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Buick Rainier, Chevy TrailBlazer, GMC Envoy



  • I have also noticed the 'delayed' light-up when the TB is cold. I have had mine for about a year and a half(20K miles). Whenever it is cold out, about 15-20 or colder, I noticed that the lights/guages do not come to full brightness for about 10 seconds after startup. It has done this this winter as well as last winter. I have not asked the dealer, but will the next time I am in.

    As for the 6 disc changer, if you use the RANDOM setting, the steering wheel buttons will change the cd to the next song in the random sequence. If you have a single cd, it will go to the next track.

    I do have an issue with my BOSE 6 disc changer: Sometimes the display will not change to indicate what disc/track is playing, it will continue to display the first cd/track that was played on vehicle startup or when you started the cd player. This is happening randomly - the dealer says the stereo will need to be sent in to be repaired. I am not sure I want them to pull the dash apart just for this. Has anyone else had this problem??
  • 2002slt2002slt Posts: 228
    My statement came from experience. I traded in a '98 Bravada, last year, and took a huge hit in depreciation over a closely equipped Jimmy. Yes, a Jimmy. There was a $4,000 difference in trade-in value. I was lucky to get the value KBB placed on it. I looked again today and now see that both have severely depreciated. The Jimmy is now only about $700 more. Considering that a fully loaded Jimmy was over $2,000 less when new, it's still something to think about.

    About the 2002's - I get a GM Supplier discount, which means I pay about $400 less than invoice. When I was looking last year, both were very close in price for what I was looking for. MSRP on the Envoy was about $38,000 and Bravada about $37,500. The invoices were less than $500 apart. All being equal, I could have saved roughly $1,600 on the Bravada. That includes the extra $500 Olds loyalty bonus I qualified for. I see that according to KBB I already made up the difference (12,000 miles - Bravada $22,785 and Envoy $24,630). An extra bonus was losing the jerky AWD on the Bravada. 4WD is so much nicer in the snow!
  • Redline65 Thanks for your comments; Your right, the ride is subjective and my wife likes the floaty ride. I will see if I can find a dealer that has an XL with and without Auto Ride. Thanks for the web site! I was totally unaware of it.
  • cmack4cmack4 Posts: 302
    You've been burnt before on the trade-in, so It's understandable that you were leary when looking at a new vehicle. Personally, I plan on keeping the Bravada at least as long as the warranty (5 years), and probably longer, so depreciation was never even been a factor for me. Gotta disagree with you about the 4WD being better in snow than an AWD though. Granted the older viscous clutch based Smartrak was quite jerky, the new system is pretty much transparent. With the added clutch plates you also get more variables for torque split. You lock a vehicle in 4WD, especially in snow, it isn't going to get stuck, but it still will drift!
  • 2002slt2002slt Posts: 228
    I haven't driven the 2002 Smart-Track system in the snow, so maybe it has changed since 1998. It really needed to. I know that the Bravada went to a new system in '98. It was rear wheel drive until it sensed slippage. It then kicked in AWD, and I mean KICKED in. If the road was slightly slanted to one side or the other, the Bravada would slide that direction and then grab. It would do this on and off in very slick conditions. I previously had a '93 Bravada, which never had a problem like this. It had the viscous clutch, though. However, in '93 the anti-lock brakes left a lot to be desired.

    Good luck with your Bravada, and I hope you never need to use your warranty. :)
  • We are coming up on 30k on our TB. I'm not big on going to the dealership and paying $250(service rep quote) for this 30k check up. I can do most of the thing's on the check list. But I can't locate cabin air filter. If anyone has change this filter please explain to me how to do it. Any option if this is even necessary.
    We live in So/Cal is climate condition important or no factor.
  • jcat707jcat707 Posts: 168
    I'm looking to buy a SUV and I would like to see what the monthly payments might look like. If any of you all could share your monthly payments, it would be greatly appreciated.
  • Redline65 Thanks for your comments; Your right, the ride is subjective and my wife likes the floaty ride. I will see if I can find a dealer that has an XL with and without Auto Ride. Thanks for the web site! I was totally unaware of it.

