the engine sounded like it was "laboring," which was probably due to the loud cooling fan.

    I drove it slowly to the dealer (about 18 miles). At the end of that trip, there was a peculiar smell, presumably hot transmission fluid.

    Apparently, all that needed to be done was a software upgrade. There was a service bulletin, and the work performed was: "Updated system with calibration #1257338 for transmission incorrect downshift." I was reassured that this is not likely to recur.

    I wonder if others have experienced the same problem and if so, did it come back after a visit to the service department? Also, does anyone have a guess if I could have caused any damage to the transmission when running it in low gear and hot for about 18 miles?

  • I just bought a similarly equipped TB LTZ (except for the 6-cd changer) for less than that -- before the $2002 rebate. The carsdirect prices are "fair" prices, not "best" prices.

    I bought the car in Manhattan. I can hook you up with my salesman -- he was very straightforward and easy to deal with.

    Also, keep in mind that you pay tax on the price BEFORE rebates, not after. In NYC, that adds about $170 in taxes.
  • nextmoonnextmoon Posts: 386
    I'm starting to look around to check out SUVs and in the NYC area. What dealer did you go to in Manhattan? Would greatly appreciate it.
  • I dealt with Steve D'Bernado at Potamkin on 11th Avenue. He was a pleasure to work with and understands how to work with people like us. he never tried to sell me any crap or add-ons. An A+ experience all the way.

    It's a great place to go, as they recently expanded their offerings to include GMC in addition to Chevrolet, Buick and Cadillac. I don't think there are many other places where you can buy an Envoy or a TB.

    His number is 212-708-3156. Tell him David Lichtman referred you. He won't give me anything for the referral, but I'll feel better about getting such a good price from him (OK, I don't really feel bad about that at all!).

    Good luck.
  • bobmnbobmn Posts: 28
    I would suggest your thinking is a little self centered. You're sickened by the whining over the paint issue because you don't have the problem (yet). If you don't have the problem, evidently its not important. You want to trivialize it. Seems to me back in June under post 1417 you were whining about the worthless drink holders. Now thats trivial!
  • Chevy Dealer replaced the Cam Solenoid Valve and reprogrammed PCM per Admin Message VSS20010154

    Part Number - 12568078
    Description - Valve 0.296

    My Trail Blazer got so bad that I went from my house to the Chevy Dealer which is 42 miles away on a half of tank of gas.
  • nextmoonnextmoon Posts: 386
    Appreciate the information and I will definitely check them out.
  • spdmtr5spdmtr5 Posts: 111
    Check out the picture of the modified TB at the SEMA show in this months issue.The after market is responding.
  • mfullmermfullmer Posts: 819
    I was not "whining" about the drink holders. I was just pointing out a bad design. I certainly wasn't talking about sueing over it!!!!

    Hambone - it is people like you that make consumer issues so important. Speaking as an accountant - Automobiles ARE NOT investments, they are expenses. There is a difference. An "investment is a product or service an entity acquires for the purpose of a positive return" (Taken from the "The Tax Accountants Dictionary"). It's not that I am not concerned about the paint problem - it is a problem that needs to be addresssed by GM. I was just pointing out some serious flaws in your thinking. There is more to life than "filing lawsuits". If one expects to WIN a lawsuit, they have to prove their case. The fact is, while it may not be what you want, GM is offering to paint the tailgates. What that is showing is that they are acting in "good-faith" to remedy a problem that they did not forsee.
  • vplazavplaza Posts: 47
    I think you may have skipped one of my posts since you don't like reading about whining too much, but...

    I mentioned that even though the GMC dealership's service department had repainted my tailgate TWICE, they are currently arguing with GM to get reimbursed for the work. Why? Because GM told them that they SHOULD NOT HAVE DONE THE WORK IN THE FIRST PLACE BECAUSE THEY DID NOT SEE IT AS A PROBLEM. Sorry, but I don't see the "good faith" in that. The dealership is out the money they spent to repaint the tailgate because THEY wanted to make me happy, NOT GM. The official GM position that I was given was that the paint scrape was "allowable" and "if" a solution were to be put out, it would not be available for at least a year.

    Maybe you know something that we don't about how GM is dealing with this, but I've already spoken to the Service Director at the dealership, emailed the GM Customer Relationship Manager many times, and have been told what the GM Representative feels about the issue and none of this has led me to believe that they are even working on a solution.
  • flyguy7flyguy7 Posts: 22
    The best way to get this resolved is to
    A. Notify your dealer about the problem (have a work ticket entered for it). Do this first.