    No problem, I'm sure you and your wife will love the vehicle. My wife is the primary driver of the Envoy XL. She's very happy with it. Do you guys know what colors and options you want? My wife went with the magnetic red metallic paint and dark pewter leather. Out of the Envoy's options, I would say the best are the BOSE stereo that will adjust the volume based on the noise level and not the speed, heated seats, and memory mirrors and driver seat. Probably the least useful are the headlight washers and the Travelnote recorder. The option it doesn't have that I wish it did would be some sort of reverse sensor that would let you know when you are a foot or so away from backing into something. The XL is long, so in tight parking lots it can be hard to tell where that rear end is.
  • I'm looking to buy a SUV and I would like to see what the monthly payments might look like. If any of you all could share your monthly payments, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Edmunds has calculators here on their web site that will help you determine your monthly payment. Just go to the home page and look under Finance & Insurance for the "Calculate Monthly Payment" link.
  • dlaredlare Posts: 43
    I personally think cabin air filters in a consumer vehicle are kinda a farce. Everytime you open a window or door, you erase about an hour's worth of your fitlers work. They clean up the particulates in the cabin's air, but only if you can get a good pattern of airflow throughout the cabin.

    They may make more sense in an over-the-road trucker's cabin or a farm tractor cab where the driver would spend hour after hour in the cab.

    All they do is add a restriction into the airsystem.

    Just my 2 cents...

  • Way back when there was some discussion regarding Trailblazer EXT's with factory running boards and whether or not the gm front mud guards can be installed. The fact is they can be installed. I have a 2003 TB EXT with option BVE running boards. I ordered the front splashguards (molded with chevy bowtie) even though the GM site says they won't fit with running boards. The p/n is 12498652. Just put them on yesterday. They fit perfectly. I especially like having them since I hated when the road dirt kept getting on the front doors during turns. It doesn't now.

    FYI - My 2003 TB EXT L6 has 2500 miles (10/02 build), GMS order. To date no problems. I love it (I have a '99 Pontiac Montana as well) I did have a fender bender with it (no one was in the car). Someone backed into my driver front door while it was parked during an evening heavy rain storm back in November. (doesn't that just bite). The entire door was replaced along with a scratched left running board and the chevy molding. Total cost $2500.00 ($1000 for parts) (The other party's insurance is paying). Hats off to the dealer's body shop who did a fantastic job repairing it within 8 days (after parts had arrived) All GM OEM parts.
  • I've been waiting for an after-market dead pedal cover to come out. Thought about fashioning one myself at one time. Thanks for the web-site. I'll gladly replace my Sam's Club mats for those babies. My left foot's been aching to rest on that spot since day one.

    Air suspension: I have ECAS and its great. I didn't really notice any difference on test drives between a regular suspension and the air bladders but the biggest reason for me is that you can load to the limit and still be riding level. The ride is very nice. Also, we own an
    '98 Transport with air suspension and have not had any problems so the system is mature. The application may come with some risk but its been used by GM for at least 5 years now and probably longer. Another benefit of ECAS is a built in air compressor, good for inflating whatever.

    I have an '02 Envoy XL SLT build date 5/02. Ordered in Polo Green with Med Pewter, Bose, ECAS, locking differential, running boards. Accessories (all GM so far)-- hood wind deflector, mud-flaps (all 4 wheels). Getting the brake light for the trailer hitch this week. Now with 13,200 miles. Its the most satisfying vehicle to drive that I've ever owned. Overall MPG is about 17.5. If I can keep it on the highway where most of my driving is, 18-20 is very achieve able.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Here's a good one!

    tidester, host
  • #9920 of 9935 Re: junkmanj2 by 2002slt Feb 02, 2003 (12:24 am)
    The GM warranty is very negotiable. I purchased the 5 year 60,000 mile Major Guard warranty for $640.00, which is hundreds less than they first quoted me.

    2002 Envoy SLT
    Seems like you got a good deal on this warranty. I have not purchased an extended warranty, but it seems I should. Is this (the GM warranty)something that has to be purchased through the dealership at which the car was purchased? If not, would you be willing to provide information on where you purchased yours?
    Thanks for the great information.
  • 9891 of 9935 Bought a new TBLZ EXT by cebteb Jan 30, 2003 (11:39 pm)
    cebteb wrote in part in msg # 9891:

    "tjpush - Which engine did you get, I6 or V8? I've been curious about the V8's performance and gas mileage.

    Alright, is this de-contenting, assembly error, or my imagination. Is there supposed to be some kind of plastic or vinyl cover over the "dead pedal" foot rest for your left foot? I'll swear I saw it at the auto show and I think I see it in some brochures. But, my '03 Bravada doesn't have anything except the carpeting and it is getting quickly worn and quite dirty." ...

    I have the I6(or L6 as they called it in the manual). I didn't get to test drive an EXT with the V8. But I did try a Tahoe, which is not as smooth as the EXT.