    B. Call the the GM Advisor line at 800-222-1020.
    Tell them you are not happy etc

    C. Keep bugging them for a fix.

    This needs a real fix and only GM can do this. Please note that this is a cosmetic issue and I am note sure how long it would be covered under warranty, but things like that used to be only covered for 1 year. I don't know if this is still valid.
    I do agree that this can lower the value of the vehicle, but by the time I get rid of it that will be the least of my concerns. I get more damage in parking lots. I also agree that a most vehicles are not investments, but they shouldn't make one that has defects, know or otherwise. This does affect the depreciation and ultimately the value. I have a blue TB and I get a fine powder that is very noticeable. I'd like to get it fixed, but don't want the tailgate repainted. If they reissued the part just a fraction smaller the problem would go away. I also think this board is to provide info and not attack one another. Keep your bitches, thoughts and suggestions coming for whatever the reason. It makes great reading :-)
  • quickdtooquickdtoo Posts: 266
    I don't know what you mean about the aftermarket responding, there's usually 1-2 yrs delay before the aftermarket products catch up, the aftermarket goodies on the SEMA truck are either generic or "custom" meaning they only made one per, not much available as of yet. Tim
  • spdmtr5spdmtr5 Posts: 111
    I hope this is not the case with the triplets.GM did a nice job using a fresh sheet of paper.Some modifications need to be made but that's the American spirit-We buy something new and then fool with it to make it different-sometimes even better.The sound of a modern stovebolt six brings back many memories for me.Soon,I hope,we'll see more and more posts about modifications on these great machines.
  • hambone7hambone7 Posts: 130
    I never suggested sueing GM over the tailgate paint...that would be a futile effort.

    I use a Webster's dictionary for defining words that I use not an Accountant's dictionary. Anyway, it's just semantics.

    It would be nice if we had a concerted effort to resolve the paint issue...

    Personally, I worked hard for the money I spent on my TB. Chipping paint is not me.
  • 2tiz2tiz Posts: 4
    Has anyone found splash guards for a LTZ TB with fender flares and running boards?

    A part # would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • I have posted this message a few weeks ago about the problems I had with my 2002 Enovy. I was having problems with my Envoy after about 2000 miles and first noted the high fan noise and the transmission did not want to downshift when going up steep grades. I took it in multiple times and the service department did the tranny recall and replaced the fan clutch with no inprovements on the problem. The only thing I did notice was that the fan noise did not happen as often. After complaints to the BBB and many trips to the service department I finally took the Envoy to another service department and they found a problem with my transmission. GM at first wanted them to send the transmission to there techs but then recanted because they already had 15 transmissions with similar problems. (this leads me to believe that there are many more faulty transmissions) They replaced my tranny and since then no problems. I was also given an extended warranty of 5 yrs 75000 miles with no deductable (probably due to my complaint to the BBB). The tranny that was removed had a bad pump and was noted to have metal fragments throughout the tranny due to the failure of #2 and #4 gears. My guess is that the recall work for the tranny only is a temp fix and that the reprogram of the PCM increases the temp at which the fan engages which of course is a big problem now that your tranny overheats. I hope that this message helps anyone having these similar problems. Please email me if anyone needs more info.
  • dyatesdyates Posts: 13
    Hi Everyone,

    I just purchased a new Indigo Blue Bravada about two weeks ago. It now has about 800 miles on it. I am very pleased with the overall value, and how quiet and refined it seems.

    Anyway, does GM have an accessories book for consumers that would list the bike rack, running boards, mud flaps, floor mats, etc.? I've followed some of the earlier links, and they all seem to refer to 2001 models.

    If anybody has installed factory accessories, please let me know how much you like them and what it cost. I'd be especially interested in hearing from other Bravada owners.

    Just curious, do people pay more for oil changes since it holds 7 quarts?

    Some other comments, If anyone is having excess wind noise, please follow the instructions in the owners manual supplement pages. It tells you to move the luggage rack brackets. The rear one all the way to the back. The second one over top of the rear door opening when not in use. It works great.
  • Hi dyates.

        GM does have a 2002 accessories book for Bravada consumers. It just came out I think, so it will be hard to find. For GM accessories the best prices seem to be at versus the dealers. Here's a short list of items for the Bravada. There is a lot more than this list though. Side note, most of the accessories I'm listing are tailored towards a Pewter Bravada with Pewter interior. Let me know what color interior you got and I'll post specific items for your color.

    12497747 Pewter Front vinyl floor mats $32.90

    12497716 Pewter rear vinyl floor mats $25.20

    12497762 All 4 Doors VENTVISOR $50.40

    12497616 Front End Cover/Bug Deflector$35.00

    12497680 clear anodized Side Steps$300.30

    12497681 black anodized Side Steps$300.30

    12497610 Front Splash Guards Bravada Logo $20.30

    12497611 Rear Splash Guards Bravada Logo $15.40

    Additionally has some bug deflectors for the Bravada that come in matching paint colors.

    Part No: 25257-11 Description: Bugflector II; Stone & Bug Deflector; Light Pewter

    Also, have some ventvisors called WeatherFlectors that fit into the window channel instead of sticking to your paint job with 3M tape.

    TrailBlazer/Envoy/Bravada WeatherFlectors

    Set: Front & Rear Set

    Part No: 72278 Price $79.95 Shipping $9.00

    For Brush Guards and Tail light guards see Manik Motors Inc. at the SP at the end of the item numbers designates Stainless Steel, for black omit the SP.

    168250SP 2002 Oldsmobile Bravada 2/4 TBA Front Bar 1-Piece

    168259SP 2002 Oldsmobile Bravada 2/4 RT2 Taillight Guards 3/4" Tube Style

    This is what I've found so far, and it took me a little while to find it all. If you've got any questions let me know.

  • I have a Black Envoy SLT. I've been lucky in that my vehicle has not experienced many of the problems that I've read about on this forum. Overall, this has been a really good running truck and I've put 12,000 miles on it since August. I do however have the paint chip problem that the dealer does not seem to want to deal with. I took my Envoy into the dealer this past week for an oil and lube service and when they removed the drain plug the heli coil came with it. I'm unfamiliar with the heli coil. They retapped the hole and installed a new heli coil with loctite. The service rep said this happens often. He also said they ran oil through the system to clean it. Has anyone else had this happen to them and are there any future problems that might arise from this? I'm not sure I trust the dealer at this point.
  • dyatesdyates Posts: 13

    Thanks for the accessory listing. I also would like to hear if anyone has installed any of these accessories and how they like them.

    For the Black Envoy owner---> Helicoil is a thread maker tool. I learned about this a few years ago when I stripped a spark plug hole.

    It sounds like the shop stripped the drain plug. Then, fixed it using a Helicoil plug. When you do this some metal shavings can occur, that's why they flushed it. If they did it right it should be as good as new. At least they didn't try to hide the mistake. Aluminum can be real easy to strip.

    I think a quick lube place would have tried to hide it.
  • cwhawkcwhawk Posts: 38
    My TB LTZ had a whistle sound coming from the drivers side outside mirror between 35-45 mph. It took a while to determine the cause, but the noise was from the air rushing over the small indention about 1" from the front edge of the mirror.

    I masked the indention (seam) with tape and filled in the indention with clear silicon caulk. After curing and removing the tape, the appearance is the same because it looks like there is an indention, but it is filled in and smooth. The whistle disappeared. Try this and let other know if it works.

    Has anyone found a part number for the front seat inner support bracket covers? My dealer tell me there is no such part, but I saw them in another TB.
  • tpellowtpellow Posts: 21
    mchance13 -

    Aluminum can either be tapped or have a helicoil installed. A helicoil is nothing more than a steel spring-like insert that is installed into a larger drilled and tapped hole. Helicoils are typically stronger than simply tapped aluminum. Also, helicoils are an industry standard repair procedure for stripped aluminum threads. To give you a little reassurance, typically helicoils give a much stronger thread than straight aluminum threads but this assumes the aluminum does not have a lot of porosity. Helicoils don't just back out though, unless the service tech cross-threaded the drain plug.

    Let me know if you have further questions.

    02 TB LTZ
  • hambone7hambone7 Posts: 130
    I removed my outer front seat bracket covers and snapped them on to the inner front seat brackets - just to see if they would fit. If you get the part number for the outer seat bracket covers, then order them and use them for the inner seat covers. My plan is to tell the dealer that my outer seat bracket covers are missing (which they are now) during my next warranty visit. I was told, like you, that there is not a part number for the inner seat bracket covers. This is a silly situation...the inner seat bracket and adjoining carpet were made to accept the covers, but yet they are not installed.
  • fpluttfplutt Posts: 1
    Thinking about buying new Envoy or Bravada. Leaning towards a AWD Bravada. Appears that there are better deals on AWD Bravada's locally (up to $6k off including the $2k rebate). Anyway would like to be able to occasionally (maybe 4-5 times for a total of 2000 miles or so per year) tow my 3800 lb GMC Typhoon and a trailer without a problem. Anybody using the SUV's to tow 5000 lbs plus. If so, what is your impression of the SUV's towing ability. Any comments would be appreciated. Also would prefer not to have to get the 410 gears (since it will be difficult to find one on a dealers lot).
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