    For the dead pedal, there is just the carpet cover, no additional cover or protection. The spot is already dirty.
  • 2002slt2002slt Posts: 228
    Yes, I purchased the warranty at the dealer on the day of delivery. They were really pushing it. On my last 3 new cars I avoided purchasing one. This guy wouldn't take "no" for an answer. He brought out a pamphlet and showed me what he claimed was actual dealer cost (~$550). (I have no idea if this is true. I don't trust finance guys at car dealers very much.) After thinking/worrying about purchasing a first year model, I caved and took his last offer of $640. He started at $1K. I hope I don't need it, but I do feel better about having it.

    My Envoy will be 1 year old this week. I haven't taken it back to the dealer for anything. I've never owned a vehicle as good as this one. I would be very content if the $640 I spent on the warranty was a waste.
  • We purchased a 2003 Envoy XL last week. We purchased an XL with SLT package, heated seats, side airbags, and running boards. We have been very happy with it so far.

    I got it for $3500 below MSRP, which I was happy with. Other dealers in the area were only offering $2000 off.

    We plan on keeping this vehicle for a very long time. We knew that we would buy the extended warranty. We purchased a 6 year/100,000 mile bumper-to-bumper. I am wondering if anyone else has purchased this warranty, and what they paid.

    The warranty we purchased was through Chrysler. It is good at any GM dealer and has a $100 deductable. They didn't want to sell us the GM 6/100K warranty because they said it was $800 more than the Chrysler.

    Input would be appreciated. I can cancel it can repurchase it somewhere else if I got ripped off.

  • I did some checking online and we did get ripped off on our warranty. I will be cancelling it and repurchasing it online. I don't know the cancellation terms (the warranty is at home). We have had the Envoy for less than one week so I think I should be ok cancelling it. The dealer's grade just went from A to F (they were good until this issue).
  • lurker01lurker01 Posts: 103
    I have had this happen to me once or twice. Just 'reboot' the radio and it goes away. Seems to happen when on random more often...
  • bryancosbryancos Posts: 282
    If you can't afford the GM mirrors, these are a nice alternative and they have models that fit ANY CAR:
  • I have been having the same phenomenon with my 02 LTZ whenever the truck sits overnight below 20F or 4-6 hours in single digit weather.
  • I got it for $3500 below MSRP, which I was happy with. Other dealers in the area were only offering $2000 off.

    Did you get 0% financing too? Because if you only got $3500 off that isn't a very good deal, IMO. The rebate alone on the XL is $3000.
  • "I have been having the same phenomenon with my 02 LTZ whenever the truck sits overnight below 20F or 4-6 hours in single digit weather."

    I have to check the dealer to see if this is normal or a problem. I finally broke 32 degrees after 21 days of not going over it. now we have a heat wave here in Albany, NY. It might hit 40 tomorrow then back to 18 the day after. Gotta love the northeast.
  • Check out my website
    for pictures of my husky liners. I got them from Summit Racing for $59 per set. I got the rear cargo liner from the dealer ( I liked it better than the Husky cargo liner and it was even cheaper
  • aldan93aldan93 Posts: 202
    This is my 3rd SUV/TRUCK, and have owned 4 other cars, I have never had such a good turning radius? Is this me or what? I love the way this thing turns the wheels almost perp.! Still have the vibration at 45-60 low rpm THMMMMMMMM THMMMMMMM, still looking for answer on that one, already had the springs replaced!
  • man,you're not kidding. relatively speaking, this thing turns on a dime. Much (emphasis on "MUCH") tighter radius than my '92 Accord, and noticeably tighter than my wife's Legend, too.

    I can get it parked sideways in my garage with only one fwd/rev after backing it in. Sure makes it nice to clean in a cozy garage when it's 8 degrees outside :-)
  • To Lurker01-

    You mentioned in a previous post that you had asked your service guy if they could install the bigger tank in the Envoy. Any response yet? Apparently I got stuck with a 2003 with the smaller tank. When it is totally on the red E empty and I fill it up it only takes about 16 gallons or so. The Envoy I bought 3 weeks ago was a dealer trade and it turns out it had sat on the other dealer's lot for 143 days. So that means I got an early 2003 model. Anyone else out there know what else I might be missing?

    Also - does anyone know where to look to find the build date? Its not on the sticker or any of my paperwork.

  • should be on a sticker on the driver's door jamb.
  • funitsfunits Posts: 55
    My Envoy is over 1 year old and has 16,000 miles and has started the "whistle noise from somewhere under the hood/front end of truck. I understand a while ago this might be caused by a Transfer Case Seal, but my dealer cannot find any information about this. Today it is raining, and the truck (at the dealer to be fixed for the noise) won't make the noise, although a service technican heard the noise while during a test drive last week. Is there a TSB on this? Any other suggestions.

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